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CoC Amily scenes

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  1. //Amily gifting ring scene; requires pc have silver, gold, plat, or diamond ring; can only give one;
  3. You tell Amily you have a gift for her, but ask her to close her eyes as you'd like it to be a surprise. She lets out a cute laugh and says, "Well okay." Once she has her eyes closed, you take out the ring that you bought and slip it onto her finger.
  5. She feels the cool metal on her digit and tilts her head slightly, seeming uncertain of what it could possibly be. When you tell her to open her eyes, Amily looks at the ring you put on her. [If silver: She stares at the silver band in admiration. While it might not be expensive, it's easy to see how much even such a thing means to her.] [If gold: The gold band on her finger shines, and she stares at it in surprise.] [If platinum: The platinum band seems to have surprised her. She likely never expected such a gift from you.] [If diamond: The diamond band on her finger sparkles, and her eyes are almost as big as dinner plates. She can't hide the genuine surprise on her face. It's likely that she never considered receiving such an expensive gift from you.] The girl's voice quivers as she asks, "You bought me a ring?"
  7. You explain how that it might be a bit backwards to have made love and had children <i>before</i> giving her this, but you hope that she'll forgive you and like it. Amily has tears in the corners of her eyes as she suddenly embraces you. While she leans against you, she utters, "[Player], I never expected you to give me something like this. It means a lot to me. I love you, I love you so much." Amily presses her lips to yours, passionately kissing you, which you happily return. Wrapping your arms around Amily's waist, you hold her warm close.
  9. The two of you embrace one another, enjoying each other's comfort for a few moments. Eventually, you release Amily, and she gives you another kiss before you go.
  10. [Next]
  12. //Add to Amily's description after ring is gifted; [ring] refers to whatever ring pc gave her.
  14. She has the [ring] you gifted her on her finger. You're positive she's never taken it off since you gave it to her.
  15. //Sleep with amily at night. Add button: [Sleep with]; let player select this at like sleepin time.
  16. You ask Amily if she'd like to snuggle tonight. The [mouse-morph/mouse girl] gives you a cheery smile and states, "I'd love to." Before the girl lets you lay down, she quickly tidies up her nest, her butt swaying tantalizingly in the air as she straightens it up.
  18. Once she's finished, she stands up and strips before laying down. It's hard to not admire her body, but her words startle you from you gazing at her alluring form. "Well? Are you going to join me?" Amily has a smile on her face as she pats the spot next to her. In response to her invitation, you [If pc dressed: strip off your gear before you] lie down next to your lover.
  20. [If pc hp low: Amily notices the injuries that currently adorn your body and frowns. With a concerned tone in her voice, she questions, "You aren't just going to sleep like that, are you?" Despite you trying to assure her that you're fine, she sits up and waggles a finger at you. "You need to take better care of yourself. Hold on a minute..." Amily gets up and starts going through some of her stuff. At least you can get a nice view of her bare rear and slit while she searches for whatever she's trying to find.
  22. She then exclaims, "Ah, here it is!" Amily turns to you, denying you the sight of her butt. You can see a small container in her hands and watch as she unscrews the lid. It seems like it contains a kind of smelly cream that is a light green in color. "Alright, now sit up for me. Also... this might sting a bit, but bear with me."
  24. You feel her run a finger covered in the ointment along one of your cuts and wince at the burning sensation. She does this to all your wounds, and when you complain, Amily playfully says, "Don't be such a baby, the tingling means it's working. Trust me, you'll feel better in the morning."
  26. When you lay back down, Amily puts away the medicine before taking a spot next to you. She puts a hand on your chest, gently caressing you. "Seeing you with those injuries is... It isn't easy for me. So, try to take a little better care of yourself..."]
  28. Your lover wraps her arms around you and cuddles up to you. You can't help but feel at ease with her warmth so close. The two of you share a kiss, and she whispers with an adorable yawn, "Good night, [Player]. I love you."
  29. [Next]
  31. //Next morning text; pc lust isn't high; lust<40?
  33. You awaken before Amily and feel her lying on your chest. Gently, you caress her head, which makes her mousey ears twitch, and a smile spreads across her sleeping face. As much as you might like to stay like this, you've got to get going. You carefully slide out from under her, making her expression turn from a cute smile to a rather displeased frown. She's clearly not happy to have the warmth of your body leave her side, but there's not much choice when you need to prepare for the day ahead.
  34. [Next]
  36. //Next morning text; pc lust high; lust>40?; pc has wiener version.
  38. You awaken to a warm and moist sensation on your [cock]. A yawn mixed with a moan escapes your mouth, and you rub your eyes. Through your groggy vision, you manage to see that Amily has you stuffed into her mouth with your shaft poking against her cheek. She has her eyes closed as she works your twitching member, her tongue caressing the underside of your manhood in a devoted way.
  40. With a hot moan escaping your lips, you feel Amily smile as she greedily sucks on your dick. Her ears twitch as she passionately bobs her head up and down your [cock], clearly eager for your hot load. [If pc has 2 dick: Amily grips your second shaft, quickly pumping her hand while she bobs her head.]
  42. You can't help but pant as you close in on your impending release.  Loudly, you grunt Amily's name and grab onto the top of her head, blowing your steamy load. The [mouse[-morph/girl]]'s eyes shoot open in surprise at both you grabbing her head and the feeling of her cheeks filling with seed. Your whole body quivers with each spurt, with Amily devotedly doing her best to take it all into her waiting mouth. [If pc has 2 dick: She continues stroking your second shaft as it shoots your nut all over her chest. She doesn't let up her strokes until both your dicks are totally spent.]
  44. She pulls your flaccid manhood out with an audible pop. When Amily makes eye contact with you, she opens her mouth and shows off your sticky cum. You can see some steam coming from her mouth as she does. After showing you your load, Amily swallows your load down with a noticeable gulp. She has a smile on her face as she mutters, "I wonder if I should skip breakfast?"
  46. Bashfully, Amily says, "A-Also, g-good morning. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have just done this without asking you." You greet her as well, and she snuggles up next to you. For a little while, the two of you lie together in a warm embrace, before you both decide to finally get ready for the day ahead.
  47. [Next]
  49. //Next morning text; pc lust high; lust>40?; pc has puss version.
  51. You awaken with your whole body quivering, the feeling of a warm tongue on your [pussy] making it tingle with delight. With a hot moan, you look to see that Amily has her eyes closed and is helping herself to your dripping honey pot. She's lapping up all your juices like a woman dying of thirst. Biting down on your lower lip, you feel Amily push a finger teasingly into your depths, toying with your inner walls, before gently pulling her finger out and then thrusting it quickly back in.
  53. Needy gasps and pleas for more escape your lips, which makes Amily speed up her licking. She happily persist in lapping up every drop of love juice your quivering hole is dripping. As you approach your release, you grab onto Amily's head and raise your hips upward to grind your [pussy] on her face as you hit your peak.
  55. You pant in exhaustion, and Amily moves her head from your crotch after you release your grip on it. She licks her lips, cleaning your fluids off them, before telling you, "You taste rather sweet... Ah, also, good morning... I should apologize, I shouldn't have done this without asking you first."
  57. After you wish Amily a good morning, she rests her head on your [chest]. The two of you bask in the morning sun, enjoying each other's comfort for a few moments longer before you both begrudgingly getting ready for the day.
  58. [Next]
  60. //Santa outfit sex; silly mode only? Don't know. PC has penis; awakens Christmas morning;
  62. A feeling that someone is entering your tent causes you to stir, and you quickly sit up in a defensive state. You relax once you hear Amily say in a hushed tone, "Wait! [Player], it's me." Her hand gently pushes against your chest, urging you to lay back down.
  64. You take a look at her and see she's wearing a red and white cap with a white bobble on the end of it. She also has on a red outfit with fuzzy white trim around the bottom and collar. The outfit barely goes past her waist, the sleeves are baggy, and her feminine shoulders are on display. On Amily's legs are red stockings with the same color scheme as the rest of her clothes. She bashfully tells you, "I wanted to surprise you in the morning... but I guess I accidentally woke you up, I'm sorry. I know it might not be exactly morning yet, but... would you like your present early, [Player]?"
  65. [Yes] [No]
  67. //PC selects no;
  69. A sigh escapes her lips as you tell Amily you'd rather just sleep tonight. The [mouse[-morph/girl]] looks genuinely hurt by you turning down her offer, but whispers, "I'm sorry... maybe next year then..."
  71. Amily then leaves your tent, letting you get back to sleep.
  72. [Next]
  74. //PC selects yes;
  76. Before you can answer her, Amily pounces you and begins to place countless hot kisses on your lips which you greedily return. Her hand wraps around your shaft, and she begins to pump you to full mast as she keeps up her romantic gesture, constantly murmuring between the fiery kisses, "I love you, I love you. I love only you!" You moan in need, and Amily must've noticed your [cock] twitching with impending release, because she stops her stroking. "No, no. If you're going to cum..." Amily mounts you and slips your dick into her damp depths with a lusty moan escaping her lips. She quickly shakes her hips with desire and between gasps of pure bliss, exclaims, "...you'll do it inside me!" Her hands are pressed against your chest while she still wiggles her waist and begs, "Fill me, [Player]! Give me every drop."
  78. With a grunt, you grab her waist and thrust up into her as your [cock] unloads shot after shot of seed against her cervix. You can feel her greedy insides milking you for every ounce of cum your body has. As you both shudder with the delight of release, Amily begins to grind her hips and cutely look at you. "[Player], you're not done yet, right?" Her tail swishes back and forth as she questions how your libido can be so weak. With a smirk, you maneuver her so that Amily is on all fours and you're right behind her. You grab your manhood and thrust it back into her hot, cum-filled depths. Amily cries out in delight at the sensation of your dick filling her back up. "A-Ah! I was just teasing you, [Player]!" She pushes her ass back to meet your passionate thrusts, eager to have you plunging in and out of her. You hold onto her hips, and her tail forms a heart as you feel her inner folds caress you.
  80. After a few more zealous thrusts, you start grinding the tip of your [cock] against her favorite spot, which causes Amily you moan your name with desire. With a few more skillful movements, you push deeper into her pussy as it spasms with release, and Amily shouts, "It's so good, I love you, I love you!" While licking your lips, you wait for her orgasm to subside before resuming to rapidly thrust into her, making her cry in pleasure again and again. "W-Wait [Player]! It's still sensitive! Ah!" The sounds of your flesh smacking into hers and her cries of pleasure echo throughout your tent and likely your entire camp too. The two of you make love for the rest of the night, or at least until you both collapse into a warm pile and fall asleep, exhausted from what felt like an endless bout of lovemaking.
  81. [Next]
  83. You awaken in what is likely the early morning and see that Amily is still sleeping, snuggled up against you. Closing your eyes again, you wrap an arm around her, pulling Amily closer to you. She begins to stir, and you hear her yawn as she gets up. Amily yawns again and whispers, "Good morning, [Player]."  You feel her kiss your lips, and you suddenly embrace her, returning her gesture, which makes her gasp in surprise. "Ah! Hey! You shouldn't pretend to be asleep like that..." Amily has a pout on her face as you wish her a happy holidays.
  85. She rests her head on your chest, and the two of you relax together for a bit longer before getting ready for the day.
  86. [Next]
  88. //Gifting Amily the holiday outfit.
  90. You show Amily the outfit you bought for her, and she grins while she says, "Looks festive."  Eagerly, you nod to Amily and explain that you bought it for her. She says, "Really? I think it's cute, so thank you [Player]." Amily places a kiss on your cheek as she takes the clothing from you.
  92. When you ask if she's going to try it on, Amily explains, "You'll need to be a good [PC.gender: [boy]/[girl]] and wait." Amily notices that you're about to protest and cuts you off with, "A good [PC.gender: [boy]/[girl]] would be patient." She isn't going to budge on this, it seems, so hopefully the wait will be worth it.
  93. [Next]
  95. //Take Amily on a date to Tel'Adre; Urta is disabled; no cucking version.
  97. After [walk]ing up to Amily, you ask her if she'd like to go on a date together. Amily seems curious at the prospect and asks, "Sure, but where to? I mean there's mostly just ruins around here now." You explain to her about Tel'Adre, and she shows you a smile. "You know what? That sounds fun. I think I would love to go on a date with you, [Player]." Taking the mouse-morph's hand, you decide to hold onto it the entire way there.
  99. The two of you journey to the desert city, and while you see the occasional imp, you arrive without much hassle. Amily looks at the city in awe, likely amazed such a place still exists, and tells you, "I never expected so many people to be living out here. It reminds me of how things were before. It's just... wow." You lead her to the bakery and ask if she'd like to have a bite to eat. Amily smiles with delight at the prospect of sweets and asks, "Oh! Do you think they'll have cheesecake?"
  101. While Amily is a bit disappointed at the lack of cheesecake, the two of you still take a seat at a table, sitting side by side while eating a piece of pound cake together. The two of you hold hands and walk around the city a bit longer, taking in the sights, not that there's much to look at. But still, checking out the shops together is fun.
  103. Eventually, you both stop in the park to take a seat on a bench together. While you and Amily watch a group of children play, she asks you, "This is nice, isn't it [Player]? Life manages to go on, even with all the terrible things happening outside the city." You nod in agreement and feel her lean her head on your shoulder. As the sun begins to set, the two of you head home together and after you arrive back in camp, Amily places an affectionate kiss on your lips. "I loved our date today. Maybe we can do it again sometime?"
  104. [Next]
  106. -Sexy holiday outfit item stuff;
  108. Button: HolidayOutfit
  110. Short name: Sexy holiday outfit
  112. Long name: A sexy red and white holiday themed outfit, with matching stockings and red cap.
  114. Type: Clothing
  116. Defense: 0
  118. Base value: 100
  120. Description: A sexy version of the stereotypical attire that reminds you of what a certain famous figure has been known to wear. It is made from soft red fabric, with white fur around the top and bottom. The outfit leaves the wearer's shoulders exposed. These clothes don't come with pants but do have matching red and white stockings. It also includes a red cap with a white bobble on the end.
  122. Obtained from: Vendor Marielle, Bog Temple
  124. Unique teases:
  126. 1: You ask your opponent if they've been good this year and lift the hem of your clothes, flashing them your [if pc wears underwear: [underwear]/[if no underwear then: crotch.]]
  128. 2: Leaning forward a bit, you blow your enemy a kiss, and give them a cute wink. You tell them how you'll be sure to give them a present if they're well behaved.
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