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US Democratic Party (political spectrum)

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  1. This list contains all variants of Wikipedia that list a political position in the left-right political spectrum for the Democratic Party in the United States (unless I missed any by accident). Languages will be identified and alphabetized by their two-letter code (such as 'nl' for the Dutch Wikipedia). The full name of the language in parenthesis next to it.
  2. -As a note, political spectra centres in some countries are slightly shifted (i.e. Japan is more conservative in general, while Finland, Sweden and Norway are more progressive), although they are probably still decently close.
  4. bs (Bosnian) : Centre
  5. ca (Catalan) : Centre to Centre-left
  6. cs (Czech) : Centre to Centre-left
  7. da (Danish) : Centre to Centre-left
  8. el (Greek) : Centre
  9. es (Spanish) : Centre-left
  10. fi (Finnish) : Centre-left to Centre-right
  11. fr (French) : Centre to Centre-left
  12. gl (Galician) : Centre to Centre-left
  13. he (Hebrew) : Centre-left
  14. hu (Hungarian) : Centre-left
  15. id (Indonesian) : Centre to Centre-left
  16. it (Italian) : Centre to Centre-left (with a Centre-right minority)
  17. ja (Japanese) : Centre-left
  18. ko (Korean) : Centre to Centre-left
  19. la (Latin) : socially Centre-left, fiscally Centre
  20. ms (Malay) : Centre-left
  21. nl (Dutch) : Centre to Centre-left
  22. no (Norwegian) : Centre to Centre-left (in the American political spectrum-- shift rightward one position for international)
  23. pt (Portuguese) : Centre to Centre-left
  24. ro (Romanian) : socially Centre-left, fiscally Centre [was not visible on page-- had to go into source code to see it]
  25. sk (Slovak) : Centre to Centre-left
  26. sr (Serbian) : Centre to Centre-left
  27. sv (Swedish) : Centre
  28. ta (Tamil) : Centre-left
  29. th (Thai) : Centre-left
  30. tr (Turkish) : Centre to Centre-left
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