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Bring Me To Ed Act 3

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  1. [Act 3, scene 1]
  2. Ezeke: Kevin, have you seen Ed at all?
  3. Kevin: No cous'. Last time I saw him was at the burial for Rolf's hen. What's up?
  4. Ezeke: Well, I like seeing that kid; and not seeing his funny face makes me feel... gloomy.
  5. [SFX: suspicious brass jazz]
  6. Ezeke: Who's this?
  7. Kevin: Dude...
  8. [SFX: Static electricity]
  9. Kevin: The guy's bad news, Ezeke! You know about strangers.
  10. Ezeke: Look, I'll be careful. Uh, sir? Do you need anything?
  11. [SFX, dog growling, violin strings breaking]
  12. Hobo: Look, girly boy- When you get in my face like that you're GONNA get your pretty face punched in!
  13. [SFX: Congo battle drums, cat yowling]
  14. Ezeke: Let go!
  15. Kevin: BACK OFF, YA DORK!
  16. [SFX: objects tumbling, alarm clocks being smashed, ape chattering, train whistle]
  17. Naz: Kevin!
  18. Johnny: Ezeke and Kevin's wrangled a mad one, Plank!
  19. Plank:
  20. [SFX: objects tumbling, boxing ring chimes, toucan call, wet slapping noises, nuclear explosion]
  21. Double D: OH MY LORD!
  22. [SFX: whistling, dull thwumping]
  23. Rolf: The son of a shepherd has saved hero Kevin's fallen cousin, Yet you still shed the sorrow that relates well to the loss of Great Nano.
  24. [SFX: squeaky toy noises]
  25. Jimmy: AAHHHHH!
  26. [Kevin choking]
  27. Hobo: What the-
  28. [SFX: smashing piano noise, "bring me to life from roughly 15 seconds before base drop, 45 seconds after one stanza in from base drop music abruptly stops with the cluck of a chicken]
  29. Eddy: Where've you been in the last nine or ten pages?!
  30. [SFX: blinking noises]
  31. Rolf: The mourning Ed boy has returned in the dress of the dark night!
  32. Ezeke: Thank you for stepping in, Ed.
  33. Ed: Daww, don't thank me- thank Kevin. I'd do the same thing for my baby sister, Sarah!
  34. [SFX: teakettle coming to a boil]
  35. Hobo: HEY! Before you call yourself a hero like a snob, I have a little story that I should tell you. I'm someone who can see angels and demons, and you are dealing with a DEMON. I was walking down the lane because I was bored, when I thought I heard whistling, or chimes or whatever the heck annoyed me. I peeked through the tiny knothole in the fence- and this BIRD sat on top of its coop and whistled like it was human. I looked at it, and when I saw its scarlet eyes, I knew I had to do something, So, I jumped over the fence and I did what I was obligated to do. YOU- out of all these kids, should thank me! I could've saved y'all from gettin' possessed!
  36. [SFX: angry accordion tune]
  37. Rolf: FOOL! You've mutilated the domestic fowl and shall face the son of a shepherd!
  38. Ezeke: Rolf, no!
  39. [SFX: slide whistle going up]
  40. [Hobo coughing and choking]
  41. Hobo: You still don't believe- me? Heh heh heh. Look in the mirror! You're starting to look like that chick you were with on the cliff!
  42. [SFX:electrical humming]
  43. [Hobo gasps]
  44. Spell and Ed: Away with you; you corrupter of life!
  45. [SFX: electrical crackles, explosion]
  46. Alexandra: I'm sorry loves. The bum had a point but- [pause] What Ed shouted moments ago just sealed my suspicion.
  47. Eddy: Alex looks scary-pretty, Double-D.
  48. [Act 3, scene 2]
  49. Rolf: Why are we secluded in the long-haired Ed boy's basement dungeon?
  50. Ezeke: I had this thought. Ed draws often, so maybe he's drawn Spell recently.
  51. Rolf: Does "Shy Eyes" need to see?
  52. Ezeke: Pull my bangs back for me, then. [pause] Is this her? I don't remember Ed being this good at drawing. She looks like someone from one of his comic books...
  53. Rolf: This piece of work is ghostly like Nana's nightly prayers. [pause] But why draw a choker around the neck?
  54. Ezeke: I'm not sure, but I'm definitely taking this to Double D and Alex... They're examining Ed in the garage right now. Maybe he can confirm it after the tests are done.
  55. [SFX: squish]
  56. Ezeke: That hurts, still. Rolf?
  57. Rolf: Would candied beets ease your injuries, Shy Eyes?
  58. Ezeke: I'm alright, Rolf. I Just wish this craziness would end soon. Nothing makes sense anymore.
  59. [Act 3, scene 3]
  60. [SFX: beeping, rubber gloves being snapped]
  61. Double D: I'm going to check Ed's vital signs first- just to rule out any illnesses that are affecting his pulse or brain waves. Unfortunately, this new appearance of his can't be explained, yet. His hair isn't one of Eddy's wigs.
  62. Alexandra: Look... Smacking you in the face was- extreme. So, I'm sorry.
  63. Double D: Oh, I understand, Alexandra. there's no hard feelings.
  64. Alexandra: So you DID deserve it?
  65. [SFX: wind whistling, tumbleweed hitting ground, far-off dog howl]
  66. Double D: Hmm, I find this strange. He doesn't wear all black.
  67. Alexandra: Not to mention his nails, Ed's turned into some kind of "Dracula."
  68. [SFX: vital sign beeps become faster, cracking joints]
  69. Alexandra: LET GO-
  70. [SFX: wheels screeching, violin chords from Psycho}
  71. Alexandra: WHOA!
  72. [SFX: car peeling away]
  73. Double D: ALEXANDRA!
  74. [SFX: metal chime, wet slapping noise, tinkling]
  75. Ezeke: That can't be safe at all.
  76. Rolf: The blackbird has stolen the swan!
  77. Double D: For what, I'm not sure.
  78. Ezeke: Umm, Double Dee? I believe this is what we're dealing with.
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