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  1. ArmA 2 is a Military Simulation. It's the sequel to Armed Assault and the spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint. But more importantly, it's our go-to game in the PC Gaming Hub.
  3. Several times a month we embark on missions to save the world. Duty takes us to the vast, grey Siberian hinterlands, the sun burnt deserts of the Middle East and to unknown locations, the names of which only the highest level of operators are allowed to know. We liberate civilans, caputre enemy bases and secure valuable supplies.
  5. Along the way, we blow stuff up - occasionally ourselves.
  7. We consider professionalism a lesser priority. Any amount of it is incidental. By reading this document, you are invited to prepare yourself and join us in making the world a "safer" place.
  9. We will guide you through the process of installing the game and setting up the modifications we play with. This may seem somewhat intimidating at first, but keep in mind that ideally it is a one-time thing. Once you've followed the necessary steps to play with us, the sky is the limit.
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