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May 24th, 2019
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  1. Verse 1
  2. just pulled up in a brand new Rolls Royce
  3. I don’t give a fuck about them old boys
  4. I Got more money and she got more toys
  5. I get that bag with the ease, bitch
  6. Diamonds no cuban z’s bitch,
  7. Young hitta chase that bag
  8. I got j-jet-lag
  9. Get your money, checkup
  10. Bad bitch, neck down, fat ass up
  11. Pull up in a coupe we swerve
  12. Bad bitch starting twerking
  13. I been puttin work in!
  15. Ay
  16. VV on me, bustdown
  17. Girl get out of my dms before you get shut down
  18. Unless I’mma score like a touchdown
  19. All this water on me I might just drown
  20. Put myself on the map I gotta rep my town
  21. Every Saturday night we turning up and never turning down
  23. So that's the end of discussion
  24. I don’t like to talk so i keep a glock
  25. Rollie on my wrist aint no tick tock
  26. Yeah this grind never gonna stop
  27. Middle fingers up fuck the ops
  28. Ya im a cash cow
  29. Don’t give no fucks now
  30. Of the gas I’m not even here right now
  31. Bitch got an ass like an onion, make me wanna cry
  32. I can’t let this industry change me cuz I’m that guy
  33. When I’m off the drugs my mind is in the sky
  34. Told my momma that I’m not afraid to die
  35. Got that lil bitch so wet I didn’t even have to try
  36. Ay, take her back to my place
  37. She trynna fuck but I just want the face
  38. Shawty super thick and likes to smoke maryjane
  39. Cuban like my chain,
  40. She gonna do whatever I say
  41. She like the way I move
  42. And dance on stage
  43. She gon' come to my place
  44. Fuck being broke I can’t do minimum wage
  46. So imma keep me a glock
  47. My grind never gunna stop
  48. They bumping my music they say its a bop
  49. Pull up in a brand new drop
  50. Like an elevator going to the top
  51. Trust me when I say never talking to any cop
  53. What you know about this lifestyle
  54. Jump in the crowd make that shit go wild
  55. They might think that I’m dumb
  56. Say to my face extended clip with the drum
  57. Designer clothes all over my style
  58. I need all the guap I need it in a pile
  59. Feel lonely and like an exile
  60. When they see me going up
  61. They try to say whatsup
  62. Man Imma dog your just a pup
  63. I came from nothing now I’m in the game
  64. VVS diamonds on the bezel and my chain
  65. Shawty say I got drip like a storm with all that rain
  66. Money talks
  69. Imma bout my peso
  70. Fuck cops Imma do the race tho
  71. Fuck all these random hoes
  72. I’m safe tho gimmie face tho
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