TWW Glitchless JP Route

Feb 9th, 2015
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  1. Banned Glitches:
  2. - Storage
  3. - Zombie Hover
  4. - Wind Waker Diving
  5. - Item Swapping (Soup Glitch)
  6. - Clipping, which includes:
  7. - Ledge Clipping
  8. - Hang Clipping
  9. - Roll Clipping
  10. - Clipping through anything with the Grappling Hook or Hookshot
  11. - Floor skips in Savage
  12. - Hitting pegs through walls in the Cabana
  13. - Molgera Air Snipes
  14. - Barrier Cutscene Skip
  16. Allowed:
  17. - Bomb Boosts
  18. - Leaf Pumping
  19. - Sail Pumping
  20. - Tower of the Gods In-Bounds 1F Skip
  21. - Early Wind God's Aria with repeated Wind Waker pulls
  23. Outset
  24. Forsaken Fortress 1
  25. Rescue Tingle (or do it before Bombs)
  26. Do barrel game for 80 rupees
  27. Get Wind's Requiem
  28. Dragon Roost Cavern (get all 21 Joy Pendants)
  29. Set Wind South
  30. Sail to Forest Haven
  31. Forbidden Woods (set wind NW as usual for cyclone)
  32. Buy Bait Bag and how many Hyoi pears you think you'll need
  33. Sail to Bird's Peak, use Hyoi Pear, get Triforce Chart
  34. Sail to E. Triangle, place pearl
  35. Sail to Greatfish
  36. Sail to Windfall, get password (, get Bombs
  37. Set Wind Southwest
  38. Sail to N. Triangle, place pearl
  39. Sail to Golden Ship, get Triforce Chart
  40. Sail to Outset, get Wallet Upgrade, save warp
  41. Get Nayru's Pearl, set Wind Northwest
  42. Sail to Shark Isle, get Treasure Chart
  43. Sail to S. Triangle, place pearl
  44. Tower of the Gods
  45. Get Master Sword
  46. Fight all the enemies, leave Hyrule
  47. Sail to N. Triangle, get Ballad of Gales
  48. Warp to Windfall, play Hide and Seek, get Cabana Deed
  49. Sail to N. Fairy, get Wallet Upgrade
  50. Sail to Forsaken Fortress
  51. Forsaken Fortress 2 (set wind South after leafing to ladder)
  52. Cutscenes
  53. Warp to Mother & Child, get Fire and Ice Arrows
  54. Warp to Greatfish, sail to Islet of Steel, get Triforce Chart
  55. Sail to Needle Rock, get Treasure Chart
  56. Warp to Dragon Roost, sail to Fire Mountain, get Power Bracelets
  57. Sail to E. Fairy, get Treasure Chart
  58. Warp to Outset, sail to Headstone, get Triforce Chart, get Earth God's Lyric
  59. Warp to Dragon Roost, get Medli
  60. Warp to Outset, sail to Headstone
  61. Earth Temple
  62. - Normal route until Mirror Shield except leave Medli in room with Floor Master
  63. - After Mirror Shield, head backwards and get Medli on the way
  64. - Do Glitchless Route until boss door room, blow up warp pot, sidehop with Medli
  65. - Pull first statue all the way
  66. - Command Melody Medli, have her go on switch, on top of statue, blow up elephant, then point light at eye
  67. - Shine light at wall from the side, pull statue up until right before ending point
  68. - Pull last statue until right before ending point, shine light at eye, get Big Key
  69. - After Big Key, Save Warp and enter the warp pot, then beat the dungeon
  70. Warp to Windfall, set wind Northwest
  71. Sail to Gale Isle, get Wind God's Aria early with Wind Waker trick
  72. Warp to Forest Haven, get Makar
  73. Sail to Ice Ring, get Iron Boots
  74. Sail to Private Oasis, do Cabana Sewers (, get Triforce Chart
  75. Warp to Windfall, sail to Gale
  76. Wind Temple
  77. - Plant all trees with Makar
  78. - Fire Arrow the pot
  79. - Enter warp pot
  80. - Bomb Boost to get Small Key
  81. - get Hookshot
  82. - Save warp, enter warp pot
  83. - Rescue Makar
  84. - Open the bottom floor (enter room on first floor to west side)
  85. - Get Boss Key (enter room on first floor on east side)
  86. - Plant trees with Makar on bottom to turn on fan
  87. - Get Small Key (enter room on top floor on south side)
  88. - Go down to bottom and beat wind temple
  89. Warp to Outset, do Savage Labyrinth
  90. Sail to Diamond Steppe, get Ghost Ship Chart
  91. Warp to S. Fairy, sail to Stone Watcher, get Triforce Chart
  92. Warp to Dragon Roost, Sail to Overlook, get Triforce Chart
  93. Warp to Windfall, sail to Spectacle, farm Ghost Ship (8 trips), get Triforce Chart
  94. Warp to Tingle Island, Decipher Charts
  95. Warp to Windfall, sail to Gale, get Shard
  96. Warp to Dragon Roost, sail to Seven Star, get Shard
  97. Warp to Greatfish, get Shard
  98. Set Wind Southeast
  99. Sail to Stone Watcher, get Shard
  100. Sail to S. Triangle, get Shard
  101. Warp to Forest Haven, sail to Cliff Plateau, get Shard
  102. Warp to S. Fairy, sail to Two Eye Reef, get Shard
  103. Warp to Outset, get Shard
  104. Warp to Tower of the Gods
  105. Kill Mighty Darknuts, enter Ganon's Tower
  106. Do Trials
  107. Get Light Arrows
  108. Puppet Ganon
  109. Ganon
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