Fitness - 49

Sep 19th, 2020 (edited)
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~ Fitness ~

피트니스 --- Publisher Link

By 고손작 --- 지호 & 은손

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun-Soo Personal Trainer Single
Song Sang-Mi Office Worker Single
Ha Dong-Joon Personal Trainer Single
Kim Seonju Gym's Manager Single
Jeon Miso [N/A] Single
Yeo-Jeong FMC's Manager Single
Yu Ria Personal Trainer Single

Script Information:

Hyun-Soo H
Sang-Mi S
Dong-Joon D
Kim K
Jeon Miso JM
Yeo-Jeong YJ
Yu Ria Y
Customers C1...
MC's Mom MM
FMC's Mom FM

{Inner talk / Thought}


Chapter - 49

S: ......


S: Lee Hyun-Soo...


H: Uh?! What wrong Sang-Mi...?

S: Do you kiss and have sex with your friends?!

S: Am I just a fuck buddy to you?!

H: Fuck buddy... Listen, that's not what I was trying to say...

S: Let go of me! You bastard!


S: It's pretty clear, I see what you've been thinking about me this whole time.

H: !

H: Sang-Mi!




Tap Tap

H: {Sang-Mi... I wanted to keep you close to me without losing you...}

Zoning out~


H: You're truly my irreplaceable and...

H: Most precious... Friend.

S: Me... Why do I keep thinking about it?!

S: I feel so stupid...!

YJ: Sang-Mi~

S: Manager...

YJ: Sang-Mi, you look so absent-minded today?

YJ: Did you get in a fight with your boyfriend?

S: No... You already know that I don't have any boyfriend~

YJ: If Hyun-Soo went to learn you said something like this, he'll be very sad~

S: No, It's not like that...! We're really not dating...

YJ: Is there really nothing going on between Hyun-Soo and you?

S: Yes...

S: Nothing...

YJ: So, do you want to go on a blind date?

S: A blind date?

YJ: If there is really nothing between Hyun-Soo and you, it's no big deal to meet other men.

S: It's...

S: ......

YJ: After all you're worried about Hyun-Soo's reaction~

S: No.

S: I'll go on a blind date!

S: Maybe asking for a meeting with him close to my neighborhood was too rude.

Click Clack

S: No, it should be fine, he said himself he was coming...

Click Clack

S: Does it look like I was too concerned about our date...?

S: No it doesn't matter, it's never a bad thing to look pretty.


Scout / Look Around / Search (Pick the one you prefer)

Scout / Look Around / Search (Pick the one you prefer²)

S: Uh... Is it him...?

S: {It's okay...}

Click Clack

BD: Miss Song Sang-Mi?

S: Yes?

BD: You're Song Sang-Mi, right?

S: Haha... Hello...


BD: Oh, so you're taking personal training lessons these days... Such body shape~



S: {He makes me feel uncomfortable...}


BD: Don't you think we'll get along well? Workout is also my hobby.

BD: I mean, even if I look a little skinny it's because I'm focusing my training on muscle density over muscle mass. Do you get it?


S: Ah-ha... Yes, I understand...

BD: How is it? Can you see the difference?
Is my tattoo preventing you to see my muscle clearly...?

YJ: Look at him. He doesn't look bad, right?

S: {I teased a lot Hyun-Soo about being too skinny, but he has such a great body shape compared to this guy...}

S: {I was totally deceived by his picture...}
{Ah~ Photoshop} (In little)

To be continued...
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