Nov 10th, 2021
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  1. Is Air Track Mat Worth It?
  2. Maybe some people notice a new trend in air track mat ( Have you seen that the new air track mats have replaced the old landing mats made of foam?
  3. Yes, this is an air track for gymnasts!
  4. If you are looking for equipment that can provide gymnastic activities with safety at home, an air track mat might be the best option for you. Let’s know more!
  5. What Is Air track Mat?
  6. Is a specialized track, which is filled with air pressure and can be softened for a slow and easy bounce, or firm for a fast and technical bounce
  8. Why Do You Use Air Track Mat
  9. Easy to Set Up
  10. You can inflate it easily within 3 minutes. And the air track features fast inflation and deflation functions, very easy to set it up, even your kids can do it, too.
  11. Adjustable
  12. You can easily adjust the pressure according to your preferences. When you set it to maximum pressure the air track can feel hard. And when you set it to minimum pressure, it will be more flexible and softer.
  13. Suitable for Any Gym
  14. Suitable for leisure groups; suitable for higher-level gymnasts.
  15. It is Portable
  16. The air track is not only light-weighted and but also comes in various sizes and colors. And it is easy to carry around, so you can start training any place and any time you want.
  17. Less Space
  18. It doesn’t take up too much storage space
  19. No Noise
  20. No noise during training because continuous inflation is not required
  21. Air Track Mat Benefits
  22. Not only it is suitable for universities, athletics gyms, acrobatics schools, and other sports facilities. The benefits that air tracks for gymnastics will offer you like:
  23. Special
  24. Designed for gymnastics, cheerleading, and parkour enthusiasts. You can do all kinds of jumps and flips easily!
  25. Safety
  26. With the help of an air track, you can jump as high as you want, and even exceed your expected height! You don’t have to worry or fear about landing too hard! Its elasticity can provide cushioning.
  27. It is thick enough to withstand the outside force during your training, the air track is sturdy that can give you your exercise in comfort and ease, and you are not afraid of injury during training.
  28. Focus
  29. Focusing on your gymnastics exercise with no fear can help you boost your skill faster in an effective way.
  30. Air track Mat Use
  31. If you think the air track mat is always used for gymnastics training and only used for professional athletes, you are wrong.
  33. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as the floor, water, and grass, for high-performance training or home entertainment. Check to make sure no sharp objects on the grass damage the track. It is also good training equipment for home use and it’s suitable for tumbling.
  34. Kameymall (, your first choice of buying an air track mat.
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