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  2. [2015-11-28 11:14:30] =-= Topic for #Adamantium is ``Episode 20: Nuclear''
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  6. [2015-11-28 11:19:22] <Hideo> The night has now fully blanketed the lands of Japan. The new transfer student, Kou, has appeared to have finished reading his book and now takes out a laptop from his bag. He opens it up, waits for it to boot, and starts to type. Meanwhile Kouki is currently traveling towards Kohaku's place.
  7. [2015-11-28 11:20:40] <Hideo> He goes on typing like this until Kouki arrives at Kohaku's.
  8. [2015-11-28 11:21:52] * akira is at home doing chores around the house, just like a good loli daughter should
  9. [2015-11-28 11:22:24] * Kohaku currently waits for Kouki's signal or just a knock on the door. Sitting in the living room and watching TV.
  10. [2015-11-28 11:24:17] * Minami figures now that the new kid is busy with whatever it is he's doing, it's a good time to snoop around in his bedroom. This ~cannot~ be all of his luggage...
  11. [2015-11-28 11:26:19] * Kilbert arrives at Kohaku's house, taking a moment to scan the perimeter from the air before landing, shifting back to human, and knocking.
  12. [2015-11-28 11:26:48] =-= Kilbert is now known as Kouki
  13. [2015-11-28 11:26:54] <Kouki> "Candygram!"
  14. [2015-11-28 11:27:03] * Kohaku goes for the door, opening it. "You weren't kidding about getting here fast." she says, somewhat impressed.
  15. [2015-11-28 11:28:41] <Kouki> "There's not a force on Earth that'd stop me from getting to you as soon as possible, Princess."
  16. [2015-11-28 11:29:50] <Kohaku> "Hmph!" she says, somewhat looking in a good mood. "Then let's see what you do to this "spy" I found. Follow me."
  17. [2015-11-28 11:30:17] <Hideo> A bunk bed, with both beds that appears to have sign of use for both beds, a closet, and a small table with bowl of water, and a small mirror on it. Pretty bare.
  18. [2015-11-28 11:30:41] <Kouki> "Don't play coy, you just wanted an excuse to spend more time with me."
  19. [2015-11-28 11:32:11] * Kohaku just keeps moving down, answering back. "Just come with me. You still want to beat someone to a pulp, don't you?"
  20. [2015-11-28 11:32:49] * Kouki follows after her. "Yeah, like, pretty much all the time."
  21. [2015-11-28 11:34:14] <Kohaku> "There you go. Like, honestly, you're not the type of guy that enjoys fancy dinners and no beating up nothing are you?" she says as she opens up the elevator for them to go down.
  22. [2015-11-28 11:35:30] <Hideo> He suddenly closes down his laptop, and walks toward the bedroom.
  23. [2015-11-28 11:38:27] * Minami is suddenly a pillow on the bed, the real one is in the closet somewhere now.
  24. [2015-11-28 11:41:16] <Hideo> He doesn't notice you as he enters the bedroom, opens up the closet, and takes a bath towel, and heads outside again.
  25. [2015-11-28 11:43:42] * Minami carefully slides off the bed, stretching tendrils back into the closet to replace the pillow. She quietly splashes back into the hallway just enough to watch him close the door. Minami allows a few moments to pass before sliding over to check if he didn't lock and or close his laptop.
  26. [2015-11-28 11:45:55] <Hideo> He has closed his laptop, but the charger is still connected, and the power lights is on. You hear the door of the bathroom close somewhere else.
  27. [2015-11-28 11:48:54] * Minami decides the laptop is more interesting, and slides backwards from it to one of the few pieces of furniture in the sparse room, stretching thin and mimicking it's texture where she can observe any work done on the laptop once the boy is back.
  28. [2015-11-28 11:51:36] <Hideo> The place is quiet and you can hear the shower turning on, the sound like the rain.
  29. [2015-11-28 11:52:11] * Kouki stands in front of the door, smirking. He raises his foot and pulls back
  30. [2015-11-28 11:53:30] * Kouki kicks in the door shouting. "KNOCK KNOCK, WE'RE THE COPS!"
  31. [2015-11-28 11:53:52] * Kohaku slowly walks in. "Speak for yourself."
  32. [2015-11-28 11:54:37] * Kouki walks in, grumbling under his breath.
  33. [2015-11-28 11:54:49] <Minami> A table in the room is perturbed slightly; it's not very noticeable, probably.
  34. [2015-11-28 11:54:51] <Kouki> "Shut up, that was funny."
  35. [2015-11-28 11:55:36] <Kohaku> "I guess so. So let's find this guy and finish this. I haven't had my bit of fun yet."
  36. [2015-11-28 11:55:44] <Kouki> "y'still got Eden in here? Where is he?"
  37. [2015-11-28 11:55:45] <Hideo> The sounds of the shower stop, and out, with a towel over his lower body, comes Kou. He stares at the two blankly. "What" was the only thing that came out his mouth.
  38. [2015-11-28 11:56:10] <Kouki> "Yo, we're here to interrogate you."
  39. [2015-11-28 11:57:16] <Hideo> "...Sorry, but what?"
  40. [2015-11-28 11:57:25] * Kohaku casts Warding, just to make sure.
  41. [2015-11-28 11:57:44] <Kouki> "Y'know, we shoulda done that -first-."
  42. [2015-11-28 11:58:14] * Minami rolls her non existent eyes so fucking hard.
  43. [2015-11-28 11:58:27] <Hideo> And lo, down goes our friend Kou. Who knows, he might be pretending :*).
  44. [2015-11-28 11:58:40] <Kohaku> "You're the cop." she says, looking at Kou.
  45. [2015-11-28 11:58:46] <Kouki> "I was just really, really excited about going on the offensive."
  46. [2015-11-28 11:58:57] <Kouki> "Ah, shit."
  47. [2015-11-28 11:59:02] <Kohaku> "And he is either faking it, or just dumb." she says, unimpressed.
  48. [2015-11-28 11:59:08] * Kouki walks over to Kou, kicking him in the ribs
  49. [2015-11-28 12:12:12] <Hideo> The kick connects, but other than the movement you'd expect from being kicked, no other special reaction. However, Minami and Kohaku hear/feel an almost imperceptible movement in the bedroom... someone's there?
  50. [2015-11-28 12:13:23] * Kohaku looks around in the bedroom for a bit. "There's someone here..."
  51. [2015-11-28 12:13:56] <Kouki> "C'mon out, then. Aint got all day."
  52. [2015-11-28 12:15:35] <Hideo> As you open the door of the bedroom, you hear a crash of glass, and you see an dark figure, you can't see clearly because of the darkness of the room, just jumped out of the window! That's a very high jump.
  53. [2015-11-28 12:16:51] * Kouki rushes for the window, his legs elongating as he follows the figure out
  54. [2015-11-28 12:26:16] <Hideo> As you land on the ground, the figure takes out. He dashes out, but it seems like the figure is faster, but not fast that you lose sight of him.
  55. [2015-11-28 12:30:14] * Kohaku jumps down a while after, going after Kouki and the mysterious figure.
  56. [2015-11-28 12:33:59] <Hideo> Kouki uses his big muscles, and jumps after the figure. It closes the gap, and the figure looks like he's given up on running. He morpheus' out a gun and shoots on you!
  57. [2015-11-28 12:42:12] <Hideo> Meanwhile, after Kouki and Kohaku has gone down from the building. Minami can see Kou slowly getting up, rubbing his ribs. "Damn. They went guns blazing fast."
  58. [2015-11-28 12:42:42] * Minami fights the urge to snark.
  59. [2015-11-28 12:43:46] * Kouki immediately shifts into his warform, the bullet catching between an armored plate before it forms fully. Unfortunately, this only slows his down enough for his claw to go from lethal tovery-nearly lethal
  60. [2015-11-28 12:44:17] * Kohaku rushes towards Kouki, desperatly trying to reach them in time. "Damnit..."
  61. [2015-11-28 12:46:48] <Hideo> "Compromised on the first day..." He grumbles as he quietly packs most of his stuff (which isn't much), including his laptop, on one spot. He turns the floor boards into dust as he takes out a package and throws it with the rest of his stuff. "Get rid of the evidence first.
  62. [2015-11-28 12:48:19] <Minami> The table in the corner of the room coughs.
  63. [2015-11-28 12:48:29] <Minami> "You're pretty obvious about it."
  64. [2015-11-28 12:49:31] * Kohaku reaches the place where Kouki seems to be battling the individual. Right in time to spot him deal a final blow.
  65. [2015-11-28 12:49:32] <Hideo> ",,,!" He turns just as he finished wearing something not a bath towel. "I see. Subterfuge wasnt
  66. [2015-11-28 12:50:43] * Kouki growls in triumph, realizing that his opponent is cybernetic as his claws hit steel. He immediately seizes the initiative, grabbing something important-looking and ripping it out, creating a magnificent shower of sparks.
  67. [2015-11-28 12:51:45] <Hideo> *wasn't really my forte." He kneels down, and turns the floor into sand. Which is kinda important so he falls down into a circle shaped hole into a floor below.
  68. [2015-11-28 12:52:10] * Kouki tosses the part aside, turning on his heel. "We're done here."
  69. [2015-11-28 12:52:48] * Minami rises from the table in her combat form. She sits on the table and sighs as she debates wether or not to follow the hole in the floor.
  70. [2015-11-28 12:52:53] <Kouki> "Yo, Kohaku. You're just in time to watch me be cool."
  71. [2015-11-28 12:53:24] <Hideo> As you debate, the floor reforms back into a floor.
  72. [2015-11-28 12:53:25] <Minami> "You know, I'm actually the one that would like to talk, but yeah, running is probably a good idea."
  73. [2015-11-28 12:53:49] <Kohaku> "Well, thank you for not leaving anything for me... Take care of him then, I'll go back and investigate." she says, not even giving more care as she turns around and goes for the apartment.
  74. [2015-11-28 12:54:41] * Kouki grabs the cyborg and puts him over his shoulder as he starts running back to Kou's apartment
  75. [2015-11-28 12:54:54] * Minami pushes herself off the table, placing her feet on the reformed floor. (I don't really care much for the clowns that prolly just ganked your friend out there. If you want to talk, meet me tomorrow at [shop in some local mall]."
  76. [2015-11-28 12:55:37] * Minami steps over to the kitchenette to see if there was any food and or drinks while she waits for the other two to return.
  77. [2015-11-28 12:57:14] <Hideo> There's some food and drinks indeed, and looks like the fridge is stuffed.
  78. [2015-11-28 12:58:37] <Hideo> When you two reach the apartment, all you see is a certain person eating and no Kou.
  79. [2015-11-28 12:58:46] <Hideo> (or are you hiding)
  80. [2015-11-28 12:59:09] * Minami sits on the countertop crosslegged in her combat form. She's drinking a soda of some kind. She looks very dissapointed to see the two of you.
  81. [2015-11-28 12:59:20] <Kouki> "Oh, son of a -bitch-!"
  82. [2015-11-28 12:59:40] <Kouki> "Minami, the fuck are you doing here, and where the fuck is Kou?"
  83. [2015-11-28 13:00:11] * Minami shrugs her shoulders. "Ah, well, you know, transfer student shows up. Very interesting..."
  84. [2015-11-28 13:00:12] <Kohaku> "He just left I bet..." she says, sighing right after. "This is the last time I invite any of you to have fun."
  85. [2015-11-28 13:00:46] * Kouki drops the cyborg on the ground. "And where is Kou?"
  86. [2015-11-28 13:00:57] * Minami folds the pull tab back and forth until it snaps off. She fiddles with it as she takes another sip.
  87. [2015-11-28 13:01:27] <Minami> "Not sure honestly. Maybe he escaped into the powerlines. Is that a thing overed can do?"
  88. [2015-11-28 13:02:28] <Kohaku> "Couldn't you at least hit him or something...?"
  89. [2015-11-28 13:03:54] <Minami> "Yanno, it's weird. You two have this demeanor like ~I'm~ the one who fucked up here." She puts the drink down and smiles calmly. "What exactly was your plan after alerting the spy that you knew they were there?"
  90. [2015-11-28 13:13:07] <Kohaku> "Killing him?"
  91. [2015-11-28 13:14:03] * Kouki takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
  92. [2015-11-28 13:14:13] * Minami rolls her eyes. "How am I, err, are we supposed to use him in that case?"
  93. [2015-11-28 13:14:25] <Kouki> "Either way, we have this one, and his cover's been blown."
  94. [2015-11-28 13:14:35] * Minami clicks her teeth.
  95. [2015-11-28 13:14:39] <Kouki> "He's been neutralized."
  96. [2015-11-28 13:15:19] * Minami picks the can back up and finishes the drink, placing the snapped off pull tab inside before crushing it.
  97. [2015-11-28 13:15:23] <Kouki> "How do you plan on using him? Didn't he escape before you got here?"
  98. [2015-11-28 13:15:55] * Kohaku sighs. "Hell if I know, I can send him to my agents to make him speak."
  99. [2015-11-28 13:16:01] <Minami> "First of all... I didn't even think he was one of us weirdos until he started snooping around on Kisai over there."
  100. [2015-11-28 13:16:20] <Kouki> "Don't dodge the question."
  101. [2015-11-28 13:16:38] <Kouki> "were you, or were you not, here when we arrived?"
  102. [2015-11-28 13:16:51] <Minami> "I was with him since he left school."
  103. [2015-11-28 13:17:01] <Kouki> "Which means you were here when we arrived."
  104. [2015-11-28 13:17:08] <Kouki> "Which means that you saw him escape."
  105. [2015-11-28 13:17:21] <Kouki> "Do you think I'm fucking retarded?"
  106. [2015-11-28 13:17:38] * Minami crosses her arms over her blank chest.
  107. [2015-11-28 13:18:15] <Kouki> "Which brings me back to my previous question: How do you plan on using him? What's your angle?"
  108. [2015-11-28 13:18:25] <Minami> "Okay so lets say I chased him through the wall somehow: I catch him, he does fuck all until he's convinced he's escaped my survelance again; I don't catch him, he's faster, stronger, or smarter than me. Maybe he kills me."
  109. [2015-11-28 13:19:10] <Minami> "I've already lost the moment you jackasses kicked down the door."
  110. [2015-11-28 13:19:35] <Kouki> "Yeah, so did he. Hence the genius of the strategy."
  111. [2015-11-28 13:20:14] * Kouki kicks at the disabled cyborg. "Only, this one wasn't so lucky."
  112. [2015-11-28 13:20:49] <Kouki> "Which leaves two options, really. Either their plan was to both escape, or for one of them to get captured."
  113. [2015-11-28 13:21:14] <Minami> "He quipped something about being compromised on the first day, to himself, the weirdo."
  114. [2015-11-28 13:21:28] <Kohaku> "We can probably still track him down through how he managed to get in school to spy on me. We'll also find who's doing all this."
  115. [2015-11-28 13:22:12] <Kouki> "At the very least, this one knows -something-, and we've burned his cover. That means they're either going to send someone else, or go on the offensive."
  116. [2015-11-28 13:22:35] <Minami> "Oh terrific."
  117. [2015-11-28 13:22:57] * Minami pushes herself off the countertop. Her feet hang a few centimeters off the ground as she supports herself on her hair.
  118. [2015-11-28 13:23:51] <Kouki> "So, again--What's your plan, Minami?"
  119. [2015-11-28 13:24:00] <Kouki> "You're talking like you have one."
  120. [2015-11-28 13:24:02] <Minami> "So, assuming." She points to the wrecked cyborg. "He, it, whatever, still works. The egg heads back at your organization  are going to pry what they know maybe."
  121. [2015-11-28 13:24:53] * Minami sighs. "I'll... try to find the other again if I can... They're probably gone tho."
  122. [2015-11-28 13:25:29] <Minami> "Whoever shows up next, they're not going to be hiding, because they know it doesn't work. ~Or~ They're going to send someone ~very~ good at hiding."
  123. [2015-11-28 13:25:46] <Minami> "Either way, it's a shit load more work for me than it was before."
  124. [2015-11-28 13:26:14] <Minami> "I'm still trying to decide on why exactly I'm helping you. So please try not to make it more annoying than it already is."
  125. [2015-11-28 13:26:19] <Kouki> "You don't get to complain about a botched operation that you never told anyone you were performing."
  126. [2015-11-28 13:27:03] <Kouki> "Had you thought to tell anyone that you were tracking an overed who was stalking us, we wouldn't have -broken his door down-"
  127. [2015-11-28 13:27:17] * Kohaku just witnesses both of them bickering, slowly going towards the door to go away.
  128. [2015-11-28 13:27:22] <Minami> "Sorry, I didn't think you were that stupid."
  129. [2015-11-28 13:27:32] * Minami glances between the two of them.
  130. [2015-11-28 13:27:58] <Minami> "The air here is bad. I'm going to just back down now."
  131. [2015-11-28 13:28:49] * Kouki sighs. "Fucks sake. You're not a soldier, but you're part of a team. We can't avoid stepping on your toes if we can't fucking see them."
  132. [2015-11-28 13:29:22] * Kohaku abruptly stops, seeing Minami going towards the door herself. "Well... Guess that's it then..."
  133. [2015-11-28 13:32:54] * Minami looks off to an empty corner of the room. "...Just trying to help."
  134. [2015-11-28 13:34:11] <Kouki> "Then next time, act like part of a team."
  135. [2015-11-28 13:34:35] <Kouki> "That's kinda the point. To help each other."
  136. [2015-11-28 13:35:20] * Minami purses her lips.  "Well I'm new at it alright?"
  137. [2015-11-28 13:36:41] * Kouki shrugs. "If you want a friendship speech, talk to Akira. I'm the hotblooded hero-slash-leader."
  138. [2015-11-28 13:37:46] <Kohaku> "Just don't listen too much to him." she says, waving her hand in dismissal for a bit. "So what's our next move?"
  139. [2015-11-28 13:38:21] * Minami glances down at the wreckage Kouki dragged in. She steps over it as she heads toward the door. "Well, have fun with your robot. Now that I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day I might as well check in with the UGN office while I'm still annoyed."
  140. [2015-11-28 13:40:41] <Kouki> "Miight not wanna mention tonight. THey'll be way more pissed than me."
  141. [2015-11-28 13:42:21] * Minami starts shifting into a properly nondescript woman as she opens the door. The stranger gives Kouki an affirmative nod before heading out.
  142. [2015-11-28 13:43:14] <Kohaku> "Guess she's just like that..." she says, turning to Kouki in silence after the statement.
  143. [2015-11-28 13:45:15] * Minami gets a block or two down the street before lashing out and kicking a dumpster in an alley. She leaves a much larger dent in it than she expected. Minami comments to herself something about how this is what she gets for trying before shifting again and heading down in a different direction.
  144. [2015-11-28 13:52:21] <Kouki> "I guess so."
  145. [2015-11-28 13:52:48] * Kouki pulls out his phone and dials the UGN
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  148. [2015-11-28 13:55:20] <Kohaku> "Well, I'm out then, I'll text you if I find anything worthy." she says, going towards the door.
  149. [2015-11-28 13:55:58] <Kouki> "You sure y'don't wanna invite me over for some tea? Maybe a movie? Get some candles goin', it'll be nice."
  150. [2015-11-28 13:57:54] <Kohaku> "After you took MY fun of the night? I'd say you owe me a second dinner." she says, somewhat pouting.
  151. [2015-11-28 13:58:52] <Kouki> "Sounds great, pick you up Sunday. Wear something nice."
  152. [2015-11-28 13:59:42] <Kohaku> "You really gotta stop hitting on every girl you know? That will bite you back someday." she says, sighing and just moving out. She actually didn't deny it, so was that a yes?
  153. [2015-11-28 14:00:10] * akira suddenly a loli walks into the scene, in her armor and all "K-kouki-san, what....just is going on? I have been trying to contact you for a this another mission?"
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  156. [2015-11-28 14:00:58] * Kohaku spots her right on the door. "Well, hello there Akira-san."
  157. [2015-11-28 14:00:58] * Kouki jerks his thumb towards the cyborg on the floor. "Yeah. Transfer student was a spy. What'd you need?"
  158. [2015-11-28 14:01:47] <akira> "I got a call from....some shaddy UGN person, Dr daigo, to asked for me and minami to....check on him"
  159. [2015-11-28 14:02:24] <Kouki> "Dr Daigo..?"
  160. [2015-11-28 14:13:08] * Kouki snaps his horrible claw fingers. "Daigo! Right, right. He's good people. What, did you want me to bring y'over or somethin'?"
  161. [2015-11-28 14:13:31] * Kohaku just leaves them to talk, heading back home.
  162. [2015-11-28 14:13:40] <akira> "N-No....I Wanted to be sure he was trust worthy
  163. [2015-11-28 14:14:10] <akira> "Y-You know, strange people asking if you are UGN on the p-phone and asking you to visit them is w-weird"
  164. [2015-11-28 14:14:25] <Kouki> "Is it?"
  165. [2015-11-28 14:15:46] * Kouki leans back on his hooves, shrugging. "Fuck it, I'll walk y'over anyway. Might get to spend the night in my own bed tonight."
  166. [2015-11-28 14:16:04] <akira> "Okay...t-thanks"
  167. [2015-11-28 14:16:10] <Kouki> "..Plus Mom might have leftovers."
  168. [2015-11-28 14:16:35] <akira> "D-Dont morpheus always have it?"
  169. [2015-11-28 14:17:07] <akira> "I-I could give you some of what I had for tonight...."
  170. [2015-11-28 14:17:23] <Kouki> "Well yeah, but she's not a Morpheus. She's Salamandra. And Exile."
  171. [2015-11-28 14:18:38] * Kouki sends the information over to the UGN to pick up the cyborg
  172. [2015-11-28 14:18:59] <akira> "a-Ah...Im sorry I thought she was...."
  173. [2015-11-28 14:19:20] <Kouki> "Dad's a Chimera and a Black Dog, by the way."
  174. [2015-11-28 14:20:25] * Kouki shrugs. "Don't bother apologizing. Not like it matters. Actually, wanted you to meet my mother. She's one of the best non-lethal fighters in our branch."
  175. [2015-11-28 14:20:50] <akira> "That good, I w-will look forward to it..."
  176. [2015-11-28 14:21:56] * Kouki nods, heading outside. "Got our cyborg here all marked for pickup, lets get goin'."
  177. [2015-11-28 14:22:08] * akira goes along
  178. [2015-11-28 14:22:21] <Hideo> You recieve an a-ok from the UGN, and say they'll pick him up later.
  179. [2015-11-28 14:22:41] <Kouki> (Kouki also returns to human form)
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  182. [2015-11-28 14:35:01] <Hideo> The place is as busy as it will ever be, and after the usual security patdown you enter the complex. Akira (and Minami when she arrives) is almost instantly approached and be given directions to the medical/examination room.
  183. [2015-11-28 14:35:17] * akira goes along
  184. [2015-11-28 14:37:05] <Hideo> Inside, a doctor and a nurse, and a plethora of medical instruments, machines, some you don't recognize.
  185. [2015-11-28 14:37:30] * Minami is dresses slightly less drab than she usually is. But the only difference is that she wears a bright yellow shirt underneath the hoodie.
  186. [2015-11-28 14:38:49] <Hideo> "Oh, hello." The doctor gets up and the familiar voice of man on the phone is heard. "You're the new recruits, right? It's nice to finally meet you guys. Please, sit down, this will only take a while."
  187. [2015-11-28 14:39:53] * akira does so, being careful about the costume...tail
  188. [2015-11-28 14:39:56] * Minami takes off her beanie to fiddle with it in her lap as she sits down. She is unable to get that sour look off her face however much she tries to feign boredom.
  189. [2015-11-28 14:45:33] <Hideo> "Alright, you first, Ms. Akira. I'm just gonna draw a bit of blood..." He takes out a syringe and injects Akira, taking blood samples. "Since when did you have your powers?"
  190. [2015-11-28 14:45:48] <akira> "Since I was born...I think"
  191. [2015-11-28 14:50:19] <Hideo> He nods. "Ah, I see." He stands up and gestures to a bed hooked to some sort of scanning machine. "Well, please lie down here, won't hurt a bit."
  192. [2015-11-28 14:50:37] * akira does as instruced, he is UGN after all
  193. [2015-11-28 14:53:37] <Hideo> He activates the machine and the machine goes around scanning the loli. After a while it stops and the doctor give a satisfied nod. "Alright, your turn, Minami-san." He also takes a blood sample from you, and asks you the same question about since when you had your powers.
  194. [2015-11-28 14:54:51] * Minami watches her own fuchsia blood fill up the vial as she closes her eyes to think.
  195. [2015-11-28 14:55:19] <Minami> "Ahh, Not really sure... Three years almost?"
  196. [2015-11-28 14:56:42] <Hideo> "How did you find out you had powers? Was there an accident?"
  197. [2015-11-28 14:57:55] <Minami> "It wasn't an accident... One day I woke up as someone else. Just thought it was a really realistic dream at first I guess."
  198. [2015-11-28 15:00:18] <Hideo> He nods. "Alright, it's your turn for the scan..." He gestures again to the machine again.
  199. [2015-11-28 15:01:32] * Minami grimaces at the machine. She produces her cellphone, her school uniform, and her ~entire book bag~ from her pockets somehow, and places them on a table before sitting down.
  200. [2015-11-28 15:05:33] <Hideo> The scan goes perfectly two, and once again the door nods in approval. "Well, that's that! Was easy, was it?" He scratches the back of his head. "Alright, thanks for coming. Wish you luck in your mission, and all that." He then buries his head with work, reading the output from the scanning machine.
  201. [2015-11-28 15:05:58] <akira> "That...was weird....okay then"
  202. [2015-11-28 15:07:19] * Minami slips her book bag's straps around a shoulder as she carefully folds her uniform and slips it inside the bag. "Wait, so, was this literally just a medical checkup? But for like, monsters?"
  203. [2015-11-28 15:08:07] <akira> "It was my first too....I will go check on ko-kouki-san, his mother seem like a nice person"
  204. [2015-11-28 15:09:53] * Minami holds her breath as the book bag seems to sink into her form. She then checks her phone quickly before pocketing it. "Right... Keep your eyes open then. Hopefully we won't be meeting again soon."
  205. [2015-11-28 15:11:15] |<-- Kouki has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  206. [2015-11-28 15:11:39] <Hideo> He turns around. "Well, you're not monsters, but kinda. It's kinda mandatory, and all that." He turns his back and goes back to his medical data.
  207. [2015-11-28 15:14:17] * Minami chews on her lower lip as she wonders what they might actually find in her blood work. It's not like she hasn't gotten sick since the change...
  208. [2015-11-28 15:14:37] <akira> "I just dont think much about it"
  209. [2015-11-28 15:14:57] <Minami> "Everyone has their own strategy I suppose..."
  210. [2015-11-28 15:15:24] * Minami heads back out of the facility with Akira. It's weird how ~normal~ the place seems.
  211. [2015-11-28 15:50:45] -->| Kouki (Kouki@9BFD5D69.5945725B.1A269A73.IP) has joined #Adamantium
  212. [2015-11-28 16:08:22] |<-- Hideo has left (Client exited)
  213. [2015-11-28 16:08:59] -->| Hideo (Kojimaa@91D76C1F.F0D810B3.F0B1C499.IP) has joined #Adamantium
  214. [2015-11-28 16:11:42] <Hideo> Your mother is at 'home', and joyous when you appear again. Your father is busy working, but your mother called him and he assures her that'll he'll come. "So, I heard you brought back a girl, too."
  215. [2015-11-28 16:15:16] * Kouki smirks. "Of course I did, have you -met- me? I was mostly hoping you could talk to her though. She's a bit..." he gestures back and forth. "Shaky on the whole fighting thing. Doesn't like to hurt people."
  216. [2015-11-28 16:18:43] |<-- Hideo has left (Client exited)
  217. [2015-11-28 16:22:52] -->| Hideo (Kojimaa@B5A8DA.F0D810B3.F0B1C499.IP) has joined #Adamantium
  218. [2015-11-28 16:23:44] <Hideo> "Really? I'd love to meet her." She smile gently.
  219. [2015-11-28 16:25:15] * Kouki checks his phone. "Good, because she'll be here in like, five minutes."
  220. [2015-11-28 16:28:34] <Hideo> "Eh, really? Well, have you guys eat yet? I have still have some food left over, and I know you've missed my cooking."
  221. [2015-11-28 16:29:22] * Kouki nearly drops his phone as it makes a familiar TSUN~ chirp. "Geez!--Uh..n--nope, haven't eaten yet. I can't wait!"
  222. [2015-11-28 16:30:38] * Kouki checks the message
  223. [2015-11-28 16:31:18] <Hideo> She stands "Hehe, let me get it ready." She goes to the kitchen and prepares the food.
  224. [2015-11-28 16:35:52] |<-- akira has left (Ping timeout)
  225. [2015-11-28 16:36:22] -->| Akira ( has joined #Adamantium
  226. [2015-11-28 16:40:31] * Kouki sighs at his phone. "Never a dull moment."
  227. [2015-11-28 16:49:50] * Akira goes to meet kouki mom, she hopes she is not as.....extreme
  228. [2015-11-28 16:53:44] <Hideo> "Ah, you're the girl Kouki has been talking about, right?" She greets you at the door. "And I see you're wearing our latest protective gear~" She smiles brightly.
  229. [2015-11-28 16:54:39] <Akira> "S-So it is true.....h-hi, I am a-akira nice to meet you"
  230. [2015-11-28 16:57:25] <Hideo> "And I'm Setsuna Kawakami. Come in, come in, take a seat."
  231. [2015-11-28 16:59:53] * Akira politely bows and comes in, trying to make herself confortable, "So you are kouki-san mom....Glad you seem less...extreme than him"
  232. [2015-11-28 17:01:06] <Kouki> "Whaddya mean 'extreme'? I'm just livin' life to the fullest!"
  233. [2015-11-28 17:02:04] <Akira> "His uh....obssession with know"
  234. [2015-11-28 17:02:54] <Hideo> "He can be a bit... extreme, yes, but he's a good boy. So, you're a new recruit, right?"
  235. [2015-11-28 17:03:30] <Akira> "y-yeah...I just discovered about...everything a couple of days ago and many things happened"
  236. [2015-11-28 17:05:34] <Akira> "K-Kouki-san said you were.....good at...well, non-lethal takedowns...."
  237. [2015-11-28 17:05:43] |<-- Kohaku has left (Quit:  HydraIRC -> <- It'll be on slashdot one day...)
  238. [2015-11-28 17:05:54] <Kouki> "She's not good. She's the -best-."
  239. [2015-11-28 17:06:57] <Hideo> "Well yes," She says with a hint of pride on her voice. "You can say that."
  240. [2015-11-28 17:08:29] <Akira> "So far I have been able to do it b-but....well...its getting...harder, with the stronger enemies....I hate it"
  241. [2015-11-28 17:13:30] <Hideo> Her face softens. "Well... don't hate it. Think of it as a sign that you should get stronger so you can protect the people you care about." She glances at Kouki.
  242. [2015-11-28 17:13:52] <Akira> "I.....I understand that"
  243. [2015-11-28 17:16:21] <Akira> "But still....I almost cut that boss in hell....there was no other way..."
  244. [2015-11-28 17:21:24] <Akira> "Kouki-san....he could not even hit him..."
  245. [2015-11-28 17:22:11] <Kouki> "Ow, my pride."
  246. [2015-11-28 17:22:16] <Kouki> "Did you really have to mention that?'
  247. [2015-11-28 17:22:41] <Akira> "I-Its to show how powerful he was..."
  248. [2015-11-28 17:23:29] <Hideo> "But you didn't cut him down, right? And that what makes you strong. Stronger than him."
  249. [2015-11-28 17:24:11] <Kouki> "See, that's what I told'er."
  250. [2015-11-28 17:28:02] <Akira> "ahah....."
  251. [2015-11-28 17:28:29] <Akira> "T-Then I will just...Just try to keep doing what I always done..."
  252. [2015-11-28 17:30:20] <Hideo> "Well, just hang in there, and think about those important to you always."
  253. [2015-11-28 17:30:32] <Akira> "I-I always do...."
  254. [2015-11-28 17:30:43] <Kouki> "Aw, I'm flattered."
  255. [2015-11-28 17:31:19] <Akira> "K-Kouki-saaaaan... s-stop..."
  256. [2015-11-28 17:31:29] <Kouki> "No."
  257. [2015-11-28 17:35:28] <Hideo> "Hehehe. Well, Akira-san, have you ate? I've prepared some leftovers here."
  258. [2015-11-28 17:36:39] <Akira> "I-I did...I made dinner for mom, b-but A-Accept tasting y-your food, kouki-san speaks alot about it"
  259. [2015-11-28 17:40:36] <Hideo> Her chest fills with pride. "Well, let's eat, then!"
  260. [2015-11-28 17:41:32] * Akira prepares herself to eat some mom made food
  261. [2015-11-28 17:43:14] * Kouki kouki prepares a second stomach
  262. [2015-11-28 17:44:16] <Akira> "A-Also im a....uh, morpheus, Could I perhaps...we-well, have you taste my food too? kouki-san seems to like it"
  263. [2015-11-28 17:47:45] <Hideo> "Ah, really? Okay, um, I'll try it."
  264. [2015-11-28 17:50:20] * Akira While she prepares to eat, she makes the usual bentos kouki eats, full of meat and sauce, and portions of her dinners for her mother
  265. [2015-11-28 17:51:02] <Akira> "This is what I usually make...K-Kouki-san seems to enjoy it but im afraid he likes it because its just a lot of food and meat...."
  266. [2015-11-28 17:53:13] <Hideo> She takes the bento and digs in. "Mmmm, this is good, yeah." She enjoys the food as she digs in.
  267. [2015-11-28 17:53:16] <Kouki> "I fail to understand the distinction. Besides, it tastes great anyway."
  268. [2015-11-28 17:53:35] <Akira> "Fueh..."
  269. [2015-11-28 17:54:54] <Akira> "I-I guess kouki-san will be the one benefitting the most from this....S-Since I can copy your food for lunch...."
  270. [2015-11-28 17:55:20] * Kouki grips his seat. His eyes widen to the size of dinner plates.
  271. [2015-11-28 17:55:35] <Kouki> "I hadn't even...considered that as a possibility.."
  272. [2015-11-28 17:56:12] * Kouki slowly turns his head to face Akira. "Kanami Akira...Please do me the honor of becoming my bride."
  273. [2015-11-28 17:57:08] <Akira> "K-K-Kouki-san?! Y-Y-You already said t-that, stop trying to make jokes in front of your mother?!"
  274. [2015-11-28 17:58:52] <Kouki> "I don't understand the problem."
  275. [2015-11-28 17:59:48] <Akira> "I-I-I C-Cant accept this kind of thing....we are not even...y-you you know, d-d-d-d-dating"
  276. [2015-11-28 18:00:00] * Akira is red
  277. [2015-11-28 18:00:06] <Kouki> "Still not following you."
  278. [2015-11-28 18:00:35] <Akira> "Fueh....."
  279. [2015-11-28 18:00:40] <Hideo> "Hehe, she is easy to tease, isn't she?" She says in a teasing voice.
  280. [2015-11-28 18:00:57] <Akira> "N-Not you too!"
  281. [2015-11-28 18:01:04] * Akira would not handle double tease
  282. [2015-11-28 18:01:55] <Kouki> "Unfortunately you've fallen into the Kawakami family tradition."
  283. [2015-11-28 18:02:24] <Kouki> "Also I will pick you up on Monday. Meet me at the gates. We'll do Italian."
  284. [2015-11-28 18:02:36] <Akira> "Eh?!"
  285. [2015-11-28 18:02:47] <Hideo> "Oh, are you going on a date?"
  286. [2015-11-28 18:03:00] <Akira> "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH?!"
  287. [2015-11-28 18:03:02] <Kouki> "She said she wanted one, didn't she? That's what I heard."
  288. [2015-11-28 18:04:55] <Akira> "B-B-B-B-But its kouki-san...."
  289. [2015-11-28 18:06:49] <Kouki> "I see, you're so utterly consumed by your desire to be my wife that you can't convey your joy."
  290. [2015-11-28 18:06:57] <Kouki> "I understand completely."
  291. [2015-11-28 18:08:15] * Akira enough is enough, akira makes the dreaded fan that almost killed him and shouts "KOUKI.....BAKAAAAAAA!!!"
  292. [2015-11-28 18:08:42] <Hideo> "Oh, my..."
  293. [2015-11-28 18:10:29] * Kouki quickly dives to defend the food
  294. [2015-11-28 18:11:08] * Akira hits the kouki, with the fan, it hurts, kouki notices he is out of his chair, he notices he is in the air, he sees a bento quickly breaking itself in front of hi, it only lasts a second, as he is knocked into the wall
  295. [2015-11-28 18:14:57] <Hideo> -session end-
  296. [2015-11-28 18:15:44] |<-- Hideo has left (Quit: )
  297. [2015-11-28 18:17:07] <--| YOU (Minami) have left #Adamantium
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