Miltank Inflation

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  1. The rotting wood of their front porch creaked under the weight of his rocking chair. It was a low and foreboding sound; a symptom that something was bound to give. The screen door which rested at the front of the house was pushed open, its rusted hinges moaning against the pressure. The misses of the house walked out, her stained apron hanging loosely in front of her ragged work dress. She scowled at the sight of her husband idling the day away in his rickety chair. “And I suppose just because the fields have grown barren, and that our Miltank have wound up dry, that gives you permission to do nothing, now has it?”
  3. He shook his head. His tired eyes closed while his aching chest rose up with a sigh. “I’m keeping watch for something.”
  5. The misses griped at her hips with cracked hands. “All I see in front of you is a lawn that’s become yellow with death. Don’t tell me you’re keeping your eyes out for burglars. I pity the man desperate enough to rob a house which has nothing to steal.” The bones which lined her fingers cracked as they clenched tightly against her palms. “Lazy fool can’t even keep his eyes open to stand guard with.”
  6. Not a word was said in response. He muttered his dry lips slightly, his tongue rolling over them in an attempt to moisten the skin. “Say, Margret, uhh, would you mind giving me the time?” He finally spoke.
  8. She stomped at the floor, a billow of dust rolling up and over her leg. “If you want the time, Eugene, then you best get your lazy rump up to come see it for yourself.” Margret twirled her dress as she turned her back on the matter. With a huff, she marched into the house and slammed the door behind her.
  10. A hot wind rolled in around the house, and with it, came a light gust of dirt. Eugene pulled off his hat and drew it in front of his face. The edges of the garment fluttered against the heaving abrasion as it shielded him. The brief winds died down, and so he stood up. His boots clapped against the porch as he positioned himself atop the splintered railings. The front lawn, as Margret had mentioned before, was dead as could be. The grass had wilted entirely, leaving a measly patch of yellow and brown for Eugene to call his property. A dirt road came along some odd forty feet from where he stood, and sprawled endlessly at both sides. If it hadn’t been for the blistering blue sky, he could have claimed that his vision had turned entirely Sepia Tone.  
  12. The sun blotted the heavens overhead some ways towards west. Rubbing his fingers across his stubby chin, Eugene guessed it to be about eleven or so in the morning. “Should be in any moment now,” he muttered under his breath.
  14. A cloud of dirt followed a mail truck as it shook along the bumpy road, tiny dots of mud thus clinging to the once clean white of the vehicle. It was a mile or two away from its destination, but the flat land which it drove over did little to conceal its arrival. Within a moments passing, it finally pulled up in front of the house. Arching to a stop, the side door swung open, and a young man stepped out. His red and white uniform was drenched with sweat, while his face glistened in the sunlight above him. “Delibird Delivery, sir. I have a package with your address on it.”
  16. “So, I see,” Eugene responded with a chuckle. Walking down the steps of his porch, he met they young lad halfway across his yard. The messenger tucked the package under his arm and pulled out a clipboard and a pin with the other.
  18. “It’s barren enough out here to make the Orre Region blush,” the young Delivery Boy commented. “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you keep yourself up here?”
  20. Eugene could only shake his head at the question while he signed his name onto the board. “It’s not always like this…, we’ve just been hit with a bit of a drought is all. In it’s prime, ain’t nothing but rolling greens. No better place to raise Miltank, I swear it.”
  21. “Hmm.” The Delivery boy traded the package for the clip board. “Well, here’s to hoping some rain comes in for you.” He smiled before turning away to his vehicle. “Ya’ll try to have a good day then.” The truck tilted as he boarded it. A bushel of smoke shot from the exhaust pipe, and like that, the vehicle turned itself around and went on its way.
  23. Looking down at the package he had just received, Eugene’s fingers dug into the paper. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” he mumbled to himself. The dirt crunched under his feet as he walked away. He turned from the porch and proceeded around the house, making his way past the lonely building. Clearing into what was once the back yard, he caught a glimpse of just how sad his once prosperous farm had become. His fields had turned completely brown, whatever grass there once was having been completely grazed. A slew of Miltanks huddled closely together amongst the acres of lowly soil. They clumped against each other tightly, their tired eyes looking out and around the poor state of their home.
  25. Easiest to see from where Eugene stood was large wooden barn. It shot up from the flat fields like a rustic center piece to it all. With a grunt, he continued on. Watching from the back porch of his house, a weary Gowlith stood itself up with a yawn. It trotted down the back steps and raced up to its master. Looking up with tired eyes, it followed closely by his side. Eugene gazed down and gave the loyal puppy a weak smile. “You must be nearly board to death with no cattle to herd into the barn for milking…” He paused and bent down, stroking the Growlith across its furry head. “I can’t promise anything, Wynona, but this here package just might be able to help us out.” Holding it out for her to sniff, Wynona’s nostrils flared against the paper. With a tilt of her head, she again looked up to her master. “Not sure of it yourself, huh? Well, we’ll just have to see what it does together, won’t we?” Standing back up with a moan, Eugene continued on to his destination, while Wynona trailed closely behind.
  27. ++++++++++++++++++++++++
  29. A tiny stream of light filtered in from a small clearing near the ceiling. It was just barely enough to make out the inside of the barn; especially when the entrance had been pulled tightly shut. “Pretty good, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s fair of us to get to eat so decently, while you and your kin have to wonder around out here nearly starved to death. I only wish I had more to go around…”
  31. A young lass sat cross legged next to a Miltank, who rested atop the hay belly down beside her. She wrapped her arms around the neck of the poor beast, and pulled its head in gently against her chest. With a quick kiss along the Miltank’s brow, she nuzzled the delicate creature with her cheek, her braided hair flopping along as she did so. “Quickly, Merry, have some more before someone comes along and spots me doing this.” The girl reached over towards a plate which had been placed in front of the two of them. With delicate fingers, she grabbed a fistful of berries from the glass surface, leftovers from her own meal.  Merry’s tongue lopped from her mouth and shortly thereafter, she gobbled the fruit without a second thought. With a light moo, Merry then closed her eyes and rested her head against the young girl’s shoulder. With a smile, the kind keeper began to stroke at the Miltank’s ears. “What a sweetie you are.”
  33. The latch of the door clicked. The Lass’s eyes darted away from her friend and immediately towards the entrance of the barn. The wooden gate was pulled open, and the sunlight which poured in caused the her to squint against the intruding body. “Aww…,Melody.” Her father steadily walked in, while a Growlith sprinted from his legs and charged at the girl.
  35. Melody gasped cheerily as Wynona shoved herself into the crossed lap of the young girl. “Aww, hey girl.” Wynona pushed her face against Melody’s and began to slather her with a dripping tongue.
  37. Eugene looked at the plate in front of Merry, and groaned under his breath. “You know rations are short…, why do you feel the need to be so wasteful with your food?”
  39. With both of her hands, Melody ruffled the sides of Wynona’s cheeks, her focus kept entirely on the growling puppy. “Why would sharing with others be wasteful?”
  41. Eugene rubbed at his forehead with stiff fingers. “Please don’t play dumb with me.” He lumbered over towards Merry with clapping boots, while tearing away at the paper in his hands.
  43. Melody’s eyes finally broke away from Wynona. “I was not playing dumb with you.”  Her brow furrowed at her father, something she had caught herself doing quite often as of late. With a stern gaze, she watched as he fiddled at the package with his clumsy fingers. He did not say a word. Gingerly, Melody shooed Wynona off from her lap. With her arms positioned behind her, she pushed down and stood herself up. Both Wynona and Merry’s gaze followed her as she trailed over to Eugene’s very heels. “I suppose you sharing with me what you got there would be wasteful as well?”
  45. Eugene huffed, but made no other remark to her. With the paper strewn around him, ripped clean from the bottle he gripped in his hands, he turned the item around in front of his eyes. Melody pointed her toes to look over his shoulder, her own eyes squinting as she attempted to make head and tail of the oddity. “Maternity supplement?” she whispered under her breath.
  47. Eugene nodded. “Yep, sad as it is to say, desperate times call for desperate measures.”
  49. Melody scowled at him from behind his neck. “But our farm has prided itself on providing natural produce for generations. You always go on about how proud of that fact you are. With this, we’d be false advertising.”
  51. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” Eugene said again with a sigh. “We haven’t had a drought like this in centuries…, if we can’t make any milk, we can’t make any money.” He turned quietly over to Merry, who stared back at him inquisitively.
  53. “Wait, wait, wait…” Melody stepped away from her father and jogged over to Merry. Dropping down to her knees, she wrapped her arms protectively around the confused cattle’s head. “Don’t you dare tell me that you plan on using that stuff on Merry.”
  55. “She’s always been our most bountiful Miltank, if this stuff works, we need to muster up as much product as possible.”
  57. Melody shook her head. “She only gives so much to us because we, or I, rather, give so much back to her. These aren’t just brain dead money makers. If we all took the time to really, and I mean really, give them all attention and love, I’d be willing to bet we’d have had enough milk to supply us through this here, “desperate time” as you call it.”
  59. Eugene stomped a boot onto the ground. “Well, what we could have “had” don’t make a difference when what we actually have ain’t worth the tits off of a Tarous.” Merry looked up at Melody who’s arms still coddled her head gently. “I had hopped by letting you hand raise a Miltank, it would teach you some responsibility and work ethic. That’s what your mother vowed and I was a damned fool for believing in her. But I knew, deep down I just knew it. Getting close with your livelihood aint’ going to get you anywhere but into trouble.” Wynona paced back and forth, her gaze shooting with uncertainty between Melody and Eugene. Melody glared at her father, her eyes shimmering with tears. A lump had caught itself inside her throat, and any sort of retort she could think off sat in her stomach like a rock. Unable to go anywhere else.
  61. “While I have you here, I’m gonna need your help.” Eugene paced to the back of the building and pulled out an old feeding bag, which had been left hanging from a nail on the wall. Leaning below it was a flimsy sack. The inside of it was filled up only about a third of the way, while tiny bits of corn had been left littered around it. Setting the bottle of tablets down, Eugene opened the bag in his hand, and with the other, scooped up a handful of feed, tossing it into the leather which he clenched onto. Then, after prying open the newly delivered lid, he carefully plucked out two tiny pills and tossed them into the corn, shaking the bag vigorously so as to mix the two seamlessly. “She trusts you. If you feed it to her, she’ll be less likely to notice the supplements.” Striding over to Melody, he held out the bag, which she took from him without any retort.
  63. Melody looked down at the sack. Her arms shivered as her fingers gripped around the feeding bag. Merry gleamed up at her with large brown eyes, the same earnest gaze she had given to her caretaker ever since she was a calf. Melody forced a smile over her face as she looked back into the trusting stare. “Right then.” She crouched over, and pushed the plate away from Merry. “Here..., have just a tiny bit more to eat.” Prying the top open with her fingers, Melody positioned the bag in front of her friend’s face. Merry bent over and sniffed at the corn. She then greedily buried her head into the sack and began to rake up the yellow dots with her tongue. Merry’s cheeks bulged as she chewed the food, and lump after lump slithered down her throat as she swallowed each mouthful unsuspectingly. With her nose submerged completely into the bag, Merry finally pulled back. She licked around her lips with a happy glow in her face, while Melody’s was as pale as could it could be.
  65. Melody held the beg up to her head and looked down into it. Only the brown of the leather could be seen as every morsel had been devoured. Merry yawned and curled up onto the ground. Aside from having grown lethargic, she seemed just as healthy as before.
  67. “I understand you care about her. But we can’t let our feelings come above our own survival. Even if this doesn’t work, I thought you’d rather at least try, as opposed to jumping straight to our only alternative. Without money for food, we may have to start using our cattle for more than just milk. And you may have to choose which is more important, feeding your heart, or your stomach.” Melody gave no visible notice for her father’s words. Her eyes remained locked onto Merry, and her shoulders heaved as she sighed at the sight of what she had done. Eugene shook his head. With nothing more to say for himself, he walked towards the barn’s entrance with somber steps. Wynona paced after him, prodding closely beside his striding legs. With one last glimpse at his daughter, Eugene went ahead and closed the door behind him. The last thing Melody heard of their departure was Wynona, who whimpered audibly as she watched the two of them get left behind.
  69. The barn again grew dark. With only the tiny stream of light from before, the shadows which shrouded the wooden walls had grown as thick as ever. The feeding bag she had gripped onto dropped down in front of her knees. Melody leaned over and latched herself tightly around Merry’s neck. “Am I overreacting?” Merry nuzzled her face gently along Melody’s chest. More so as a sign of comfort rather than a definitive answer. Melody shook her head and began to scratch behind Merry’s ears. “I just want what’s best for you…, but am I wrong for doing so?” She felt the young Miltank’s breath as it rolled along her arm. Merry’s chest pushed against Melody as she inhaled and exhaled in a relaxed manner. With calm eyes closed, and a warm smile under her wet nose, Melody felt her heart clench as she looked over her friend. “No…livelihood or not…, you’re still something more than dollar signs and produce machines.” Melody leaned over and kissed Merry sweetly atop her forehead. “I may not be able to do what I can for every one of you out there, but at the very least I can do my part for the ones who are closest to me.”
  71. A blaring bell shot through the old farm house. Merry’s head shot up, her eyes having grown wide at the disturbance. “Shoot, sounds like mom needs something.” Melody squeezed her friend tightly against her body. “Don’t think I’ll be able to get away with ignoring that call.” With one last kiss plopped quickly against Merry’s cheek, Melody stood herself up, the knees of her pants dripping with hay. “I’ll check on you when I can.” Melody spoke calmly as she walked towards the entrance doors. Pushing them out, she stepped forward and into the blinding sunlight. Melody turned around and gave Merry one last smile. “I love you sweetie.” The Miltank had since rested its head onto the ground. A shy grin poked out from under her muzzle, and her ears twitched as the gentle words were spoken from her caretaker. Melody giggled to herself. With a sigh, she pushed the doors back inward, and closed her friend away into the lonely building.
  73. With a palm placed over her eyes, Melody squinted against the outside light. “Didn’t think I had locked myself away for that long.” Peering towards her house, she spotted her mother standing by the back porch. Instinctively, Melody sprinted away from the barn. Tagging along, riding comfortably inside the depths of her subconscious, a hearty nagging rested against Melody’s brain. With one last quick glance at the structure behind her, she swore she had heard a weak moo come through the thick and heavy doors. “Damn imagination, always got to make me worry.”
  75. ++++++++++++++++++++
  77. The moon was full, and the field under it gleamed within its hazy blue illumination. A blotch of pink and black had huddled itself together. The Miltank all slept bunched up besides one another, forming with them an odd sense of community. Melody kept watch of them from her bedroom window, an irritable pounding sensation forming inside her head as she did so. A relaxed bronze filled her room. The lamp that rested next her bed bestowed upon the small space a sense of ease and comfort. Which only served to make the lonely outdoors all the more barren and distraught in appearance. “You better get some rest, sweetie. You had a busy day today.” Melody turned away from the window, and saw her mother standing at her door way.
  79. “Ok,” was all Melody could muster before returning her attention back the bleak view of the outdoors.
  81. Margret leaned against the door frame, and her gentle eyes laid themselves upon her daughter. “I can remember when I used to watch over you in exactly the same way.”
  83. “What?” Melody’s brow furrowed, and she turned once more to glare at her mother.
  85. With a sly smile and a nod, Margret continued. “You used to look so peaceful whenever I watched you fall asleep in your crib. Each and every time you did, you’d plop your fat little thumb into your mouth while the rest of you sprawled out as far is it could, as though to make sure you had declared that this space was all yours.” Melody groaned and smeared her forehead against the glass in front of her. “But no matter how safe or secure you seemed, I always worried about you all the same. It’s more or less a mother’s natural instinct to never stop being worried.”
  87. “I’m really not in the mood for this, mom,” Melody snorted.
  89. “Oh, really then?” Margret smirked and placed her hands firmly over her hips. “I was going to go on about how much you’ve grown since then, and how even though you’re an adult now, I still worry about you. And about how proud your farther and I are to see such a natural sense of responsibility develop from you. But, perhaps you’d rather skip all that and get to doing what you feel needs to be done.” Margret turned from her daughter. “I’ll leave the back door unlocked, try not to stay out there all night.” With those last words, she walked out of the room, her fading footsteps slowly signaling her leave. Melody finally turned around and gazed at her barren doorway. Looking back outside for one last time, her shoulders heaved, and her eyes fixated themselves towards the barn.
  91. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  93. Melody stood herself in front of the great wooden gates. A light wind fluttered around her, causing her hair to billow out past the side of her face. Armed with only the pajamas she wore, she stared down the entrance. Her chest filled with the refreshing night air, but still her nostrils stung against the oddly icy scent of the late hours. She felt her fingers as they dug into the palm of her clenched fist. With a sigh, she grabbed the heavy doors. If seeing what laid inside didn’t tear her apart, the anxiety of finding out surely would.
  95. The door hinges creaked open like a cackling fool as they were rolled along. Within the barn’s exterior, Melody found Merry laid over onto her side, her face contorting with visible discomfort. Her belly was swollen and protruded out as though she was snuggling against a gelatinous blob. Limply hanging from her underside, each of her four nipples had become fat and red. A white mixture leaked from the fleshy tubes, plopping with a four-way rhythm, soaking the hay around her. Merry looked up with sad eyes when she heard the doors squeak open, and moo’d weakly.
  97. Melody rushed to her baby and slid down onto her knees, uncaring if her pajamas turned brown with dirt in the process. She placed a hand over Merry’s head and moaned despairingly. Merry was drenched with sweat, and a simple touch was all it took to experience her scorching fever for one’s self. Melody’s pajama buttons felt ready to pop over her racing heart. Looking down, she fearlessly dabbed a finger across one of Merry’s nipples, securing a sample of the strange substance. Feeling the warm goop touch her skin, she brought it up to her mouth and rolled her lips over the wet finding. “Milk…, so it’s those damn supplements that are doing this.” With caring hands, she grabbed a hold of Merry’s udder. After a deep breath to cool her chest, she slowly began to pull at the swollen tits, taking caution to ensure that she didn’t yank too hard. Milk began to squirt across the hay, spouting out with surprising force.
  99. Merry groaned loudly. Her limbs twitched as she was milked, and a deep red darkened across her face. A low, wet rumbling emitted from her stomach. Melody grunted to herself, unsure if she was having any sort of positive affect. “We gotta get this milk out of you. But not at this rate.” Rolling her legs up and pushing from her knees, she shot her body up and onto her feet. Her fists clenched tightly, popping her knuckles as she raced over to the back of the barn. Hidden away in the corner there sat a heavy sheet, which concealed under it a large rectangular shape. Melody grabbed the edge of the cloth and flung it off with one fell swoop. Appearing in front of her eyes was a large, beastly contraption. It was a bulky box in which a glass compartment rested at its side, while four separate tubes laid sprawled out in front of it, similar to a metallic Kraken “That prick wanted milk, and he sure as hell got it.”
  101. Grabbing the ghastly mechanism, Melody began to drag it across the hay. Her face turned red and sweat clung to her pajamas, but still she pulled and pushed. With every audible huff, she brought it that much closer. “I hope this thing still works after being out of commission for so long.” With the device now in place, Melody grabbed awkwardly at the straggled hoses, clumping them together like a batch of wiring in her hands. While exhibiting the delicate demeanor of a surgeon as they operated, Melody took each tube and carefully attached them to all of Merry’s nipples. Merry was successfully latched on, and so Melody stood up to take a look. The inside of her chest had become petrified. To her eyes, Merry may as well have been hooked up to a breathing machine. Seeing her struggle and grunt while being connected to such an unnatural beast made Melody’s lungs depress into themselves.
  103. Melody reached a shivering arm down and flipped the switch with an uneasy finger. The machine whirred and buzzed like a steam driven banshee. The whole box quivered where it stood, and with a sickening sucking sound, an ooze of milk poured out into the tubes. Merry began to whine upon being pulled at so ungracefully. She clenched her eyes shut, while her teeth gritted against one another. Her arms and legs tensed, and instinctually, Melody could tell she was not enjoying herself. Melody felt a natural urge to shut it all down, but milk continued to flow through the bowels of the motor driven beast, and in spite of the ill means, that’s what she needed to happen.
  105. The side compartment rapidly began to fill with milk, the white substance racing to the top of the container at an alarming rate. Melody broke out into a cold sweat. She watched silently, like a mother observing her kids as they swung and climbed over a surface of asphalt.
  106. The flow of milk came to a halt. With about five inches of free space left in the container, all at once, no more dairy was being pulled. Melody gasped. “W-what?” She bent down to the machine and looked it over with fear laden eyes. “You still have some room left. Why would you quit now?” The milker continued to buzz and rumble. Following the tubes, Melody looked towards where they connected to Merry. Her nipples pulsed form inside the suckers. The machine hadn’t stopped working; it was Merry who had stopped giving.
  108. Melody switched off the apparatus. Resting next to Merry, she removed the tubes as quickly as she could while still being gentle about it. Freed from the unnatural rubber, Melody’s shivering fingers caressed the nipples cautiously, causing Merry’s entire body to writhe with each stroke. They had turned red with inflammation, becoming only more agitated after being strapped up and forced milked. Melody looked over her baby and could only shake her head with desperation.
  110. Merry’s body was still swollen. Her skin visibly sloshed, the milk inside pushing against her stomach by that much. Melody pinched onto Merry’s udder and pulled, just to make sure. Nothing came out. Merry was still producing, which meant that milk was endlessly building up inside her. “B-but why? If you still have more to give out…, then why are you unable to do so?” Melody began to shiver viciously and her nose sniffed repeatedly.
  112. Merry leaned herself up as best she could and looked towards Melody with her big brown eyes. The same big brown eyes which before showed only love and trusting. Now what did they say? “Merry…, I-I’m so sorry. I d-didn’t want to do it. I knew b-better and still I went through with it…,” Melody shot herself up. Jumping over the tubes she raced towards Merry. Falling to her knees, she wrapped her arms around Merry’s neck and pushed herself against her friend as she broke down completely. Her wet face wiped against Merry’s as she tried to nuzzle her, while her arms heaved and convulsed with each sob.
  114. Merry tilted her head at the consuming display of affection. With saddened eyes she leaned her neck up, and licked Melody gently across the cheek with her tongue. She mood softly, and buried her head into her caretaker’s chest. “Oh, sweetie…,” Melody cradled Merry’s head in her arms, and returned a loving kiss back onto her forehead.
  116. A low rumbling resonated along the floor of the barn. From beneath her arms, Melody could feel Merry’s breathing beginning to race. Merry lurched herself away from Melody’s coddling and rolled over onto her legs. Her belly hung from her spine as though she was some months into a pregnancy; and it only continued to grow lower. Merry’s tongue slid over her jaw as she panted, while her legs started to shake under the straining weight.
  118. “What are you doing?” Melody stood up and grabbed Merry by the neck, her arms throbbing as she supported her from keeling over. “You need to lie down. You’re not trying to feign being alright, are you?” Merry shook her head. With a quiver along her entire body, she jolted Melody away from her. “Are you…, trying to shoo me away?” Merry collapsed under her own weight. Her swelling body erupted at her sides, a thunderous sloshing resonating through the old barn. Melody took a step away what she was seeing, her eyes and mouth hanging wide with surprise.
  120. Merry’s stomach proceeded to bulge out from under her. She had rested her hoofs onto the ground, but now they were forced into moving as the surging flesh pushed out from under them. Her limbs lifted up, sinking light a tied weight against her bubbling skin. With tired eyes, she gazed solemnly at Melody. “M-Merry…,” Merry was no longer the modest Miltank Melody had loved for all these years. Or rather, she was. The problem now was how that part of her had simply been buried away beneath her swelling body and expanding frame. Melody stood her ground as she watched, all the while shuddering like a collapsing building.
  122. Suspended entirely atop her bulging body, Merry was helpless to do anything. Her hoofs remained planted against her skin, as wiggling them would only serve to slosh the milk inside her straining innards. She could continue to moo and cry for help, but at the cost of clawing at Melody’s heart even further, the process of doing so seemed like merely a waste. Her encompassing growth began to push against the milking machine, causing it to jab into her skin. Merry continued to swell out further, until finally she toppled the contraption over, which was then shoved along effortlessly to the side. The sturdy steel remained intact, but the compartment of milk shattered, creating yet another puddle under Merry as she blew up. Seeing the heavy equipment be forced away so easily, at that moment, a conclusion had been reached by the both of them. They were entirely powerless.
  124. Merry’s frame began to round out as she filled with milk. Pushing against every centimeter of her insides, she couldn’t help but moan quietly at the mounting discomfort she felt. The black spots that dotted her back slowly expanded along with her skin, like a bushel of rain clouds rolling in over the sky. Her tail hung loosely behind her, idly rolling back and forth atop her rounded bum. All four of her nipples had become buried under her ball like body. Even if they weren’t giving any dairy to begin with, one couldn’t help but feel an even greater sense of helplessness seeing the only possible outlet become lost away. Gradually, her limbs started to recede within her body. Like a doomed adventurer incased in quicksand they disappeared inch by agonizing inch.
  126. The endlessly expanding skin rolled over her limbs until only the very tip of her hooves poked out. While they hadn’t been of any use regardless, to not even have the choice of waggling them made Merry’s heart weigh even heavier than her actual physical body. Her entire head slowly became encased as well. From the corner of her eyes she was able to watch a coat of pink lazily force itself across her peripheral vision. It pushed her ears awkwardly to the front of her face, repositioning the two flaps over the top portion of her eyes, severely limiting her view as well as her hearing. Being able to only see down, Merry was still able to spot Melody’s boots, which continued to shiver where they stood. She sighed solemnly to herself, a light smile forming across her nearly consumed muzzle. Her skin folded over her head, causing Merry to emit muffled gasp as her tiny horns started to poke into the sensitive flesh.
  128. Just as Merry had seen, Melody did not move from her spot. She had stopped and watched Merry’s growth; every single heart wrenching second of it. Melody wiped her eyes against the sleeve of her pajamas as she attempted to withhold her tears. “Oh…, Merry…, what have I done to you?”
  130. Merry’s body teetered where it rested. It what only a merciful foot which separated the top of her swollen frame from the roof of the barn. Melody shuddered at the idea of Merry actually bursting through the building with her sudden growth spurt. At the very least, it would have been a good serving of justice to the man who had allowed all of this to happen in the first place. “No…, this is my doing. I should have stood up for you. I was weak…, and that weakness wound up costing you more than it did costing me. Although..., I can’t deny the toll it has taken on me to see you like this” She spoke to Merry with a voice of earnest sincerity. Deep down, however, she was plenty aware it was only herself that was capable of hearing these words.
  132. Melody sheepishly walked up to the rolling blob which hardly resembled Merry any longer. She tilted her neck up, and gazed head long at the monstrosity she had created. With quivering arms, she raised her hands. Her gentle fingers grazed along Merry’s taut skin, the delicate digits receding into her palms after feeling the result of her actions first hand. “Oh, god…”
  134. Melody cusped a hand over her mouth. She could only begin to imagine what it would be like to be in such a state. With a shake of her head, she hoped it wasn’t nearly as bad as she imagined it to be. The night was deafly still. Beyond her own heavy breathes and whimpering mutters, she was faintly able to hear Merry’s insides. Her guts gurgled and creaked as she tilted to and fro. The liquid incased within her rocked with a sickening slosh. It splashed against the walls of her innards like the roaring ocean would against a great wall. Merry’s huge size was intimidating to be sure, but all the while her bulbous being carried with it an odd impression of frailty. A sense of great forlorn became interjected into Melody’s mind at the mere sight of it all. She kept her stiff arms to her side as though they were planks of wood nailed to her shoulders. As much as she desired to touch Merry and let her become aware of her own presence, too many fears rose from with her mind, paralyzing her entire body.
  136. “Does it hurt?”
  138. “Would she recognize it was me?”“Would she even want to know it was me in the first place?”
  140. And so on.
  142. Melody felt a pulsing inside her chest, as though all of her guilts had conjoined into an alien monster ready to exploded from out of her ribs. It pushed into her breasts, making them feel full and swollen. She pulled at her pajama top which had turned tight against her building regrets. When a draft blew in against her exposed midsection, finally, did she feel as though this was something more than mere emotions. With a quick gaze down, she was able to see immediately what was wrong. The toes of her boots had vanished entirely. All she was able to see from under her chin were two filling blobs, the paired-up mounds billowing out from beneath her. They pulled up on her top, causing the quilted bottom to slowly ride up along her belly, creating a mid-rift for the cold night air to brush against. “Oh-no…,” was the extent of her response to the sudden happening she had found herself in.
  144. It was funny to think how one sampling was all it took, or maybe karma had a bigger role to play into this. Either way, as her father would say, it wasn’t how it was happening which mattered, what mattered was the fact it was happening to begin with. And for once, Melody felt as though she would be able to agree with him on some sort of arbitrary front.
  146. The buttons which held Melody’s pajamas together started to split. Round gaps formed beneath where they connected, the sides of her shirt thus beginning to separate like a divorced couple. Her exposed bra reflected in the pale moon light. Although, it’s cream coloring wasn’t nearly as noticeable as the velvet red which coated Melody’s entire face. She honked her honkers with hands that shivered like those of a lonely teenage boy. They jittered between her fingers and she was able to feel a subtle rocking sensation roll around inside them. It seemed as though a type of liquid had started to take form inside her chest, filling her bosoms by the gallons.
  148. As Melody had learned years ago, maternity was more than being able to feed a child. Actually being able to bear a brat was first and foremost on any worthwhile mothers “to do” list. And no woman who was able to bear the idea of bearing a child would be caught dead without the proper equipment. And Melody was quick to find herself becoming more ideally prepped than she had honestly ever cared to see herself be.
  150. Melody’s hips surged like a pair of party balloons, while her rear cheeks plumped up right alongside them. She had always loved her bedtime attire for how they naturally hugged her body and kept her feeling warm through the night. But with much more to hug than previously, she moaned under her breath as she felt the beloved pajamas gradually start to give way.
  152. Like a dance routine in which all the participants lined up as they jumped forward one at a time, Melody’s shirt buttons began to bust. With a loud snap, the button which pinpointed her collar bone flew away. Her chest spilled out thanks the suddenly forming space. With her body facing towards Merry who continued to idly sit like a stagnant boulder, Melody started to wonder if she would have found this scenario the least bit humorous. Her chest stung with embarrassment, but at the same time it all felt right. Not because such spontaneous growing was at all pleasurable, in fact, with a gasp as she felt another button lose its way, Melody had finalized to herself that such a notion couldn’t be further from the truth. But this whole occurrence had only been the result of her own inability to stick up for her loved ones. Was this how the cosmos dictated for people to learn their lessons? Melody shook her head. In the end, none of it mattered. With her soon to be trapped body, all she knew for certain was that they were without a single ounce of help. At least, the sort of help she’d be happy to receive. Like a loaded Machine gun, all of Melody’s remaining buttons exploded one after another. Ricocheting from the barn walls, the equipment which they sheltered, and even Merry’s own body. Melody’s last line of defense for her own decency became lost amongst the hay. She thought about how searching for them would be like finding a needle in a hay stack, which made her bosoms ripple as her body shivered. More so at the idea of what she’d be looking for, and not because of the monotony she would feel as she actually did so.
  154. Unlike Merry who blew up into a full sphere, Melody watched herself fill out in more secluded ways. Her body was affected in a manner that only injecting a maternity supplement intended for bovines nearly triple her weight, could have affected her. Like the udders on a cow, her own milk makers became fat and full. With her shirt split in two like a canyon, they were free to grow at a leisurely pace, and without constraint. Unless one counted the bra strap which began to dig itself into her back as a constraint.
  156. Melody whined under her breath. She rested her arms atop the swelling blobs, if only to remind herself that none of this was a dream. Her knees wobbled under the growing weight pathetically. From below all of this, her not so modest thighs and rump tried their best at playing catch up. Despite the admirable effort, they were simply unable to reach a mass that was in any way comparable to her breasts. Becoming so top heavy, the only logical step was for her knees to give way, and for her entire body to topple ever. As readily as milk is poured into a bowl of cereal, that is exactly what happened next.
  158. Melody gasped when she felt her legs buckle. A whirl of pink and white rolled along her eyes as she toppled like a tree. The impact of it all catapulted a storm of dirt and hay, bits and pieces of debris falling down to implant itself tightly into her messy hair. With a huff, she pointed her lips and blew the sprawling strands of yellow from out of her eyes. And like that, any mobility more complex than waving her arms had been strapped from her. She may as well have been a blimp who was tied to the ground with flimsy string and rope.
  160. Hay and dirt pinched against Melody’s skin, causing her to wince with discomfort. The swelling had slowed, but she was still capable of feeling her skin continue to faintly push out. Her breasts seemed to have nearly reached their max size, but that hardly meant she was completely done growing. With her spine arched over her personal blobby boulders, from behind, she could feel her pajama start to strain tightly across her spreading ass. Rips and tears began to strew along the legs of her pants. The waist band of her sleep wear sucked into her hips, gripping around her torso while her filling rump was crammed into the limiting cotton.  Her cheeks began to leak out from the top, a fat wide crevice forming where they peeked out like a puppet from over a wall. A snug strand of white came into view, hugging itself between where the skin of her ass met the cloth of her pants. With her panties starting to flow up and out for public viewing, the only way Melody figured herself to be in any more of a shameful situation, was if her remaining clothes simply exploded off of her right then and there. Melody’s body strained and creaked, but with the final inches of her growth filling in without a hitch, it appeared that she was spared the fate of reaching a rather messy conclusion. The bubbling of her insides rolled within her ears, and the sloshing that waved along her skin made her stomach begin to feel a bit queasy. Otherwise, a gut feeling told her that she had reached the extent of her new-found robustness.
  162. And so there the two of them sat. A fully rounded cow, and a three-way blob that was her owner. Melody sighed and rested her head atop the plush that were her own breasts. “What a disaster…,” she moaned under her breath. The light sound of hay being rustled formed inside her ears. With a gasp, she looked up. Her eyes caught sight of Wynona, and they followed her as the Growlith casually trotted around. Wynona sat herself down in front of Melody and looked up with concerned eyes. “Wynona, there you are,” Melody said with a weak laugh. But the sound of rustling hay did not stop. From the corner of her eyes, Melody was able to see a pair of moving shapes, the sight of which caused her heart to plop inside her rib cage. Still geared up inside their own pajamas, Eugene and Margret followed Wynona, and stood themselves behind the faithful puppy. Their expressions were blank, as though they were uncertain as to how they should react to such a sight. “Mom, Dad…, there you are as well…”
  164. The night had become quiet, and with all three of them finally joined up within the same room, none of them was sure exactly where to go from there. Melody bowed her head and veered her eyes away from her parents. While Eugene and Margret gripped each other’s hand, their own eyes rolling all over, unable to face what lied before them. Wynona whimpered as she gazed between the two parties. With a shake of her head she lied her body down and made herself comfortable, certain that this was going to be a long night.
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