No gymademy

Jul 1st, 2012
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  1. [22:12:24] <~Mons> THE TENTH IT IS. Acton is a city that shines. Bright, pastel curved sterile skyscrapers and research centers all very nearly and carefully placed to not interfere with each other. Streets full of busy people of all sorts, highly questionable bleeding-edge new facilities, restaurants and boutiques. If it were a dirtier city it'd have the smell of construction, but all the construction here looks like it's being done with large-scale lego
  2. [22:12:24] <~Mons> Where to around first?
  3. [22:13:09] <Corinne> "I don't like this place. It's not right. Let's finish up here quick..."
  4. [22:13:18] <Franz> ". . . Too unnatural"
  5. [22:13:24] <Ali> (man now i am hungry for some pastels)
  6. [22:13:56] <Isabella_> "I like it!"
  7. [22:14:11] <Isabella_> (You're hungry for colors?)
  8. [22:14:17] * Ali is poutyfaced and still bruised from last week's trouncing, but he appears to be... Following the others. "Why am i here again? This gym stuff is too stupid..."
  9. [22:14:28] <Ali> (pastel is a food bro!)
  10. [22:14:35] <Yulia> "A learning experience, presumably."
  11. [22:15:27] <Isabella_> "Aw, come on! This is going to be great. This is the hotbed for new shit, this is where trends are set and fucking science happens!"
  12. [22:15:42] <Isabella_> "Also there's a game corner here."
  13. [22:16:07] * Corinne wraps an arm around Ali's shoulder. "Stop whining. If you didn't want to hang out with us, you wouldn't have come all the way here in the first place, right?"
  14. [22:16:13] <Franz> ". . . Too neat and even"
  15. [22:16:15] <Yulia> "....a learning experience," she repeats, this time to convince herself.
  16. [22:16:41] <Yulia> Melchior and Simeon cling to Yulia's hat, fast asleep.
  17. [22:16:42] <Ali> "Umuuuu...!" He is almost crushed by Corinne's amazonian grip!
  18. [22:16:54] * Franz shuffles along suspiciously, this place is waay too artificial, don't know what might happen
  19. [22:17:38] <Isabella_> "Sheez, it's like pulling teeth. Well, where to first?"
  20. [22:18:40] <Isabella_> "Gamble our hesitation away? Check out what they sell in the local malls? Visit the gym of cognitive thinking and problem solving?"
  21. [22:18:56] <Corinne> "Eh. I suppose most expensive new development cities are like this. You have to be old or half-rate to feel homey, when you're making a city..."
  22. [22:19:05] <Isabella_> "We could visit Future's Garden..."
  23. [22:19:12] <Corinne> "Future's Garden?"
  24. [22:19:54] <Isabella_> "Yeah, it's like... The brochure said it makes new developments fun and accessible for people our age!" she declares proudly.
  25. [22:20:09] <Yulia> "Accessibility is relative."
  26. [22:20:18] <Ali> "I could have a better city built back home anyway. I-i have the resources!"
  27. [22:20:21] <Yulia> "But it sounds more appealing than most of the other options."
  28. [22:20:55] <Corinne> "I dunno. If you want to go, Isabella, I won't complain. I'm not the trailblazer when it comes to city exploration..."
  29. [22:23:41] * Isabella_ sighs. "Well, okay."
  30. [22:24:01] <Isabella_> "Then it's either the gym or Future's Garden to start with!"
  31. [22:24:06] * Isabella_ takes out a coin
  32. [22:24:09] <Isabella_> 1d2
  33. [22:24:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella_, 1d2: 2 [1d2=2]
  34. [22:24:11] * Yulia looks over the brochure.
  35. [22:24:33] <Ali> "Well, the Gym looks boring so i might start with this garden..."
  36. [22:24:33] <Isabella_> "...tails! Future's Garden it is. Maybe we'll have time to hit the gym on the way out?"
  37. [22:24:49] <~Mons> Bweeeeeooooo the trip isn't much at all, or at least it seems that way. The sidewalks are accompanied by tubes that rush people along like some sort of hyperspeed walkway, the electronic signs for notable sites and buildings being helpful and always changing if asked.
  38. [22:25:49] <Isabella_> "See, THIS is convenience."
  39. [22:26:08] * Franz is too timid to step onto the freaky thing
  40. [22:26:48] <Corinne> "Not as fun as learning the layout of a city with your own two hands..."
  41. [22:26:51] <Franz> "I-I'll stay out here where I can actually move around, thanks"
  42. [22:27:44] <Ali> "Oh stop being a timidgirl, it's cute but Rica does it better." He takes Franz' hand and tries to take her in.
  43. [22:28:09] * Yulia holds onto her hat, and steps in.
  44. [22:28:46] * Isabella_ rides the hypertube express, grinning. "It's still an adventure."
  45. [22:29:40] * Franz yanks her hand out of his and jumps up on top instead "Yeaahh, I don't think so. I'll just follow along up here"
  46. [22:30:18] * Isabella_ keeps on lookout for Future's Garden
  47. [22:30:34] <~Mons> The park itself is... Well, from a distance it's recognizable as a theme park. But that only goes so far. What initially looks like a ferris wheel is entirely three-dimensional, rotating rapidly to the sides as well as spinning, seemingly just making itself hover through all the motion. The haunted house is a museum of old innovations, a thousand laboratories of the past in one.
  48. [22:30:34] <~Mons> Fairytale castle? The "spires" are rockets, and the center is recognizable as a lunar colony. Photography sites have machines set up that produce card-sized holograms of the moment.
  49. [22:31:09] <Isabella_> "Fuck. Yes."
  50. [22:31:16] <Ali> "Huh. Maybe i should take Mikaela here later for a date..."
  51. [22:31:18] * Isabella_ is really excited.
  52. [22:31:26] <~Mons> Though--huh. Big and wild as it is, the park only takes up an apparent half of the allotted space. The other half is a massive construction fields. There are plenty of flyers and banners strewn about, all having some permutation of one phrase; BATTLE FRONTIER - COMING SOON
  53. [22:31:29] <Ali> "With Rica as well."
  54. [22:32:00] <Isabella_> "A-HA!"
  55. [22:32:07] <Isabella_> "That looks like it's going to be fun!"
  56. [22:32:17] <castfromhp> (>Mikaela)
  57. [22:32:20] <castfromhp> (>date with Ali)
  58. [22:32:22] <Corinne> "What a weird place."
  59. [22:32:31] <Ali> (;_;)
  60. [22:32:35] <castfromhp> (he's bad at getting messages, isn't he?)
  61. [22:32:39] <Isabella_> "The words 'Battle Frontier', don't they inspire a sense of adventure, thrills, and glory in you?"
  62. [22:32:45] <Corinne> (You get way more dates than Corinne, stop ;_;ing)
  63. [22:33:03] <Isabella_> "We'll have to check it out when it opens."
  64. [22:33:15] <Ali> "It inspires the fact it's a frontier for battling. Don't they have a love hot-i mean a Karaoke here?"
  65. [22:33:41] * Franz hops off the tube, a little worn out from trying to keep up. Her mood inadvertently brightens a bit when she sees the park, however
  66. [22:34:03] <Yulia> "Too flashy."
  67. [22:34:10] <Isabella_> "Because those things are totally similar."
  68. [22:35:09] <Isabella_> "In any case... I'm heading for the museum. You guys don't have to come along unless you waaant. I'm sure it'd be boring for the lot of you. The point is to kick back and have some fun, ride the rides if you want!"
  69. [22:35:41] <Ali> "Wait, is that an insult?"
  70. [22:36:43] * Corinne shakes her head. "No, i'll go with you."
  71. [22:37:01] <Corinne> "Might as well get used to the things you're interested in, right...?"
  72. [22:37:03] <Yulia> "The museum sounds fascinating, actually. More so than the park."
  73. [22:38:08] <Isabella_> "Is what an insult? Anyway..."
  74. [22:38:31] <Isabella_> "If that's what you guys want, sounds good to me!" She strides towards the place.
  75. [22:38:36] * Franz pouts "You'd rather see a museum over fun stuff?"
  76. [22:38:39] <Ali> "That we are too dumb to have fun at the museum!"
  77. [22:38:51] <Ali> "That is an insult!"
  78. [22:39:18] <Isabella_> "Well Franz doesn't seem to want to go, I think it was a fair assumption!"
  79. [22:39:28] <Isabella_> "In any case, we going or not?"
  80. [22:41:04] <Corinne> "I am!"
  81. [22:41:29] * Corinne smiles widely, as though deciding to go to a museum instead of the park was a great achievement
  82. [22:41:51] <~Mons> It's part of the park silly.
  83. [22:42:15] <~Mons> Entrance fee to everything is 3000. Pay once and you get access to more or less everything without any further fees, even food.
  84. [22:42:16] * Ali pouts back! "W-well i'm going too. It's not like i want to be with all of you or something."
  85. [22:43:12] * Franz pouts some more over the fact there's no trees with which to climb over the fence.
  86. [22:43:58] <Yulia> "Funny. You seemed like you didn't want to be around me."
  87. [22:44:06] <Isabella_> (Is this fluff monies like when tuesday went to the fancy bar or)
  88. [22:44:17] <~Mons> There are plenty of trees they're just perfectly groomed city saplings that would snap under a person's weight.
  89. [22:44:24] <~Mons> No, this is An Actual Event
  90. [22:44:42] <~Mons> The mechanical deal is if you ever go offscreen, you walk out with a random form of "modified" item as a souvenir
  91. [22:44:47] <~Mons> Well, or onscreen too
  92. [22:45:13] <Isabella_> "Well, let's make sure to get our money's worth in any case."
  93. [22:45:29] * Isabella_ off to the museum!
  94. [22:45:41] <Ali> (Is there a permanent pass?)
  95. [22:45:49] <~Mons> Nope
  96. [22:46:59] * Ali pays up the 3000 because cash rules everything around him. "Well, first things first, where do the ladies want to go?"
  97. [22:48:37] * Yulia pays up. Presumably Pokemon get in free.
  98. [22:49:07] <~Mons> Of course
  99. [22:49:12] * Franz They'd better, Franz doesn't want to pay even more for the leafeon running round her feet
  100. [22:50:59] * Isabella_ is heading for the museum first off
  101. [22:51:14] <Isabella_> "Well, EVERYWHERE, eventually. Right? But first off the museum."
  102. [22:51:32] * Corinne follows behind Isabella. She looks for some food stands or anything along the way. ARE THERE ANY STRENGTH TEST MACHINES, BY THE WAY.
  103. [22:51:36] <Yulia> "What are the available exhibits?"
  104. [22:51:54] * Isabella_ looks for a passing info stand to grab a brochure from or something
  105. [22:52:00] <~Mons> There are but they're full-body muscle tension analyzers.
  106. [22:52:10] <Ali> (Vibrators?)
  107. [22:53:08] <~Mons> The brochure is both helpful and completely useless, in that most of this stuff sounds like it SHOULD be in a book.
  108. [22:53:36] <Isabella_> "Uh, a lot, really."
  109. [22:53:58] * Corinne frowns at the Tension...muscle...thing. "...I was hoping for a hammer and a bell..."
  110. [22:55:21] <Yulia> "A lot? It shouldn't take too long to read. It's just a brochure."
  111. [22:55:31] * Yulia takes one for herself, and speed-reads through it
  112. [22:55:44] <~Mons> THE MUSEUM OF PAST INNOVATION is actually pretty... quaint? Silly? It's hard to tell, given that it's BIG but made in a sort of mishmash of Ye Olde Styelinge. There are statues of grimy, insane-looking illustrious personages flanking the entrance.
  113. [22:56:36] * Franz looks around in wonder, timidness slowly melting away
  114. [22:57:27] <Ali> "It's just old stuff, no need for a brochure, no? I mean, they always explain the stuff they keep there."
  115. [22:57:51] <Yulia> "So very, very many things are old. So very, very many are interesting."
  116. [22:57:54] <~Mons> Stepping in, it starts with the basics. Cave paintings, fire, pelts... What drives the creation of tools, the addition of one thing to another. Why are pokemon content with their instincts but people not?
  117. [22:58:23] <Yulia> She gets through the brochures quite quickly, and pays attention to the exhibits.
  118. [22:59:00] <Ali> "Cubone and Marowak carry bones, wouldn't that make them halfway to humans...?"
  119. [22:59:18] <Ali> "Or even Farfetch for that matter..."
  120. [22:59:48] <Isabella_> "Some pokemon naturally use tools but that's almost inbred instinct, not natural ingenuity. It's different from humans."
  121. [23:00:24] * Yulia lets out Nicodemus. Maybe he'll provide his own commentary - or if not, he'll at least help out somehow.
  122. [23:00:26] <~Mons> Civilization rises, and parallels are drawn between legends and actual events, science and myth--early science was nothing but magic for the longest time, and vice versa. Potions. Primitive batteries. The inner workings of an early-model apricorn ball. A perfectly preserved organic system of a Magikarp, skinless and fleshless. The people associated with all such, that built on it, the impacts... Lots of attention to detail and 'hey, loo
  123. [23:00:27] <~Mons> at this!'
  124. [23:01:37] * Isabella_ looks to see if there's a replica of Bolt's Tutor Machine from the late 1800's :3c
  125. [23:02:23] * Franz looks around, fascinated by it all, especially the early eras. "I must say, it sure is a lot more interesting than I thought it'd be"
  126. [23:02:33] * Corinne follows Isabella, not paying much attention to any of the exhibits yet...She even sends out Cutie to busy herself with a bit, hugging the Slowpoke.
  127. [23:03:23] <Ali> "True. But people don't breath fire (with the exception of Beatrice), so they do have an advantage there. We make Pok├ęballs to even the field."
  128. [23:03:24] <Isabella_> "It's all so fascinating, isn't it? Reality and legend have been so intertwined over the course of history, it can become difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins? But despite that, rapid, steady progress has been made."
  129. [23:04:18] <Isabella_> "We still use 'potions' and 'elixirs' even today, though our standards of what comprise them are far different than hundreds of years ago..."
  130. [23:06:14] <Isabella_> "Isn't it funny how people used to catch pokemon in hollowed out fruit? And I daresay people in the future will marvel at our primitive pokeballs one day, too."
  131. [23:06:19] * Yulia looks around for the artifice exhibit.
  132. [23:06:22] <~Mons> Cutie stretches out and tries to lick at a potion bottle.
  133. [23:06:24] <Ali> "Still... We-Wait, 'Automatic Breakfast Maker'. How preposterous is that?"
  134. [23:06:25] <Corinne> "I dunno, Ali. I can beat up a pokemon pretty well without pokeballs." she says, patting Slowpoke on the head.
  135. [23:06:35] <~Mons> It's right over there! Holy shit this is some crazy stuff.
  136. [23:06:43] <~Mons> Starting with the breakfast machine, then a breakfast TELEPORTER
  137. [23:07:08] <~Mons> Complex messes of clockwork that massage you while telling the time while flipping burgers
  138. [23:07:34] <Ali> "Well, most people can't. That is the point..."
  139. [23:08:07] * Franz can't make heads nor tails of this crazy stuff
  140. [23:08:23] <Isabella_> "See? I told you this trip would be fun!"
  141. [23:08:39] <Yulia> "Scale models of Pancake-class and Galette-class airships, seats ten."
  142. [23:11:20] <Isabella_> "An american entrepreneur by the name of Bolt made a lot of our modern conveniences, you know. The workings of modern tutor machines, automatic doors, refridgerators, all sorts of electrical appliances... The town he lived in even had electric wiring, telephones, and other things thanks to him. He was considered more than eccentric during his time but holy shit he was brilliant. Seems
  143. [23:11:20] <Isabella_> like his rotoms were the inspiration behind a lot of his work."
  144. [23:11:31] * Isabella_ points out some things.
  145. [23:11:33] <Ali> (>American)
  146. [23:11:41] <Ali> (>not Unovan)
  147. [23:11:42] <Isabella_> (Yes, the normal world exists Ali)
  148. [23:11:43] <~Mons> Unova isn't all of america you plut
  149. [23:11:50] <~Mons> it's just new york
  150. [23:11:53] <Ali> (umu)
  151. [23:12:37] <Yulia> "Originally designed with sails, it was changed to a fixed Garchomp-wing configuration for better aerodynamics and saving on costs."
  152. [23:12:45] <Isabella_> "That's another thing. Humans learn a lot from various different species of pokemon, and apply the knowledge in ways unprecedented. Conkeldurrs were said to teach humans how to make concrete, but it's we who built these towering cities."
  153. [23:13:39] <Yulia> "....actually, I don't think we have to remain content with looking at models."
  154. [23:13:44] * Yulia points upward.
  155. [23:13:58] * Corinne wraps Cutie's cute little stubby arms around her neck, wearing the slowpoke like a backpack. "Really? I figured they just picked up all that construction materials after we'd...come up with them and all."
  156. [23:14:00] <Isabella_> "While we may not match the raw intelligence of Alakazams, it stands to reason that we are still the most ambitious, adaptable... hmm?"
  157. [23:14:03] <Ali> "Maybe because we can't swing concrete flails well." Ali can't help but to stifle a laugh.
  158. [23:14:17] * Isabella_ looks up
  159. [23:14:43] <Yulia> The Galette itself is suspended from the ceiling with wire, its outer shell carefully restored.
  160. [23:14:52] * Isabella_ whistles low.
  161. [23:15:17] <Yulia> "I suspect that, from far away, this outline would draw many small villages to panic."
  162. [23:15:50] * Isabella_ sweeps her arm around
  163. [23:15:57] * Corinne frowns. "Do they have anything about Martial arts in this exhibit?"
  164. [23:16:08] <Isabella_> "We're in a priceless treasure trove of history. And history is what they build the future on! ...Martial arts, hm."
  165. [23:16:18] <Isabella_> "Well... I kind of doubt it but maybe!"
  166. [23:16:24] * Yulia looks at the brochure.
  167. [23:16:36] <~Mons> Not... exactly. Maybe like, a rusted fighting robot or two. All that would probably be a different attraction.
  168. [23:16:39] <Corinne> "Why WOULDN'T they have something about it...?" she asks, crossing her arms. "Hmph."
  169. [23:17:14] <Isabella_> "Rock'em Sock'em Rotom?"
  170. [23:17:24] <Isabella_> "Mm."
  171. [23:17:46] <Ali> "It bloody should! It looks like a giant Salamence!" He takes a look at a ship model. "Okay, this is something out of sci-fi."
  172. [23:17:51] <Isabella_> "Well, the museum is probably the wrong place to look for a good fight, or even the history of good fights."
  173. [23:17:52] <~Mons> Though in any case the final stage of the museum is one of advancing and evolving science, and challenging current widely-held opinions, with excerpts from theses and writeups on the bleeding edge--whether pokeballs need a mechanism, whether it's possible for people to have abilities...
  174. [23:17:56] <Ali> (Also Balth actually built those Kain)
  175. [23:18:04] <Ali> (Rawk'em Sawk'em Robots)
  176. [23:18:06] <Yulia> "...I actually own a book that comprehensively covers the origins and styles behind many system of martial arts, Corinne."
  177. [23:18:08] <Isabella_> (Haha)
  178. [23:18:13] <Isabella_> (I was referencing Turf actually)
  179. [23:18:23] <Isabella_> (Damien made us fight a rock'em sock'em robot rotom in a cage match)
  180. [23:18:26] <~Mons> Implying there isn't a straight line of development from one to the other.
  181. [23:18:32] <Yulia> "It's a rather thick coffee-table book."
  182. [23:19:01] <Isabella_> "Oh look, the best part of the place!"
  183. [23:19:13] <~Mons> Anyway... christ it's late. Does anyone mind if I just cut it off here as far as my major interference? After rolling your souvenirs of course, AND you an fluff the other attractions some if you want
  184. [23:19:23] <~Mons> Next week we'll do the gym and... perhaps other things later in the week
  186. [23:23:17] <Isabella_> (Well throw a PC at it)
  187. [23:23:18] <Yulia> 1d20+8 Itemfinder PC
  188. [23:23:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, Itemfinder PC: 17 [1d20=9]
  189. [23:23:21] <Isabella_> (pffff)
  190. [23:23:24] <Yulia> ( aaaaaaaa )
  191. [23:24:35] <Isabella_> "You know, there's some Okowan technology that I find intriguing as well, Corinne. You haven't happened to go wingsuit diving, have you?"
  192. [23:24:37] <Yulia> ( I guess all that's left is Ephraimroll for hilarity )
  193. [23:25:52] <Ali> "Woels Fossil Reviver. Yeah, like putting bones in this cranky box will revive them. Pshaw!"
  194. [23:27:19] <~Mons> Franz receives three doses of REVIVAL DUST-- breathed in rather than eaten to cut the bitterness, and wakes up pokemon with combat stages intact.
  195. [23:27:20] <~Mons> Isabella receives an X-Wild. Basically Belly Drum in a bottle.
  196. [23:27:20] <~Mons> Ali receives two bottles of hyper-enriched soy moomoo milk, increases each defense by one stage in addition to the healing.
  197. [23:27:21] <~Mons> Yulia receives an Imbalancer Shot--lose up to six total combat stages in any stats to gain the same amount in others.
  198. [23:27:22] <~Mons> Corinne receives two Level Seals as asteri. Slightly boring but what the hey
  199. [23:28:23] <Ali> (Soy milk)
  200. [23:28:31] <Ali> (that is more John's alley but)
  201. [23:29:17] <Isabella_> "Neat."
  202. [23:30:00] <Corinne> (Seals?)
  203. [23:30:18] <Isabella_> (You slap them on pokeballs and shit happens)
  204. [23:30:19] <Yulia> ( Attach them to Pokeballs. )
  205. [23:30:43] <Isabella_> (One sec)
  206. [23:31:13] <Isabella_> Silph Platinum Seal / 1200 / +1d4 Levels upon Capture. Pokemon loses EXP if seal is later removed.
  207. [23:31:28] <Isabella_> (Debatedbly useful depending on if you want to catch more pokemon or not)
  208. [23:33:38] <Yulia> 1d100 Ephraimroll
  209. [23:33:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Yulia, Ephraimroll: 27 [1d100=27]
  210. [23:36:33] <Ali> (so, that's it?)
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