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  2. 1) Are you over the age of 17?
  3. ❖I am twenty-four years old. Will be twenty-five in June.
  5. 2) How do you wish to be addressed by the management outside of character?
  6. ❖Queen, Hifumi, or Star
  8. 3) What are the best free days for you to be involved in group rps?
  9. ❖ I am off two days out of a work week. Basically, as of (1/19/2019) I am off this weekend (Saturday and Sunday), but next weekend I work. So, I will be off Friday and Monday that week.
  11. 4) What timezone are you in?
  12. ❖Eastern Standard Time
  14. 5) Were you recruited by a member? If yes, who?
  15. ❖ I was told about the character being open by Morgana.
  18. 1) What character are you auditioning for?
  19. ❖Hifumi Togo
  21. 2) Why does this character interest you?
  22. ❖I am actually interested in Shoji, never played it before but I do want to learn. I love how she still continued to play even if she lost to a “real match.” I love how she basically roleplays with the board piece’s in Shoji.
  23. However, I have an idea of what I want to make her a, “change of heart” thread within the group. Therefore, she would also have a persona and can help them as needed.
  25. 3) What are some minor headcanons you have for them?
  26. ❖No romance!
  27. ❖She has a love for cute things; stuffed animals, animals, etc. Therefore, when she meets Morgana she goes crazy in awe.
  28. ❖ Hifumi father recently decreased from the earth, making her very depressed and hating her own self. To the point of (maybe) suicide.
  30. 4) What would you think is their tragic flaw?
  31. ❖Hifumi thoughts are depressing towards her own self. She thinks she is the worse person on the earth and rather thinks of others before her self. (like her mother; when she did everything her mother told her to do just to make her happy)
  32. ❖As of late, Hifumi would never a "change of heart," she hates her mother because of what she did and hates her self for not taking better care of her father before he passed away.
  34. 5) What do you think are their greatest strengths?
  35. ❖After a "change of heart;" within the new plot I have for her, she has an outcome of being positive towards any negative outcome and always thinks of a way of getting out of that negative spot.
  37. 6) What do you think they fear most?
  38. ❖Her father(maybe mother) and friends hating her.
  40. 7) If YOU could give them advice, what would it be?
  41. ❖Darling, you are the queen and you shouldn't let others bring you down. Don't let your mother discourage you! Keep living on and doing what you like best, Shoji!
  43. SAMPLE;-
  44. “I tend to get very aggressive, it’s as if I assume the role of a queen of a kingdom,” which in particular the kingdom were her own Shoji pieces. Hifumi took the role of the Queen within the Shoji board since she was not an actual piece; therefore, she is the master of all pieces, including the king. On the Shoji board, she finally made her move after her remark towards her enemy. Making a checkmate with the king, smiling as she did so. The Shoji announcer started to speak after the checkmate," Naturally Hifumi has won another match today! Maybe she will go on to the championships next month!"
  46. Hifumi bowed towards her enemy as she left the arena, leaving her enemy smirking behind her. He was digging in his pocket for the money he was paid from Hifumi mother, as she was paying others to lose on purpose. Since everything that goes with a famous daughter, she couldn't let her lose any matches on tv; therefore, the money she made her daughter make during photo shoots and advertisements helped her pay others to purposely lose in all the matches. Mitsuyo Togo would do anything for herself to become famous and if her daughter was famous that meant she was also acclaimed.
  48. When Hifumi left the arena she went straight towards the church where her mother was waiting for her. She was not expecting her mother to be where she hides most of the time, she was expecting her friend, Akira Kurusu. Immediately her mother was telling her she had another photoshoot gig but this time it was a two-piece swimsuit shoot. A two-piece swimsuit shoot was beyond her embarrassment and she was glowing red in the cheeks of her mother even booking that photoshoot in the first place, "No! Mother... I can't do that photoshoot....that's just... horrid!" Hifumi couldn't even picture herself wearing one in the first place and when she went swimming, she only would put on the school uniform because that was the rules in school.
  50. However, Akria storm into the church ready for his next match with her, but overheard Hifumi mother talking to her in a discussing way. "I told you, every man would love to see that body of yours! and I guess we have to show them in a magazine !" After that statement, her mother stops talking as she was disgusted at the site of Akria. She burst into an angry laugh, "I told you to stop hanging out with him! Everything you do should only go towards school and shoji! No friend and no boys!" Her mother would leave after that statement towards her adult life; well, if she even had one in the first place.
  52. Hifumi was embarrassed to even look at Akria, sitting down on the bench, looking down towards her feet. Trembling as she shacks her head, putting her hands towards her face, "I...can't do this anymore! I wish she would stop controlling me... I want freedom.." By-and-by time pass as Akria tried to comfort her, telling her that he will try to help. She didn't know what he meant by that statement but she could only believe in it. Her only wish was that the Phantom Thieves would take care of her mother, maybe even a "change of heart?"
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