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  1. Channel Questions:
  3. - What makes mods decide to create or remove a channel?
  4. - Why is there a #pop channel on a pop server?
  5. - Why is there no #k-pop?
  6. - Why did you remove #counting?
  7. - Why are #pokecord and #sports still in the channel list, even if they're inactive?
  8. - Why are #games and #sports separate from #entertainment?
  9. - What is the exact purpose of #timeout? Why is it used so much as a joke?
  10. Policy Questions (Not Related To Warnings and Bannings):
  12. - Why is the level required for the popheadsheads role so high?
  13. - Why are you not allowed to post photos in most channels until you achieve popheadsheads?
  14. -  Are there any exact factors that prompt mods to remove messages? Why are my messages being removed?
  15. Policy Questions (Related to Warnings and Bannings)
  17. - What is the exact ban system that the mods operate on, and what are the most prominent reasons for bans?
  18. - How can I be sure that I won't be at risk of getting a ban?
  19. - If the mods ever revise a ban, how is that determined?
  20. - Why was Krom banned?
  21. - How much does behind-the-scene stuff a factor into the mods deciding to ban somebody? How much about the background banning decisions do mods make public?
  22. Questions about the Anti-Mod Drama Going On At Present:
  24. - What are the mods' exact thoughts on the April Fools fallout?
  25. - Why did the mods think (so and so) was a good idea for April Fools?
  26. - Can regular users be assured that no similarly inconvenient event of the sort will ever happen again?
  27. - How do the mods feel about the fact that multiple members are leaving this server? Are they discussing this at all?
  28. - How did the mods learn about the dissent server? Do they understand what may have led to its creation?
  29. - How can users speak up whenever they think they disagree with mod actions from now on, and how will the mods respond?
  30. - If drama from personal issues arises on the server, either in between regular users or in between mods, how are mods expected to respond, and what do they recommend others do about it?
  31. Misc. Questions:
  33. - Why are there so many inactive chat mods that do almost nothing?
  34. - How do the mods feel about ironic bigotry on this server? Where do they draw the line? (This is relevant because of Krom)
  35. - How can users and mods build trust if mods can make decisions that the userbase will find flawed? How do we deal with this paradox?
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