Wks60 | Wyatt Ivaria | Phoenix Application

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  1. Key: Wks60
  2. Character: Wyatt Ivaria
  3. What you're apping for: Racial Change / Special Trait that takes place of S Tier
  4. Do you know what you're apping for?: Death Regeneration / Phoenix Racial Change
  5. Reason your character should get this: As it will take the place of my Tier S, this will allow the character to have some originality (Not like I'm good with originality.), while keeping him balanced in terms of combat. Plus, the character lacks a certain level of depth.
  6. Moment of your character obtaining it:
  8. Approaching his northern home, Wyatt came into contact with a few of his siblings. The Third, and Sixth Prince of Ivaria. Under normal family conditions, meeting ones siblings wasn't much, other than positive emotions. However, the nature of their cultural structure meant that this was dangerous.
  10. The way that the children of the king prove their nobility, and claim to the throne, is by doing battle with their own siblings. While taking down one of lower stature isn't as impressive, having those in your close family that are willing to assist you... Well, it's a benefit.
  12. Without much time to draw the large sword from his back, Wyatt was in multiple disadvantageous states. First off, he was... Strong. With incredible muscle, he wasn't a poor fighter. However, this situation didn't depend on his ability to fight. This was his manual dexterity, something he lacked. As the dagger plunged into his gut, he'd bring his knee up into the gut of his younger brother, the prince placed right after him in ranking. It was at that moment that he fell forward. Bracing himself by pinning his sword against the ground before his home, he'd spit out blood, the dagger still within his chest cavity. Never before, had he been so quickly injured, nor so gravely. Facing lethal intent for the second time in his life, his adrenaline kicked in. His muscles began to quake, as he jumped into survival mode. Bringing the sword up, he'd try to stab into the younger sibling, screaming out as he was about to catch him with the tip of his blade. It was only moments later, when he found out how unfortunate he truly was.
  14. As his elder brother vanished from sight, Wyatt would find himself standing there, armless. His arms in the air, still grasped onto his sword, blood spraying from his stumps.
  16. Unable to comprehend the commands to give in from his siblings, he'd slowly walk to his limbs on the ground yards away, struggling to lay on the ground to put them in position. Maybe it was from the horror of losing ones limbs psychologically, or from the physical trauma and blood loss... But, the last thing he seen was something swooping overhead in the distance. With red scales, and a horrific maisma drifting around it, he'd go unconscious.
  18. Bathed in dragonfire, the three siblings would be charred. Cindered to ash, reflecting the poor condition of their nation. In the face of such a drastic force, they were nothing. Three children, fighting for power in a foreign land.
  20. Through unknown forces, perhaps being the magical origin of dragons, or otherworldly forces, he'd open his eyes. In a blazing inferno of flames and ash, he'd scream out, his hands fully regrown. With his cloths shed, and his body reborn... Everything changed. No longer was he a human. No longer would he view life. Combat. Family, the same way. The Wyatt of the past, had died, and now he was reborn anew.
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