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  1. [20:14] <mdhtr> are you active and a mod?
  2. [20:14] <mdhtr> <mdhtr> hello i have just been banned by an islamophobic mod who is deleting my threads on islam but allowing threads on christianity [20:10] <rangeban> Is there board mod? [20:10] <mdhtr> [20:10] <mdhtr> this is one thread deleted without reason [20:10] <mdhtr> I made a general islam thread and asked why it was deleted and posted some general islam info. which was promptly deleted and i was banned. [20:10] <mdhtr> for
  3. [20:15] <mdhtr> my ip
  4. [20:15] <I_AM_ABIB> laugh out loud
  5. [20:15] <I_AM_ABIB> if you posted it on /x/ that would be why it was deleted
  6. [20:17] <mdhtr> christians get their threads
  7. [20:17] <mdhtr> and they don't get deleted
  8. [20:17] <mdhtr> why am i getting banned and censored
  9. [20:17] <mdhtr> what mod is doign this what rule am i breaking
  10. [20:17] <I_AM_ABIB> I don't know anything about any christian threads
  11. [20:18] <I_AM_ABIB> but why is islam related to /x/ exactly
  12. [20:18] <mdhtr> how is wiccan religion related to islam?
  13. [20:19] <I_AM_ABIB> what
  14. [20:19] <mdhtr> islam beliefs in miracles
  15. [20:19] <mdhtr> i.e. things that are paranormal
  16. [20:19] <I_AM_ABIB> bad answer
  17. [20:19] <mdhtr> outside the norms of reality
  18. [20:19] <I_AM_ABIB> come up with a better one
  19. [20:19] <mdhtr> it discusses angels
  20. [20:19] <mdhtr> it discusses end times
  21. [20:19] <mdhtr> etc.
  22. [20:20] <mdhtr> so how is not related?
  23. [20:20] <I_AM_ABIB> this thread you linked has nothing board related in it as far as I can tell
  24. [20:20] <I_AM_ABIB> it's just a parable
  25. [20:20] <mdhtr>
  26. [20:20] <I_AM_ABIB> and if you're here to argue with me then you are 100% guaranteed to lose
  27. [20:20] <mdhtr> there is occult magic allowed
  28. [20:20] <I_AM_ABIB> so don't
  29. [20:21] <mdhtr> this is a religion
  30. [20:21] <mdhtr> it is alowed
  31. [20:21] <mdhtr> yet islam is not ?
  32. [20:21] <mdhtr> when it believes in occult as well?
  33. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> what did I just say
  34. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> repeat to me what I just said
  35. [20:21] <mdhtr> if you're here to argue with me then you are 100% guaranteed to lose
  36. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> so that I know you understood it
  37. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> thank you
  38. [20:21] <mdhtr> so it looks like
  39. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> so you can read
  40. [20:21] <mdhtr> you're gonna lose
  41. [20:21] <mdhtr> now
  42. [20:21] <mdhtr> as i was saying
  43. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> so you know that arguing with me is a bad idea
  44. [20:21] <I_AM_ABIB> so now
  45. [20:22] <mdhtr> you are participating in unjust censorship of islamic threads while allowing other belief systems to have their own threads
  46. [20:22] <I_AM_ABIB> I repeat
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