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  1. Transcript of Qanon Group Admin
  2. received by UNIRock * read on UNIRock2 on 8/4/2018
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  4. transcript of video, conversation.
  5. hello everybody alright again my name is  Stephen Kelly I am the admin for this  group Qanon on this is a special  message for all the members of Q and on this is in regard to the fact that we 00:13 went mainstream the other day things got 00:15 real so I need to have a special 00:18 conversation with you guys about what we 00:20 are needing to do right now to maintain 00:23 our integrity and make sure we don't 00:26 lose our group and all the other things 00:28 that are coming down ok so this is a 00:30 very important time first of all the 00:33 content that goes on the page now 00:35 becomes even more important than it was 00:37 again if I remove something if something 00:39 gets removed it was me okay certain 00:43 things that we just can't have right now 00:44 for instance 00:45 Isaac Kappy okay obviously that guy was a 00:48 plant we have to be very vigilant about 00:50 that we have to be really watching out 00:52 for people on the outside trying to 00:54 inject content into our dialogue we have 00:57 to control that so nothing from the 01:00 outside no mainstream media we're gonna 01:02 have a total ban on all mainstream media 01:05 effective now okay so if you weren't if 01:08 you weren't doing it now you've gotta 01:09 step it up we're gonna completely 01:11 control it because we are in the 01:14 spotlight we're gonna be watched 01:15 everything on our page is gonna be 01:17 watched so we want to make sure that 01:18 what's on our page is exactly what we 01:20 want on our page absolutely no 01:23 anti-muslim anything hateful violent 01:26 anything of this nature threatening 01:28 uh-uh 01:29 okay it's we're gonna we're going we're 01:32 gonna step everything up a few notches
  6. 01:35 here we're gonna go very cerebral okay 01:38 now that we've got everybody's attention 01:40 it's very very important that we inject 01:43 things in there that we need in there 01:45 for instance we need to rebrand this 01:48 thing everyone needs to understand Q is 01:50 anti pedo this is not about being pro 01:54 Trump or anti-hillary we are anti pedo 01:57 this is what it's really all about 01:59 nobody can challenge that so when they 02:02 say what is QQ is anti pedo 02:05 so either you're anti pedo or you're Pro 02:08 pedo you're Pro Q or anti Q it's going 02:12 to be very simple and we're going to 02:13 make it very black-and-white that's what 02:15 we are so focus focus focus this is not 02:18 about Donald Trump right now this is 02:20 about being anti pedo 02:23 okay the Getty you know about the Getty 02:26 you don't know about the Getty it's time 02:28 to learn about the Getty because that's 02:29 the one thing they don't want to talk 02:31 about they didn't want to talk about Q 02:33 now they're talking about it well you 02:34 know what they're gonna need to start 02:36 talking about that because that's what 02:37 we're gonna talk about I'm gonna start 02:39 flooding the page with all kinds of 02:41 Getty propaganda hundred thousand 02:44 children under the Getty that is a 02:45 mantra if they think we're crazy let's 02:49 hear them say that they think we're 02:51 crazy because we say there's a hundred 02:52 thousand children under the Getty they 02:54 will not do it okay so we've got them 02:57 we've actually got them right now this 02:59 is a time for the deathblow and this is 03:02 how we take them out so we're gonna 03:04 change the narrative we're gonna make 03:07 them say what we want them to say so we 03:10 need to get the media we got the media 03:12 to start talking about Q now we're gonna 03:14 get the media to start talking about the 03:16 Getty they want to say we're crazy they 03:18 can say that we're crazy because we
  7. 03:20 think there's a hundred thousand 03:21 children under the Getty and you know 03:22 what that's gonna be their downfall okay 03:26 so that's the strategy now again if 03:30 you're a new member welcome to the group 03:31 read all the look at all the 03:33 announcements read everything get with 03:36 the program watch out for shills 03:39 also you guys use the report button if 03:42 you see something you don't like report 03:43 it okay report everything I don't care 03:46 if you'reif is even slightly 03:48 questionable report it if it doesn't get 03:50 removed it's because I decided to let it 03:52 go if I send you a message to say well I 03:54 let it go for this reason or that 03:55 whatever but just use that report button 03:59 okay so everybody will police the page 04:01 invite your friends let's grow this 04:03 thing we're growing we were growing a 04:04 hundred people a day we're going up to 04:05 like a couple hundred people a day now 04:07 not bad but we're gonna keep this thing 04:10 going and we're gonna protect it so 04:12 remember it's all about the content and 04:14 the message and we control that okay so 04:17 watch for my Getty post and share the 04:20 hell out of those things because we need 04:22 all those people are watching us now to 04:24 see what we want them 04:26 to see okay so keep up the good work and 04:31 again thank you for all your efforts and 04:33 understanding and I hope you can see now 04:36 that after the six or seven eight months 04:40 that we've been doing this we're doing 04:42 it right okay 04:45 there's a reason why we've got all these 04:46 people in here we're doing something 04:48 right so you guys pat yourself on the 04:51 back but it's get it we're getting into 04:53 the fun part okay 04:55 it's gonna get real now so you got to be 04:57 careful and you gotta start working 04:58 harder and you've got to start focusing 05:00 on controlling that dialogue and it's
  8. 05:02 all about occupy the Getty okay remember 05:05 Q is anti pedo all right thank you 05:09 so much if you need to talk to me you 05:10 need any messages whatsoever email me at 05:14 05:19 that's law seventeen gun at 05:22 by the way i'm thinking about making 05:24 some Q hats okay I know I'm not into 05:29 that whole any kind of clothing or 05:31 anything like that on our page but given 05:34 the circumstances I think it's time the 05:35 group comes up to some official gear let 05:38 me know what you think all right thanks 05:41 a lot have a great day
  10. My take on it is that they are going to force the MSM to report on children locked up in the Getty to make things look bad.  They are also going to be in full self-group-police mode and harassing any outside group that messes with their narrative.  I would expect to have this video be private to their own little group.  But, they made it public which is probably a mistake on their end.  This is going to get crazy!!  Don’t underestimate the lurkers!
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