Aphrodite Gifts

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  1. Aphrodite [+HP]
  2. God of Love, God of Beauty, God of Procreation
  4. Object of Affection - Minor Gift
  5. Extended Action
  6. Effect: You may declare a single other thing to be your [Lover]. As long as you are adjacent to your [Lover], you may use Hold Hands or Helping Hand as if they were on your Move List, but only targeting your [Lover].
  7. Special: You are immune to Infatuation.
  9. Center of Attention - Major Gift
  10. 2/Scene - Free Action
  11. Effect: If you hit a target with a [Social] keyword Move, pick two: the target is also Vulnerable for 1 round, the target is also Infatuated with you or your [Lover], the target is Trapped and Slowed for the rest of the encounter.
  12. Special: You may Intercept [Social] Moves.
  14. Consequences - Major Gift
  15. 1/Scene - Free Action
  16. Effect: As a Reaction, whenever you or your [Lover] are hit by a Damaging Attack, you may split that damage evenly among you, your [Lover], and all combatants Infatuated with either of you. If the Attack had additional effects for its target, choose: everyone damaged by the attack is affected or no one is. Afterwards, the original attacker is Infatuated with you.
  17. Special: Your [Social] Moves give you 2 Ticks of Temporary Hit Points when they hit.
  19. Absolute Territory - Pact Gift
  20. Static
  21. Effect: You gain the Cute Charm and Rivalry Abilities. You may trigger Cute Charm against anyone who attacks your [Lover], setting either of you as the target. You may trigger Rivalry against anyone Infatuated with you or your [Lover].
  22. Special: You gain +2 Accuracy when adjacent to your [Lover].
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