The Struggles of Roleplaying with your Anubis Girlfriend

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  1. >Anubis tenderly stepping on your dick with her big meaty foot paws
  2. >"Oh? You like that, peasant?"
  3. >she slowly rotates her foot paw atop your dick
  4. >"And to think, you wanted to fornicate with me? Your goddess?" Her smile widens as he notices your frustration
  5. >you suddenly notice her claws beginning to tear into the bed sheets and you stop her
  6. >she hops off you and you sigh at the damage that was done
  7. >"I-Its okay...we can just buy another one at Bed-Bath-and-Beyond!" she says hopefully
  8. >the struggles of roleplaying with your Anubis girlfriend
  12. >you approach your nude Anubis Goddess as she lies flat upon a golden table
  13. >you pick up a tall golden vase and pour the contents, perfumed oils, into your hands
  14. >"Remember slave, it is an honor to touch your Goddess. Never forget that." She warns you
  15. >You poor some oil on to her back, her nude form twitching at the odd sensation
  16. >but she soon relaxes as your hands began to work the oils in, your fingers pressing lightly into her flesh to work out her stress
  17. >she seems to find it pleasurable enough as she lets out audible sighs of relief as your hands trail her body, massaging her shoulders and neck as you make sure to pay attention to every inch of her  
  18. >your hands trail down to her sides, your fingers brushing along the supple flesh of her breasts, but she dosnt tell you to stop
  19. >you notice that every so often her butt clenches and her tail swishes lightly as you continue further down her back
  20. >you hesitate at her butt. Did she want to be touched there as well? Was she expecting it? This was your first day of being the personal attendant to the Goddess
  21. >suddenly, she raised her tail, lifting it up so that it created a half-moon shape as the tip touched the back of her head, "I didnt say stop, slave."
  22. >You gulp as your hands inched closer to the tanned golden buns of the Anubis, and upon steeling yourself, grasp them into your hands, kneading the flesh softly between your fingers
  23. >the response is immediate. She lets out a gentle sigh and buries her face into the golden pillow. You could feel the firmness of her ass as you slowly rotated the rumps together, pulling them up and letting them bounce back down
  24. >a part of you wanted to spank her. A part of you wanted to know if she experienced pain and pleasure like the common man. Would she moan? Scream? Say nothing at all? Perhaps it was best not to, as your hands would have been forfeit, if not your life
  26. >you pushed the thought away and focused upon your task, moving along down her thighs, rubbing and pressing into them vigorously. Even then you could feel the powerful muscles in them
  27. >she moaned once more, shifting her legs aside to give you better access. To your own surprise, you saw her womanhood. You had seen it many times before, when she bathed or conducted ancient rituals  
  28. >but now, it was glistening, and not from the oils. 'So she does feel pleasure,' you thought as you watched it occasionally quiver
  29. >carnal instincts took over, as your hand began to drift towards her. A hand wouldn't be too much to lose, especially if you groveled hard enough. It was too good to pass up now
  30. >She yelped as you touched her, her back arching as your fingers grazed her entrance, it was only brief but it was hot to the touch. Immediately her head whipped towards you, and you expected her to be furious and feel her godly wrath
  31. >instead, she seemed somewhat flustered, her face red as she looked at you with a confused look. Her breasts were in clear view as she pushed herself off the table, and for a moment, you thought she was going to strike you down  
  32. > she blinked once and smirked, "I didnt say stop..." she said once more a she re-assumed her position, only this time her legs were further apart, and her hindquarters raised slightly into the air
  33. >You could only gulp as your fingers began to drag along her inner thigh, and then carefully, your fingers began to gently ply her open
  34. >but with your oiled fingers, you found easy enough entrance into her, and with a slight push, you entered her. Her initial moan was only silenced by the pillow. She squeezed down on your finger, but you wouldnt let that stop you as prepared to enter a second finger
  36. >suddenly the doorbell rang
  37. >along with some knocks on the door
  38. >"Hey Paul! Are you coming to the BBQ? Its today you know!
  39. >Your anubis girlfriend looks back on you with horror
  40. >"Cmon Paul! You said you were coming! "
  41. >Your Anubis girlfriend was currently nude and drenched in massage oil as she lay on the floor
  42. >not to mention you were naked yourself, only clad with a towel around you waist
  43. >along with the fact your hands were drenched in body oil and your girlfriends juices
  44. >suddenly, you could hear your anubis girlfriend start laughing. You wondered at what
  45. >you looked down to find your dick had made a rather large tent with your towel
  46. >you gave Anubis a dry look before you rubbed her head lovingly
  47. >"Gah! Its in my hair!" she yelped as you attempted to rum the oils in
  48. >"Dick!" she yelped as she swatted your hand away, giving you a mean look
  49. >you reminded her that the two of you needed to shower anyway
  50. >Anubis girlfriend though about it for a moment
  51. >"Fine. But were doing the 'Waterfall Goddess Shower Scene' again!" she says as he gets up and heads to the shower
  52. >the struggles of roleplaying with your Anubis girlfriend continues
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