Cy Castle Rules

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  1. Hello! Welcome to Cy's Castle
  3. If you have any concerns, please message an admin/@Cyberacat and your message will be responded to as soon as possible.
  5. Please read the rules very carefully. These rules are subject to change at any time.
  7. Member removal is at the discretion of the group owner.
  9. --- RULES ---
  11. 1. Respect the other members. However, if you say something offensive, triggering, or generally controversial, we are not responsible for how members react to you.
  13. 2. This group is STRICTLY 18+. If you cannot/will not provide a valid ID to staff when/if asked, you will be removed/banned from the group.
  15. 3. Do not spam nudes. We only need to see your dick once, any more than 5 generic nudes in a row within a half hour period may be considered spam and you may be asked to stop sharing images.
  17. 4. Murrsuit, softsuit, pup, and other fetish content has a soft limit of 15 pics in a half hour period. What constitutes as 'spam' is at the discretion of an admin.
  19. 5. You MAY NOT share irl content that is not yours to share. You MAY NOT share irl content posted to this group that you do not have permission to share. The ONLY people cleared to share irl content are people with CLEAR, EXPLICIT PERMISSION from the copyright owner and/or the people IN the content/the copyright owner.
  21. 6. If you cant name the source/artist of art, please refrain from sharing it. We will allow art to be shared but if you cannot provide a source if/when asked, it will be deleted. "My friend's channel" is not a valid source.
  23. 7. On that note, do not spam art. More than 10 art pieces in a row within a half hour period will count as spam and you will be asked to stop posting.
  25. 8. Kinkshaming is not allowed. HOWEVER, if multiple people show discomfort with your kink, you may be asked to limit discussion of it.
  27. 9. Please do not post scat, diapers, emetophilia, cub, loli, or human art.
  29. 10. Feral artwork and watersports (irl and artwork) is permitted at the discretion of an admin. If an admin disapproves of your post it will not be allowed. Feral involving anthros or humans will be rejected.
  31. 11. Illegal content and activities are not permitted to be discussed. Drug discussion is at the discretion of an admin.
  33. 12. Zoophilia, bestiality, and child porn are not to be shared for any reason. No links, no images, nothing. Posting of any of this content will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the group.
  35. 13. If an artist or art commissioner shares art in the group, you may not reshare it elsewhere without the original poster's permission.
  37. 14. Respect the admins. If you don't like how the group is run, you're free to leave.
  39. 15. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc will not be tolerated in any form. I don't care how funny you find a racist or transphobic meme, it will be deleted immediately and you will be issued a warning.
  41. 16. Please try not to reveal any personal information. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of revealing personal information to strangers, but we can at least warn you that its a stupid thing to do.
  43. 17. If a member is harassing you, let an admin know privately. Do not make a big deal out of it in the group chat.
  45. 18. You may talk about anything you would like in this chat group as long as it is appropriate to be discussed. However, if your conversation becomes lengthy, disturbs other members, or is more or less between you and one other person, you may be asked to take your conversation to DMs.
  47. 19. Please try to avoid bringing up extremely controversial topics. If things get out of hand, you may be asked to cease discussion.
  49. 20. Drama is to be limited, but members are free to discuss 'fandom news'. There's a big difference between discussing a fursuiter who got outed as a pedophile and talking shit about your old friend who stole $30 from you. Petty, personal drama is to be kept to a minimum. Larger issues may be discussed unless otherwise stated by an admin.
  51. —-
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