Date Night 2 - Electric Boogaloo {WIP}

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  1. >To say Lincoln Loud was nervous would be an understatement.
  2. >To an outside observer the scene was a simple one, one would even go as far as to say charming or even cute.
  3. >The Loud House was unusually quiet that night, none of the usual chaos could be heard as the sisters actually kept to themselves in their bedrooms tonight...well, to an extent.
  4. >Tonight was special, for on the sofa in the Loud House sat one Lincoln Loud, though he was not alone.
  5. >A shiver ran down his spine as the poor lad quivered in his seat, though he kept his eyes focused on the television in front of him his face was flushed red and if one listened they'd hear little gasps coming out with every shallow breath.
  6. >And it was no small wonder he was so 'nervous', for immediately to his left sat a goddess.
  7. >Well, goddess was a bit strong, but the girl was fetching to say the least.
  8. >The glow of the t.v set a brilliant contrast against her cinnamon skin, her beautiful hair bounced on her shoulders as she laughed at the images on the screen, her eyes wide and her smile...
  9. >Nina Homendollar, or Brownie as everyone in school knew her, flashed a wide grin to her date.
  10. "You enjoying the movie Linc?"
  11. >Lincoln tensed a little and mewed as he squirmed under the blanket he and his date were currently sharing, wrapped up tighter than the snuggest of bugs in all the rugs.
  12. >Quite frankly the proximity would normally be enough to get Lincoln a little hot and bothered, but unfortunately for Lincoln things weren't that simple.
  13. >The chocolate temptresses grin curved a little at the ends and suddenly it seemed just a little less innocent.
  14. >Careful observers would also note that at this time Brownie's left hand was supporting her head as she grinned salaciously at her little boyfriend.
  15. >Her right hand was nowhere to be seen, the arm disappearing under the blanket and resting somewhere unknown.
  16. >Though one could just make out her little shoulders pumping ever so slowly, ever so carefully, like clockwork.
  17. >Lincoln bit his lip and moaned into his mouth, his face beet red and sweat dancing across his brow as he doubled over.
  18. >Brownie's grin doubled in size and she leaned in even closer, her body brushing up against Lincoln's as she rubbed his cheek with hers.
  19. "You're so cute Lincoln," she murmured, giving his cheek a little smooch and turning back to the movie.
  20. >It really was a good movie, Space Amazons from Space 3 really tipped the box offices with its high end action sequences, advanced plot lines, ground-breaking special effects, and all-star cast, shaking the Space Amazon fandom by storm and being universally heralded as an instant classic.
  21. >And that twist ending, oh boy, Shyamalan cried himself to sleep just wishing he came up with something like that.
  22. >Yeah, Brownie was thoroughly the cinematic masterpiece currently unfolding before her eyes.
  23. >Lincoln was enjoying himself too, but he wasn't exactly focused on the movie as he leaned back and rested his head on the sofa, his eyes shut and a big goofy grin on his face.
  24. "Oh my, what's going on here?"
  25. >Lincoln yelped and jumped in his seat as the Loud sire and matriarch themselves leaned over the sofa.
  26. >Rita Loud, the voluptuous, the fertile, the THICC herself leaned into view and grinned down at her only son and his little date.
  27. >She told herself she wouldn't interrupt them, but the sight of seeing her little boy all curled up with a girl was just too sweet to ignore.
  28. >Ooooh, Space Amazons 3, I heard this was a good one."
  29. >Lynn Loud Sr. pat his son on the shoulder and grinned down at his only boy' scarlet face.
  30. >Poor boy must be embarrassed all to hell, these were the moments a father lived for.
  31. "Oh yeah, it's great," Brownie replied, leaning into Lincoln's chest and snuggling right in as the boy froze.
  32. >Lynn Sr.'s grin grew and he patted his son on the shoulder, a sense of paternal pride filling his chest as he saw his boy with his first girlfriend.
  33. >Precious memories, he'd never live down not being able to meet her when she first came over but at least he could witness milestones like this.
  34. >The way they curled up on the sofa like this, all snug under the blanket, reminded him of his own dates with Rita when they were teens way back when.
  35. >Lynn's eyes traveled down and couldn't help but notice how one of the little girl's hands was conspicuously lingering under the blanket, and judging by his boy's red face and nervous shivering...
  36. >Lynn Sr. smile spread out into a sly grin and he gave his son a little wink.
  37. "Oh, holding hands under the covers eh?"
  38. >Lincoln's eyes bugged out of his head and he gaped like a fish, the only noise coming out of his open mouth was a nigh imperceptible high-pitched eeeeeeee.
  39. "Oh Lynn, you stop embarrassing him," Rita gently chided, though she had hold a hand up to her mouth to cover her own toothy smile.
  40. >Hey, she's a parent, she's allowed a little brevity at the expense of her kids now and then.
  41. >Brownie herself just laughed at the whole thing and snuggled into her date, the top of her head under Lincoln's chin and head resting comfortably on her boo's chest.
  42. >Rita gushed at the sight and it was all she could do not to go running for a camera, all the while Lynn Sr. gave a chuckle and ruffled his son's hair as he walked off.
  43. "Alright then kids, you both have fun watching your movie. I think it’s time for us to hit the hay Rita, give these two a little privacy."
  44. >Rita snorted and gave the two kids a wink.
  45. "Fair enough, you two don't stay up too late though. Have fun kids, but not too much fun you hear me?"
  46. "M-MOM!" Lincoln shouted and both parents gave one last laugh and Lincoln swore he heard a few of his sisters
  47. >As the parents entered their room Brownie sighed and shuffled her face into Lincoln's neck, her hot breath sent shivers down his spine...among other things.
  48. >He still couldn't believe either of their parents were okay with the idea of a sleepover, none of his older sisters were allowed to have their boyfriends over (said rule now recently amended to include any living creature, a rule known as the Sam Clause following one unfortunate incident).
  49. >Perhaps they thought there'd be no harm, they're still young after all, just a couple of innocent kids enjoying the other's company.
  50. >Lincoln winced and sighed, sorry mom and dad, your boy's not so innocent anymore.
  51. >Though frankly he couldn't hold a candle to a certain someone.
  52. >Lincoln cast a weary glare down to his date who merely smiled back at him before giving a wink and kissy face.
  53. >She was insatiable, probably his fault for indulging her back on their first date in that movie theater, not that he really had room to talk, he didn't stop her then and he wasn't now.
  54. >But for Christ's sake, in front of his parents!
  55. >How the hell did neither of them notice!
  56. >For a while the two of them sat like this, so close but at the same time entirely too far apart for Lincoln's liking, but every time he tried to kiss Brownie or pull her closer she'd give a little scoot or lean away, a coy grin ever present on her face.
  57. >This continued on for some time but eventually the sounds upstairs died down and the lights in the room adjacent to the sofa were cut off and the Loud House was truly silent save for the screams of the Imperial Marines as they were savaged by the nubile yet vicious Space Amazons.
  58. >Brownie sighed and kissed Lincoln's neck and the poor lad squirmed under her affections.
  59. "You got real tense when they came in," she whispered into his ear and he shuddered.
  60. 'Yeah, no shit,' he thought and huffed to himself.
  61. >Brownie pursed her lips in a cute little pout and rubbed noses with Linc.
  62. "C'mon Linc, I didn't mean to keep you on edge."
  63. >She leaned back and gave him a big 'ole smile, her eyes wide and twinkling with mischievous delight.
  64. "Besides, it was a kinda fun wasn't it. A little...exciting~
  65. Lincoln moaned as his date purred into his neck and licked his jawline.
  66. >This girl was going to be the end of him
  67. >Brownie's grip on his nethers tightened and she gave a little squeak as he palmed her undercarriage and hefted the giggling girl onto his lap.
  68. >He wouldn't have it any other way.
  69. >The two of them shared a messy kiss, their hands exploring the other's body as their tongues did the tango.
  70. >Brownie broke the kiss with a wet pop and gazed into her lover's eyes, her face broke out into a huge smile and she seemed alight with a manic energy as she continued pumping below the covers.
  71. "You're getting close, aren't you," she whispered, and redoubled her efforts.
  72. >Lincoln moaned and squirmed in her grasp and few stray tears leaked from his eyes which his girlfriend was eager to wipe away with a few kisses.
  73. "You've been so good Linc, time for me to repay the favor."
  74. >She gave Lincoln one more smooch on the lips before slowly lowering her head and ducking beneath the blanket.
  75. >A few seconds later Lincoln lurched in his seat and clamped his hands over his mouth before he woke up the entire house with a stomach-churning groan of relief.
  76. 'How the hell did we get here?' he vaguely wondered through the haze in his mind as the pleasure supplanted all other thoughts in his brain.
  77. >And that, in and of itself, is another story all together.
  78. >Yep, flashback time.
  79. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. >Ah, late spring, a time for rebirth after the cruel grasp of winter, the gentle warm air breezing through the countryside revitalized the spirits of nature and man alike and stirred something deep and resounding within the hearts of people everywhere.
  81. >For those of a more romantic provocation it was the time for lovers, for warm affections to bloom like flowers into something new and beautiful, if a little thorny on occasion.
  82. >For those of a younger disposition it heralded the beginning of summer and long the coveted break from the drudgery of the schoolyard they all so yearned for.
  83. >For one Lincoln Loud, a white-haired youth on the cusp of manhood himself, it meant both.
  84. >Perhaps he just liked to multitask, at any rate a deep well of excitement had been building up in Lincoln's loins for quite some time now, and it was no secret among the student body as to why.
  85. >Brownie, or Nina as Lincoln alone held the honor of calling her, a spirited young lass of a vaguely subtropical ethnicity and a fiery personality to match, known to all as a top-notch QT of the highest pedigree.
  86. >It was therefore somewhat of a shock to everyone that of all the boys in school her eyes were set on Lincoln alone.
  87. >That wasn't to say the boy was unattractive, far from it, his unusual hair color added a sort of exotic flair to him and he was commonly regarded as a quite the cutie.
  88. >However, there was no arguing that the poor lad was a bit of a nerd and somewhat lacking in social graces, as awkward and bumbling as they come sadly.
  89. >To Nina though, he was precious, and the thought alone that someone out there thought he was perfect the way he was made Linc's little heart flutter.
  90. >If only his friends could be so supportive.
  91. >Currently the group of boys were all sitting at the designated nerd table in the busy cafeteria, glowering at their buddy Linc who was currently too engaged with sending little air kisses to his boo across the way to notice the hostilities.
  92. >It wasn't that they were angry with Lincoln, after all the shit he put up with they were happy to see their friend so high in spirits.
  93. >Didn't mean they couldn't be jealous though, and each of them grit their teeth every time Lincoln blew out a kiss to Brownie, and of course she just had to catch it and blow one right back even though her own friends protested with a great show of gagging and shoving.
  94. >After apparently having enough Lincoln turned back to his table, put his head in his hands, and gave a great sigh.
  95. >Oh for the love of God you could practically see the little hearts in his eyes.
  96. >Clyde McBride, a 12th level geek and Lincoln's oldest friend since the two were infants, sighed and shook his head.
  97. >Clyde loved his bro, he really did, but there were times when a bro needed to step up and let a bro know when he's being an ass, and now was probably the time.
  98. >Maybe.
  99. >He wasn't really all that sure.
  100. >Nevertheless, Clyde went ahead and rapped the table with his knuckles, breaking Lincoln out of his reverie who quickly noticed his four friends sitting across from him and giving him slight glares.
  101. "Uh...what's up guys?"
  102. >Being his best friend, Clyde decided to shoulder the responsibility by breaking the ice.
  103. "Look Linc, we're your buddies, and we're happy for you, we are. But don't you think you're going a bit overboard?"
  104. >Lincoln listened with a stupefied look on his face that slowly turned into a scowl as his so-called friends nodded their heads.
  105. "Yeah, no offense Linc, but it's getting a little old seeing all this mushy crap every lunch period. I'm trying to eat here dude," Rusty chimed in, but immediately drew back with a sheepish grin when he saw the look on Lincoln's face.
  106. "Sounds to me like you're just jealous," Lincoln hissed right back and all the boys flinched a little at the (true) accusation.
  107. "Well now, hold on there just one cow-fiddlin minute pardner, 'cause I ain't got the foggiest notion of what you's is on about," Liam cajoled.
  108. "Oh I'll bet," Lincoln snapped, seething in his chair as he glared at his so-called buddies who all pointedly avoided looking at his eyes.
  109. >Frankly Lincoln couldn't believe this shit, these guys said they were happy for him but the second something goes right for him they all turn traitor.
  110. >Clyde spread his hands and tried to take hold of the situation.
  111. "Now look Lincoln, none of us are blaming you for being happy with your girlfriend, believe us, that isn't the problem here,"
  112. "Yeah," Zach, the little fucking weirdo, chimed in, "It's WHO you're dating."
  113. >Clyde smiled and nodded his head.
  114. "Exact-wait, what?!"
  115. >Immediately everyone at the table snapped their heads over to Zach and scooted away from him, their faces a mixture of shock, confusion, and anger.
  116. >Lincoln cracked his knuckles and leaned forward, brow knit and teeth bared.
  117. "And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"
  118. >Zach leaned back in his chair and held his hands up.
  119. "Noe Lincoln let's just calm down, all I'm saying is-
  120. "I think you better think before you say what I think you're saying," Clyde growled.
  121. "Damnitt Clyde it's not like that."
  122. "Then what in Creation is you's on about Zach," Liam snapped, he's had more than few relatives go down this conversation route before and it never turned out right.
  123. "Look, all I’m saying is, well, there's people that just shouldn't mix and-
  124. "Jesus Christ Zach," Rusty muttered, shaking his head; it was like a train wreck, he shouldn't watch but he couldn't look away.
  125. >Zach slammed his fists on the table and glared at the other four boys looking at him.
  127. >Silence reigned over the lunch table as the other boys all glanced at each other in confusion, Lincoln didn't know whether to jump across the table and beat the snot out of Zach or grab a dictionary.
  128. "A fucking what?" Rusty asked, his voice rife with dubiety.
  129. >Zach looked at the confused faces surrounding him and shrugged his shoulders.
  130. "Yknow, a Brizzie. A Brazilian. Now I’m sure there are some alright Brazilians, hell I’m sure Nina is one of them. But it’s one thing to be friends with them and another thing entirely to be fraternizing with them. You understand where I'm coming from, right Linc?"
  131. >For a good thirteen seconds none of the other boy at the table said a word, each of them trying their hardest to mentally process what Zach just said and come up with the appropriate response.
  132. >Naturally, they all came to the same conclusion at the same time.
  133. "You fucking idiot-
  134. "Goddamn son-
  135. "Ain't got the sense you was born with-
  136. "You're a retard-
  137. "Never in my life-
  138. "You sonnuva-
  139. "Dumbass-
  140. "Moron-
  141. "Actin' like a whelped possum, pink and blind, go find yourself a possum titty-
  142. "Get this idiot outta here-
  143. "Of all the stupid shit-
  144. "Go crawl back under the train tracks-
  145. "You give circus folk a bad name-
  146. "Dipshit-
  147. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. >Lincoln shrugged his backpack over his shoulder and huffed to himself, the lad had worked himself up into a tiff after the lunchroom incident and his mood had soured dramatically.
  149. >Lincoln appreciated his friends, more than not they were there for him and could be counted on when things got hairy, but just now he saw a different side to them and it was one he wasn't at all pleased to discover.
  150. >Also Zach had issues like what the fuck dude.
  151. >Lincoln sighed to himself and kept his eyes forward as he meandered down the sidewalk, muttering as he went.
  152. >That little explosion in the cafeteria did not go over well with the teachers, though it could be said the other kids found it to be spectacular entertainment, Lincoln and his crew were known for being mild-mannered so to see such an episode from them set the good ol' rumor mill a' grinding.
  153. >Needless to say a visit to the principal's office was in order, where the normally studious boys were given a swift detention for swearing and starting a ruckus and stern admonition to see such events repeat themselves in the future.
  154. >Zach is seeing the student councilor.
  155. >Feeling thoroughly reprimanded, not to mention annoyed that Lori didn't bother to stick around an extra ten minutes after school to pick him up with the rest of his sisters, the white-haired youth trudged along the road as he made the long trek back to his house.
  156. >Linc groaned aloud and rapped his knuckles against his head, could this day get any worse.
  157. "Hey Linc, wait up!"
  158. >Could this day get any better.
  159. >Immediately Lincoln felt his spirits lifted as he turned around with a wide grin to behold none other than a certain brown-skinned qt approaching with an equally wide grin of her own.
  160. >Young Brownie walked right up to her little lover and greeted him in like fashion with a smooch on the cheek which Lincoln accepted most graciously and returned with much gusto.
  161. >Brownie giggled and wrapped Linc up in a great big hug, nestling his head under her chin due to the slight height difference.
  162. >Most boys might have found the maneuver slightly emasculating, bot so Lincoln; the boy had been raised by a veritable plethora of taller girls and was used to such situations, if anything it made him feel safe and loved and he melted in his girlfriend's arms with a murmur of contentedness.
  163. >Lincoln let his mind and body fade away, losing himself in the pleasure of being held and holding someone he truly cared for, relishing the touch and breath of the only girl that had been on his mind for the past four months, feeling completely and totally at peace and content to let the moment last however long it needed, maybe even forever.
  164. "So...what was all that in the lunchroom back there Linc?"
  165. >Goddammit
  166. >Moment thoroughly ruined Lincoln disentangled himself from his girlfriend's arms and groaned.
  167. >He debated just telling her it was nothing, just boys being boys, but when he looked at her, smile wavering and eyes focused only on him, concern clear and evident on her face and in her tone...
  168. "It was Zach, he said something stupid," Lincoln relented, avoiding eye contact and rubbing the side of his arm as he scuffed his shoes on the sidewalk.
  169. >Brownie hummed and scratched the back of her head.
  170. "Must have been pretty stupid to get a reaction like, heard you got sent to the principal's office."
  171. >Lincoln didn't respond to that and Brownie reached over to grab his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
  172. "C'mon Linc, talk to me here," she implored, seeing Lincoln like this gave her a weird feeling in her stomach.
  173. >Well, seeing Lincoln in general gave her a weird feeling in her stomach, but this wasn't like the other times where it was like being tickled, the proverbial 'butterflies in your tummy' feeling mom kept talking about.
  174. >He looked sad, which made her sad and more than a little angry and she wondered if she'd need to have a little chat with Zach later.
  175. >Lincoln swallowed and nodded his head, turning back to Brownie with a frustrated grimace.
  176. "It wasn't just him, I mean it was mostly him but it started because all the other guys kept saying how I was, I don't know I guess 'embarrassing myself' or something by always kissing you or whatever and it got me thinking, like, do they even care? Like they're my buds and all but here they are busting my chops when I'm happy, like really really happy, and it's got me feeling down. I think they're just jealous, but if I saw them with a girlfriend or something I like to think I'd be supportive. But whatever, it's nothing.
  177. >Lincoln huffed a bit and kicked at the ground again, too embarrassed look Brownie in the eyes after his little hissy-fit just now.
  178. >Brownie herself just snorted and with a wry smile snaked an arm around her boy's shoulder and brought him in for a side hug, nuzzling his cheek.
  179. "It's not nothing if it makes you upset. I'm sorry that your friends are giving you grief. Mine are having a field day too but we're always messing with each other anyway, I'm sure your friends will get over it.
  180. >As the kids snuggled Brownie pondered Lincoln's words, that he was getting ribbed wasn't unusual, she chalked that up to a boy thing as even though her friends chided her they did so playfully; Lincoln's friends sounded serious and that just pissed her off.
  181. >It also made her a little sad to be honest, she loved fawning over HER Lincoln and the thought that she was the reason he was being picked on, or worse that he didn't like it and was just going along with it, genuinely worried her.
  182. "Um, Linc," the girl asked, and Lincoln snapped to attention, she sounded a little trepidatious and it set of warning bells in his head. "If you think the, uh, PDA is a bit much I could tone it down, or whatever."
  183. >Lincoln put a stop to that noise with a kiss on her cheek.
  184. "Don't you dare, I don't care what the guys think, I always look forward to seeing you every day."
  185. >Brownie sighed and squeezed her Lincoln tighter, she just loved the way he made her feel, like she was walking on air and nothing else mattered.
  186. >Who cared what a bunch of dorks said or what they thought, if they were happy then it didn't matter.
  187. >Lincoln nodded and smiled a little, leaning into Brownie's hug, enjoying the way one hand held him close and the other played with his cowlick, trailing down his cheek and neck with little tickles, going further down his stomach and resting on his...
  188. "Nina."
  189. "Sorry, sorry," Brownie giggled, taking a few steps back and holding her hands up with a sheepish grin looking all the world like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
  190. "Really, in public."
  191. "I'm sorry, what can I say? I can't keep my hands off you~"
  192. Lincoln felt a shiver go down his spine and he straightened the collar of his shirt, which suddenly felt a little hot and a little too tight.
  193. >Noticing his predicament Brownie's features twisted into a smirk and she sauntered right up to the shivering youth, grabbed his hand, and danced her little fingers down it, relishing the way he looked away with a blush.
  194. >It was official, Lincoln Loud was just too cute for his own good, the fact that he wasn't even aware of it was like icing on a cake; diabetes inducing.
  195. >Brownie sealed the deal with a kiss on his knuckles and a lascivious wiggle of her eyebrows.
  196. >Lincoln snorted at the display and snatched his arm back, telling her to quit it, not that she could really hear through his giggles which she found herself adding too.
  197. >Some part of Lincoln realized he wasn't being particularly manly right now, but then again he had no idea how to be manly in the first place; and besides, this was fun.
  198. >She was fun.
  199. >The way she made him laugh, the way she made him feel, the way she made his little heart skip a beat when she looked at him with her eyes half-lidded and lips puckered.
  200. 'Might be a bit too early to say love,' Lincoln thought to himself with a wide smile, 'but who knows. This is good either way.'
  201. >As their laughter died down Brownie wiped a pearl of a tear from her eye and gave her boyfriend a knowing grin.
  202. "If your friends are jealous now I'd LOVE to see how they'd react if they knew just how well our first date went."
  203. "N-Nina!" Lincoln cried, his face scarlet as he swiveled his head around, making sure they were alone as the events of their first date played through his head.
  204. >What was meant to be a relaxing night at the movies blossomed into so much more as inhibitions were cast aside and a burgeoning sexual awakening took them both by storm and sent them on a magical journey of self (and mutual) discovery neither would ever forget.
  205. >They dry-humped each other in a grungy, abandoned movie theater and almost got caught being the long and short of it.
  206. >Naturally Lincoln and Brownie saw fit to keep such information to themselves for fear of parental admonishment, though Lincoln was frankly tempted to tell his friends at times.
  207. >They'd probably shit themselves.
  208. >As Lincoln reminisced Brownie took the time to straighten her mind and put on her "game face".
  209. >It was more of a cute pout but whatever.
  210. >Marching right up to her man Brownie revealed that she had already mastered the one of the more feared maneuvers of the ancient arts of feminine persuasion...
  211. >The dreaded "cross my arms and look at you not angrily but certainly not happily while I tap my foot" hold!
  212. >Lincoln quivered under the might onslaught, caught unprepared and without the experience that comes with age to properly repel it, as Brownie snorted and narrowed her eyes.
  213. "Right then, you gonna tell me what Zach said or not."
  214. >Lincoln flinched but dared not to break eye contact, years of living with his sisters had taught him a woman's sight was based on movement and he knew that if he tried to flee or even worse change the subject he'd be rent asunder.
  215. >Linc groaned, better to just come out with it.
  216. "He said something, er, kinda bad."
  217. "About you?"
  218. "Well not exact-
  219. "About me."
  220. >Lincoln's silence said it all and the playful atmosphere took a sudden turn as Brownie cracked her knuckles.
  221. >A QT she might be, but even a QT knew her limits and it just so happened that Brownie's weren't exactly stable at the best of times.
  222. "What'd the little geek say," she hissed, eyes narrowed and teeth bared.
  223. "Errrrr," Lincoln stammered, rubbing the back of his head, "he said some...disparaging things about, well us. As a couple. About how certain, um, people maybe shouldn't be together."
  224. >Brownie's mouth gaped and her eyes widened for a full five seconds before her face went perfectly blank.
  225. >For a full three seconds Lincoln was relieved, he expected a meltdown, that's what normally would've happened.
  226. >Of course he soon realized OOC is serious business and that his girlfriend looked ready to kill a fool.
  227. "I'm gonna kill that fool."
  228. >Well that about sums it up.
  229. >Shit, gotta distract her somehow, time to act Lincoln.
  230. "He also called you a Brizzie!"
  231. >Lincoln why the fuck did you open your mouth goddammit.
  232. >Still, it had the effect of replacing Brownie's mask of tranquil fury with one of complete and utter bewilderment.
  233. "What?"
  234. >Lincoln groaned, this wasn't going to be easy to explain, racial sensitivity was a bit above his pay grade, frankly he didn't think he'd ever need to worry about it.
  235. >I mean, c'mon guys, it's the {CURRENT YEAR}!
  236. "Well, um. Let's just say that Zach has some issues, with, um, certain subtropical ethnic groups of the eastern Peruvian variety, specifically those who may or may not host admittedly only somewhat entertaining Olympian events and with all due honesty have an over-population problem and why am I still talking this isn't helping me-
  237. "Shut up." Brownie groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose for a few seconds before giving Lincoln a withering glare. "What are you talking about?"
  238. "Zach doesn't think Brazilians and Europeans should mix apparently."
  239. >Brownie gave Lincoln a dry look, unsure whether she should be insulted or just befuddled.
  240. "First of all, I'm pretty sure a good half of Brazil consists of European stock, secondly I'm not Brazilian, my dad is Persian and my mom is Indian. They were both born in the U.S. from parents also born here."
  241. >Lincoln and Brownie both just stared at each other both completely unsure how to respond to the situation.
  242. >This stare down lasted a good half a minute before Lincoln cracked with a long, drawn-out 'PFFFFFFFFFTTT' and the two suddenly found themselves bent over with a serious case of the giggles.
  243. >Very serious actually, what do we do Dr. House?
  244. >Nothing, they'll be dead in a week Wilson, inform the parents while I go hobble off and distract everyone with my gross cripple walk.
  245. >Where was I going with this?
  246. >Oh yeah!
  247. >Wheezing from laughter, Lincoln straightened up and wiped his eyes before holding his hand out to Brownie.
  248. >The young lass graciously accepted and the two sauntered of down the sidewalk, the mood had once again hit a high note and they reveled in the brevity of youth.
  249. "Zach has issues, he's seeing the school's therapist now."
  250. "He's gonna be seeing the school nurse if I get my hands on him."
  251. "Me too, I wanted to hit him when I thought he was making fun of you but I didn't even know how to react. Like who says that you know."
  252. "He's so weird, Sophie swears she saw eating out of the dumpster behind the school. Whitney also thinks he's actually a middle-aged man but since he's a dwarf he just sneaks into school for the cafeteria food. Not sure I buy that one, but I believe the trash eating."
  253. >Lincoln cackled at that and the two lovebirds walked hand in hand like this for some time, telling jokes and stories just to make the other laugh so they could bask in the music of the other's voice, until they eventually reached their destination and the admittedly intimidating (not to mention infamous) Loud House stood before them.
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