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  1. The following is a translation of the Manacraftu codex, a series of pictographic records
  2. found inscribed into obsidian tablets. The translator has taken care to organize the
  3. translation as accurately as possible.
  5. The tablets were recorded by one 'Turtle Belly' a 'Big Sky Caller' or shaman of a prehistoric
  6. branch of H. Sapiens Sapiens.
  9. Day One:
  11. No uktak(1), no people. Big storm, wash all away. Am in strange place. Noktua(2)? Nanakcha(3)
  12. Warm body, shows life. Ukli(4) did not take me to Matak(5). Must live. Nanakcha give life,
  13. will take life.  First, make Ka(6).
  15. Chased Ubawi (7). Got much fur. Saw strange plant. Sweet, good magic. Nanakcha is good.
  16. Took tree, made tree cut magic, made stone cut magic. Will take much things. Will make
  17. fire magic, sing songs to Nanakcha. Show I am strong! Nanakcha goes to guide dead from
  18. Matak. Will stay in Ka.
  20. [Editor's Note: The following segment depicts the moon at its zenith, and is separated
  21. from the remainder of the text by primitive glyphs]
  23. Ukli come, brings demons! Bad Magic in this place. Otagu, Otagu(8)! Hid in Ka,  Otagu come
  24. to door. With hands, broke Otagu. Have Kimu now(9). Is good. Make war on Otagu, war on Ukli.
  25. Nanakcha come soon... come much soon.
  27. 1. Warboat
  28. 2. No translation available
  29. 3. The Sun, synonymous with dominant deity.
  30. 4. Moon, the 'evil god'
  31. 5. No translation available, suspect 'land of dead' or 'hell'
  32. 6. A conical hut, see report J-16, paragraph 8
  33. 7. Depiction of a fur bearing creature, possible ancestor to modern sheep
  34. 8. Depiction of walking bones. Obviously some superstition of the people.
  35. 9. Arrows. Perhaps a metaphor for the construction of war tools?
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