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  1. [Music]
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  5. well there's one other very important
  6. thing that needs to be considered in
  7. understanding the present tension that
  8. we see in Syria and between Russia and
  9. the United States and that is the
  10. domestic troubles and the domestic
  11. operations that are being conducted
  12. against President Trump the most
  13. significant has occurred this week and
  14. that is president Trump's attorney
  15. Michael Cohen has been targeted by
  16. Robert Mueller the FBI the Department of
  17. Justice assistant attorney general
  18. Rosenstein and other people in the
  19. Department of Justice apparatus they
  20. have went in and taken all of the
  21. documents all of the attorney-client
  22. privilege materials from Michael Cohen
  23. between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump
  24. they have confiscated those and that is
  25. a very serious action that has taken
  26. place because it indicates the deep
  27. state and the intelligence behind
  28. undermining President Trump is now
  29. trying to gather intelligence materials
  30. to use against him and one of the most
  31. significant things that mr. Cohen knows
  32. it has been conversations and documents
  33. that he has received from people
  34. including myself and others in the
  35. military in the intelligence community
  36. which very clearly laid out for him that
  37. the Obama administration the Hillary
  38. Clinton State Department the Department
  39. of Justice under Eric Holder and Lanny
  40. Breuer and Loretta Lynch had worked in
  41. concert with a law firm called Covington
  42. and Burling and other members in the
  43. intelligence community to finance
  44. terrorism using Swiss banks such as
  45. Union Bank of Switzerland
  46. HSBC credit Swiss and others and had
  47. used hundreds of millions of dollars to
  48. fund CIA black operations in Libya in
  49. Syria and elsewhere
  50. I personally spoke to Michael Cohen in
  51. 2015 and again in 2016 and had
  52. communicated with his assistant and
  53. given him the document shell game
  54. this document is a thorough compilation
  55. of all of the WikiLeaks cables and
  56. military reports that are unclassified
  57. and testimony from Swiss bankers who
  58. brought intelligence to the Obama
  59. administration about these illegal
  60. financing of terrorism networks and
  61. Michael Cohen had received that from me
  62. and others and the videos were recorded
  63. and the deep state which were
  64. undermining Trump immediately went into
  65. constructing a Russian narrative a
  66. Russian spying narrative a Russian
  67. aiding and abetting and undermining the
  68. election narrative now perhaps one of
  69. the reasons they said that was because
  70. I've been on RT quite a lot Russian
  71. television and Sputnik Russian TV and
  72. also Press TV so they are actively
  73. trying to acquire more information from
  74. Michael Cohen about this but it also
  75. presents an opportunity it presents the
  76. opportunity for Michael Cohen to come to
  77. president Trump and say on the record
  78. before Congress that the reason Michael
  79. Cohen was targeted was because he
  80. received documents and information that
  81. described the Hillary Clinton deep state
  82. terrorist financing networks and
  83. operations that had been engaged in
  84. since 2012 and because Michael Cohen has
  85. all the material the Robert Mueller
  86. Rosenstein efforts are going to try and
  87. connect Trump to aiding and abetting
  88. these terrorist activities so this is an
  89. instant opportunity for mr. Cohen and
  90. others investigating this to bring it to
  91. light quickly and we also see the
  92. connection between mr. Cohen and some of
  93. the other some of the other people that
  94. are engaged in the current operations in
  95. Syria what this represents is a wag the
  96. dog scenario wag the dog meaning
  97. President Clinton was linked into a
  98. sexual indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky
  99. which prompted him to fire missiles into
  100. Afghanistan we see the same things
  101. with President Trump they are prompting
  102. domestic pressure on President Trump by
  103. attacking his attorney in the hopes that
  104. President Trump is going to
  105. overcompensate like Bill Clinton did and
  106. engage in military actions in Syria
  107. that's a very real danger in it's a very
  108. logical scenario of a wag the dog
  109. psychological operation pressure Donald
  110. Trump with domestic pressure and
  111. disturbances by attacking his attorney
  112. and emptying his attorneys vault of
  113. files so that they can give Donald Trump
  114. the impression that everything his
  115. attorney didn't knows is now property of
  116. Robert Mueller and the investigators and
  117. they will use that against Donald Trump
  118. against his daughter against his sons
  119. against his wife against everyone he
  120. knows they can develop a criminal
  121. prosecution based on every document that
  122. they have illegally acquired by going
  123. after mr. Cohen that may be the pressure
  124. that they are trying to use to justify a
  125. military action in Syria and against
  126. Russia President Trump of course needs
  127. to immediately recognize that and act on
  128. it he needs to act on it by exposing the
  129. fact that his attorney Michael Cohen
  130. spoke with Scott Bennett other members
  131. of the American media and other people
  132. that I will not name and in those
  133. conversations he was given all of the
  134. material describing Hillary Clinton the
  135. Clinton Foundation Saudi Arabia Union
  136. Bank of Switzerland Eric Holder Lanny
  137. Breuer Loretta Lynch Covington and
  138. Burling Roger Zack I'm Dov Zak I'm at
  139. Booz Allen Hamilton a major military
  140. contractor and their ongoing conspiracy
  141. to finance terrorism
  142. [Music]
  143. that is the greatest trap that they've
  144. tried to put mr. Trump into and I think
  145. it can backfire and capture all of the
  146. people that have been trying to capture
  147. him
  148. [Music]
  149. [Music]
  150. well in the current situation where we
  151. see the United States and Russia Iran
  152. Syria the European nations all clamoring
  153. and battling for influence and for
  154. political economic military victory
  155. there presents an opportunity for
  156. President Putin and President Trump to
  157. throw off the war mongers who are
  158. seeking conflict with one specific
  159. maneuver and that is for President Trump
  160. and President Putin to meet and hold a
  161. summit at right-back
  162. Iceland similar to what President Reagan
  163. and President Gorbachev did in the 1980s
  164. by engaging in a summit in Iceland they
  165. are resurrecting the history and the
  166. climax of the USSR the Soviet Union and
  167. the United States meeting and settling
  168. and finishing the Cold War now as much
  169. as anyone with a brain understands there
  170. is no more Soviet Union there is no more
  171. Cold War it is a constant instrument of
  172. propaganda upon Western audiences to try
  173. and keep that false myth alive so it
  174. needs to be put to death it needs to be
  175. extinguished and the only way that can
  176. be done is with President Putin and
  177. President Trump meeting and right javac
  178. iceland and settling together and
  179. shaking hands together and saying
  180. publicly the Cold War ended in 1989 and
  181. we're putting it to again an end again
  182. right here and right now and Russia in
  183. the United States will seek out new
  184. opportunities for mutual collaboration
  185. in fighting terrorism economic
  186. development natural resources we will
  187. seek to share and stabilize the world
  188. rather than carve it up and destabilize
  189. it and I think there would be a powerful
  190. public support amongst all nations and
  191. all reasonable peoples for that and it
  192. would give President Trump and President
  193. Putin an opportunity an opportunity to
  194. do a reset similar to the false one that
  195. Hillary Clinton tried to do but this one
  196. would be more legitimate and would have
  197. a gravitas unlike anything we've seen
  198. since 1989 so I would sincerely hope
  199. that President Putin and President Trump
  200. meet to have a phase one meeting and
  201. write Jabbok Iceland followed up with a
  202. Phase two which might include North
  203. Korea Iran Syria and Russia representing
  204. a bloc of Nations that have a legitimate
  205. concern about regime change that the
  206. West has been pushing and it would give
  207. President Trump the opportunity to meet
  208. that Confederacy of Nations and invite
  209. other nations of Europe to stand and it
  210. may or may not include the United
  211. Kingdom Germany Italy or France but it
  212. could very well include Poland Latvia
  213. Lithuania Belarus all of Eastern Europe
  214. and the Scandinavian nations and
  215. suddenly we'd see president Trump the
  216. Scandinavian nations in the former
  217. Eastern European nations standing an
  218. agreement with Russia China North Korea
  219. Syria and Iran in settling the conflict
  220. issue the only nations that would be
  221. isolated and would reject that summit
  222. would be Israel and Saudi Arabia but
  223. given their very soon to be ended regime
  224. and most likely prosecution for the war
  225. crimes that they themselves are involved
  226. with I think it's more important to seek
  227. opportunities for peace and friendship
  228. than to worry about what the war mongers
  229. will do so I hope they sincerely pursue
  230. a right to Vic Iceland summit as quickly
  231. as possible
  232. [Music]
  233. [Music]
  234. well I was just in Tehran as part of the
  235. new horizon conference where I briefed
  236. senior level Iranian diplomats officials
  237. media people I was there in Iran with
  238. about 25 different international figures
  239. and it was really one of the most
  240. eye-opening experiences that I've had
  241. and as one of the few Americans that's
  242. been in Iran I can speak to all of the
  243. Iranian issues with quite some Authority
  244. that mr. Pompeo and mr. Bolten do not
  245. have never having worn the uniform as
  246. mr. Bolten nor Ben and Iran themselves
  247. mr. Pompeo and Bolton are speaking
  248. really from a sheet of music and a
  249. political script
  250. [Music]
  251. [Music]
  252. they're rather bullying and trying to
  253. bluff and threaten Iran and by by
  254. implication also Russia and China into a
  255. subservient negotiating position so I
  256. don't think it's going to be successful
  257. at all I think Donald Trump is
  258. miscalculated political diplomacy for
  259. business dealings and that is a fatal
  260. error because if he acquires a lot of
  261. political losses in the next coming
  262. months that will translate into
  263. political losses at the ballot box for
  264. the Republicans in November which may
  265. result in a growing majority of
  266. Democrats in the American Congress which
  267. then would use that political leverage
  268. to impeach to frustrate and to damage
  269. mr. Trump so in one sense his foreign
  270. policy which is his weakest weakest
  271. strength he is in no way a diplomat and
  272. he's never been experienced in these
  273. sort of diplomatic negotiations his
  274. weakest position and foreign policy is
  275. going to translate into the frustration
  276. of his domestic policy which was
  277. essentially why he was elected so he's
  278. being twisted and turned and corrupted
  279. by elements in his own administration
  280. which do not care for the SEC's success
  281. of his presidency but care more about
  282. crushing and dominating regimes like
  283. Iran Syria and Russia and he is being
  284. entangled in that he's also being
  285. entangled in futile and destructive
  286. activities such as translating the
  287. American Embassy of France from from Tel
  288. Aviv to Jerusalem
  289. recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of
  290. Israel and the Jews and that is also a
  291. disrespectful act against all the
  292. Muslims who claim an equal ownership of
  293. Jerusalem so Donald Trump is being led
  294. down a path of foreign policy debacles
  295. and miscalculations which could cause
  296. ultimately a military conflict
  297. it could cause increasing hostilities it
  298. could draw the Russians into a stronger
  299. position of defending Syria Bashar Assad
  300. it could cause the Iranians to
  301. become increasingly active and the
  302. iraqis to become increasingly active in
  303. expelling the United States from all
  304. Middle Eastern positions and that's a
  305. very real scenario based on the
  306. destruction and the chaos and the death
  307. and the illegal war crimes that were
  308. started under george w bush continued
  309. under barack obama and have been really
  310. accelerating under President Trump in
  311. complete betrayal and hypocrisy against
  312. his original promises as president he
  313. promised to get the Americans out of the
  314. Middle East he promised the Americans to
  315. make peaceful relationships with Russia
  316. and instead he's done the opposite he's
  317. antagonize drush a-- he's destabilized
  318. the Middle East and he's now positioning
  319. the United States for even a more
  320. desperate military hostility scenario so
  321. hopefully he will get his sense back and
  322. begin to navigate his way out of this
  323. and really the first step is firing and
  324. ignoring Mike Pompeo and John Bolton
  325. from any of these future diplomatic
  326. discussions well I think President Trump
  327. is looking at Europe as a country or a
  328. conglomeration of countries that needs
  329. to be reminded that the United States is
  330. its dominant master that the United
  331. States is the preeminent ruler and
  332. emperor of Europe and it has been since
  333. 1945 that attitude which I do not agree
  334. with and I think that is of the old
  335. polarity worldview where there was a
  336. unipolarity worldview or by polarity I
  337. should say with Russia in the United
  338. States sharing the the domination of the
  339. military landscape of the world
  340. I think that's an antiquated way of
  341. looking at Europe and yet it is not
  342. easily surrendered or replaced by some
  343. of these political leaders in Washington
  344. that mentally and emotionally are
  345. incapable of adjusting their methods of
  346. thinking are enabled to calculate truth
  347. and political complexities from a new
  348. a new horizon a new century perspective
  349. they are stuck in the old ways of
  350. thinking they are stuck in the old
  351. prejudices they are stuck in the old
  352. world views of it is the United States
  353. which is the good and everyone else is
  354. the bad so I think this is an attempt to
  355. try and persuade the Europeans that the
  356. United States is good and everything it
  357. does is good despite the amount of
  358. bloodshed bodies and destruction that it
  359. causes and that the Europeans need to
  360. recognize inside with the United States
  361. and I don't think that's going to happen
  362. I think Europe is awoken with the
  363. disintegration of the jcpoa it is now
  364. finding its own identity it is now
  365. reasserting that europe is a
  366. conglomeration of independent states
  367. cultures traditions peoples languages
  368. and it is that strength of diversity
  369. that has made Europe the the the mosaic
  370. of beauty and eccentricity that it is
  371. and it is not going to surrender or
  372. replace that for a homogeneous slavery
  373. under the United States flag of
  374. domination so I think Trump and the in
  375. the administration has miscalculated
  376. Europe's response to the jcpoa and I
  377. think they've also misunderstood and
  378. miscalculated Europe's response to the
  379. migrant and refugee crisis that has been
  380. unleashed from Africa and other parts of
  381. the Middle East up into Europe which has
  382. been very destabilizing for the culture
  383. for the people for the welfare systems
  384. for the housing for all ways of life
  385. that Europe had been accustomed to for
  386. about a century all of that has been
  387. cannibalized and has been slowly
  388. destroyed and eroded and has created
  389. great hostility and conflict between the
  390. foreign refugees migrants in some cases
  391. invaders
  392. [Music]
  393. to the indigenous population and they
  394. they for the most part blame Trump and
  395. blame the Americans for that starting
  396. with george w bush continuing under
  397. obama and now continuing under trump we
  398. see europeans being subjected to forced
  399. immigration that is causing them a great
  400. deal of reflection about who they are
  401. and in that reflection reflection
  402. they're discovering they do not want to
  403. be a vassal state of the united states
  404. [Music]
  405. so this too could cause Europe to
  406. increasingly side with Iran and Russia
  407. in new political paradigm shifts and new
  408. economic ways of living which could
  409. exclude the dollar from all monetary
  410. dominance in the world and that's a very
  411. real scenario that may be approaching
  412. based on these political divisions and
  413. hostilities that have been inflamed
  414. well I know for a fact you have the
  415. American government under extreme
  416. political distress I would say it's even
  417. in the area of a civil war I think the
  418. United States is in a civil war socially
  419. informational II you have conglomerate
  420. information monopolies such as Twitter
  421. YouTube Facebook actively editing and
  422. suspending and removing certain channels
  423. and certain voices certain broadcasting
  424. companies such as RT and Press TV and
  425. Sputnik from the mainstream media they
  426. are removing them because they are a
  427. voice of truth and and clear analytical
  428. ability and the United States media and
  429. military-industrial establishment does
  430. not want that it wants a regurgitate
  431. 'add parroting of the State Department
  432. strategic communications platform which
  433. is again America is good and everything
  434. it does around the world regardless of
  435. its destruction is inherently good and
  436. that is false that is factually
  437. inaccurate that is unfortunately stained
  438. with blood of millions of people but
  439. that is the cause I think of a lot of
  440. the American media disruption and the
  441. political disruptions so America's Civil
  442. War is causing a lot of strife and
  443. conflict we also see the American
  444. government essentially falling apart
  445. with regards to the NSA the CIA and the
  446. FBI in the Department of Justice now
  447. that's a very significant event because
  448. essentially those are the Stasi the Nazi
  449. the SS agencies in the United States
  450. government that have been actively
  451. actively involved in suppressing
  452. American citizens jailing and
  453. imprisoning whistleblowers and
  454. contributing to this this massive police
  455. state that has become the United States
  456. so the FBI the Department of Justice the
  457. NSA and the CIA and the and and other
  458. agencies have all been working to
  459. undermine president Trump ever since he
  460. defeated Hillary Clinton and they've
  461. invented a false Russian narrative
  462. they've investigated people like Michael
  463. Cohen Trump's attorney who incidentally
  464. received from us a whistleblowing report
  465. entitled shell game which detailed all
  466. of the Clinton Foundation Clinton State
  467. Department Obama deep state operatives
  468. that were financing terrorism through
  469. Swiss banks through Saudi Arabian
  470. foundations and wealthy donors Brad
  471. Birkenfeld myself Edward Snowden Julian
  472. Assange WikiLeaks were all part of an
  473. information packet that went to the
  474. president that went to the Congress that
  475. went to the military disclosing this and
  476. it was met with great hostility and
  477. coverup and I think this is all
  478. translating into a information breakout
  479. like a dam being broken and all of this
  480. is contributing to the deep state and
  481. panic and in their panic they are
  482. desperately trying to keep themselves
  483. out of the limelight by inflaming
  484. domestic troubles domestic disturbances
  485. false flag attacks as well as trying to
  486. provoke international events Israel's
  487. Zionist activities in the Middle East
  488. including the the the murder of
  489. Palestinians the blowing up of certain
  490. protest movements and increasing false
  491. flag attacks that Israel has been the
  492. author of from chemical attacks in Syria
  493. to blowing up of convoys and blaming it
  494. on the Russians blaming them on the
  495. Iranians while the Israeli Zionists are
  496. the ones that are doing it that is going
  497. to be the next great revelation that I
  498. think is coming and I would say the 9/11
  499. event is now unfolding with Iran being
  500. brought into court the courts are a very
  501. interesting dynamic because we see the
  502. courts of law which is the third branch
  503. of government it's very important to
  504. recognize that but the courts are a
  505. branch of government and now we see the
  506. courts being used by the Iranians to
  507. disprove the claim that they had
  508. anything to do with 9/11 which will
  509. bring in evidence and witnesses that
  510. will expose 9/11 as the fraud it was
  511. [Music]
  512. [Music]
  513. [Music]
  514. we also see Robert Mueller and his false
  515. claiming of Russian collusion and the
  516. indictments of Russian companies that
  517. too is falling apart because Russian
  518. companies are coming demanding their day
  519. in court and demanding an opportunity to
  520. defend themselves which the American
  521. Mueller Department of Justice never
  522. anticipated and finally we see the
  523. Democratic National Committee waging a
  524. lawsuit against President Trump and the
  525. Russians expecting that there was going
  526. to be no counter action and instead the
  527. Russians and other parties are
  528. counteracting this so we see a massive
  529. pushback against the deep state using
  530. the courts and that will be really the
  531. final straw that breaks the camel's back
  532. and the match that ignites the final
  533. revolution in America because Americans
  534. will at last see the corruption of their
  535. own government the fraud of 9/11 and the
  536. fake attacks that were perpetrated by
  537. the CIA and the Mossad and other parties
  538. and they will also see that President
  539. Trump and their government has been
  540. undermined by a elite corrupt cabal
  541. within the Department of Justice the FBI
  542. in the CIA
  543. well again Donald Trump celebrates
  544. himself as a deal maker not as a
  545. diplomat so he is trying to make deals
  546. and keep Tehran and Korea in tension and
  547. keep the American public's from focusing
  548. too long on one area he's very astutely
  549. drawing it Americans attention back and
  550. forth to Korea and to Iran so what Trump
  551. has done here is a classic negotiation
  552. tactic he has demonstrated to Korea a
  553. superior attitude of strength and
  554. confidence by declaring that the entire
  555. deal can be thrown out by the United
  556. States and Kim Jong Il hoon and North
  557. Korea can be ignored by the United
  558. States as well as worse so this is
  559. simply a tactical maneuver by the Trump
  560. administration in classic conflict
  561. resolution negotiation
  562. strategy but it also runs the risk
  563. because this is not deal-making this is
  564. diplomacy and the American public have a
  565. very short attention span and in a sense
  566. they become easily nauseated when they
  567. are equipped sawed back and forth from
  568. the the ecstasy and the peace that comes
  569. from thinking that a a satisfactory deal
  570. or arrangement might be made with North
  571. Korea which at lasts puts at ease this
  572. source of hostility and uncertainty in
  573. tension which is the Korean nuclear
  574. tension with the United States versus
  575. this newly arising scuttling of the deal
  576. and a potential military conflict the
  577. American public are very upset when
  578. things like that happen because it is it
  579. is uncertain and they pay politicians to
  580. make things certain not to make them
  581. uncertain so Donald Trump needs to
  582. really be careful and analyzed that
  583. these sort of tactics can be very
  584. productive but they can also be very
  585. counterproductive because equally Kim
  586. jong-un in North Korea can completely
  587. disconnect from any dialogue with the
  588. United States can instead reach out to
  589. its regional neighbors and have
  590. independent talks with South Korea with
  591. Japan with Vietnam with China with
  592. Russia and completely ignore the United
  593. States and declare that the United
  594. States has no position in the future for
  595. any conduct any social or political or
  596. economic engagements on the in the
  597. Asiatic Pacific Rim and that would be a
  598. very wise counter action to Trump's bold
  599. pulling out of the of the of the meeting
  600. of the summit with North Korea and at
  601. the same time Iran could exercise the
  602. same action and temperament by declaring
  603. the United States has no role and will
  604. have no part in any discussions or
  605. negotiations between Iran and Syria and
  606. Europe and Russia and any of the other
  607. neighbors so the United States risks
  608. being completely isolated diplomatically
  609. and that is a very real scenario as
  610. especially if the economic systems begin
  611. to become fractured and the US dollar is
  612. disentangled from the world economic
  613. processes in institutions and that's a
  614. very real scenario we see that with
  615. Russia changing its its currency
  616. engagements from the dollar to the euro
  617. in the trading of international trade
  618. and oil and things like that so the the
  619. rise of the euro and the yuan and other
  620. forms of currency replacing the US
  621. dollar will very quickly disintegrate
  622. the u.s. political power in the world
  623. and at the same time the schizophrenic
  624. social meltdown which seems to be
  625. characteristic of the people on Trump's
  626. team such as mr. Bolton nikki Haley Mike
  627. Pompeo these individuals are
  628. increasingly seen as some of the most
  629. distasteful uncouth ignorant and
  630. ill-equipped ruffians bullies and
  631. ignoramus --is that have ever occupied a
  632. position of diplomatic Authority so I
  633. think very quickly America is losing its
  634. reputation for intelligent mild
  635. reflective engagements and is instead
  636. becoming increasingly seen as a drunken
  637. bully at a party that is knocking over
  638. everyone's tables and causing nothing
  639. but chaos
  640. [Music]
  641. [Music]
  642. [Music]
  643. [Music]
  644. [Music]
  645. [Music]
  646. [Music]
  647. [Music]
  648. [Music]
  649. [Music]
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