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  3. Kamui: Ah, Felicia, there you are, sulking in the corner again.
  4. Felicia: Master Kamui! H-how mean~! If you realized I was sulking, you could at least comfort me with some gentle words~!
  5. Kamui: Hmmm, well, it's just... you going off to mope after your cooking turns out bad has pretty much become a regular occurence. Alright, Felicia, ahem-hem. "You shouldn't let it get to you."
  6. Felicia: Waah~~~! What's with that canned response! And that obviously fake cough!? ...I wonder if I'll ever be as perfect at housework as Flora... I want to be more helpful to Master Kamui and everyone else...
  7. Kamui: I was just kidding earlier. You really shouldn't let it get to you. I think you're pulling your weight plenty.
  8. Felicia: Y-you think so?
  9. Kamui: Yeah, I mean, in battles, you run around shrieking and screaming to attract all the enemies to one spot, and then you mercilessly draw your weapons and mow them all down! I think that's a great strategy!
  10. Felicia: .....
  11. Kamui: U-um... Felicia? Why are you going back to the corner?
  12. Felicia: Master Kamui... you have it all wrong... That's not a strategy or anything... I was seriously running for my life! A maid, a poor delicate girl, running away with all her might from the scary enemies!
  13. Kamui: Huh? R-really?
  14. Felicia: But that's not the issue here! I mean... I want to be of more help in looking after you, and the housework... Maids aren't meant for battle!
  15. Kamui: Uh, yeah... But you know, if it bothers you, you don't HAVE to take part in these battles...
  16. Felicia: B-but then... that's the only thing I'm good at, so...
  17. Kamui: I-I see. That's a difficult problem...
  18. Felicia: *fidgeting*
  20. B
  22. Felicia: Owww... it hurts...
  23. Kamui: Felicia, you fell over earlier and broke a bunch of dishes, didn't you? I saw you hit your head on the floor, but are you alright? Here, let me see. I'll put on some salve...
  24. Felicia: I'm... I'm sorry, Master Kamui. As a maid, I should be the one doing this for you...
  25. Kamui: This sort of thing should go both ways. Besides, aren't we like family? And... there was that time you saved my life.
  26. Felicia: Huh? Did something like that happen?
  27. Kamui: Yeah. Remember when I came down with that bad fever? You stayed by my side, and cooled me down.
  28. Felicia: ...I remember now. That was when my sister and I had just started serving under you... Back then, just like now, I'd always make a mess out of whatever I tried to do... and even when you were badly sick, Master Kamui, I couldn't even nurse you properly...
  29. Kamui: But to cool down my fever, you clung to me and continued to use your power of ice. I heard about it afterwards... that you used a dangerous Ice Tribe technique to transfer my fever to yourself, even though it could have cost you your life...
  30. Felicia: At the time, that was all I could think of.
  31. Kamui: But what would you have done if something had happened to you? Of course, I'm grateful, but from now on, I don't want any of that self-sacrificing act. You need to take care of yourself.
  32. Felicia: *giggle* But Master Kamui, you're wrong.
  33. Kamui: Eh?
  34. Felicia: I am taking care of myself!
  35. Kamui: I-in what way?
  36. Felicia: Teehee... that's my little secret! I won't tell even you, Master Kamui! Teeheehee!
  37. Kamui: F-Felicia, hold on! ...Ah, she's gone.
  39. A
  41. Kamui: Felicia.
  42. Felicia: Waahhhh!! M-Master Kamui!? Did you just catch me from that fall, Master Kamui!?
  43. Kamui: Felicia... if you space while talking to yourself like that while you're up there, of course you're going to lose your balance.
  44. Felicia: Uu... so embarrassing... Not only did you see me fall, you saved me... and what's more, you even saw me talking to myself...
  45. Kamui: There you go. Are you okay?
  46. Felicia: Y-yes...
  47. Kamui: Now, I'll keep what happened here between us, so can I ask for something in exchange?
  48. Felicia: Um, yes...? In exchange...?
  49. Kamui: The other day, you mentioned that you're "taking care of yourself." What did you mean?
  50. Felicia: Oh, that...
  51. Kamui: Yeah, I've been dying to know.
  52. Felicia: I'm always taking good care of myself. After all, every day, I manage to help a lot of people.
  53. Kamui: Hn? What do you mean?
  54. Felicia: Master Kamui, after seeing me sacrifice my own health in order to save you, you may believe that I should take better care of myself, but I believe that being able to serve others in that way is being true to myself.
  55. Kamui: To serve... is to be true to yourself?
  56. Felicia: Yes. Unlike my sister, I'm a klutz who fails at everything she does... but at least, in wanting to look after everyone as a maid, my feelings won't lose to anyone else's! That is my duty. That is the proof that I continue to exist as a human named Felicia. So that's why, to serve, is a way for me to take good care of myself.
  57. Kamui: But... won't you exhaust yourself like that?
  58. Felicia: No. Not at all. I really am happy to live for everyone else's sake. Even if I get a little hurt along the way, I don't mind!
  59. Kamui: Felicia... I think those feelings are wonderful. They might be what they call "unconditional love."
  60. Felicia: I-if you say something like that, I'm going to blush...
  61. Kamui: I understand that you're taking care of yourself, but still, you shouldn't overdo it. If end up collapsing and getting sick, you won't be of much help to anyone then.
  62. Felicia: O-of course not! I'll never let that happen!
  63. Kamui: Hahaha! Now, if only you weren't so clumsy, you'd be perfect.
  64. Felicia: Waahh~! Master Kamui! I finally managed to get some good lines in, so please don't tease me right now~!
  65. Kamui: Heh, sorry, Felicia. But if you feel that strongly, then I won't stop you. I hope you'll continue to support us.
  66. Felicia: Y-yes! Of course! Felicia will always continue to be at everyone's service~!
  68. S
  70. Felicia: *fidgeting* Master Kamui...
  71. Kamui: Felicia... you don't need to be so down. Everyone makes mistakes.
  72. Felicia: But... I woke up late, and put my maid uniform on backwards, and completely burnt the eggs, and got completely covered in foam while doing the laundry... It's been a disaster... I wonder if I should just quit being a maid and pack my bags...?
  73. Kamui: I-if you really want to go back home, then I won't stop you, but...
  74. Felicia: G-geez, Master Kamui, that's where you -should- stop me!
  75. Kamui: Ahaha, t-that was a joke! But Felicia, should you really be saying that? What happened to being of service to us being proof of your existence?
  76. Felicia: That... was all a big lie.
  77. Kamui: Eh!? I-it was a lie!? Even though you poured so much of your feelings into it!?
  78. Felicia: ...It's true that I want to be of service, but calling it unconditional love would be a big fat lie...
  79. Kamui: Huh? What does that mean?
  80. Felicia: Do you want me to say it, Master Kamui? Do you really want me to say it...
  81. Kamui: ...? W-what?
  82. Felicia: It's... it's because I love you. I love you, as a man...
  83. Kamui: ...!! Felicia...
  84. Felicia: When we talked last time... "I would do anything for you"... I just wanted to dress that up in a cool way, that's all... I know that this love is forbidden, that we're worlds apart... and I know that a maid must not fall in love with her master! So... so, please... pretend I never said anything...
  85. Kamui: Felicia... you don't need to be concerned with that. I love you, not as a maid, but as a woman...
  86. Felicia: Eh...!?
  87. Kamui: If I didn't, I wouldn't always be comforting you when you're off to sulk like this. Ever since you came to the Fort, I've been following you with my eyes. Of course, I might just be saying this in the heat of the moment, but I'm sure I began falling in love with you since then...
  88. Felicia: Master Kamui...
  89. Kamui: So don't worry. I won't let you leave my side. You'll serve me, and only me, for life.
  90. Felicia: Uu...! Master Kamui...! I'm... I'm so happy!
  91. Kamui: Sorry, Felicia, I've made you worry for such a long time... It doesn't matter if you're clumsy or unskilled... will you continue to take care of me from now on?
  92. Felicia: Yes, yes! Of course~~~!
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