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  2. “libertarians are hypocrites when they claim to oppose slavery”
  4. You are not even claiming to oppose slavery. From the example you gave of allegedly freeing slaves: “Further, if you don’t live up to my expectations, you won’t be punished; I will simply return you here.” Forcing someone to work by threatening to send them to a place they’ll be tortured is still enslavement. You are literally arguing that slavery is freedom. To repeat: DAMN YOUR ORWELLIAN CORPORATE TOTALITARIAN DEFINITION OF FREEDOM.
  6. “what steps you think people should take in order to help these (effectively enslaved) people”
  8. Why would we want to discuss that in any detail with people who want to actively support slavery? From above: “Send me a link to the companies you boycott so I can see where I need to start shopping to counter-boycott you.” Going into detail about anti-slavery efforts would be like giving you an instruction manual on how to increase the prevalence of slavery. We’ve probably already given you too much, but at least the response from many libertarians here has helped reveal them for the pro-slavery warmongers they are.
  10. “Suppose Paul Krugman said to me”
  12. Have Paul Krugman and his allies made fun of people tortured and killed during Mao’s regime, made fun of a specific libertarian’s experiences with being tortured in a communist or socialist regime somewhere, said the people who died under Mao’s regime deserved it for their law-breaking activities, said the protesters against Mao were more violent than Mao himself, asked for your anti-communist tactics for the express purpose of countering them, insisted that all anti-communists were Nazis, and advocated for drinking the blood of libertarians?
  14. “and instead give me a list of ‘demands'”
  16. If you met even one of those demands, it would be a step towards proving that you perhaps it is safe to regard you as more than an enemy with whom we have no common ground, an enemy actively engaged in violence-by-proxy against slaves, war victims, etc., and advocating that others do likewise, with no interest in self-examination. If you like, start with number 3. As for your blog, our blogger person is tired of writing blog posts and articles that will just be dismissed by you with some comment about how you’re too busy with your “day job” to pay attention. If you genuinely want debate, then enough with blog posts and articles that you and yours won’t really read anyway. Watch a documentary about slavery (Slavery: A Global Investigation is a good one to start with) or something and then come try to have a Socratic dialogue with one of us on IRC or some other instant messaging thingy thingy. Then if you want post the dialogue on your blog.
  18. “that includes other people changing their behavior”
  20. We do not ask you to force other people to change their behavior, simply that you tell them they should change their behavior. You already spend loads of time telling the government it should change it’s behavior. Do you expect us to believe that you have less of a chance of convincing your fellow libertarians to change than of convincing the government to change?
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