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  2. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:36 PM
  3. I think you might be over thinking the issue. But my advice is but up whatever you think is appropriate. As long as you can justify the selection no one will bitch at you.
  4. I promise
  5. ayooBananaToday at 12:36 PM
  6. okie dokie
  7. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:37 PM
  8. The gear sheet right now is mostly to help us decide who to bring to what fight
  9. tbh
  10. We're kinda under the assumption everyone will get the gear they want eventually
  11. ayooBananaToday at 12:37 PM
  12. So we'd bring someone who needs the piece the most over people who do the best? Or is that the secondary thing thought up
  13. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:37 PM
  14. It's just like one consideration
  15. They'll be times where someone doesn;t need anything but they bring something important
  16. And they'll be times where someone needs something but they suck in that fight or bad performence etc
  17. And won't be brought
  18. It's still gonna be best comp > gear
  19. But we're trying to do both
  20. Best comp and people who needs gear
  21. So hopfully people will get geared out more quickly
  22. Thus faster prog
  23. People who do the best will be brought on prog peroid
  24. Like we wouldn't cut replace Bendy and Cooky for Laney and Gibby on prog for a 4 heal unless their classes are more taliored for the fight if that makes sense
  25. Same goes for DPS
  26. ayooBananaToday at 12:44 PM
  27. alright
  28. its just a lot to think about with a 29 person roster
  29. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:46 PM
  30. You don't have to worry about it
  31. You'll be raiding
  32. We might ask you to take a turn sitting in the future
  33. ayooBananaToday at 12:46 PM
  34. I don't mind sitting
  35. But it's sitting vs playing 1 time every 2 weeks or something
  36. Unless we have 8/8 on farm
  37. But at that point everyone wants to sit
  38. so I don't mind raiding
  39. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:47 PM
  40. That's good.
  41. Frankly I'm talking about sitting myself for the first two weeks so we can squeeze in more people
  42. And I won't make a fit about sitting
  43. ayooBananaToday at 12:47 PM
  44. we need that fatty link
  45. for mother
  46. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:47 PM
  47. ^
  48. That's the thing
  49. Best comp > trials
  50. ayooBananaToday at 12:48 PM
  51. F U C K T H E T R I A L S
  52. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:48 PM
  53. Yeah pretty much
  54. ayooBananaToday at 12:48 PM
  55. did method kill zul yet'
  56. wait
  57. yes they did
  58. I watched that
  59. Im so retarded from last of sleep
  60. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:49 PM
  61. Last time I checked Limit was a h ead?
  62. Or was I high?
  63. ayooBananaToday at 12:49 PM
  64. limit got fetid first
  65. but method killed zul like hour and a half ago
  66. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:49 PM
  67. ahhh
  68. USA is a meme
  69. THat's okay tho
  70. ayooBananaToday at 12:50 PM
  72. I felt so bad for BDG last night man
  73. they were so close so many times
  74. but they just couldnt kill adds well enough
  75. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:51 PM
  76. Vodkaz goin HAM
  77. ayooBananaToday at 12:51 PM
  78. so be fair
  79. theres like
  80. 30 guilds 4/8
  81. xD
  82. Might is 4/8 too though
  83. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:51 PM
  84. Yeah we'd be lucky to get Mother on Monday
  85. I think we can
  86. If we learn the mistake people are making already
  87. And save on wipes
  88. ayooBananaToday at 12:52 PM
  89. I'm thinking they're gonna put out another hotfix today or tomorrow like they did to fix more mother bugs
  90. If we can <5 shot taloc we can kill mother
  91. thats saying we get 8/8 H on sun
  92. if we don't full clear sun it might be no bones
  93. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:53 PM
  94. I tihnk we can murder Taloc
  95. ayooBananaToday at 12:53 PM
  96. Of course
  97. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:53 PM
  98. We have a lot of people who've been goin HAM
  99. Oghie got 260 last night
  100. ayooBananaToday at 12:53 PM
  101. if we don't kill taloc quickly we should just /gdisband
  102. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:53 PM
  103. 360*
  104. lol prolly
  105. ayooBananaToday at 12:53 PM
  106. thats higher than me
  107. im only 359
  108. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:54 PM
  109. We're like 358 ilvl
  110. averge
  111. Not TOO bad
  112. If we have everyone on their a game
  113. Ithink we'll be okay
  114. We have the strat for Taloc already
  115. Not that hard tbh
  116. Our healers can PUMP
  117. We can heal through the pain imo
  118. ayooBananaToday at 12:56 PM
  119. p u m p
  120. OsubaunsaiToday at 12:56 PM
  121. alright I gotta get back to grindin at work
  122. I'll be around later if u need an Oghie
  123. ayooBananaToday at 12:56 PM
  124. bye oghie
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