Oran Mini - M-I-X his sanity into the- oh dear

Sep 17th, 2011
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  1. [20:51:42] * @Flynn_ is actually TAKING A BREAK for once, just half-asleep on a chair at one of the tables. Several hours 'til dinner, nothing to do today. Sleep time!
  2. [20:52:56] <Clarity> And what a great time to take a nap. Nobody would know such a thing better than... oh, that person in particular ISN'T taking a nap. Whoops. Flynn learns this lesson painfully. Knock.
  3. [20:53:01] <Clarity> Knocknocknocknocknock.
  5. [20:53:43] <@Flynn_> "Whaguh--! Agh, I'm coming, just a second!" He just fell out of said chair.
  7. [20:54:48] <Clarity> The knocking stops; standing at the door is a really peppy teenager with a really goofy smile. And in her arms a delicious specimen of some kind of seafood... or maybe it's, you know, a living creature, considering all the effort it's making in terror to escape from her horrible grasp. But her fingers keep pinching on.
  8. [20:55:24] <@Flynn_> "Oh. Clarity. That's, uh...maybe you should come inside?" He looks a bit worried, but is at least marginally used to her antics at this point.
  9. [20:55:54] <@Flynn_> Then he rushes off to the kitchen to get a bucket of water to put the poor fish in. Thing looks terrified.
  10. [20:56:35] <Clarity> "Ahaha, gotcha!" She doesn't 'come' inside so much as twirl, looking a bit happy. Too happy. This is likely the day he claimed to help teach her how to bake a cake... a seafood cake. The creature that would fit in the palm of her hand is an unfortunate confirmation of her goals, probably. Or some kinda wordsy interpretation of that.
  11. [20:57:13] <Clarity> "I forgot about this the other day... this little guy! He looks delicious, huh?" Words can't explain how terrified he is.
  12. [20:58:36] <@Flynn_> Oh dear god, he'd forgotten. And was looking to keep it that way. Sometimes Flynn wonders if the world is just out to toss his sanity into the shredder. "...Er, delicious, yes. I doubt you're just offering me a single fish for the week, so this is about something else, right..?" Maybe it was for some other reason. Maybe.
  13. [21:00:28] <Clarity> A big giggle. "Well~! Our fateful meeting happened when I kinda fell asleep and shouldn't have, and when we locked eyes, I KNEW he would be the perfect seafood meal!" Another spin around, looking straight into his terrified eyes as both her arms hold him up. Then he PLOPS into the bucket, assuming it's been brought up-- Sky trots in with an apologetic look on his face as always.
  14. [21:01:03] <Clarity> "Actually, though~ I kinda wanted to see if you could fatten him up first. I mean... you can't eat that, right?" A pout.
  15. [21:03:40] <@Flynn_> "...Uh. Usually you don't fatten fish up, per se. Unless you're making a really high-class dish, and this guy isn't exactly rare." He takes another look. Flora wanders over and peeks into the bucket shyly. "But, uh, if you want me to food him, you could keep him, I guess."
  16. [21:06:19] <Clarity> "Really? Huuuuuuh, all I knew was catching them. Maybe there really IS a lot I gotta learn about cooking sometime." But, with a look down at Sky who looks up and blatantly says 'stop being a pouty teen and ask him to do it,' she looks back up and claps her hands together. "Alright then! So if I grow him up he'll be able to fit in a cake, right?" The time afterward is spent fishing money out. Get it, fishing? That's a joke. Fortunately for Flynn's sake he probably knows how loaded Clarity is.
  17. [21:08:53] <@Flynn_> His face visibly falls. The girl is a goddamn elephant. How can you have such a short attention span and still remember something so inane as a fish cake? "I guess. Shellfish are usually better on their own or maybe seared in some butter, though, wouldn't you rather do that?" Appealing to the appetite often works. "Making a fish cake would probably be, uh. Not easy."
  18. [21:11:19] <Clarity> "... Yeah, for someone who doesn't know how to make a cake at ALL." Suddenly, it hops out of the bucket and clamps onto her hand, after which instinctively Clarity herself tries to start brushing it off... and then doesn't. "Well..." A pout. "What annoys me is that he's just so... so small."
  19. [21:14:25] <Clarity> "And so..." Saying 'adorable' is really hard to do. It doesn't come out. Sky rolls his eyes.
  20. [21:14:56] <@Flynn_> Flora looks disapproving. Flynn mirrors. "He is pretty tiny. Why not just keep him, instead? It's not like he'd make a particularly good dish, so it would kind of be a waste."
  21. [21:16:33] <Clarity> "... You really think so?" The teenager has a staring contest with the shellfish. Then another one. Then an even longer one, in front of the foodman, before she hangs her head down. "Okay, fine! I won't eat you, happy?" It slinks up her unsleeved arm and makes a home around the back of Clarity's neck somehow, as creepy as that sounds. She only sighs in response.
  22. [21:17:14] <Clarity> "Well... I didn't come here just for THAT. I really, really wanna know how to cake! You can totally do that, right?" Coins jingle.
  23. [21:19:22] <@Flynn_> "How to cake, huh." Jingle. Jingle. Flynn hears the desperate cries of the grocery budget that could have been. "Sure, why not. Just...don't put fish in it."
  24. [21:20:05] <Clarity> "'Kay!" A fist pumps in the air. Meanwhile, the omanyte has trouble pushing her hair out of the way and just... shifts around a bunch. He's still really tiny.
  25. [21:21:31] * @Flynn_ heads into the kitchen and begins getting out flour, sugar, etc. "Would you rather just watch me make it, or have me guide you through making it?"
  26. [21:22:20] * Clarity srses up. "Nah, I actually wanna learn how. Back home all I could cook was..." ... What're those chirping sounds?
  27. [21:23:47] <@Flynn_> "...All you could cook was..?" Silence. "Clarity? Are you okay out there?" Eggs, salt, baking powder, cocoa...what else?
  28. [21:24:36] <Clarity> Splorsh. As it climbs up the side of her face, a mutter of "watch it, bud." But whatever, it's tiny. So with a loud throat-clear she goes on. "Uhh, nope, nevermind!"
  29. [21:26:02] <@Flynn_> Flynn shrugs and continues to remove baking pans and measuring tooks from various and sundry cupboards. With a gesture to Flora to light the oven, he heads back to the door of the kitchen. "Well, it's pretty much all ready."
  30. [21:27:15] <Clarity> "All right~!" And bam, as she twirls in, the omanyte is in position like some sort of funky hat. At least he wasn't slimy, else there'd be a problem there. In fact, the beach scene would've turned into a slaughter in that case. Sky marches into the kitchen as well before sitting down to observe calmly.
  31. [21:28:42] <@Flynn_> "Alright." Flynn rolls up his sleeves, and fishes an apron out of an adjacent cupboard, taking a moment to tie it on. Almost hot enough for short-sleeve shirts. Come on, summer!
  32. [21:29:18] <@Flynn_> "First, one and a half cups of flour and a cup of sugar. Combine them in a bowl."
  33. [21:30:36] * Clarity winces a little. It's starting to itch. But, still approaches and grabs the materials. "So... mix them into the bowl?" The measuring cups get stared at. And stared at. And then the poor flour sack is lifted...
  34. [21:31:00] <Clarity> 1d20-3 might as well WIS at this point for shenanigans
  35. [21:31:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, might as well WIS at this point for shenanigans: 9 [1d20=12]
  36. [21:31:31] <@Flynn_> For measuring out a cup and a half I think 9 is sufficient
  37. [21:32:11] <Clarity> Likely. It just takes a while, with a lot of squinting and leaning over. The hat spins around.
  38. [21:33:18] <Clarity> And... M-I-X the flour into the bowl. "Like this?"
  39. [21:33:42] <@Flynn_> The togepi hops down the stairs from the bedroom and into the kitchen, looking around curiously, before just sitting on the floor with its eyes closed. Meditating?
  40. [21:34:09] <Clarity> Sky walks over and pokes it with his nose, as a greeting.
  41. [21:34:44] <@Flynn_> "Yeah, just like that. Now add this," he points to a stick of fresh butter, "and mix it all with a spoon until it's creamy. Make sure you don't go too fast, the flour will get everywhere."
  42. [21:35:30] <Clarity> "Hmm.... sugar... flower. White stuff." The mixing is met with a long stare, before jumping up. "Oh! Gotcha." Spoon in hand... well, maybe for a person who isn't dense those instructions could go through.
  43. [21:35:37] <Clarity> 1d20-3 I'm going to keep doing this until I get a nat 1
  44. [21:35:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, I'm going to keep doing this until I get a nat 1: 7 [1d20=10]
  45. [21:36:20] <Clarity> Crack crack crack the... oh, right, not there yet. The bowl is just plainly stared at while mixing. "Crunchy... chewy..."
  46. [21:39:44] <@Flynn_> Liiiiittle creeped out. Just a bit. Just sayin'. "Yeah, good. Keep mixing it, make sure it's all creamy and there aren't powdery bits stuck to the bottom of the bowl or anything."
  47. [21:40:08] <@Flynn_> The togepi opens his eyes and smiles serenely at Sky. Not upset. Not even angry. Just maddeningly understanding.
  48. [21:40:13] <Clarity> Is it a good job? Like hell it is. Is the flour everywhere? Well... 'not yet' is probably the best way to say it. Her eyes stay fixated straight on the bowl. "Powdery... white..."
  49. [21:41:30] <Clarity> The Shinx tilts his head twice, once for each side, before giving a catlike shrug and sitting down next to the creature. That is, until Clarity comes to a sudden halt and JAMS the spoon downward, barely coming short of making a huge splash. "THAT'S IT, I GOT IT!"
  50. [21:43:50] * @Flynn_ cringes visibly. "Alright, that's...creamy enough." He steps toward the bowl and mixes it a bit himself, making sure some of the most visible powdery bits are blended. "Now crack the eggs into it and beat them in. CAREFULLY. Make sure you don't crack them too hard, or shell will get into the cake. Shell is not very good in cake."
  51. [21:44:45] <Clarity> "Heh heh~" Singsongy, her eyes shoot up while grabbing the eggs. "I know what I'm gonna call you~"
  52. [21:44:55] <Clarity> 1d20-3 crack crack crack?
  53. [21:44:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, crack crack crack?: 8 [1d20=11]
  54. [21:45:12] <@Flynn_> You just aren't rolling bad enough for disaster!
  55. [21:45:44] <Clarity> Very averagely. While humming, Clarity grabs the eggs and begins cracking them. And then it starts. Oh, it starts. "Crack... crack... crack...." CRAAAAAAAAAAAACK. "... The egg~ into the bowl~"
  56. [21:47:42] <@Flynn_> Even not knowing what's going on, Flynn can feel the oncoming sense of absolute dread. It's almost a palpable wave. The energy of that song could use the move Dark Pulse with Clarity's singing voice as her SP.ATK stat. "Careful! Careful!"
  57. [21:49:25] <Clarity> "... Huh?" A tilt to the side, not even watching the bowl. "... Oh, s'alright! M... I... X... the flour.... into the bowl." The flour's already there and mixed, but for some reason it's really catchy. Her foot taps along, and Sky seems to lose control of himself by tilting his head to the beat of... oh no.
  58. [21:52:24] <@Flynn_> "Alright, that looks good enough." He catches himself thinking something about making a cake that looks rich, then viciously shakes his head. No! No earworm black magic! "Now just add two teaspoons of vanilla and a teaspoon and a half of baking powder."
  59. [21:54:48] <Clarity> "Gotcha!" The derp's eyes dart around to even find where those things are.
  60. [21:54:57] <Clarity> 1d20-3 butter butter butter has already joined the bowl though
  61. [21:54:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, butter butter butter has already joined the bowl though: 8 [1d20=11]
  62. [21:55:02] <Clarity> ( WHY )
  63. [21:56:00] <Clarity> "This one, and... this one?" Picking up the teaspoons, a long staaaaaaaaaare. Two teaspoons, sure. A teaspoon and a half... and a half? Staring at it for a while, she doesn't even look at the other ones and just fills up half the single teaspoon with a shrug.
  65. [21:56:26] <@Flynn_> (I totally do that irl when I'm too lazy to use the tiny measuring spoons, just sayin)
  66. [21:56:55] <Clarity> (haha, is so bad to get in the habit of though)
  67. [21:57:31] <Clarity> Bam. "We're baking us a cake~" Dump. "That you... never seen... before~"
  68. [22:05:12] <@Flynn_> "Yeah, just like that, good. Mix that in, then slowly mix in milk until the whole thing is smooth and not too hard to stir." He looks a bit nervous, but the only way to get it right is to sort of do the milk by how much you need.
  69. [22:07:18] <Clarity> "Milk?" A stare, followed by a head-tilt. "No measuring? So just... do it until there's none left?" The brainslug-hat struggles to keep from falling off as her head tilts to the side with a pout of confusion. He also looks extremely worried about what's about to happen.
  70. [22:07:22] <Clarity> 1d20-3 CATASTROPHE?
  71. [22:07:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, CATASTROPHE?: 1 [1d20=4]
  72. [22:07:27] <Clarity> (ALRIGHT!)
  73. [22:07:37] <Clarity> Before even getting an answer, the horror begins.
  74. [22:08:52] <@Flynn_> "Nononono--" oh dear, that was the entire bottle of milk. The whole thing. Into the batter. "No don't do thaaaaaaat ;_____;"
  75. [22:09:25] <Clarity> "Huh? What's wrong with..." It's barely able to be stirred at all. "... Oh. Whoops~"
  76. [22:12:16] <Clarity> "W-Well, you can just... kinda... dump some of it out, right? Hey Sky, you thirsty~?"
  77. [22:13:27] <@Flynn_> "I, uh. I wouldn't feed that to Sky. Raw egg is a bit dangerous." He looks at the bowl in despair. So close! SO CLOSE!
  78. [22:14:24] <Clarity> "Oh... eheheh." She's actually legitimately embarrased by the failure. "Erm... sorry. Well, it can still totally be made, it's just be a really milky cake, right?" 'Milky.' That's not even the right way to use that word. Sky disapproves (-10).
  79. [22:19:05] <@Flynn_> "...I...don't think so. With that much excess, we'd have to add a lot more flour, and...well, a lot more of everything else. It's either ruined or we're making a cake that's much too big for my oven. But you did great up until that point!" Nervous grin.
  80. [22:20:40] <Clarity> A pout. "No way! There's totally no way cooking's that hard to do... isn't there some way to fix it?" Sliiiiink. The baby Omanyte drops down... an PLOPs into the bowl. Oh my.
  81. [22:23:23] <@Flynn_> Sudden, sharp exhalation of breath. He looks a little tense for some reason! " get him cleaned off, anyway."
  82. [22:24:51] <Clarity> The milk is quickly gone as he sits in the middle of the mixture, smiling. How cute, yet.... gross.
  83. [22:26:05] <Clarity> "Whoa! That... yuck." A hand picks up the totally-wet monstrosity and stares at him with disapproving eyes. "... That's it."
  84. [22:27:21] <Clarity> "I SO totally do not wanna put you in my mouth. And I found you in the ocean... I'm gonna call you 'Salt.'"
  85. [22:28:05] <@Flynn_> "
  86. [22:28:27] <@Flynn_> "I think he's pretty cute, personally." He fetches a rag from the cabinet and starts cleaning up all the splashy mess.
  87. [22:29:36] <Clarity> "Eheheh..." More genuine embarrassment. "Sorry 'bout all that... um, lemme help." Assuming there are more rags/towels/etc around, it's followed up without questioning. Otherwise she uses Sky's scarf to do it, poor Sky.
  88. [22:30:06] <Clarity> "But I THINK I... er..." Cough, cough. "... Have no idea what he eats. I haven't fed 'im in a few days."
  89. [22:33:49] <@Flynn_> "...Uh, hmm. I don't actually know, really. I feed people and land pokemon, not really shellfish."
  90. [22:35:13] <Clarity> "Oh... I... huh." A stare into the babynyte's eyes, who stares back with an apparent 'feed me.' "I... maybe he eats... meat or something?"
  91. [22:37:41] <@Flynn_> "Hmm. Maybe try seaweed? Something so tiny, I can't imagine it eating much more than plants or krill or something." He shrugs.
  92. [22:38:32] <Clarity> "It seems like he..." After struggling, he dropped out of her hand and chowed on the flour. "... Doesn't care a whole lot?"
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