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  1. Note to the reader: Blizzardo1 was not informed I was on an iPod Touch, not a computer.
  3. <Blizzardo1> I thought you hated me
  4. <user99672> What?
  5. <Blizzardo1> yeah
  6. <Blizzardo1> I thought you hated me
  7. <Blizzardo1> because I hate OBattler and dorf
  8. <user99672> No......
  9. <Blizzardo1> Not even one rebuttle?
  10. <Blizzardo1> :-P
  11. <user99672> Nope
  12. <user99672> Seriously want one?
  13. <Blizzardo1> nah I'm good
  14. <user99672> k
  15. <Blizzardo1> :-P
  16. <Blizzardo1> but srsly
  17. <Blizzardo1> how ya been?
  18. <user99672> Ehhh..... Asides from school shit just fine 'n dandy
  19. <Blizzardo1> your grade
  20.  at this point he pulls a dirty trick to see which place of learning I'm at.
  21. <user99672> As and Bs w/ exception of literacy
  22. <Blizzardo1> omg you are a freshman
  23. <user99672>  Yup
  24. <Blizzardo1> o.o
  25. <Blizzardo1> Highschool?
  26.  I thought he was asking which school I belong to (which I would never tell.)
  27. <user99672> Not telling
  28. <Blizzardo1> YOu are insecure
  29. <Blizzardo1> You are in High School
  30. <Blizzardo1> :-P
  31. <Blizzardo1> heh I'm out of school
  32. <Blizzardo1> :-D LUCKY ME
  33.  is he trying to annoy me or make me feel jealous
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