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  1. yeah for the second thing he'd have a traditional military system that's still reminiscent of the military system from way back when but im not sure if stopping at that would have it hold up so i probably have to re-think that part
  3. as for the first issue, i was trying to think of a way to explain this. i wanted to make it so that the mother and father are divorced/estranged/3rd thing and have the mother move out the country and venture into the modern japanese society and be the one to sort of introduce these things into the capital. i was thinking that she introduces these things specifically to her daughter and her best friend, who is allied with her family, and it spreads throughout just the royal families sans the head, and he would be very unmoving in his ways and initially against it especially considering that he views his wife as essentially ruining the centuries-old cultural balance still held within the capital, but he allows it after a while due to realizing the quality of life it brings the families and the overall morale boost, as well as realizing it *probably* isnt a fight he can win considering only the father of the allied royal family is on his side but he attempts to find some way to undermine the system within the families, forcibly re-instill his cultural beliefs onto them, and also force his daughter and her best friend to stick with the traditional route of becoming princess for their respective royal family and essentially being trapped within the castle for the remainder of their lives, as they already were very rarely allowed to leave the castle beforehand. due to the modern culture infecting the royal families he wants to keep them inside and place even more restrictions on them so as to not have cultural assimilation happen throughout his kingdom
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