Coc2: Berywn's Quest part 1 but his mistress sucks

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  1. Moving through the foothills, you're greeted with a familiar sight coming over the horizon: a relatively short figure clad in robes making its way toward you, its silhouette revealing a large, pointed hat atop its head.
  3. No doubt it's that half-lupine summoner again... has he been following your party?
  5. Either way, you ready your party as the girly, grumpy mage approaches you once more. As he closes in, making his way down the hill, he doesn't seem ready to attack, though, nor does he seem as angry as he normally would. Instead, he seems slumped... a bit sad or anxious.
  7. He notices your defensive posturing and shouts to you from a distance. "I'm not here to fight you!" he yells over a gust of wind blowing across the hills.
  9. There's a long silence that hangs after that, you and your party standing at the ready regardless of the mage's words before you finally speak up and ask the half-breed what he wants, if not more "practice."
  11. "I..." the girly magician yells again, stopping himself after that one word with his voice growing more quiet, "I... need your help."
  13. Hearing that shift in his voice leads you to let your guard down, and your party to do the same. He sounds more than sincere, his blue eyes full of desperation.
  15. You ask him what exactly he needs help with.
  17. The mage steps forward to your party so you can hear him better. "It's..." he stops and looks away from you, nervously wringing his hands around his staff, "My mistress... something's wrong with her, and I think she's going to hurt people."
  19. Well that's pretty... vague. You question as to who exactly his mistress is and what exactly seems wrong with her.
  21. "I don't know," the mage begins to explain, gritting his teeth with frustration, "Nothing's really changed, but... I just know something's wrong, something I haven't noticed before."
  23. Sighing, he continues his explanation, "but I know she's planning something, something to do with the villages around her tower, and I don't like the thought of that at all." He looks up at you, his voice getting louder again, "I can't stop her by myself, though. I'm not strong enough. That's why I need your help."
  25. A powerful mage planning on attacking nearby villages? That doesn't sound good; could it have something to do with the Wraiths? Then again the girly summoner's explanation leaves something to be desired. This could be some sort of trap for all you know.
  27. The half-lupine stands in front of your party, waiting for a reply.
  29. Will you help him? You should keep in mind you probably won't be able to leave his company once your journey begins.
  31. (Yes)
  33. Deciding to follow this lead, you grin and tell the femboy you'll help him and the people his mistress is planning on attacking.
  35. The mage breathes a sigh of relief at that and loosens his nervous death-grip on his staff. "Thank you," he says quietly before turning and pointing over a nearby hill, "My mistress' tower is that way, I can lead all of you there, and I'll try to tell you what I know along the way."
  37. With that, he urges you to follow and begins to walk off, using his staff like a walking stick. You don't immediately follow him though, and instead speak up and tell the summoner you'd like to know his name before going off on this adventure with him.
  39. He stops in his tracks, looking over his shoulder at you, "Berwyn, my name is Berwyn."
  41. After that, he continues on his way, and you gather your comrades to follow the girly mage, ready to take on his mistress.
  43. Along the way to his mistress' tower, Berwyn tells you about your supposed target. "My mistress, Miss Matiha, taught me everything I know about magic," he explains as you walk, "She's the one that found me after I left my parents, took me in. I was surprised I'd never heard of her before I met her, considering how powerful she is. She has a whole tower, and I was her only apprentice."
  45. Berwyn grimaces as he speaks, "At first she treated me nicer, but then things changed, and I don't know exactly what... I noticed some specific things becoming different... my body... my libido... but I never thought about it, or cared. She changed too, she started treating me harsher when I failed her lessons, and started spending a lot more time by herself, or away from the tower. Then I found this thing, this stone when I was cleaning her study one day. It had runes on it but I couldn't read them, and there were maps on her desk, and she had marked all the towns around her tower." He shivers at those memories for a moment then continues, "I touched the stone... and it was... well I didn't like it, let's say that. So I know something is wrong, and no one else knows, and that just leaves me to stop her."
  47. It's a long journey, and you actually stop to rest along the way for some time. Eventually though, sometime after Berwyn spins his tale about his mistress, the tower he spoke of appears over the horizon. The pointed roof of the tower rises over the foothills as you move forward, and soon enough what looks like a whole fortress appears beneath the tall stone tower.
  49. It's still a while longer before you all make it to the tower, and when you do there's a huge door standing between you and your goal.
  51. "Here," Berwyn says, stepping ahead of you, his staff extended, "This door doesn't open normally."
  53. With that, his staff begins to glow a bright red at its tip, and he proceeds to trace a rune along the heavy wooden posts of the door. It seems to do the trick, and soon you hear the sound of the gate unlatching and the two huge doors swing open.
  55. Berwyn takes a few steps forward and signals for your party to follow him through the gateway. He leads you into the courtyard of the fortress; it's wide open with a lot of space between its outer walls and the tower. It's hard to tell what this place might have once been used for or who it belonged to, because now it's been turned into a large herb garden, filled with all the blossoming ingredients an experienced alchemist would need, planted expertly around the tower's moving shadow to optimize the amount of sunlight they get.
  57. Your guide leads you do the tower and opens another door before inviting you inside, and you follow him in.
  59. You re-enter the base of the tower; it seems to be a common area of sorts, with table, chairs, a couple book shelves, a stove, and countertops. This clearly isn't your destination, as there's no "mistress" to be found here.
  61. Berwyn seems frustrated, "What are we doing in here still?! We need to find Mistress Matiha!"
  63. Well, it doesn't look like there's anything of interest here, aside from those bookshelves over in the corner.
  65. You walk over to the bookshelf, and Berwyn follows you to it.
  67. "Nothing special here," the mage begins to explain, "Not even any spell tomes. It's all just normal books and stuff like that, a lot of really lame romance novels for some reason."
  69. Curious about this seemingly normal shelf, you ask your companion if there's anything here his mistress herself reads.
  71. "Uuuhm," he ponders, "I think there's one, something with a guy falling in love with a salamander?"
  73. Which one of these books could that be?
  75. (Nivas?)
  77. You go to pull the book from the shelf, only to find it stuck to the bookcase. When you give it a tug in an attempt to free it, there's a slight "click" sound that resonates from behind the shelf. Then you hear the sound of stone grinding against stone behind you, and turning to its source, you see the floor beneath you moving to reveal a hidden staircase!
  79. Berwyn lets out an astonished "What the..." as he watches the spectacle.
  81. Looks like this tower is more than it seems.
  83. Moving upward past some storage rooms and libraries, you enter what appears to be some living quarters. There's two rooms separated by movable dividers that keep a little privacy between the two beds in the room. Speaking of, it's pretty easy to tell which bed belongs to the lady of the tower, with it being much bigger than what looks to be Berwyn's tiny cots. Still, it doesn't look like the Mistress keeps much of value here besides clothes and some light reading.
  85. "Miss Matiha's study is right above us," Berwyn whispers, "You should be ready before we head up there."
  87. Determined to find something worth your time here, you begin rifling through a nearby dresser, pulling out drawers and clothes.
  89. "What are you doing?!" Berwyn exclaims as quietly as he can, "Those're my clothes!"
  91. Grinning, you find something you think is at least somewhat valuable, and pull out a pair of panties that seem about your summoner comrade's size, especially with the amount of crotch room they have. Blushing, you turn to Berwyn with his undergarments in hand.
  93. The half-breed grits his teeth before letting out a deep breath and rubbing his temples. "You know what, fine," he says, scowling at you, "I don't care, do whatever you want with those. Let's just keep moving."
  95. With the femboy's approval, you pocket his panties and get ready to move one.
  97. "This way," Berwyn says quietly.
  99. You follow him up the stairs just one more floor before you come to what must be Miss Matiha's study; a tall, pale skinned human woman stands before a desk, flipping through a large tome, a strange runed stone next to the leather bound book. She's wearing an outfit similar to her apprentice's, and it fits tightly around her womanly body.
  101. Berwyn enters first, stepping into the room with a stern look on his face.
  103. "Ah, Berwyn," the woman speaks up with a voice that sounds halfway regal but fully seductive, not turning to face you or her student, "I almost didn't hear you come in. You should start wearing sandals or something on those paws of yours. How did your training go today?"
  105. "I didn't train," Berwyn says plainly, tightening his grip on his staff.
  107. His mistress turns her head just slightly, not enough that you can see her eyes, but just enough to make out a smirk crossing her face, "Oh, but I see you've brought friends. Are they for me?"
  109. The girly summoner grits his teeth, "No... they're here to help me stop you."
  111. The woman chuckles and turns around, revealing an impressive bust stretching her robes and a beautiful face with browns eyes and dark lips. "Oh come now, Berwyn," she says, "I don't know what you're going on about, but help me deal with your friends here and then we can have a nice night together..."
  113. "I saw the map!" Berwyn suddenly shouts out, pointing his staff at his mistress, "I don't know what you're planning on doing, but I know it's not good!"
  115. Matiha sighs in exasperation at that, she looks down, and then back up, a strange white glow in her previously brown eyes. Her feet lift off the floor and she holds her arms out as she starts levitating! "You continue to disappoint, Berwyn," she says, her voice sounding much different from before, like there was an echo of someone else talking, "I'll have to punish you later once I deal with these interlopers you brought."
  117. You and your party are quick to ready your weapon. Your new comrade does the same, standing beside you.
  119. "Out of the way, Berwyn," his mistress chides. "You're going to get hurt."
  121. Her apprentice doesn't move, standing his ground. His pale blue eyes narrow, fluffy white tail standing completely still.
  123. The black-robed woman sighs again. "Fine," she says, "Have it your way, but don't come crying to me later when you get hurt!"
  125. With that, she swings her arm, sending a huge bolt of dark energies crackling your way. It barely misses you and instead splits a hole in the stone wall behind you and Berwyn. That seemed to be a warning shot...
  127. Oh, you're definitely in for a fight.
  128. ______________________________________
  130. Berwyn's mistress is knocked from the air and falls to her knees. She breathes heavy for a moment before picking her head up, revealing her bloodied lip as she turns her gaze to her apprentice. The defeated mage smirks at the half-lupine. "While you lack the ability to harness magic properly, Berwyn," she begins, managing to rise shakily to her feet, "I will say you do know how to pick your allies."
  132. Mistress Matiha catches her breath, then reaches to that runed stone adorning her desk. "This isn't the last you'll see of me, my apprentice," she says, taking hold of the marked rock, "You still have much to learn..."
  134. With that, a bright glow appears from the stone, leading Berwyn's eyes to widen before he shouts, "Stop her! Quick!"
  136. By then though, it's already too late, and a bright white light engulfs the Mistress, blinding everyone in the room. When the light settles, Berwyn's mistress is gone, along with that runed rock. Your summoner comrade rushes over to the spot where that powerful magician once stood, examining the area. All he can muster after his inspection is a simple "She's gone."
  138. Before your party can finish collecting yourselves after that fight, the whole tower begins to shake violently. You look around for a moment, worried the whole place might collapse, and look to Berwyn for any help. It seems the girly mage knows what's happening, and turns to you and yells, "We need to get out of here!"
  140. You're not about to stay inside a crumbling tower, so you quickly gather your party and helping the wounded before Berwyn makes a rush for the stairs, and you follow.
  142. It seems like a long trip back down to the base of the tower, nearly falling several times as the ground shakes beneath you. Luckily, you all manage to make it out safely, but you don't stop once you're out of the tower. Your summoner ally urges you back out of the fortress' front gate, and then even further past its walls.
  144. Finally, Berwyn comes to a rest, panting after all that sprinting. He tries to catch his breath for a moment before turning back to look at the tower he had lived in these past years as it trembles above the horizon. You follow his gaze and focus on his mistress' fortress as well, thinking it might fall any moment now, but instead another blinding white light absorbs the whole place! A high pitched whining pierces your ears as torrents of magical energy flow from the tower, battering your exhausted party and almost knocking you off your feet. You have to turn your eyes from the scene and cover your ears to remain standing.
  146. Just when whatever's happening seems to be reaching its apex, a huge shockwave billows across the area. Then the light finally begins to fade, and you can finally open your eyes again, only to see a huge empty plot where the Mistress' tower once stood. Your jaw drops at that display of magical power, and you turn to Berwyn for an explanation.
  148. The apprentice notices you looking at him and musters a few words between heaves of his chest. "She teleported the whole castle..." he says, "I didn't think she could do that. I've seen her teleport smaller things to and from the tower... but this..."
  150. You ask him if he has any idea where the Mistress might have gone.
  152. Berwyn rests his paw-like hands on his knees and bends over, still trying to catch his breath and shaking his head, "No... but she said that wasn't the last time I'll see her. I think she'll find me before I figure out where she went."
  154. The half-lupine shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath while you regroup your party. Then he turns to you again, wiping some sweat from his brow and getting a rather desperate look on his face.
  156. "Thank you," he says quietly, standing up straight again, "You didn't need to help me but you did, even after all I did to you." He sighs and shakes his head, "I know I'm in no position to ask, but I have nowhere else to go: my mistress is gone, my home disappeared, and now I have to worry about her coming after me." Berwyn's voice wobbles with fear as he continues, "Can I... come with you? I don't know if you need a mage's help with whatever it is you're doing, but you're the only people I know out here. I've been so isolated working with my mistress. I can understand if you don't want me to come along, but I need someone to help me stop her when Miss Matiha shows up again..."
  158. Looking at Berwyn, you can see the desperation in his pale blue eyes. He's obviously knowledged when it comes to magic, runes, and summoning, so maybe he could help you on your crusade, and he's also your best chance of finding the Mistress again before she can cause anymore damage.
  160. So, will you let him join your cause?
  162. You tell Berwyn that he's more than welcome to join you and that his magical prowess would be more than useful on your quest.
  164. The effeminate summoner cracks a relieved smile at that, his posture relaxes as a long-held breath forces its way out of his lungs. He looks at you with a now renewed confidence and smirks. "Alright," he says, "So, where do I get started?"
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