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  1. Credit to @LostBoyLazarus and @Transnapastain:
  2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  3. <CustomQuestions>
  4.   <CustomQuestion>
  5.     <Question>~g~Hello.~s~</Question>
  6.     <Answers>
  7.       <Answer>A cop?! Uh, I mean hi.</Answer>
  8.       <Answer>Can I help you?</Answer>
  9.       <Answer>Greetings.</Answer>
  10.       <Answer>Hello officer. What has he done this time?</Answer>
  11.       <Answer>Hello officer.</Answer>
  12.       <Answer>Hello.</Answer>
  13.       <Answer>Hey, what's happening?</Answer>
  14.       <Answer>Hi.</Answer>
  15.       <Answer>Howdy.</Answer>
  16.       <Answer>How're you doing?</Answer>
  17.       <Answer>Oh great, another one of you bastards...</Answer>
  18.       <Answer>Oh, uh hi officer. What can I do for you?</Answer>
  19.       <Answer>Um, hello?</Answer>
  20.       <Answer>What can I do for you?</Answer>
  21.       <Answer>What do you need?</Answer>
  22.       <Answer>Whatever it was, I didn't do it!</Answer>
  23.       <Answer>Yes, yes, hello. What do you want?</Answer>
  24.     </Answers>
  25.   </CustomQuestion>
  26.  <CustomQuestion>
  27.     <Question>Why did you run?</Question>
  28.     <Answers>
  29.       <Answer>I can't go to jail! Please, just let me go!</Answer>
  30.       <Answer>I love the thrill of the chase.</Answer>
  31.       <Answer>Because I know what you cops are like. Always trying to pin bullshit on me.</Answer>
  32.       <Answer>I thought I was faster.</Answer>
  33.       <Answer>I thought it was a race!</Answer>
  34.       <Answer>Cause I got warrants, at least, I think I got warrants.</Answer>
  35.       <Answer>It was stupid. Sorry.</Answer>
  36.       <Answer>It seemed like a good idea at the time.</Answer>
  37.       <Answer>To get away, duh!</Answer>
  38.       <Answer>I left the stove on!</Answer>
  39.       <Answer>I was scared!</Answer>
  40.       <Answer>'Cause you the police, and, plus, I saw you cocking your gun.</Answer>
  41.       <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  42.     </Answers>
  43.   </CustomQuestion>
  44.  <CustomQuestion>
  45.     <Question>Do you have anything on you I need to know about?</Question>
  46.     <Answers>
  47.       <Answer>Yes</Answer>
  48.       <Answer>Yes, officer.</Answer>
  49.       <Answer>I'm not sure.</Answer>
  50.       <Answer>I'm not answering.</Answer>
  51.       <Answer>Maybe</Answer>
  52.       <Answer>I might.</Answer>
  53.       <Answer>Touch me and find out.</Answer>
  54.       <Answer>Absolutely not.</Answer>
  55.       <Answer>No, officer.</Answer>
  56.       <Answer>No.</Answer>
  57.       <Answer>Wouldn't you like to know?</Answer>
  58.     <Answer>No, I want my lawyer. I'm not answering any questions.</Answer>
  59.     </Answers>
  60.   </CustomQuestion>
  61.   <CustomQuestion>
  62.     <Question>Anything in the vehicle I need to know about?</Question>
  63.     <Answers>
  64.       <Answer>Yes</Answer>
  65.       <Answer>Yes, officer.</Answer>
  66.            <Answer>There might be some empty baggies under the seat. I can't recall</Answer>
  67.             <Answer>There might a weapon or two. I am not sure.</Answer>
  68.       <Answer>I'm not sure.</Answer>
  69.       <Answer>I'm not answering.</Answer>
  70.       <Answer>Maybe</Answer>
  71.       <Answer>I might.</Answer>
  72.       <Answer>Go look and see.</Answer>
  73.       <Answer>Absolutely not.</Answer>
  74.       <Answer>No, officer.</Answer>
  75.       <Answer>No.</Answer>
  76.       <Answer>Wouldn't you like to know?</Answer>
  77.       <Answer>No, I want my lawyer. I'm not answering any questions.</Answer>
  78.     </Answers>
  79.   </CustomQuestion>
  80.      <CustomQuestion>
  81.     <Question>Will you consent to a search of your person?</Question>
  82.     <Answers>
  83.       <Answer>Do I look like a criminal to you? No, you can't.</Answer>
  84.       <Answer>No, I do not consent.</Answer>
  85.       <Answer>Screw you, no.</Answer>
  86.       <Answer>Don't you touch me.</Answer>
  87.       <Answer>I'll mess you up if you try.</Answer>
  88.       <Answer>I'm going to kill you up if you try.</Answer>
  89.       <Answer>I know my rights, no.</Answer>
  90.       <Answer>Only if a female officer carries out the search.</Answer>
  91.       <Answer>Yes, I'll consent.</Answer>
  92.       <Answer>Yes, thats fine.</Answer>
  93.       <Answer>Yes</Answer>
  94.       <Answer>Okay, whatever.</Answer>
  95.       <Answer>Whatever, do what you want.</Answer>
  96.       <Answer>No, I want my lawyer. I'm not answering any questions.</Answer>
  97.     </Answers>
  98.   </CustomQuestion>
  99.     <CustomQuestion>
  100. <Question>Will you consent to a search of your vehicle?</Question>
  101.     <Answers>
  102.       <Answer>Do I look like a criminal to you? No, you can't.</Answer>
  103.       <Answer>I'll mess you up if you try.</Answer>
  104.       <Answer>I'm going to kill you up if you try.</Answer>
  105.       <Answer>No, I do not consent.</Answer>
  106.       <Answer>Screw you, no.</Answer>
  107.       <Answer>I know my rights, no.</Answer>
  108.       <Answer>Get your grubby hands off of my property!</Answer>
  109.       <Answer>Yes, I'll consent.</Answer>
  110.       <Answer>Yes, thats fine.</Answer>
  111.       <Answer>Yes</Answer>
  112.       <Answer>Okay, whatever.</Answer>
  113.       <Answer>Whatever, do what you want.</Answer>
  114.       <Answer>No, I want my lawyer. I'm not answering any questions.</Answer>
  115.     </Answers>
  116.   </CustomQuestion>
  117.   <CustomQuestion>
  118.     <Question>Are there any ~o~weapons~s~ on your person?</Question>
  119.     <Answers>
  120.       <Answer>I plead the Fifth.</Answer>
  121.       <Answer>No officer.</Answer>
  122.       <Answer>No.</Answer>
  123.       <Answer>Wouldn't you like to know.</Answer>
  124.       <Answer>Yes, I've got a bomb strapped to my chest!! What do you think?</Answer>
  125.        <Answer>Search me and find out!</Answer>
  126.     </Answers>
  127.   </CustomQuestion>
  128.    <CustomQuestion>
  129.     <Question>Does this ~o~gun~s~ belong to someone?</Question>
  130.     <Answers>
  131.       <Answer>I plead the Fifth.</Answer>
  132.       <Answer>It belongs to my boyfriend</Answer>
  133.       <Answer>It belongs to my husband</Answer>
  134.        <Answer>It belongs to my wife</Answer>
  135.       <Answer>I don't know. I found it somewhere</Answer>
  136.       <Answer>It's my brother's gun</Answer>
  137.       <Answer>It's my father's gun</Answer>
  138.        <Answer>It's my girlfriend's gun</Answer>
  139.          <Answer>It's my mother's gun</Answer>
  140.            <Answer>It's my friend's gun</Answer>
  141.              <Answer>It's my sister's gun</Answer>
  142.                <Answer>It's my uncle's gun</Answer>
  143.                  <Answer>It's my aunt's gun</Answer>
  144.                    <Answer>It's my grandfather's gun</Answer>
  145.                      <Answer>It's my great grandfather's gun</Answer>
  146.                        <Answer>It's my ex's gun</Answer>
  147.                         <Answer>It's my son's gun</Answer>
  148.                          <Answer>It's my daughter's gun</Answer>
  149.                           <Answer>It's my niece's gun</Answer>
  150.                            <Answer>It's my nephew's gun</Answer>
  151.                          <Answer>It's my gun. Will you be lenient towards me?</Answer>
  152.                          <Answer>Stop infringing on my Second Amendment rights!</Answer>
  153.     </Answers>
  154.   </CustomQuestion>
  155.   <CustomQuestion>
  156.     <Question>Can you tell me ~o~what happened~s~?</Question>
  157.     <Answers>
  158.       <Answer>Actually I was hoping you could tell me officer?</Answer>
  159.       <Answer>Do I look like a detective? Go do your own work.</Answer>
  160.       <Answer>I don't talk to cops.</Answer>
  161.       <Answer>I saw a man acting suspiciously.</Answer>
  162.       <Answer>I think a woman was causing trouble.</Answer>
  163.       <Answer>I'd rather not get involved.</Answer>
  164.       <Answer>I'm not really sure. It all happened so fast.</Answer>
  165.       <Answer>It was the government's fault! Why doesn't anyone believe me?!</Answer>
  166.       <Answer>I've no idea. I've only just got here.</Answer>
  167.       <Answer>No, I can't.</Answer>
  168.       <Answer>Sorry, I didn't see anything.</Answer>
  169.   <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  170.     </Answers>
  171.   </CustomQuestion>
  172.   <CustomQuestion>
  173.     <Question>Do you consent to a breathalyzer test?</Question>
  174.     <Answers>
  175.       <Answer>Ha! That's a funny word. Sure, why not. Sounds fun.</Answer>
  176.       <Answer>Sure, but I've never done one before. Can you explain how it works first?</Answer>
  177.       <Answer>No, I don't.</Answer>
  178.       <Answer>No. I've done nothing wrong.</Answer>
  179.       <Answer>No.</Answer>
  180.       <Answer>Screw you, No.</Answer>
  181.       <Answer>Sure, I don't mind.</Answer>
  182.       <Answer>Yes, I'll consent.</Answer>
  183.       <Answer>Sure, I'll consent.</Answer>
  184.       <Answer>Sure, why not?</Answer>
  185.       <Answer>Yeah, whatever</Answer>
  186.     </Answers>
  187.   </CustomQuestion>
  188.   <CustomQuestion>
  189.     <Question>Do you consent to a drug swab test?</Question>
  190.     <Answers>
  191.       <Answer>I'd rather not.</Answer>
  192.       <Answer>No, I've heard those things can hurt.</Answer>
  193.       <Answer>No. I'd rather go to the station and do a urine test please.</Answer>
  194.       <Answer>No, I don't.</Answer>
  195.       <Answer>No. I've done nothing wrong.</Answer>
  196.       <Answer>No.</Answer>
  197.       <Answer>Screw you, No.</Answer>
  198.       <Answer>Sure, I don't mind.</Answer>
  199.       <Answer>Yes, I'll consent.</Answer>
  200.       <Answer>Sure, I'll consent.</Answer>
  201.       <Answer>Sure, why not?</Answer>
  202.       <Answer>Yeah, whatever</Answer>
  203.     </Answers>
  204.   </CustomQuestion>
  205.    <CustomQuestion>
  206.     <Question>Why were you fighting?</Question>
  207.     <Answers>
  208.       <Answer>Because that bitch deserves it.</Answer>
  209.       <Answer>Because that bitch deserves to have their ass beat.</Answer>
  210.       <Answer>Because they cheated on me.</Answer>
  211.       <Answer>They owe me money.</Answer>
  212.       <Answer>They looked at me funny.</Answer>
  213.       <Answer>They disrespected me.</Answer>
  214.       <Answer>They disrespected my mom.</Answer>
  215.       <Answer>They disrespected my hood.</Answer>
  216.       <Answer>They mean mugged me.</Answer>
  217.       <Answer>You wouldn't understand.</Answer>
  218.       <Answer>Because I'm pisssed off.</Answer>
  219.       <Answer>Because they pissed me off.</Answer>
  220.       <Answer>Cause I can, you want some too?</Answer>
  221.       <Answer>Back off, or I'll mess you up too.</Answer>
  222.       <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  223.     </Answers>
  224.   </CustomQuestion>
  225.   <CustomQuestion>
  226.     <Question>Do you have a valid ~o~permit~s~ for that weapon?</Question>
  227.     <Answers>
  228.       <Answer>I can't be sure. Can you check for me please?</Answer>
  229.       <Answer>I don't remember. Sorry.</Answer>
  230.       <Answer>No comment.</Answer>
  231.       <Answer>Of course...</Answer>
  232.       <Answer>Yes, but it might have expired.</Answer>
  233.     </Answers>
  234.   </CustomQuestion>
  235.   <CustomQuestion>
  236.     <Question>Do you require ~o~medical assistance~s~?</Question>
  237.     <Answers>
  238.       <Answer>I suffered worse in the war. I'll live.</Answer>
  239.       <Answer>I... I'm not sure... I feel strange...</Answer>
  240.   <Answer>I... I'm not sure...</Answer>
  241.       <Answer>I'd like an ambulance please.</Answer>
  242.       <Answer>I'd rather take my chances without it, thanks.</Answer>
  243.       <Answer>I'll pass, thanks.</Answer>
  244.       <Answer>No thanks, I'm fine.</Answer>
  245.       <Answer>Yes, I do.</Answer>
  246.   <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  247.     </Answers>
  248.   </CustomQuestion>
  249.   <CustomQuestion>
  250.     <Question>Do you understand what I have just explained to you?</Question>
  251.     <Answers>
  252.       <Answer>I do</Answer>
  253.       <Answer>I sure do!</Answer>
  254.       <Answer>I think so.</Answer>
  255.       <Answer>If it'll get you outta my face.</Answer>
  256.       <Answer>Yes, I do.</Answer>
  257.       <Answer>Yes.</Answer>
  258.       <Answer>Yup.</Answer>
  259.       <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  260.     </Answers>
  261.   </CustomQuestion>
  262.   <CustomQuestion>
  263.     <Question>Do you want to press charges?</Question>
  264.     <Answers>
  265.       <Answer>No, we'll deal with this in the streets.</Answer>
  266.       <Answer>No, that's okay</Answer>
  267.       <Answer>No</Answer>
  268.       <Answer>No, I don't want any trouble.</Answer>
  269.       <Answer>Yes</Answer>
  270.       <Answer>Yes, you bet I do.</Answer>
  271.       <Answer>Absolutely</Answer>
  272.       <Answer>Of course I do.</Answer>
  273.     </Answers>
  274.   </CustomQuestion>
  275.   <CustomQuestion>
  276.     <Question>Does this property have ~o~CCTV~s~?</Question>
  277.     <Answers>
  278.       <Answer>It does however it's not functioning right now.</Answer>
  279.       <Answer>No, I'm afraid it doesn't.</Answer>
  280.       <Answer>No.</Answer>
  281.       <Answer>Of course.</Answer>
  282.       <Answer>Yes, I'll get the tapes ready for the detectives.</Answer>
  283.       <Answer>Yes.</Answer>
  284.     </Answers>
  285.   </CustomQuestion>
  286.   <CustomQuestion>
  287.     <Question>I need you to ~o~calm down~s~ for me.</Question>
  288.     <Answers>
  289.       <Answer>Calm down? At a time like this? You're joking right?</Answer>
  290.       <Answer>Calm down? Calm down?! I'll show you fucking calm if you don't get out of my face!!</Answer>
  291.       <Answer>Fuck off.</Answer>
  292.       <Answer>I'll be okay in a minute. I just need some air.</Answer>
  293.       <Answer>Okay. Sorry.</Answer>
  294.       <Answer>Yes, you're right. Okay, I'll try.</Answer>
  295.     </Answers>
  296.   </CustomQuestion>
  297.   <CustomQuestion>
  298.     <Question>I'm going to run some sobriety tests, okay?</Question>
  299.     <Answers>
  300.       <Answer>I don't want to take any tests.</Answer>
  301.       <Answer>If that's what you want officer, sure.</Answer>
  302.       <Answer>Is that really necessary? Okay, sure</Answer>
  303.       <Answer>Is that really necessary? No, I refuse</Answer>
  304.       <Answer>Just give me the damn breathalyzer and let's get this over with.</Answer>
  305.       <Answer>Okay.</Answer>
  306.       <Answer>Yes, that's fine.</Answer>
  307.   </Answers>
  308.   </CustomQuestion>
  309.   <CustomQuestion>
  310.     <Question>It is illegal to ~o~drink~s~ alcohol here.</Question>
  311.     <Answers>
  312.       <Answer>Better I drink here than in my car.</Answer>
  313.       <Answer>Don't you have a real job to do? Quit bothering me.</Answer>
  314.       <Answer>Get lost. I can do what I want.</Answer>
  315.       <Answer>I'm not drinking...</Answer>
  316.       <Answer>It's not like it's hurting anyone though, is it?</Answer>
  317.       <Answer>Oh c'mon officer. Please cut me a break.</Answer>
  318.       <Answer>Oh great. Another law pushing puppet.</Answer>
  319.       <Answer>Says who?</Answer>
  320.       <Answer>Says you.</Answer>
  321.       <Answer>Where else am I supposed to drink?</Answer>
  322.     </Answers>
  323.   </CustomQuestion>
  324.   <CustomQuestion>
  325.     <Question>Are you aware that there is a warrant for your arrest?</Question>
  326.     <Answers>
  327.       <Answer>Is there? Well hell.</Answer>
  328.       <Answer>Its just some unpaid parking fines.</Answer>
  329.       <Answer>Come on officer, can't we make a deal?</Answer>
  330.       <Answer>Come on officer, let me introduce you to my friend Mr. Lincoln</Answer>
  331.       <Answer>Does this mean I'm going to jail?</Answer>
  332.       <Answer>I don't see how that's possible.</Answer>
  333.       <Answer>Why would I have a warrant?</Answer>
  334.       <Answer>No, how is this possible?</Answer>
  335.       <Answer>No, I took care of that already.</Answer>
  336.       <Answer>This is some bullshit.</Answer>
  337.       <Answer>Yes, I'm a wanted man.</Answer>
  338.       <Answer>Yes, the jig is up, you finally found me.</Answer>
  339.     </Answers>
  340.   </CustomQuestion>
  341.   <CustomQuestion>
  342.     <Question>This vehicle is flagged as ~o~stolen~s~.</Question>
  343.     <Answers>
  344.       <Answer>*Sarcastically* You got me officer...</Answer>
  345.       <Answer>I didn't steal it if that's what you're implying.</Answer>
  346.       <Answer>I previously reported it as stolen but have since got it back.</Answer>
  347.       <Answer>I... don't know what to say.</Answer>
  348.       <Answer>I've no idea why.</Answer>
  349.       <Answer>Of course it's not stolen.</Answer>
  350.       <Answer>That's very strange...</Answer>
  351.       <Answer>Why would I steal a vehicle?</Answer>
  352.       <Answer>You're mistaken officer. I just bought this vehicle today.</Answer>
  353.         <Answer>I stole this vehicle, officer</Answer>
  354.         <Answer>I plead the Fifth</Answer>
  355.     </Answers>
  356.   </CustomQuestion>
  357.  <CustomQuestion>
  358.     <Question>Are you aware that you're tresspassing?</Question>
  359.     <Answers>
  360.       <Answer>Am I? Sorry, I didn't realise.</Answer>
  361.       <Answer>Are you sure? I don't think that I am.</Answer>
  362.       <Answer>It's okay, I have permission to be here.</Answer>
  363.       <Answer>No, I'm sure this is public land.</Answer>
  364.       <Answer>Really? I didn't see a sign?</Answer>
  365.       <Answer>Shh! I'm invisible. You can't see me!</Answer>
  366.       <Answer>So? I can go where ever I want.</Answer>
  367.     </Answers>
  368.   </CustomQuestion>
  369.   <CustomQuestion>
  370.     <Question>~o~Wait~s~ right here for me. ~o~Don't move~s~, okay?</Question>
  371.     <Answers>
  372.       <Answer>I'm not going anywhere.</Answer>
  373.       <Answer>Like I have a choice.</Answer>
  374.       <Answer>Okay.</Answer>
  375.       <Answer>Sure.</Answer>
  376.       <Answer>Take your time. I've got all day...</Answer>
  377.       <Answer>Well, hurry up. I haven't got all day you know!</Answer>
  378.       <Answer>Whatever you say.</Answer>
  379.     </Answers>
  380.   </CustomQuestion>
  381.   <CustomQuestion>
  382.     <Question>Who do the narcotics belong to?</Question>
  383.     <Answers>
  384.       <Answer>I don't even know how they got there officer.</Answer>
  385.       <Answer>I think you planted them there officer!</Answer>
  386.       <Answer>I've never seen them before.</Answer>
  387.       <Answer>What are narcotics?</Answer>
  388.       <Answer>I just found them over there. I didn't even know what was in the bag!</Answer>
  389.       <Answer>These are my sister's pants!</Answer>
  390.       <Answer>These are my brother's pants!</Answer>
  391.       <Answer>They must belong to my friend.</Answer>
  392.       <Answer>They're for my sister. She suffers bad without her fix.</Answer>
  393.       <Answer>They must belong to my friend. She was with me earlier.</Answer>
  394.       <Answer>They're mine.</Answer>
  395.       <Answer>What narcotics? Those are just breath mints officer.</Answer>
  396.       <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  397.     </Answers>
  398.   </CustomQuestion>
  399.   <CustomQuestion>
  400.     <Question>Who's your ~o~friend~s~?</Question>
  401.     <Answers>
  402.       <Answer>A neighbour.</Answer>
  403.       <Answer>How about you mind your own business?</Answer>
  404.       <Answer>I don't know who they are.</Answer>
  405.       <Answer>I've never seen them before today.</Answer>
  406.       <Answer>Just a friend.</Answer>
  407.       <Answer>My boss.</Answer>
  408.        <Answer>My husband.</Answer>
  409.  <Answer>My wife.</Answer>
  410.  <Answer>My boyfriend.</Answer>
  411.  <Answer>My cousin.</Answer>
  412.  <Answer>My sibling.</Answer>
  413.  <Answer>My dad.</Answer>
  414.  <Answer>My mom.</Answer>  
  415.  <Answer>My uncle.</Answer>
  416.  <Answer>My aunt.</Answer>                              
  417.       <Answer>My date.</Answer>
  418.       <Answer>My lover.</Answer>
  419.       <Answer>No idea.</Answer>
  420.       <Answer>They're NOT my friend.</Answer>
  421.       <Answer>Why don't you ask them instead?</Answer>
  422.     </Answers>
  423.   </CustomQuestion>
  424.     <CustomQuestion>
  425.     <Question>Is this your vehicle?</Question>
  426.     <Answers>
  427.       <Answer>Yes</Answer>
  428.       <Answer>No</Answer>
  429.       <Answer>I'm not going to answer that.</Answer>
  430.       <Answer>You can run the plate and see.</Answer>
  431.       <Answer>It sure is!</Answer>
  432.       <Answer>Yeah, I just got it.</Answer>
  433.       <Answer>No, it belongs to my parents.</Answer>
  434.       <Answer>No, it belongs to my mom.</Answer>
  435.       <Answer>No, it belongs to my dad.</Answer>
  436.       <Answer>No, it belongs to my friend.</Answer>
  437.       <Answer>No, it belongs to my girlfriend.</Answer>
  438.       <Answer>No, it belongs to my boyfriend.</Answer>
  439.       <Answer>Yeah.</Answer>
  440.       <Answer>Naw, I'm just ridin' in it</Answer>
  441.       <Answer>Bought and paid for.</Answer>
  442.       <Answer>You tell me.</Answer>
  443.       <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  444.     </Answers>
  445.  </CustomQuestion>
  446.   <CustomQuestion>
  447.     <Question>Do you require assistance?</Question>
  448.     <Answers>
  449.       <Answer>I do? No, I'm all set.</Answer>
  450.       <Answer>I need a ride. Any chance you could call me a cab?</Answer>
  451.       <Answer>I'm looking for a good place to eat. Any suggestions?</Answer>
  452.       <Answer>I'm looking for people to sign Proposition 208. Want to sign officer?</Answer>
  453.       <Answer>No, all good here thanks.</Answer>
  454.       <Answer>Unless you want to give me a couple thousand dollars, I'm fine.</Answer>
  455.       <Answer>I refuse to answer any questions.</Answer>
  456.     </Answers>
  457.   </CustomQuestion>
  458.   <CustomQuestion>
  459.     <Question>~g~Thanks for your time.~s~</Question>
  460.     <Answers>
  461.       <Answer>Are you still here?</Answer>
  462.       <Answer>Goodbye.</Answer>
  463.       <Answer>No problem.</Answer>
  464.       <Answer>Stay safe out there officer.</Answer>
  465.       <Answer>Sure.</Answer>
  466.       <Answer>Take care now.</Answer>
  467.       <Answer>Thank you for your service.</Answer>
  468.       <Answer>Yeah, whatever.</Answer>
  469.       <Answer>Yeah, yeah.</Answer>
  470.     </Answers>
  471.   </CustomQuestion>
  472. </CustomQuestions>
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