Enki's Multimod Crafting Tutorial

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  1. Enki's Multimod Crafting Tutorial
  2. -----------
  3. Small tutorial to show you different methods to create a multimod-worthy rare item base.
  5. No other crafting methods will be mentioned here. Crafting is a huge topic on its own and something i've never specialized in, so i'm not the right person to teach others about it. If you want to learn more about crafting, please refer to actual crafters.
  7. Warning: Crafting will require some currency investment. Multimod itself costs 2ex, the rest depends on economy and luck.
  8. -----------
  9. Step 1: Finding the right affixes
  11. Before you start crafting, you should first figure out what to even aim for. My guide has all useful affixes for each gearslot sorted by priority and tagged, everything tagged with C or V can be added through the Crafting Bench, so you should rule those out.
  13. To keep the costs as low as possible, narrow it down to the highest priority affix that the Crafting Bench can't add. Import your character into Path of Building, set everything up for accurate calculations (see Notes Tab in my builds PoB-Setup) and create the planned item with the "Craft Item" button. All regular, Shaper, Elder, Essence and Crafting Bench affixes are already included, for anything else use "Add modifier > Custom", helps with finding the proper wording and values, and will tell you if the affix is a prefix or suffix. This is important as rare items can only have 3x prefixes and 3x suffixes.
  15. Add the desired non-Crafting Bench affix, "Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers" and everything else with Crafting Bench values, then compare the item to similar upgrades on the market. If there's no significant difference in power gains and their price is lower than the expected crafting cost, stop right here and just buy that instead.
  16. -----------
  17. Step 2: Crafting Methods
  19. Now that you know which affix to aim for, you can figure out from that which crafting method to use. Before i'll get to them, you should know that affixes have different weightings, with the better ones being more rare, and can have multiple tiers. It's not possible to upgrade an affix to a better tier afterwards, so you want to aim for the highest tier possible. Once again, is your friend.
  21. 1) Alteration Crafting - The most basic form of crafting, you simply spam Orbs of Alteration on a magic item until it hits the desired affix either alone or together with another useful affix, then use a Regal Orb. This is usually the best method to hit specific Shaper or Elder affixes, or simply going for the highest tier of a regular affix. Item Level matters here, make sure it's high enough to be able to hit the highest tier of your targeted affix.
  23. Example: Gain 16-20% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage (Shaped Weapon, Prefix, ilvl85)
  25. 2) Fossil Crafting - Fossils can be seen as an advanced Alchemy- or Chaos Orb, which add new affixes to the pool while also increasing the likeliness to roll specific affixes and reducing it for an other group of affixes, or even completely blocks them. This works through a tag system, shows all tags and even lets you theorycraft to find the best fossil combination. Up to 4x fossils can be combined in a Resonator, the outcome will always be rare. If just aiming for a specific Fossil affix, the Item Level doesn't matter as most of them only require ilvl1, the only exceptions being Minion Damage % and Elemental Damage %.
  27. Example: Damage penetrates 7-10% Lightning Resistance (Metallic Fossil, Prefix)
  29. 3) Essence Crafting - Essences always create a rare item with 1x fixed affix and atleast 3x random ones. The fixed affix depends on Essence type and gearslot it's used on, the affix range depends on Essence tier. To be (hopefully) completely foolproof, all this is explicitely stated on the Essence itself. Shrieking-, Deafening- and the corrupted Essences work like a Chaos Orb, everything else works like an Alchemy Orb. Item Level only matters for the other affixes you could potentially roll.
  31. Example: Socketed Gems have +3.5% Critical Strike Chance (Essence of Horror, Suffix) for Gloves
  32. -----------
  33. Step 3: Crafting & Multimod Preparations
  35. First you will need the right base item. Unless you want a specific Shaper or Elder mod, you DO NOT want to use such a base as they only add more affixes to the pool. Same goes for Item Level, if you don't plan to get anything that requires a high Item Level, you can block out some affixes and -tiers through this. In case of helmets, I only recommend crafting a base with the right enchantment!
  37. To multimod an item, it needs to be rare and have no wasted affixes, as the entire point of multimodding is getting exactly the affixes you want. Once again there's a few methods to achieve this:
  39. 1) Annuling - Usually the cheapest and requires no specific conditions, but is also completely luck based. Simply use Orbs of Annulment until only the desired affix is left, if it gets removed you have to start over with crafting and repeat until the outcome is right.
  41. 2a) Metacrafting - This requires your desired affix to be accompanied by another good affix of the same type, f.e. "Gain 20% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" + "70% Spell Damage" (both prefixes), no wasted affix of that type and atleast one free slot of the other affix type. Now add "Prefixes can't be changed" respectively "Suffixes can't be changed" and use an Orb of Scouring, the result will be a rare item with just your desired prefixes or suffixes.
  43. 2b) Forced Metacrafting - Similar to the last method, but for items with only one desired prefix or suffix and no wasted affixes of that type. Requires atleast one open prefix slot if desired suffix, or two open suffix slots if desired prefix. Add "Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers", "Prefixes can't be changed" or "Suffixes can't be changed" and incase of desired prefix, any random prefix, then use an Orb of Scouring. Nice benefit if you're aiming for a suffix is that the Multimod will even stay on the item!
  44. -----------
  45. Step 4: Multimodding
  47. Very simple. Add "Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers" to your new rare base item and add anything you want. Keep in mind that Multimod takes up a suffix slot, and that crafted affixes can't be replaced without replacing the entire Multimod, so you want all the craft options at max level or get it from someone who has them! In case of the latter, always be wary when giving your somewhat valuable item to a stranger, maybe even ask for collateral of equal value.
  48. -----------
  49. Example: Multimodded Profane Wand
  51. Goal: Gain 16-20% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
  52. Base: Profane Wand (Shaped, ilvl85)
  53. Cost: 7ex +/- 1ex
  55. Prefixes:
  56. Gain 16-20% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage (~ 1k Orbs of Alteration)
  57. Adds 3-9 to 106-112 Lightning Damage to Spells (crafted, 4x Chaos Orbs)
  58. 46-50% increased Spell Damage + Gain 4% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage (crafted, 1x Exalted Orb)
  59. OR
  60. 51-60% increased Lightning Damage + 10-11% chance to Shock (crafted, 8x Chaos Orbs, better for Inpulsa explosions)
  62. Suffixes:
  63. Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers (crafted, 2x Exalted Orbs)
  64. 15-18% increased Cast Speed (crafted, 1x Exalted Orb)
  65. 25-28% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (crafted, 4x Chaos Orbs)
  66. OR
  67. 50-69% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells (crafted, 3x Chaos Orbs, better of final crit chance is less than 70%)
  68. -----------
  69. Hope you could learn something useful from this Tutorial and good luck crafting!
  70. -----------
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