PoE: Budget BM EB MOM IS Inquisitor

Aug 31st, 2016
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  1. Passive Tree:
  3. BM Ice Spear Inquisitor
  4. • Blood Magic as to not have to rely on mana regeneration which is very inefficient at high levels of play (map mod).
  5. • Eldritch Battery and Mind over Matter only if running pretty decent ES gear, but if under ~1K avoid.
  6. • Inquisitor for ignoring 100% of enemy resistances.
  7. • Vaal Pact only after running Life Leech gem.
  9. Bandits: Oak, Alira, Kill (Point);
  12. In order of importance:
  13. • Ice Spear - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Increased Critical Strikes - Spell Echo - Life Leech - Pierce
  14. • Whirling Blades for mobility coupled with Flame Dash for moving over empty spaces and up/down ledges.
  15. • Herald of Ice in Essence Worm ring for better AoE Clears.
  16. • Defensive Cast When Damage Taken setups, highly customizable and with curses of choice. Blade Vortex is linked to Curse on Hit meaning the level of the curse in that setup can be the highest possible. This means that the curse applied farther away by CWDT directly is less effective and the curse applied by CoH BV in melee range is highle effective.
  17. • Flame Golem for generic damage buff, Lightning Golem and Chaos Golem are also good alternatives.
  19. Item stat priority:
  20. → Life
  21. → Elemental Resistance
  22. → Critical Strike Multiplier
  23. → Cast Speed
  24. → Spell Damage/Projectile Damage/Cold Damage/Elemental Damage
  25. → Energy Shield (For Mind over Matter eHP pool)
  26. → Attack Speed (Whirling Blades attack time)
  27. → Movement Speed (30% on Boots, for repositioning between Whirling Blades usage and town runs)
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