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Oct 26th, 2019
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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">turret.'s scpsl server</align></size=40></b>
  5. Welcome to turret.'s server! Join our discord by clicking <link=""><color=#cdf><u>here</u></color></link>. Our discord is our main way of getting information out to the people.
  7. <b><size=30><align="center">RULES</align></size=40></b>
  8. 1. NO CROSSTEAMING: Actively working with an enemy team, or against your own team. Team relations can be found below.
  9. 2. NO TOXICITY: Don't be an asshole. If you're being an asshole, chances are, you'll know.
  10. 3. NO MICSPAM: Screaming into your mic, playing ear rape over the intercom, or making other loud and annoying sounds.
  11. 3a. Playing music over your mic or the intercom is allowed, however excessively loud music is not.
  12. 4. LISTEN TO THE STAFF: Our goal as staff is to make the game fun and fair for everyone. Not listening to us is a sign that you're directly trying to make the game worse and less fun for others.
  13. 4a. Rule 4 only applies in an Out Of Character context. If a staff member is playing as MTF and you are a D-Class, you don't have to listen to their orders. However, if a staff member tells you to stop crossteaming, you must listen to them.
  14. 5. DON'T ASK FOR BENEFITS: Don't ask to be respawned, to be given items, etc. If a round is going on for an excessively long amount of time or is becoming boring, we may intervene. But if you ask, you'll get nothing.
  15. 6. DON'T ADVERTISE: Do not post links or ask people to join your server, go to your website, etc.
  16. 7. DON'T SPAWNCAMP: Waiting at the MTF or CI spawn location just for the purpose of murdering them when they all spawn is not allowed.\
  17. 8. DO NOT CHEAT: Cheating, hacking, DDOSing, or other similar things breaks both server rules and global rules, and will result in a permanent ban and report to the global moderators.
  18. 9. DO NOT IMPERSONATE STAFF: Attempting to impersonate Fun Times staff or Northwood staff will result in a permanent ban, and you will accomplish nothing.
  19. 10. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT A BAN: Bans are there for a reason. Trying to circumvent one will result in harsher punishments, including but not limited to global mod notification, discord server ban, and permanent, irrevocable IP-ban from connecting to any server.
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