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  1. Ryan Strysk That is where I draw the line, the naivety that you just spouted from that last paragraph makes me sad because I see you mean good. But really man, look into it...the Democrats and Republicans are the same on everything. You're buying into ...
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  5. Ryan Strysk Good night all!
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  8. Nick Picini And a merry christmas
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  11. Alec Szigeti ‎/r/conspiratard
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  14. Alec Szigeti really, I'm going half way with you here, I agree we can do better than the dems and repubs, but really, the evil ones here are the repubs. The dems are just on the side of "suck hollywood's dick". So yes, corruption all around, but the real masterminds behind all this are the republicans. I mean, Mitt the Twit and Paul Ryan have said so much stupid shit everystep of the way, but yet they have almost half the votes. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. So if you're going to go around and point fingers at neo-facists and whatnot, look at the people telling gays what they can or cannot do in bed, telling women what they can or cannot do with their bodies, and the ones punishing the poor and giving the rich power, which then gives them more money. You could say Obama is a piece of shit, and I would not disagree too much, but he is nothing compared to the evil known as the GOP.
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