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  1. Requirments:
  2. - Twitter account
  4. 1. Register here and here
  6. 2. Once you register on HitLeap click on Earn Traffic and Download the program. (If you have Ubuntu VPS/Windows RDP run it on there aswell, you have 2 viewers slots or more if you upgrade to their premium up to of 10)
  7. 3. On Zagl shorten random links like,,
  8. 4. Tweet the shortened links, right click on the links once tweeted and copy them (they will look like
  9. 5. On HitLeap click on My Websites -> ADD NEW WEBSITE -> Fill it in like this (with your own shortened links from Twitter)
  10. 6. If you leave the HitLeap viewer running 24/7 it should be enough for you to not run out of hits.
  11. 7. Watch your money grow on Zagl
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