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  1. An Individual walks into the cafe... Someone...'human', but such features on this individual almost seem divine, the odd, luminous glow that spreads off from this individual, giving a warmth similar to sunlight.  The tall, slender figure is draped in what appears to be a single, smooth dress of white with silver sleeves at first glance, but further sights show the sleeves to have edges and ridges from shoulder to cuff, as if the plates on articulating armor, each one engraved with that incandescent gold that circles around each individual gem that is embedded into each plate, one more exotic than the next, the white dress giving off a soft shine, swaying softly with the person's steps into the shop.  It is noticeable that the ends of the dress flow over the cafe's floor, not droop and drag, but quite literally float over while covering the wearer's feet, while the person's hands are sheathed in gloves of night's darkness, yet the only thing revealed is a soft, gentle face with slight feminine features, eyes of an emerald hue, and pure white hair that drapes down those gentle shoulders, pass the backside to just above the ankles.
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