DartCraft Beta 0.2.13 Changelog

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  1. Beta 0.2.13
  2. - Bugfix: Force Packs will no longer errantly interact with IInventories with a size of 0.  (They're out there.)
  3. - Bugfix: Force Infusers will now allow manual clicking of Upgrade Materials into their upgrade slots from ItemStacks of a stackSize greater than 1.
  4. - Bugfix: Possible NPE fix for Force Axes.
  5. - Compatibility Fix: Force Pickaxes, Force Shovels, Force Shears and Power Drills have been added to MultiMine's exempt item list.  As a result Area Mode will now function properly for these tools, even with MultiMine installed.  (Tested with MultiMine v1.3.1)
  6. - Bugfix: Force Shears should now be able to harvest any block that implements IShearable.
  7. - Bugfix: Force Machines that have not had their tag data initialized can now be recolored with shapeless vanilla dye recipes as intended.
  8. - Bugfix: Force Wrenches will no longer use or require magic when all magic use is disabled in the config.
  9. - Added a config option to only apply Force Armor's speed boost to players while they are sprinting.  This is a client-side option that can be decided per-player for convenience.  By default speed will be applied even while not sprinting.
  10. - Added a client-only config option to change the amount of particles given off by Force Transport Pipes.  These particles can now be decreased in number or simply disabled.
  11. - Reworked the Treasure/Spoils Bags mechanic.
  12.   - Enemies no longer drop Spoils Bags when killed.
  13.   - Treasure Cards have been added.  Treasure cards come in three tiers: life, darkness and undeath.  Four of any particular tier may be crafted together to make a Spoils Bag that is tier 1, 2, or 3 respectively.  Generally speaking higher tier Spoils Bags contain more valuable loot.
  14.   - The Treasure upgrade no longer causes Spoils Bags to drop, and is also no longer under the "insane" category in the config.
  15.   - The Treasure Core recipe has changed to a Nether Star, two Blocks of Gold, two diamonds and four Force Ingots.  Its tier remains unchanged and it is not yet disableable in the config.
  16.   - The Treasure upgrade now causes Treasure Cards of varying tiers to drop from enemies when slain.  The chance of this happening is about 1.25% plus an additional 1.25% per level of Looting on the implement.  Non-hostile entities can drop Life Cards, hostile denizens of the Overworld can drop Dark Cards, and Otherworlders such as Enderman and Nether Mobs can drop Undeath Cards.
  17.   - The only way to collect Treasure Cards is to manually hunt entities with your Treasure-imbued weapons.  Happy hunting!
  18. - The "Cruel Admins" and "Spoils Looting Chance" config options have been removed as they are no longer relevant.
  19. - Spoils Bags now show in Creative Mode and NEI.
  20. - Treasure Card information has been added to the Book of Mudora.
  21. - Force Machines will no longer automatically output to TileEntities that are blacklisted for Force Wrenching.
  22. - Blacklisted every Tinker's Construct TileEntity for Force Wrenching.  This can be reversed in the config under the "insane" category.
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