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RIP heroes, great and small - The 2016 Catalogue of Loss

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  1. == 2016 Permanent Catalogue of Loss ==
  2. An ongoing catalogue of 2016's death toll. Includes major figures who touch the lives of most everyone, as well as minor figures that touch only a few lives directly, but have a great impact nonetheless.
  4. All lists are in no particular order other than when I added the entry and some rearranging.
  6. === Public Losses ===
  7. Lost figures who were known to us all and touched every person in the world, in one way or another.
  8. * Carrie Fisher: Actress and writer; Princess Leia.
  9. * Leonard Cohen: Singer/songwriter; Original writer of Hallelujah.
  10. * Vera Rubin: Astronomer; Discoverer of Dark Matter.
  11. * George Michael (Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou): British singer; "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and "I'm Never Gonna Dance Again".
  12. * Alan Thicke: Canadian actor and songwriter; "Growing Pains", "Not Quite Human".
  13. * Thomas Schelling: Economist & Nobel Laureate.
  14. * John Glenn: Astronaut and later Politician.
  15. * Peter Sumner (Peter Malcolm Sumner-Potts): Australian actor/writer/director; controlled the Dianoga (garbage monster) in Star Wars.
  16. * Ron Glass (Ronald Earle Glass): Actor; Shepard Book in Firefly.
  17. * Alan Rickman (Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman): British actor/director; Snape
  18. * David Bowie: English Singer/Songwriter/Actor; "Space Oddity" (AKA Major Tom) and so forth.
  19. * Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson; aka <symbol-not-in-unicode>): Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist; "Purple Rain"
  20. * Alan Young: Canadian actor (British-born); voiced Scrooge McDuck
  21. * Gene Wilder: Actor; Willy Wonka.
  22. * Cruijff: Dutch Footballer.
  23. * Richard Adam: Author; "Watership Down".
  24. * Bhumibol Adulyadej: King of Thailand.
  25. * Kevin Curran: Television writer; "Married... With Children" and "The Simpsons".
  26. * Natalie Babbitt (née Moore): Author; "Tuck Everlasting".
  27. *
  29. === Unsung Heroes ===
  30. Lost figures who were important to the world, but who were not known for it.
  31. * Lawrence Colburn: Vietnam War Veteran who intervened to stop the My Lai Massacre.
  32. * Whitney Smith: Father of Vexillology, designed the Flag of Guyana.
  33. * Dabney Montgomery: Bodyguard to Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior.
  35. === Lost Groups ===
  36. Losses of groups of people who may not have been known on their own, but were part of something larger.
  37. * Roughly 1/3 of the Red Army Choir
  38. * Viola Beach: English indie rock group; in car crash together.
  39.   * Kris Leonard (guitar and vocals)
  40.   * River Reeves (guitar)
  41.   * Tomas Lowe (bass guitar)
  42.   * Jack Dakin (drums)
  43.   * Craig Tarry (Manager)
  45. === Personal Losses ===
  46. Losses of people few know, but who are of personal importance.
  47. * Megan R.: Freshman year Biology teacher to hppavilion1. Understood her students and made learning more than a side effect of graduation.
  48. * Cam F.: Friend to many, gone far too soon.
  50. === Additions ===
  51. This catalogue may never be truly complete, and we will may never feel truly complete with what it leaves. However, we try to fill in the gaps as best we can and hope the losses will heal.
  53. To request additions, contact hppavilion1 (alt: hppavilion2) on Foonetic or hppavilion[1] (alt: hppavilion[0]) on Freenode; usually lurking in #esoteric, ##conlang, and ##googology on Freenode and #xkcd, #xkcd-nomic, #xkcd-ponies, and #bots on Foonetic.
  55. For public figures, please name the person (stage name, pen name, or pseudonym first and real name second if applicable) and provide a description of what they did followed by what in particular they were known for.
  57. For lost groups, fairly freeform description is permitted due to the wide nature of such thing. People closely associated with groups may go under the lost group rather than the Public Losses heading, but should take the same format.
  59. For personal losses, name the person (first name and initial for privacy reasons) and what they did.
  61. Please be respectful; don't add jokes or insulting memorializations.
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