HA Trade

Liuneos Jan 21st, 2020 (edited) 71 Never
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  1. LF: HA Darukmaka/Darmanitan
  3. FT: (All with Hidden Abilities) Info in {} for reference only
  4. Corsola (Cursed Body)       {Cursola Perish Body}
  5. Eevee (Anticipation)        {Vaporeon Hydration}{Jolteon Quick Feet}{Flareon Guts}{Espeon Magic Bounce}
  6.                             {Umbreon Inner Focus}{Leafeon Chlorophyll}{Glaceon IceBody}{Sylveon Pixelate}
  7. Natu (Magic Bounce)
  8. Oranguru (Symbiosis)
  9. Passimian (Defiant)
  10. Ralts (Telepathy)           {Gardevoir Telepathy}{Gallade Justified}
  11. Galarian Mr Mime (Ice Body)
  12. Vulpix (Drought)
  13. Shuckle (Contrary)
  15.  Also have Pokerus for trade.
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