All Adobe creative cloud programs

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  1. 1. Download the file and run it
  2. 2. Choose where to download the Adobe Cracks
  3. 3. Now select the programs you want to download from Adobe DO NOT CHOOSE 2019 VERSION THE DLL ANTEMU EXPLOITED GOT REMOVED AND CANNOT BE CRACKED WITH THIS METHOD
  4. 4. Choose where to download the adobe Programs (Different than the cracks we did in step 2)
  5. 4. Select download and install (MAKE SURE AnTemu IS SELECTED OR IT WILL NOT CRACK)
  6. 5. The program will then download the programs and cracks to the locations you selected in Part 2 and Part 4
  7. 6. ENJOY! The programs are now cracked and you can enjoy them freely!
  8. 7. If you would like MAGIX Vegas pro 16 cracked then go to (the link)
  9. (MAGIX acquired sony vegas so that's what it's called now)
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  13. NOTE: I have been using this and the sony vegas crack for a while now with no issues, to my understanding, neither are viruses.
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