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  1. tyler - 05/10/2017
  2. Oh haha
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMjht18hMbW/
  4. Instagram
  5. Instagram post by Taylor Swift • Nov 8, 2016 at 4:01pm UTC
  6. 2.4m Likes, 45.5k Comments - Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Instagram: “Today is the day. Go out and VOTE 🇺🇸”
  8. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  9. It's midnight and Taylor is still in the recording studio. Shellback and Martin had already left hours ago leaving her alone with her notes sprawled out on the table and her guitar leaning against the wall. She leans back on the couch and sighs.(edited)
  10. tyler - 05/10/2017
  11. I enter the room during the long night, noticing Taylor sighing. "What's wrong Miss Swift?" I ask curiously, yawning a bit from the long hour. "Is everything ok?" I say walking into the room and sitting on a chair across from the couch you were on.(edited)
  12. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  13. "Nothing much, Tyler," Taylor says. "Just another long day of brainstorming and strumming. The blonde streches her arms out in front of her and above her, arching her back, trying to keep her mind off how tired she is."Say what time is it?"
  14. tyler - 05/10/2017
  15. I open up my phone and check the time. "12:30." I say with another small yawn. "How long are you planning on stay Miss Swift? Sounds like you've made some good tracks today." I say, having been present for the whole session.(edited)
  16. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  17. "I don't know," Taylor replies. "I could stay here and keep going," she says as she glances at her notes on the coffee table. "Speaking of coffee table, can you be a dear and get me a cup?"
  18. tyler - 05/10/2017
  19. "Of course Miss Swift, and don't worry I'll be here as long as you are." I say getting up and heading to the room over. I wait and cook up a pot a coffee, returning and handing it to you. "Here you are Miss Swift."
  20. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  21. The blonde grab the coffee cup and take a sip from it. "Thanks you so much." She takes a few more sips and puts the cup down on the table, pushing away some of the notes. She lies down on the couch and arches her back again to feel comfortable. She takes her phone out of her purse and begins to check her messages.
  22. tyler - 05/10/2017
  23. "It's no problem Miss Swift, it's really my pleasure." I say smiling at you as you sip the coffee. I too pull out my phone as you lay there on your phone. "Is there anything you need me to do?" I ask curiously. I just mess around on the internet while we sit there on our phones.
  24. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  25. "Nah, you're good for now, Tyler, thank you." She continues to look through her phone's various social media apps.
  26. tyler - 05/10/2017
  27. "Ok, just making sure." I say with a small grin and another yawn. I stretch out as I stand, pacing around a bit to wake myself up before taking a seat.
  28. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  29. Minutes later, Taylor sits back up and begins to stand. "I'll just go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a sec," she says as she walks out the door, her phone unlocked on Photos, her coffee cup half-full, and her notes sprawled out still on the table.
  30. tyler - 05/10/2017
  31. I check out Taylor's ass as she leaves the room, thinking about her in the washroom. I can see her phone unlocked, not wanting to disrespect her and check it out, I just peer over and slightly see her gallery.(edited)
  32. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  33. The Photos is on the gallery mode and you can see the last hundreds of pictures on the phone, you can see photos from this very studio with Martin and Shellback, photos of Meredith and Olivia, some of food, the works. You notice a coupleof skin-colored photos in the top-left, right towards the limit of how far you could see in the past without scrolling up.
  34. tyler - 05/10/2017
  35. I bite my bottom lip, and go to check out the photos quickly. They turned out to be revealing nudes of Miss Swift. I begin blush after staring at the for a few moments before throwing her phone back down and sitting back in my chair, not sure how to react.
  36. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  37. Taylor returns from the bathroom and smiles at you. She takes a seat back onto the couch and starts to collect the notes and putting them into a singular pile. Occasionally, she will sip some coffee.
  38. tyler - 05/10/2017
  39. "everything go ok in there Miss Swift?" I ask sweetly, still thinking about the pictures. I occasionally look up from my phone to softly smile at Taylor.(edited)
  40. (ya fixed it)
  41. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  42. "Oh whoops, I forgot my purse in there," she suddenly says after a moment of thought. Her phone is still unlocked, just faced down.
  43. tyler - 05/10/2017
  44. As she leaves, I check her ass out again before look at her phone.
  45. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  46. The photos are of Taylor in various seductive positions some have her face, some don't. All of them are taken by Swift herself and some videos with similar content are also within the mishmash of photos.
  47. tyler - 05/10/2017
  48. I begin starting to get aroused while looking at these photos and videos, my cock hardening and my cheeks beet red. I start to rub my cock over my pants looking at these sexual videos and pictures.
  49. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  50. You hear footsteps outside the door getting louder by the second. It seems that Taylor got her purse back.
  51. tyler - 05/10/2017
  52. I drop the phone quickly rushing back to my chair.
  53. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  54. "Hey, thanks," Taylor says as she enters. "I think I am done. Can you call the car around?" She walks to the table and picks up the notes and folds them before placing the sheets into her purse. She finishes her coffee and starts to turn toward the couch.
  55. tyler - 05/10/2017
  56. I call the driver and he lets me know he's on his way. "He should be here shortly Miss Swift, would you like me to wait until you leave?" I ask, still blushing and a bit horny from those pics I had seen moments ago.
  57. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  58. "No, you can leave," Taylor says as she picks up her phone. Her eyes widen at the sight of her full-body mirror nude on display on her phone. Her head sharply turns to her assistant. "Did you touch my phone?!"
  59. tyler - 05/10/2017
  60. Just as I was about to leave I hear you say that. I turn around blushing. "N-no Miss Swift." I say looking at you very embarrassed.
  61. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  62. "Are you sure, Tyler?!" She says, her voice getting louder and angrier.
  63. tyler - 05/10/2017
  64. I start to look at the ground out of embarrassement. "I am so sorry Miss Swift, you just left it unlocked and i got, well, I got curious..." I stammer out nervously,.
  65. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  66. "Did. You. Make. Copies?" She says, staring at you, making each word cut into the air.
  67. tyler - 05/10/2017
  68. "No, never Miss Swift, I just l-looked qui-quickly." I say more nervous than ever.
  69. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  70. "Let me see your phone," she says with her right hand outstretched in front of you.
  71. tyler - 05/10/2017
  72. "Y-yes Miss Swift." I hand it over obediently, slightly scared of the situation.
  73. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  74. Taylor looks through your photos and confirms you're telling the truth. She returns your phone back to you. "So what are you gonna do with yourself now?," she says, looking at you.
  75. tyler - 05/10/2017
  76. "N-nothing." I say not wanting to admit to her that I was about to go home and jerk off. "I will forget all about the Miss Swift." I say apologizing non stop.
  77. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  78. "I highly doubt that, Tyler," she says to you, looking with contempt.
  79. tyler - 05/10/2017
  80. "I...I-I might uh..." I try to tell you but I was to embarrassed and nervous to admit it. My cock was starting to erect again.
  81. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  82. "You might what?"
  83. tyler - 05/10/2017
  84. "M-masturbate."
  85. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  86. "Yeah, I thought so." She said, looking away. "I bet it gets you off to see me everyday wearing dresses, tight jeans, yoga pants, and croptops and never getting the chance. Well, you're not. In fact, you're fired."
  87. tyler - 05/10/2017
  88. "Wh-what?!" I look at you in disbelief.
  89. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  90. "You heard me. You're fired." Taylor says with a smug-angered look on her face.
  91. tyler - 05/10/2017
  92. "Ye-yes Miss Swift." I say sadly, look at the ground as I begin to leave.
  93. [i dont do rape.]
  94. [also taking a call ill be back momentarily]
  95. jizzedtothrow - 05/10/2017
  96. "Which severance package would you like?" Taylor asks as you're halfway out the door.
  97. tyler - 05/10/2017
  98. "I want you." I say smirking.
  99. May 11, 2017
  100. tyler - 05/11/2017
  101. (sorry for the late response had a work call)
  102. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  103. "That's only reserved for those who resign," Taylor replies.
  104. tyler - 05/11/2017
  105. "I resign then." I say smiling at you, starting to slowly walk closer to you.
  106. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  107. "I expect your letter of resignation by tomorrow." Taylor says as you get closer and closer to her. She throws her purse onto the couch.
  108. tyler - 05/11/2017
  109. "It'll be on your desk before you get in." I say whispering you to you, inches away from you now.
  110. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  111. Taylor makes the first move and grabs your shirt and pulls you in for a kiss, her left hand pushing your head down towards hers.
  112. tyler - 05/11/2017
  113. I bring her in, holding her tightly as I kiss her back. My hands starting to rub her beautiful back.
  114. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  115. "The car will be here soon," Taylor says. "Do you want to do this here or on the way?" She smirks as she finishes the question.
  116. tyler - 05/11/2017
  117. I kiss you passionately, falling onto you the couch,  bringing you down with me. "Here." I whisper, rolling you on top of me.
  118. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  119. "Better be quick then," the celebrity whispers as she pulls her pants down with her laced panties and letting them fall onto the floor.
  120. tyler - 05/11/2017
  121. I quickly pull my pants down as well, my hard cock already throbbing. I move her up to my have so she can sit on it, licking her beautiful ass.
  122. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  123. Taylor moans as she rubs herself while Tyler licks her in her other hole. Her breaths become shorter and sharper.
  124. tyler - 05/11/2017
  125. I place my hands on her hips as I continue licking and kissing her beuatiful ass hole, smelling her sweet aroma.
  126. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  127. Taylor's moans grow louder and louder.
  128. tyler - 05/11/2017
  129. I was now tongue deep in her ass, my hands rubbing her soft inner thighs.
  130. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  131. Taylor's moans are becoming more intense. "We don't. Have. A lot of. Time. Fuck. Me. Please." She manages to say.
  132. tyler - 05/11/2017
  133. "I want you to ride my cock you queen." I say muffled from me being under he sweet ass.
  134. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  135. "Too bad," Taylor smirks as she gets off the couch and bends over the coffee table.
  136. tyler - 05/11/2017
  137. I give you a little spank, teasing her pussy with my cock. "It really is." I say smirking back.
  138. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  139. Taylor's hands make their way to her behind and spread her legs and her cheeks apart, presenting herself to you.
  140. tyler - 05/11/2017
  141. I slowly slide my cock into her warm, tight pussy, inch by inch until all 6 are in, moaning lightly a sI do.
  142. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  143. Taylor moans as you slowly fill her up. "Hurry up, Tyler."
  144. tyler - 05/11/2017
  145. I start pounding her quickly from the back, moaning her name with every thrust.
  146. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  147. Taylor moans rhythmically with each and every thrust. Her moans getting louder and louder as she gets pounded from behind. "Faster, come on!"
  148. tyler - 05/11/2017
  149. I begin to precum, leaking all out of my throbbing cock, "Where do you want me to cum Taylor?" I ask breathily panting as I continue pounding her pussy.
  150. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  151. The continuous pounding has made Taylor ecstatic and in a daze; her body trying to meet your motions with every thrust. Her moans drown out whatever was being said.(edited)
  152. tyler - 05/11/2017
  153. I start to shoot cum in her pussy, screaming her name as I do.
  154. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  155. "Fuck!" Taylor moans as cum fills her up; her body tensing up and sending shockwaves of pleasure.
  156. tyler - 05/11/2017
  157. I lean foward kissing the back of her neck as I keep my cock in her, just enjoying the moment.
  158. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  159. "Alright," Taylor says. "We need to go. The car's probably waiting."
  160. tyler - 05/11/2017
  161. "Ya you're right Taylor" I say pulling my cock out.
  162. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  163. Taylor gets up and puts her panties and pants back on. "I can feel it leaking out of me."
  164. tyler - 05/11/2017
  165. "Good babe, those were some sexy panties too." I say playfully spanking yoour ass.
  166. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  167. "Come on, let's go." She says, grabbing her purse and making her way out the door.
  168. tyler - 05/11/2017
  169. I follow her out to the car, smiling the whole time. "You really are amazing Taylor." I say as I open up her door for her.
  170. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  171. "i expect a letter of resignation tomorrow," Taylor says as she enters the vehicle. "It's a shame you didn't make copies, by the way. I might have taken longer to convince you to delete them. And besides, why do you think I left it for you to see anyway?" She laughs before closing the car door and the car departs.
  172. tyler - 05/11/2017
  173. I stand there pondering, just smirking. I send her a text with one of the pictures. "Should of checked your cloud." The text reads.
  174. jizzedtothrow - 05/11/2017
  175. [How the fuck?!] Taylor sends back.
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