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  1. SELECT faktura.suma_DPH as Suma, faktura.datum as Datum,
  2.        organizacia.nazov as N, organizacia.pravna_forma as PF, organizacia.ICO,
  3.        odoberatel.nazov_obce as Odoberatel,
  4.        organizacia.sidlo as Obec, null as PopCislo, null as PSC, null as Ulica,
  5.   spolocnik.meno, null as Priezvisko,
  6.   spolocnik.sidlo as ObecVL, null as PopCisloVL, null as PSCVL, null as UlicaVL,
  7.   koncovy_uzivatelia as MenoKUV, null as PriezviskoKUV,
  8.   koncovy_uzivatelia_adresy as ObecKUV,  null as PopCisloKUV, null as PSCKUV, null as UlicaKUV
  10. FROM michalovce.faktura
  12.   left join michalovce.odoberatel on odoberatel.ICO = faktura.ICO_odoberatel
  13.   left join michalovce.organizacia on organizacia.ICO = faktura.ICO_organizacia
  14.   left join (Select * from michalovce.spolocnik group by spolocnik.ICO) as spolocnik on spolocnik.ICO = organizacia.ICO
  15.   LEFT JOIN (SELECT *, group_concat(kuv_table.meno, ', ') as koncovy_uzivatelia, group_concat(kuv_table.adresa, ', ') as koncovy_uzivatelia_adresy FROM kuv_organizacia kuv JOIN kuv kuv_table ON kuv.ID_kuv = kuv_table.ID GROUP BY kuv.ICO_organizacia) as kuuv on kuuv.ICO_organizacia=organizacia.ICO;
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