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/epg/ advice for new GMs and Players

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Nov 22nd, 2014
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  1. Advice for new GMs
  2. 1: Download all the books from the links in the pasta. You only really need to read the corebook, but it's nice to have the others just in case something calls on you to reference them.
  4. 2: For the first campaign, either bring pregens for your players to choose from, tell everyone to bring a character ready made, or be prepared to spend your first session on character generation.
  5. Chargen in EP isn't as byzantine as you've probably heard, especially if you use the packages in Transhuman, but it can still take some time the first time you do it. Plus, it's usually better if your players design their characters after they have some idea how the game works.
  6. 3: Make sure all your players have a copy of the glossary in the front of the corebook. This will give them most of the information they need to understand the setting, and the rest can be learned during play.
  7. 4: Good official first adventures include
  8. Bump in the Night
  10. Continuity
  12. Mind the WMD (Has not been updated for the 4th edition of the corebook)
  14. Good fanmade first adventures include
  15. Think Before Asking
  17. Dehumanize Yourself and Face to Bloodshed
  20. Advice for new Players
  21. 1: Get at least 40 in Freefall, Freerunning and Fray
  22. 2: Buy networking skills for every flavor of rep you want (except i-rep)
  23. 3: Don't spend a lot of CP on gear, credits or morphs
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