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  1. [2019-02-25 00:21] Kyra Sanguine: Love the spit-roasting pic.
  2. [2019-02-25 00:21] Secrets of Tamiko: Hi! I loved it too :)
  3. [2019-02-25 00:21] Secrets of Tamiko: (the pic that's why I chose it >.> )
  4. [2019-02-25 00:22] Kyra Sanguine: I'm on from work at present, so I'll be a bit in and out, but I'm sure I'd love to sink my teeth into you sometime, if you're looking to play out that sort of thing.
  5. [2019-02-25 00:25] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh I'd totally love to!
  6. [2019-02-25 00:26] Kyra Sanguine: Delicious! Would you prefer to play Tamiko as a wiling and eager victim, in need of breaking in first, or as struggling futilely to the last?
  7. [2019-02-25 00:28] Secrets of Tamiko: Either willing and eager or tricked or convinced could work fine for me whichever you'd prefer?
  8. [2019-02-25 00:29] Kyra Sanguine: Solid possibilities with all of those. Modern settings preferred?
  9. [2019-02-25 00:29] Secrets of Tamiko: I've played her in modern settings but can be others if you prefer something else
  10. [2019-02-25 00:29] Kyra Sanguine: I'm pretty flexible, honestly!
  11. [2019-02-25 00:30] Kyra Sanguine: BRB.
  12. [2019-02-25 00:30] Secrets of Tamiko: oki
  13. [2019-02-25 00:31] Secrets of Tamiko: I'll be a bit on and off too but bookmarked you!
  14. [2019-02-25 00:40] Secrets of Tamiko: Hmm since your character lives in the Abyss maybe setting doesn't matter a lot. Maybe Kyra notices Tam as she browses for porn and comes across vore/cannibal/Dolcett artwork and fanfics
  15. [2019-02-25 00:44] Kyra Sanguine: I don't necessarily need to play the demoness herself, mind. Kyra's kind of a 'hub with personality. She's a Goddess to be an embodiment of hedonism, cannibalism, misogyny, and dickgirl superiority. So if you'd prefer something a little more grounded, I could absolutely be, say, the person whose Dolcett work Tamiko finds, work which is more real than she realizes. (To riff on your suggestion just for an idea.)
  16. [2019-02-25 00:47] Kyra Sanguine: On a similar note, would Tamiko necessarily be a secret agent in any given RP, or is that just one possible story for her?
  17. [2019-02-25 00:49] Secrets of Tamiko: That's some background for her and one set of possible stories and that idea could work totally too! That she'd come in contact with an author of a fun fic
  18. [2019-02-25 00:52] Kyra Sanguine: For that matter, if that's the way we're going, we could take a stab at going 'meta' with it--i.e., if the story is of her getting drawn to the dinner table by conversing with what proves to be a real cannibal online, we could frame much of the RP *as* that conversation as if a chat we were having, if that makes sense? Might be a bit too much, though, no worries if you're not comfortable with that.
  19. [2019-02-25 00:54] Secrets of Tamiko: You mean that we'd rp their online chat? Sure, that can work.
  20. [2019-02-25 00:59] Kyra Sanguine: Well, to be specific, the meta part I was thinking of was, rather than using the standard descriptive format during those chats, we'd try to make those posts exactly what the chat would be? Like try to play it as if we are the characters really having the chat?
  21. [2019-02-25 01:00] Secrets of Tamiko: *nodnod* I understand :)
  22. [2019-02-25 01:13] Secrets of Tamiko: Would you like to start their chat tonight or just talk about the rp?
  23. [2019-02-25 01:15] Kyra Sanguine: Let's just focus on planning for now. If we are gonna try some meta 'always IC' gimmick, best to really nail down the details and limitations, I'd say.
  24. [2019-02-25 01:15] Secrets of Tamiko: okay
  25. [2019-02-25 01:16] Secrets of Tamiko: I'm a bit confused sooooo please guide me through this!
  26. [2019-02-25 01:22] Kyra Sanguine: Well, if you're still uncertain of the premise, I guess the best way to explain that might be that we've probably all had stray thoughts while pondering and RPing Dolcett stuff, 'what if I'm actually talking to a real cannibal?' The idea would be to play out that occurence, try to make it feel as though the fantasy is coming through. So much of the RP would be conducted as if it were an OOC chat, as I worm my way into your mind and start manipulating and molding you to become my dinner 'for real'. Is that a bit clearer?
  27. [2019-02-25 01:29] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh! I think I understand the premise. That first part would be in 1st person I assume as we'd converse in the name of our characters. A kinky but oblivious Tamiko contacting (or getting contacted by) the author of the latest fanfic she read who (unknown to her) is a real cannibal probably in search for their next victim.
  28. [2019-02-25 01:42] Secrets of Tamiko: If I didn't misunderstand something :)
  29. [2019-02-25 01:43] Kyra Sanguine: No, I think you've got the idea. Sorry for the slow replies, BTW, like I said, on from work.
  30. [2019-02-25 01:44] Secrets of Tamiko: yupp yupp! Got it :)
  31. [2019-02-25 01:45] Kyra Sanguine: Should my character operate alone in luring girls like Tamiko into her clutches to be devoured, or is she part of a society of cannibalistic, misogynistic dickgirls?
  32. [2019-02-25 01:47] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh... both are appealing!
  33. [2019-02-25 01:47] Secrets of Tamiko: Which one you'd like?
  34. [2019-02-25 01:50] Kyra Sanguine: Hmm...I could go either way...let's go with a secret society, plays up the notion of dickgirl superiority all the more if there's an illuminati-esque organization of them arranging  to enslave and feast upon girls who strike their fancy.
  35. [2019-02-25 01:51] Secrets of Tamiko: Sounds fun :D Would you like fancy parties and feasts?
  36. [2019-02-25 01:52] Kyra Sanguine: Mmm...probably eventually my character will reveal to Tamiko that she's really a rich and famous actress or similar celebrity.
  37. [2019-02-25 01:55] Secrets of Tamiko: *nods* She could become her fan knowing that a famous actress is an author of smut and Dolcett fiction!
  38. [2019-02-25 01:59] Kyra Sanguine: Does Tamiko contact me, full of questions about this strangely compelling fetish she's stumbled onto? Or do I contact you, noticing you've been lurking around my pages?
  39. [2019-02-25 02:01] Secrets of Tamiko: Tami contacts you about how she loved the last 1-2 fics she just read that night.
  40. [2019-02-25 02:17] Secrets of Tamiko: Gonna head to sleep now. Bookmarked you and hope to chat later again! Take care and have a good day!
  41. [2019-02-25 02:18] Kyra Sanguine: See you soon, I hope!
  42. [2019-02-25 02:18] Secrets of Tamiko: *nod nods*
  44. [2019-02-27 23:29] Secrets of Tamiko: (( hi again! ))
  45. [2019-02-27 23:29] Kyra Sanguine: ((Hello, morsel!))
  46. [2019-02-27 23:31] Secrets of Tamiko: (( >.> <.< Would you like to continue planning our rp, or set it off? ))
  47. [2019-02-27 23:32] Kyra Sanguine: ((Hmm, well, let's see...did you have any lingering questions?))
  48. [2019-02-27 23:33] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Hmmm... premise was clear, settings too. I think I'm fine here. Do you have anything left you'd like to discuss? ))
  49. [2019-02-27 23:35] Kyra Sanguine: ((I think I'm good, if you're prepared to start us off. Fair warning, I am on at work right now, so I'll be a bit in and out.))
  50. [2019-02-27 23:38] Secrets of Tamiko: (( it's okay! Soo, 1st person in-game chat between the enthusiastic pervy reader and the author of the fic she just read, right? ))
  51. [2019-02-27 23:48] Kyra Sanguine: ((Or the person behind a cannibal/misogyny Tumblr, if you prefer, but that's the basic idea, yeah.))
  52. [2019-02-27 23:49] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Oh, we're playing fantasy where tumblr didn't want to become family-friendly I see! ;p And oki. We can go with the tumblr version too! ))
  53. [2019-02-27 23:51] Kyra Sanguine: ((Either way works, whichever you prefer. But it does occur to me that Tumblr or a similar site would allow me to check through your own page and glean a bit about you that way, so that could be a fun aspect.))
  54. [2019-02-27 23:57] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Oki! ))
  57. [2019-02-28 00:07] Secrets of Tamiko: It started as another boring Friday afternoon. With all work of her dayjob finished and her other boss away on some extended vacation, Tamiko didn't feel a lot to do. The weather was, like always, rainy outside but the small apartment she rented was cozy and warm and most importantly she had her laptop and net. A few coffee and beer and a few hours of fanfic-reading and browsing let the curious japanese woman to unusual blogs and archives that she become regular visitors of. It's been a recent kink of hers, first revulsed but after a few outstandingly written fic more curious and intrigued she's been spending increasing time on tumblr and other places seeking out various artwork or literature depicting encounters where young women become prey of unspeakable monsters, large snakes or dragons or sometimes cannibal tribes. The latest artworks were among the same line and she found herself gazing at the monitor with eyes wide and cheeks flustered, her hand in her shorts while she used the other for scrolling and clicking excited. Eventually just as she's about to get up to make herself another coffee she hmms and clicks at the ama button to leave a short note to the owner of the page.
  58. "Woah... awesome photomanips. Loved them a lot! <3 <3 <3 ;) "
  59. [2019-02-28 00:08] Secrets of Tamiko: (( sorry, longer intro to set things up on my side! ))
  60. [2019-02-28 00:36] Kyra Sanguine: Finally worked up the courage to leave a message, huh? Sorry, I shouldn't tease, just I have been seeing quite a few likes from you over the past couple weeks, and it always tickles me when I'm getting followers from vanilla blogs. But I'm glad you like my stuff. What are some of your favorites?
  61. [2019-02-28 00:44] Secrets of Tamiko: Ah! Hi! I mean, yeees, maybe.. >_>;; Yes, been browsing your artwork but I don't really reblog kinky stuff. If friends or boss found out they'd get a seizure, lol. I mean probably me too. And all! Well, most of it, but those summer faire sets were the best imho.
  62. [2019-02-28 00:53] Kyra Sanguine: Or maybe their mouths would just start watering instead, if they knew what you were into. So...Tamiko, was it? Where were you seeing yourself in the summer fair pictures? Archery target, in the hanging competitions, the dunk tank over the deep fryer...turning on one of the spits at the big beach barbecue? Because I'm guessing you weren't just imagining yourself safely spectating.
  63. [2019-02-28 00:58] Secrets of Tamiko: *It takes several minutes till she responds* haha, that would be an even more awkward situation! At least I wouldn't have to find a new job probably and new friends. I dunno! And why do you think I imagine myself in any of those situations? >_>;
  64. [2019-02-28 01:06] Kyra Sanguine: But it would be awkward for a much shorter time, wouldn't it? Just for as long as it took them to dig up a fire pit or find an appropriately sized oven. As for why...well, you're here now,a ren't you? It's clear enough you've had this kink buzzing about in your head for a while now, so I'm guessing you've got some personal investment, and--well forgive me for assuming, you don't seem like the dominant type.
  65. [2019-02-28 01:16] Secrets of Tamiko: That's true... okay, I'll bite (sorree~). Yes... these pics and stories are intriguing, like other kinky stuff I browse and also fantasized such scenes, yes. And to answer your question... I'd choose the spit instead the oven or archery. I dunno why but it's incredibly erotic to see those girls over the coals on your pics, tied to or ran through by those thick poles. Also I kinda like heat and warmth, a hot Summer instead of a gloomy cold weather like now, to walk barefoot on hot pavement or let Sunwarmth caress me as I lay down on the beach. So, yeah, in an incredibly erotic [u]fantasy [/u]I could imagine myself in a place of one of those 'meatgirls'.
  66. [2019-02-28 01:22] Kyra Sanguine: Oh, I don't know that it's necessarily any mystery why the spit should strike a girl very erotically. Especially the ones where they're run through, rather than simply bound to the pole. The phallic symbolism is pretty blatant, for one--and in turn, that just further drives home the power dynamics already at play from the act of implicitly reducing the girl to the level of an animal in cooking her in the first place..
  67. [2019-02-28 01:30] Secrets of Tamiko: No, it is not, as you put it that way lol. So it's a symbol of we wanted to be fucked by men - or in case of your artwork - beautiful and statuesque futas? Okay. As I wrote it down your phrasing is certainly not as crude. But I must say you've put a lot thought into your artwork!
  68. [2019-02-28 01:33] Secrets of Tamiko: (( have to run afk for a few minutes, brb ))
  69. [2019-02-28 01:37] Kyra Sanguine: It's a poor predator who can't understand the way prey think, after all. ;) The spit is, quite literally, the ultimate fuck--in terms of quality, degree, and...finality. I especially love  capturing the way a grl's final struggles become an effort to hump the spit to a final orgasm before she expires! And even more there's the simple fact, that, rightly or wrongly, there's a strong and instinctive correlation drawn between cock size and power, superiority --and so the association of the spit as the biggest cock possible makes it the most dominance-asserting imagery of roasting a woman.
  70. [2019-02-28 01:40] Secrets of Tamiko: (( back, sorries ))
  71. [2019-02-28 01:48] Kyra Sanguine: ((No problem. Did you get my post?))
  72. [2019-02-28 01:49] Secrets of Tamiko: Woah... reading that, as you put it into words, made me blush.. among other things. Ehem. But I was right, you're pretty enthusiastic about your art and it shows on your pics. From the other vore and Dolcett artists you're among my favorite ones, if not *the* favorite one. ;) But, what did you mean by that predator stuff? Do you consider yourself one? I mean a predator?
  73. [2019-02-28 01:49] Secrets of Tamiko: (( yupp! ))
  74. [2019-02-28 01:52] Kyra Sanguine: And by other things, you mean your filet is basting itself? And yes, I think it's safe to say that I identify with the Amazons and demonesses and the ones manning the spitting stations at the fair, rather than with the meat.
  75. [2019-02-28 01:58] Secrets of Tamiko: .... We could say that :blush emoji: Aaand I see. If we say that, I think I could identify with those girls that become meat for those amazon and demoness-types on your artwork.
  76. [2019-02-28 01:59] Kyra Sanguine: I wonder what your best cut would be.
  77. [2019-02-28 02:02] Secrets of Tamiko: >_> Dunno, lol. I'm not that very curvy like some of the girls in your galleries.
  78. [2019-02-28 02:20] Kyra Sanguine: Well, maybe you should get a professional opinion. I'd be happy to take a look at the ingredients. ;)
  79. [2019-02-28 02:23] Secrets of Tamiko: Did you just ask for nudes? :o
  80. [2019-02-28 02:26] Kyra Sanguine: Well, clothes would get in the way of a proper meat inspection, as a rule.
  81. [2019-02-28 02:29] Kyra Sanguine: If you're so inclined to delve a little deeper into what sort of a meal you'd make, of course. I'm sure your slimmer figure would be no disqualification, just a matter of finding the right recipe.
  82. [2019-02-28 02:52] Kyra Sanguine: ((Back, sorry about the connection hiccup.))
  83. [2019-02-28 02:52] Secrets of Tamiko: *again a couple of minutes before she replies* Okay. You made me curious. Gimme a sec.. *after that in the next post she sends two dropbox links, each containing a photo. The first pic is a standing selfie, made in a small room. One can see the reflection of a nude pic of a young, black-haired woman from a full-size wardrobe mirror. Her face is hidden by an emoji pasted on top of it (it sticks out its tongue and winks). The woman has a slender frame with smallish, pert breasts and not too wide hips and clean-shaven mons. Her stomach is flat, showing some muscles as well as her whole body, just like someone who works out regularly. In the background of the pic one can see a mattress and a laptop next to it on a small coffee table, with a coffee mug next to it, an open box of take-out and 2-3 probably empty Heineken bottle on the floor. The curtain is closed before the windows. Whether she currently masturbated or not is very hard to take out from the picture.
  85. The second pic is another selfie that shows off the girl's backside. She's standing the same spot with her back toward that mirror, showing off her ass and back also the back side of her legs in a somewhat twisted pose she has to hold the phone toward the mirror. On this picture a blushing emoji is covering her head.*
  86. [2019-02-28 02:53] Secrets of Tamiko: (( no worries! ))
  87. [2019-02-28 03:18] Kyra Sanguine: Mmm. I think you'd do rather well on the spit, actually. I do love plump and busty girls, but strictly speaking, they do better with a long, slow roast in the oven with the fat melting back over them. With the spit, a leaner, more fit girl like you does well with the more intense heat for a shorter period of time. We can get you nice and crispy outside and still very juicy inside. As for good cuts...your rump roast is actually quite nice, some fun to be had with your nicely muscled belly, and I bet you'd make a lovely rack of ribs.
  88. [2019-02-28 03:25] Secrets of Tamiko: :blush emoji: It's good to hear that those hours in the gym weren't wasted! ;) Funny that the things you write kinda make me start to feel sorry that we're not in one of your fics! J/k! ;)
  89. [2019-02-28 03:28] Kyra Sanguine: And of course, the cunt filet is always a delicacy. Squirming over there imagining me looming over you as you awaken in the night, are you? Come to spirit you away to roast for a coven of cannibals?
  90. [2019-02-28 03:31] Secrets of Tamiko: ... maybe. And if nothing else, fantasizing about your last pics before sleep and thinking about what the next ones will be!
  91. [2019-02-28 03:32] Kyra Sanguine: Gotta run for now, morsel, I look forward to chatting more soon.
  92. [2019-02-28 03:33] Secrets of Tamiko: Okay. Take care! Thanks for replying to a fan! :hugging and kissing emojies:
  95. [2019-03-01 01:10] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Hi! ))
  96. [2019-03-01 01:11] Kyra Sanguine: ((Hey there!))
  97. [2019-03-01 19:53] Secrets of Tamiko: (( hi again :) ))
  98. [2019-03-01 19:53] Kyra Sanguine: Hello, morsel.
  99. [2019-03-01 19:55] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Would you like to continue our rp? ))
  100. [2019-03-01 19:56] Kyra Sanguine: ((I might be a little distracted right now, but I'm down.))
  101. [2019-03-01 19:57] Secrets of Tamiko: (( That's okay for me. How to continue? Another chatnight between them via some messenger? ))
  102. [2019-03-01 20:00] Kyra Sanguine: ((Pretty much! Things are probably gonna continue in chat format until Tamiko's been convinced to hand herself over. I guess I'll have probably taken some time to comb through her blog in the meantime--any juicy tidbits I might have picked up about her?))
  103. [2019-03-01 20:08] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Oki. Hmm. - not a pro tumblr user here, so if I say silly things please scream! - she's single, about 20-something years old. She lives in Seoul, but tends to travel a lot apparently. Aside from a few shorter trips in eastern Asia, she's been in the US and in Egypt recently, also in Europe. About things she likes and reblogs. Some fandom stuff, series, comics, jrock/jpop related posts. Hmm... dunno if one can like/follow things in private on tumblr like on pixiv ))
  104. [2019-03-01 20:09] Kyra Sanguine: ((As I recall, likes and follows are invisible to the general public, but the person you're liking or following does get a notification to that effect.))
  105. [2019-03-01 20:11] Secrets of Tamiko: (( Ah! In that case she's following Kyra's blog and liked several of her vore/cannibal-related artwork, general nudes too if they're somewhat artistic - dunno if she has other kind too. From her vanilla likes she seems to be bi, likes math and logic-related posts, horrible puns ))
  106. [2019-03-01 20:15] Kyra Sanguine: ((Mmm, good stuff.))
  107. [2019-03-01 20:15] Kyra Sanguine: Well, hello there, morsel. Been a couple days since I last saw you online. I didn't scare you too much last time, did I?
  108. [2019-03-01 20:19] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh hi! No, no, you didn't, sorry for vanishing. An urgent job came up, client needed financial papers asap for some monitoring -.-
  110. (( What's Kyra's tumblr name? Just a name for Tami to call her - oh Tami's is Thamyna - there was a mentioned Turkish highschool ex-boyfriend somewhere on her blog ))
  111. [2019-03-01 20:22] Kyra Sanguine: ((Hmm...let's keep it simple and go with 'Lady_Sanguine'.))
  112. [2019-03-01 20:22] Secrets of Tamiko: (( oki! ))
  113. [2019-03-01 20:23] Kyra Sanguine: You work in...accounting or something then? Seems to afford you quite the jet-setting lifestyle, anyway.
  114. [2019-03-01 20:26] Secrets of Tamiko: Yupp! I'm an accountant - by choice. And it lets me work from home, which is just the best thing ever. No dress code for example! :D Jet-setting? Oh, did you check out my blog? :blush emoji:
  115. [2019-03-01 20:28] Kyra Sanguine: Seemed only fair to take an interest, since you've been such reliable traffic to mine, and were so kind as to give me some candid shots to make my mouth water.
  116. [2019-03-01 20:31] Secrets of Tamiko: ... I guess so... since I've been spending so much time among your posts. I'm afraid mine aren't so... sizzling. And, silly thing, but after our last conversation I had trouble falling asleep ;p
  117. [2019-03-01 20:32] Kyra Sanguine: Kept expecting me to loom out of the darkness to drag you off to the spit?
  118. [2019-03-01 20:33] Secrets of Tamiko: Maybe! I mean among other things. yep.
  119. [2019-03-01 20:35] Kyra Sanguine: Other things? Oh, do tell. I love to hear what's going through a woman's head as she shudders with the knowledge that she's *meat*.
  120. [2019-03-01 20:42] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh... just different scenarios, like attending that beach barbeque or to a classy ball with those Amazon-like futa dommes and their pets. Or how would I feel as I walked to one of those automatic spitting machines I see in many pics. Also that the next day I had a meeting for which I had to be fresh and stuff... >.>
  121. [2019-03-01 20:46] Kyra Sanguine: Sounds like a lot of responsibility, that last part. Did the thought flutter through your mind how much easier it would be to just livestock, penned up and waiting to be led to the fire pit?
  122. [2019-03-01 20:47] Kyra Sanguine: Or maybe you prefer to think of yourself a s wild game getting run down in the woods?
  123. [2019-03-01 20:52] Secrets of Tamiko: To be hones I haven't thought much about the wild game scenario. But... it kinda sounds hot too, at least in fics I enjoyed those that had a poor heroine was chased by a big and mean predator or a hapless adventurer ran into something unspeakable and were subdued by it.
  124. [2019-03-01 20:53] Secrets of Tamiko: What you wrote about lifestock makes sense! Poor livestocks could think about the horrible fate that awaits them while being in the cage.
  125. [2019-03-01 20:55] Kyra Sanguine: But then, too, it's certainly a much simpler life, if a shorter one. Even more relaxed dress code than for an accountant working from home, for one, and the work is much less complicated. )
  126. [2019-03-01 20:55] Kyra Sanguine: ;)
  127. [2019-03-01 20:59] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh but I love being an accountant! Yes, I'm weird I know, but can at least browse porn and extreme stuff from my workplace ;) But, out of curiosity, how would the short and absolutely dresscode-free life of a livestock be? :shifty eyes and blushing emojis:
  128. [2019-03-01 21:07] Kyra Sanguine: Well, I suppose that depends on if I can count on you to be docile and cooperative livestock. Good girls can be afforded a bit more freedom of movement, maybe a nice sunny 'pasture' area of sorts to relax and exercise in. But if you'd be trying to escape being put to your proper use...well then you'd have to be locked up ...pilloried in your pen, perhaps, if you'll pardon the prodigious and pernicious alliteration. Other than that, though, it's fairly straightforward. Regular feedings from a trough, getting fucked at the whim of your owners--and, if you're one of the good girls who gets let out of the cage, you'd be free to have some fun with the other cows. Maybe try to get you milking, depending on how long your stay is, which could fill out your bust a bit more and give us a nice base to mix up the baste for you when you go over the coals.
  129. [2019-03-01 21:18] Secrets of Tamiko: -.- I almost spat my coffee on my screen you know. Hmm... accosted and apprehended by alliteration... admittedly an alluring aftermath. :sunglasses emoji: Buuut I dunno, *if* I were a lifestock I don't think that I'd want to flee, unless I become one against my will, which I hope wouldn't be the case... not sure if this makes sense to you.
  130. [2019-03-01 21:19] Secrets of Tamiko: So, yeah, if I chose to be one I'd definitely be on the the docile and good side!
  131. [2019-03-01 21:22] Kyra Sanguine: Mmm, so you dream of being a willing slave to a futa Goddess, then, do you?
  132. [2019-03-01 21:25] Secrets of Tamiko: Hmm... let's just say I had interesting dreams after our last talk! And will probably have tonight too. >.>
  133. [2019-03-01 21:28] Kyra Sanguine: I look forward to inspiring many more.
  134. [2019-03-01 21:32] Secrets of Tamiko: Oh me too! After browsing your block if a futa goddess knocked on my front door there's a good chance that I'd let them enslave me... I know it sounds weird as these are pretty dark fantasies but for fantasies they are pretty intriguing. May I ask why futas btw?
  135. [2019-03-01 21:33] Secrets of Tamiko: *blog not block, stupid spellchecker
  136. [2019-03-01 21:34] Kyra Sanguine: Well, I am one, as it so happens.
  137. [2019-03-01 21:35] Kyra Sanguine: A dickgirl, that is, not a stupid spellchecker. ;)
  138. [2019-03-01 21:36] Secrets of Tamiko: Haha, I figured that, but you mean you were born with both? Or a transperson? Sorry... don't mean to be disrespectful or anything, just confused a little!
  139. [2019-03-01 21:41] Kyra Sanguine: It's all right...we don't generally advertise, as such, so most people don't think we really exist. But yes, I'm all natural. Feminine figure, masculine strength and...endowment, all me.
  140. [2019-03-01 21:43] Secrets of Tamiko: Okay. You're not fooling with me, right? Wow... so... those artwork on your blog are all based on how you look IRL?
  141. [2019-03-01 21:47] Kyra Sanguine: Well..not *directly*. I'm...fairly recognizable, so I'm not depicting myself in the artwork. But in body type and general broad strokes, absolutely.
  142. [2019-03-01 21:48] Secrets of Tamiko: Ooh... now I'm curious >_> <_< Which one depicts you?
  143. [2019-03-01 21:52] Kyra Sanguine: Like I said, I haven't directly depicted myself on the blog...but...well, I do like you, Tami. Can I trust you to keep a secret?
  144. [2019-03-01 21:54] Secrets of Tamiko: Okay. I've sent you nudies already... although I was slightly drunk that night. So, honour among thieves or... pervs? >.>
  145. [2019-03-01 21:58] Kyra Sanguine: Good point. Just...well, it might sound vain, but a lot more people would recognize my picture, so...your eyes only, all right?
  146. [2019-03-01 21:58] Kyra Sanguine:
  147. [2019-03-01 22:01] Kyra Sanguine: ((Tami will be easily able to recognize a photo of well-known Scottish actress 'Cait Campbell', does a lot of genre work, probably been in at least one superhero movie Tami loves.))
  148. [2019-03-01 22:02] Secrets of Tamiko: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU THAT CAIT?! OMG alsjfalsdkgaasldghau
  149. [2019-03-01 22:03] Secrets of Tamiko: Ehm... I mean... it's really you? O_O
  150. [2019-03-01 22:04] Kyra Sanguine: Ha. I see I have a fan.
  151. [2019-03-01 22:06] Secrets of Tamiko: *she goes radio-silent for several minutes* ((gotta run afk for a sec and make some coffee, brb ))
  152. [2019-03-01 22:07] Kyra Sanguine: Yes, it's me. But do try to keep it quiet, hmm? Wouldn't want TMZ trumpeting about my secret cock, let alone if they were to connect me to the online cannibal scene.
  153. [2019-03-01 22:14] Secrets of Tamiko: Sorry, back... accidentally kicked off a can of soda from my desk and had to mop it up... don't ask. Of course! My mouth is shut! But I still can't believe it. I mean I do believe you, just surprised! My greatest idol the owner of my favorite blog and shares my kinks.
  154. [2019-03-01 22:16] Kyra Sanguine: Mmm...well, I've got to run now myself. So...take some time to process things, I suppose. I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about next time!
  155. [2019-03-01 22:17] Secrets of Tamiko: We do o.o omg... still giddy. Take care and be well! And uh, that pic you sent me is adorable and hot <3
  156. [2019-03-01 22:18] Kyra Sanguine: Feel free to finger yourself to it. ;)
  157. [2019-03-01 22:18] Kyra Sanguine: Until next time!
  158. [2019-03-01 22:18] Secrets of Tamiko: :shifty eyes emoji and thumbs up emoji:
  159. [2019-03-01 22:18] Secrets of Tamiko: Looking forward to it!
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