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  1. (5:29:27 PM) Lysergic_: yo
  2. (5:29:41 PM) Lysergic_: if you're having sexual conversations
  3. (5:29:43 PM) Lysergic_: with a girl
  4. (5:29:52 PM) Lysergic_: you've already gotten to know but haven't made a move on
  5. (5:31:40 PM) Lysergic_: then that's not only the perfect time to move into hypnotic ideas, but the most effective as well. and if you read my guide you should pretty much understand how to do it. so like you clearly already have rapport and comfort with her and she has it with you. so you have mutual rapport and comfort. so as you're talking about something sexual simply just transition from one topic of sex into another closer to her as a person... be like what do you enjoy most about sex? or what do you really value about sex? or be really specfic (definitely does not hurt or get you "caught) ask for values and more importantly feelings or even more importantly the most valued feelings...
  6. (5:33:04 PM) Lysergic_: then repeat it back to her and be like so your most valued feelings about sex are X X X and be like right? then when she says yes ask her what it's LIKE when she feels X X X and when she answers with Y Y Y repeat it back to her and ask her if its right and when she says yes, tell her how interesting it is to get to know other people's feelings about sex because of how interesting it is to learn about other people and explore other people... which is the truth and pacing her reality as it happens (while using hot words if you want to get technical)... then go into how YOU like Z Z Z about sex (your values) and when you begin to feel Z Z Z and Y Y Y and how great it is that people can think different ways and still be so similar...
  7. (5:33:21 PM) Lysergic_: because when you begin to feel X X X it's almost like Z Z Z begins to happen instantly after Y Y Y... and thats pretty much a close from that point if you're doing it right. you don't get much stronger rapport on a sexual level than that without actually having sex.
  8. (5:34:10 PM) Lysergic_: see even thinking about it from that perspective with variables is a good idea because it shows you she's giving you everything you need and you juts need to show her you understand and tell her a little about yourself
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