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Jul 21st, 2014
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  1. ScholarOfTheScrolls
  2. Are you serious? Threatening to de-mod a mod simply because he disagrees with you? I'm not sure how long you've been gone for but that system doesn't work any-more, that's if it even existed in the first place,
  3. 10:15
  4. Elchzard
  5. Excuse me?
  6. And you are?
  7. 10:18
  8. ScholarOfTheScrolls
  9. Who I am doesn't matter. What I know is that you have the audacity to show up here after being gone for a long time and threaten a mod doing his job with rights removal, admin or not you cannot remove rights like that, that's just a poor excuse.
  10. 10:18
  11. Elchzard
  12. Provide proof of this, please
  13. I said that if he did not enforce the correct rules then his rights may have to be removed.
  14. I don't see anything wrong with this.
  15. Nice to meet you, by the way.
  16. He disagreed with me, and as a superior member of staff, this isn't acceptable
  17. I wasn't saying I was going to remove his rights the next minute
  18. Sorry, let me rephrase
  19. He disagreed very vocally
  20. Told me that I was entirely wrong, about something I'm 100% sure I have more experience of than him
  21. I took offence to this, because he seemed to think himself above me for some reason.
  22. 10:21
  23. ScholarOfTheScrolls
  24. You seem to think this is the military or a business mate. "superior member of staff" what so he's not aloud to express what he thinks on the situation? What is this Nazi Germany (Godwin's Law)? People ARE aloud to criticise admins...
  25. 10:22
  26. Elchzard
  27. You seem to be unable to spell
  28. Sorry
  29. 10:22
  30. ScholarOfTheScrolls
  31. It's called a typo.
  32. You seem to rush to conclusions.
  33. 10:22
  34. Elchzard
  35. I'm done here. If you think you can tell me what right and wrong is, tell me on my talkpage :)
  36. 10:23
  37. ScholarOfTheScrolls
  38. You're a very arrogant one aren't you?
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