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  1. After this lesson and working with webpack a little bit more it makes sense that JS would have something similar to Ruby for handling dependencies. I personally was unaware of how that all worked and it makes sense now that you would want to minifiy the data from a program into a single file for a browser to only make a single request for it. Additionally, I was suprised to find out that we are just building out a key value pair in the config set where the key is the simple command and the value is the long form command line that you would type. In regards to async it makes sense that you would want to be able to run multiple things in the background to improve a user experience. I was kind of aware of some of this just through exposure to other code but I was honestly until this lesson completely in the dark when it comes to what a callback was. I am glad that has been demistified for me now and was also plesantly suprised that I had been using these a bit in my practice already.
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