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Jul 24th, 2012
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  1. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Derogatory comments like 'I don't enjoy male companionship'?"
  2. StraightMan@[CEN]: I stated that I only enjoy intimacy with one of them.
  3. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "And how do you know that? Have you tried it?"
  4. Copypasteman@[CEN]: "And any sort of relations here will invariably result in us standing facing each other, while we say what we are
  6. doing. It is quite pointless."
  7. StraightMan@[CEN]: That's not sexist. People are allowed to not like things.
  8. StraightMan@[CEN]: I am not arroused by males.
  9. StraightMan@[CEN]: Therefore I can not try it without rape being involved.
  10. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Sure. I bet you don' like black people, either."
  11. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Rape isn' about whether you enjoy it or not. Christ."
  12. StraightMan@[CEN]: If there was a flavor of ice cream you didn't like would you be flavorist for not liking it?
  13. StraightMan@[CEN]: it means I'd have to be raped to get arroused.
  14. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Yeah, sure. I'm racist against vampires. I admit it, too."
  15. StraightMan@[CEN]: The male body isn't attractive to me.
  16. Copypasteman@[CEN]: "This gentleman is now creeping me out."
  17. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "I don' mind if you admit yer racist against males."
  18. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Uh, sexist I mean."
  19. StraightMan@[CEN]: It is not sexist to be heterosexual or gay.
  20. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Right, but yer sayin' yer heterosexual witout even tryin' it."
  21. StraightMan@[CEN]: Who says I haven't tried it? I also said that I am not arroused by it.
  22. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "I say I don' like butterscotch ice cream even though I've never tried it, what's yer reaction ta that gonna be."
  23. StraightMan@[CEN]: have you tried eating fecal waste?
  24. StraightMan@[CEN]: Maybe you'd like the taste of shit
  25. StraightMan@[CEN]: Why don't you go eat some
  26. StraightMan@[CEN]: *laughs*
  27. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "I have, actually. And I din' like it."
  28. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Moving along?"
  29. StraightMan@[CEN]: It seems to me you just enjoy instigating.
  30. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "It seems to me you juss enjoy homophobia."
  31. StraightMan@[CEN]: Not at all.
  32. StraightMan@[CEN]: I am comfortable around other males that are gay or naked.
  33. StraightMan@[CEN]: I just am not arroused by it.
  34. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "I asked you if you tried it three times now, an' you keep dodgin' the question."
  35. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Sayin' iss rape 'cause yer not aroused, as if iss not rape if ya got a boner."
  36. StraightMan@[CEN]: I'm saying I'd have to be raped into getting an erection.
  37. StraightMan@[CEN]: In order to try it.
  38. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "How bout I get you hot and steal yer soul? Can claim iss voluntary 'cause ya liked it."
  39. StraightMan@[CEN]: A naked female turns me on, causes physical arrousal.
  40. StraightMan@[CEN]: A naked male does not.
  41. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "So how bout try imaginin' a naked female. Ya kin do that, right? Ya got an imagination despite all that internet
  43. pornography?"
  44. StraightMan@[CEN]: Then I would not be having sex with the male.
  45. StraightMan@[CEN]: I would be having sex with the female.
  46. StraightMan@[CEN]: For reality is what we percieve.
  47. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "But if ya put two and two togetha, ya realize hey, maybe havin' sex wit' men ain't so bad after all."
  48. StraightMan@[CEN]: I never said it was bad.
  49. StraightMan@[CEN]: I said I personally don't enjoy it.
  50. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Ya said it'd be rape if it ever happened."
  51. StraightMan@[CEN]: No i said I've have to be raped for it to happen.
  52. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "I'm talkin' about from your perspective, hun."
  53. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "And I still don' get how it's rape."
  54. StraightMan@[CEN]: Someone would have to physically arrouse me thus violating my person against my will
  55. StraightMan@[CEN]: That would be rape
  56. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "So if ya get a boner lookin' at me witout wantin' to, thass rape?"
  57. StraightMan@[CEN]: No, but if i was gay and your jerked me off to get me hard it would be.
  58. StraightMan@[CEN]: you*
  59. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "I'm sayin' -try- it. Make a conscious decision."
  60. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Then iss not against yer will."
  61. StraightMan@[CEN]: Yes it is.
  62. StraightMan@[CEN]: You forcibly would be jerking me off.
  63. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Are ya sayin' yer orientation is a conscious decision?"
  64. StraightMan@[CEN]: No i'm saying it's a biological one i have no control over
  65. CrazyChicka@[CEN]: "Then whass will got ta do wit it at all?"
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