Cura code

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  1. M190 S70.000000
  2. M109 S200.000000
  3. G28 ; home all axes
  4. G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle
  6. ;Layer count: 90
  7. ;LAYER:0
  8. M107
  9. G0 F7800 X37.854 Y-15.798 Z0.200
  11. G1 F1200 X39.920 Y-12.956 E0.08765
  12. G1 X39.910 Y-11.803 E0.11641
  13. G1 X39.911 Y11.844 E0.70629
  14. G1 X39.901 Y12.978 E0.73458
  15. G1 X37.934 Y15.688 E0.81811
  16. G1 X37.898 Y15.736 E0.81960
  17. G1 X25.316 Y33.054 E1.35358
  18. G1 X24.643 Y33.956 E1.38165
  19. G1 X-0.001 Y41.965 E2.02805
  20. G1 X-3.176 Y40.932 E2.11134
  21. G1 X-23.609 Y34.293 E2.64727
  22. G1 X-24.676 Y33.934 E2.67535
  23. G1 X-37.854 Y15.798 E3.23458
  24. G1 X-39.920 Y12.956 E3.32222
  25. G1 X-39.910 Y11.803 E3.35099
  26. G1 X-39.911 Y-11.844 E3.94086
  27. G1 X-39.901 Y-12.978 E3.96915
  28. G1 X-37.934 Y-15.688 E4.05268
  29. G1 X-37.898 Y-15.736 E4.05418
  32. **i had to remove the bulk of the middle code here to send to pastebin**
  35. G0 F7800 X-32.746 Y-15.407
  36. G1 F2400 X-13.794 Y-34.359 E6097.12758
  37. G0 F7800 X-15.346 Y-33.231
  38. G1 F2400 X-32.542 Y-16.035 E6097.73422
  39. G0 F7800 X-32.338 Y-16.664
  40. G1 F2400 X-16.898 Y-32.104 E6098.27890
  41. G0 F7800 X-18.450 Y-30.976
  42. G1 F2400 X-32.133 Y-17.293 E6098.76161
  43. G0 F7800 X-31.929 Y-17.921
  44. G1 F2400 X-20.002 Y-29.848 E6099.18237
  45. G0 F7800 X-21.555 Y-28.719
  46. G1 F2400 X-31.725 Y-18.550 E6099.54112
  47. G0 F7800 X-31.520 Y-19.178
  48. G1 F2400 X-23.107 Y-27.592 E6099.83793
  49. G0 F7800 X-24.659 Y-26.464
  50. G1 F2400 X-31.316 Y-19.807 E6100.07277
  51. G0 F7800 X-31.111 Y-20.436
  52. G1 F2400 X-26.211 Y-25.336 E6100.24564
  53. G0 F7800 X-27.763 Y-24.208
  54. G1 F2400 X-30.908 Y-21.064 E6100.35657
  55. G0 F7800 X-30.703 Y-21.692
  56. G1 F2400 X-29.315 Y-23.080 E6100.40553
  57. G0 F7800 X-30.502 Y0.000
  58. G0 X-29.834 Y6.341
  59. G0 X-27.864 Y12.406
  60. G0 X-24.675 Y17.927
  61. G0 X-20.408 Y22.666
  62. G0 X-15.280 Y26.393
  63. G0 X-9.428 Y29.006
  64. G0 X-3.222 Y30.325
  65. G0 X3.186 Y30.333
  66. G0 X9.389 Y29.016
  67. G0 X15.254 Y26.412
  68. G0 X20.002 Y29.848
  69. G1 F2400 X31.929 Y17.921 E6100.82629
  70. G0 F7800 X31.725 Y18.550
  71. G1 F2400 X21.555 Y28.719 E6101.18505
  72. G0 F7800 X23.107 Y27.592
  73. G1 F2400 X31.520 Y19.178 E6101.48185
  74. G0 F7800 X31.316 Y19.807
  75. G1 F2400 X24.659 Y26.464 E6101.71670
  76. G0 F7800 X26.211 Y25.336
  77. G1 F2400 X31.111 Y20.436 E6101.88956
  78. G0 F7800 X30.908 Y21.064
  79. G1 F2400 X27.763 Y24.208 E6102.00049
  80. G0 F7800 X29.315 Y23.080
  81. G1 F2400 X30.703 Y21.692 E6102.04945
  82. M107
  83. G1 F2400 E6100.04945
  84. G0 F7800 X30.703 Y21.692 Z23.000
  85. M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
  86. G28 X0  ; home X axis
  87. M84     ; disable motors
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