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Date Night 2 - Electric Boogaloo

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  1. >To say Lincoln Loud was nervous would be an understatement.
  2. >To an outside observer the scene was a simple one, one would even go as far as to say charming or even cute.
  3. >The Loud House was unusually quiet that night, none of the usual chaos could be heard as the sisters actually kept to themselves in their bedrooms tonight... well, to an extent.
  4. >Tonight was special, for on the sofa in the Loud House sat one Lincoln Loud, though he was not alone.
  5. >A shiver ran down his spine as the poor lad quivered in his seat, though he kept his eyes focused on the television in front of him his face was flushed red and if one listened they'd hear little gasps coming out with every shallow breath.
  6. >And it was no small wonder he was so 'nervous', for immediately to his left sat a goddess.
  7. >Well, goddess was a bit strong, but the girl was fetching to say the least.
  8. >The glow of the t.v set a brilliant contrast against her cinnamon skin, her beautiful hair bounced on her shoulders as she laughed at the images on the screen, her eyes wide and her smile.
  9. >Nina Homendollar, or Brownie as everyone in school knew her, flashed a wide grin to her date.
  10. "You enjoying the movie Linc?"
  11. >Lincoln tensed a little and mewed as he squirmed under the blanket he and his date were currently sharing, wrapped up tighter than the snuggest of bugs in all the rugs.
  12. >Quite frankly the proximity would normally be enough to get Lincoln a little hot and bothered, but unfortunately for Lincoln things weren't that simple.
  13. >The chocolate temptresses grin curved a little at the ends and suddenly it seemed just a little less innocent.
  14. >Careful observers would also note that at this time Brownie's left hand was supporting her head as she grinned salaciously at her little boyfriend.
  15. >Her right hand was nowhere to be seen, the arm disappearing under the blanket and resting somewhere unknown.
  16. >Though one could just make out her little shoulders pumping ever so slowly, ever so carefully, like clockwork.
  17. >Lincoln bit his lip and moaned into his mouth, his face beet red and sweat dancing across his brow as he doubled over.
  18. >Brownie's grin doubled in size and she leaned in even closer, her body brushing up against Lincoln's as she rubbed his cheek with hers.
  19. "You're so cute Lincoln," she murmured, giving his cheek a little smooch and turning back to the movie.
  20. >It really was a good movie, Space Amazons from Space 3 really tipped the box offices with its high end action sequences, advanced plot lines, ground-breaking special effects, and all-star cast, shaking the Space Amazon fandom by storm and being universally heralded as an instant classic.
  21. >And that twist ending, oh boy, Shyamalan cried himself to sleep just wishing he came up with something like that.
  22. >Yeah, Brownie was thoroughly enjoying the cinematic masterpiece currently unfolding before her eyes.
  23. >Lincoln was enjoying himself too, but he wasn't exactly focused on the movie as he leaned back and rested his head on the sofa, his eyes shut and a big goofy grin on his face.
  24. "Oh my, what's going on here?"
  25. >Lincoln yelped and jumped in his seat as the Loud sire and matriarch themselves leaned over the sofa.
  26. >Rita Loud, the voluptuous, the fertile, the THICC herself leaned into view and grinned down at her only son and his little date.
  27. >She told herself she wouldn't interrupt them, but the sight of seeing her little boy all curled up with a girl was just too sweet to ignore.
  28. >Ooooh, Space Amazons 3, I heard this was a good one."
  29. >Lynn Loud Sr. pat his son on the shoulder and grinned down at his only boy' scarlet face.
  30. >Poor boy must be embarrassed all to hell, these were the moments a father lived for.
  31. "Oh yeah, it's great," Brownie replied, leaning into Lincoln's chest and snuggling right in as the boy froze.
  32. >Lynn Sr.'s grin grew and he patted his son on the shoulder, a sense of paternal pride filling his chest as he saw his boy with his first girlfriend.
  33. >Precious memories, he'd never live down not being able to meet her when she first came over but at least he could witness milestones like this.
  34. >The way they curled up on the sofa like this, all snug under the blanket, reminded him of his own dates with Rita when they were teens way back when.
  35. >Lynn's eyes traveled down and couldn't help but notice how one of the little girl's hands was conspicuously lingering under the blanket, and judging by his boy's red face and nervous shivering...
  36. >Lynn Sr. smile spread out into a sly grin and he gave his son a little wink.
  37. "Oh, holding hands under the covers eh?"
  38. >Lincoln's eyes bugged out of his head and he gaped like a fish, the only noise coming out of his open mouth was a nigh imperceptible high-pitched 'Eeeeeeee'.
  39. "Oh Lynn, you stop embarrassing him," Rita gently chided, though she had hold a hand up to her mouth to cover her own toothy smile.
  40. >Hey, she's a parent, she's allowed a little brevity at the expense of her kids now and then.
  41. >Brownie herself just laughed at the whole thing and snuggled into her date, the top of her head under Lincoln's chin and head resting comfortably on her boo's chest.
  42. >Rita gushed at the sight and it was all she could do not to go running for a camera, all the while Lynn Sr. gave a chuckle and ruffled his son's hair as he walked off.
  43. "Alright then kids, you both have fun watching your movie. I think it’s time for us to hit the hay Rita, give these two a little privacy."
  44. >Rita snorted and gave the two kids a wink.
  45. "Fair enough, you two don't stay up too late though. Have fun kids, but not too much fun you hear me?"
  46. "M-MOM!" Lincoln shouted and both parents gave one last laugh and Lincoln swore he heard a few of his sisters
  47. >As the parents entered their room Brownie sighed and shuffled her face into Lincoln's neck, her hot breath sent shivers down his spine... among other body parts.
  48. >He still couldn't believe either of their parents were okay with the idea of a sleepover, none of his older sisters were allowed to have their boyfriends over (said rule now recently amended to include any living creature, a rule known as the Sam Clause following one unfortunate incident).
  49. >Perhaps they thought there'd be no harm, they're still young after all, just a couple of innocent kids enjoying the other's company.
  50. >Lincoln winced and sighed, sorry mom and dad, your boy's not so innocent anymore.
  51. >Though frankly he couldn't hold a candle to a certain someone.
  52. >Lincoln cast a weary glare down to his date who merely smiled back at him before giving a wink and kissy face.
  53. >She was insatiable, probably his fault for indulging her back on their first date in that movie theater, not that he really had room to talk, he didn't stop her then and he wasn't going to now.
  54. >But for Christ's sake, in front of his parents!
  55. >How the hell did neither of them notice!
  56. >For a while the two of them sat like this, so close but at the same time entirely too far apart for Lincoln's liking, but every time he tried to kiss Brownie or pull her closer she'd give a little scoot or lean away, a coy grin ever present on her face.
  57. >This continued on for some time but eventually the sounds upstairs died down and the lights in the room adjacent to the sofa were cut off and the Loud House was truly silent save for the screams of the Imperial Marines as they were savaged by the nubile yet vicious Space Amazons.
  58. >Brownie sighed and kissed Lincoln's neck and the poor lad squirmed under her affections.
  59. "You got real tense when they came in," she whispered into his ear and he shuddered.
  60. 'Yeah, no shit,' he thought and huffed to himself.
  61. >Brownie pursed her lips in a cute little pout and rubbed noses with Linc.
  62. "C'mon Linc, I didn't mean to keep you on edge."
  63. >She leaned back and gave him a big 'ole smile, her eyes wide and twinkling with mischievous delight.
  64. "Besides, it was a kinda fun wasn't it. A little... exciting~
  65. Lincoln moaned as his date purred into his neck and licked his jawline.
  66. >This girl was going to be the end of him
  67. >Brownie's grip on his nethers tightened and she gave a little squeak as he palmed her undercarriage and hefted the giggling girl onto his lap.
  68. >He wouldn't have it any other way.
  69. >The two of them shared a messy kiss, their hands exploring the other's body as their tongues did the tango.
  70. >Brownie broke the kiss with a wet pop and gazed into her lover's eyes, her face broke out into a huge smile and she seemed alight with a manic energy as she continued pumping below the covers.
  71. "You're getting close, aren't you," she whispered, and redoubled her efforts.
  72. >Lincoln moaned and squirmed in her grasp and few stray tears leaked from his eyes which his girlfriend was eager to wipe away with a few kisses.
  73. "You've been so good Linc, time for me to repay the favor."
  74. >She gave Lincoln one more smooch on the lips before slowly lowering her head and ducking beneath the blanket.
  75. >A few seconds later Lincoln lurched in his seat and clamped his hands over his mouth before he woke up the entire house with a stomach-churning groan of relief.
  76. 'How the hell did we get here?' he vaguely wondered through the haze in his mind as the pleasure supplanted all other thoughts in his brain.
  77. >And that, in and of itself, is another story all together.
  78. >Yep, flashback time.
  79. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. >Ah, late spring, a time for rebirth after the cruel grasp of winter, the gentle warm air breezing through the countryside revitalized the spirits of nature and man alike and stirred something deep and resounding within the hearts of people everywhere.
  81. >For those of a more romantic provocation it was the time for lovers, for warm affections to bloom like flowers into something new and beautiful, if a little thorny on occasion.
  82. >For those of a younger disposition it heralded the beginning of summer and the long coveted break from the drudgery of the schoolyard they all so yearned for.
  83. >For one Lincoln Loud, a white-haired youth on the cusp of manhood himself, it meant both.
  84. >Perhaps he just liked to multitask, at any rate a deep well of excitement had been building up in Lincoln's loins for quite some time now, and it was no secret among the student body as to why.
  85. >Brownie, or Nina as Lincoln alone held the honor of calling her, a spirited young lass of a vaguely subtropical ethnicity and a fiery personality to match, known to all as a top-notch QT of the highest pedigree.
  86. >It was therefore somewhat of a shock to everyone that of all the boys in school her eyes were set on Lincoln alone.
  87. >That wasn't to say the boy was unattractive, far from it, his unusual hair color added a sort of exotic flair to him and he was commonly regarded as a quite the cutie in his own right.
  88. >However, there was no arguing that the poor lad was a bit of a nerd and somewhat lacking in social graces, as awkward and bumbling as they come sadly.
  89. >To Nina though, he was precious, and the thought alone that someone out there thought he was perfect the way he was made Linc's little heart flutter.
  90. >If only his friends could be so supportive.
  91. >Currently the group of boys were all sitting at the designated nerd table in the busy cafeteria, glowering at their buddy Linc who was currently too engaged with sending little air kisses to his boo across the way to notice the hostilities.
  92. >It wasn't that they were angry with Lincoln, after all the shit he put up with they were happy to see their friend so high in spirits.
  93. >Didn't mean they couldn't be jealous though, and each of them grit their teeth every time Lincoln blew out a kiss to Brownie, and of course she just had to catch it and blow one right back even though her own friends protested with a great show of gagging and shoving.
  94. >After apparently having enough Lincoln turned back to his table, put his head in his hands, and gave a great sigh.
  95. >Oh for the love of God you could practically see the little hearts in his eyes.
  96. >Clyde McBride, a 12th level geek and Lincoln's oldest friend since the two were infants, sighed and shook his head.
  97. >Clyde loved his bro, he really did, but there were times when a bro needed to step up and let a bro know when he's being an ass, and now was probably the time.
  98. >Maybe.
  99. >He wasn't really all that sure.
  100. >Nevertheless, Clyde went ahead and rapped the table with his knuckles, breaking Lincoln out of his reverie who quickly noticed his four friends sitting across from him and giving him slight glares.
  101. "Uh...what's up guys?"
  102. >Being his best friend, Clyde decided to shoulder the responsibility by breaking the ice.
  103. "Look Linc, we're your buddies, and we're happy for you, we are. But don't you think you're going a bit overboard?"
  104. >Lincoln listened with a stupefied look on his face that slowly turned into a scowl as his so-called friends nodded their heads.
  105. "Yeah, no offense Linc, but it's getting a little old seeing all this mushy crap every lunch period. I'm trying to eat here dude," Rusty chimed in, but immediately drew back with a sheepish grin when he saw the look on Lincoln's face.
  106. "Sounds to me like you're just jealous," Lincoln hissed right back and all the boys flinched a little at the (true) accusation.
  107. "Well now, hold on there just one cow-fiddlin minute pardner, 'cause I ain't got the foggiest notion of what you's is on about," Liam cajoled.
  108. "Oh I'll bet," Lincoln snapped, seething in his chair as he glared at his so-called buddies who all pointedly avoided looking at his eyes.
  109. >Frankly Lincoln couldn't believe this shit, these guys said they were happy for him but the second something goes right for him they all turn traitor.
  110. >Clyde spread his hands and tried to take hold of the situation.
  111. "Now look Lincoln, none of us are blaming you for being happy with your girlfriend, believe us, that isn't the problem here,"
  112. "Yeah," Zach, the little fucking weirdo, chimed in, "It's WHO you're dating."
  113. >Clyde smiled and nodded his head.
  114. "Exact-wait, what?!"
  115. >Immediately everyone at the table snapped their heads over to Zach and scooted away from him, their faces a mixture of shock, confusion, and anger.
  116. >Lincoln cracked his knuckles and leaned forward, brow knit and teeth bared.
  117. "And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"
  118. >Zach leaned back in his chair and held his hands up.
  119. "Now Lincoln let's just calm down, all I'm saying is-
  120. "I think you better think before you say what I think you're saying," Clyde growled.
  121. "Damnitt Clyde it's not like that."
  122. "Then what in Creation is you's on about Zach," Liam snapped, he's had more than few relatives go down this conversation route before and it never turned out right.
  123. "Look, all I’m saying is, well, there's people that just shouldn't mix and-
  124. "Jesus Christ Zach," Rusty muttered, shaking his head; it was like a train wreck, he shouldn't watch but he couldn't look away.
  125. >Zach slammed his fists on the table and glared at the other four boys looking at him.
  127. >Silence reigned over the lunch table as the other boys all glanced at each other in confusion, Lincoln didn't know whether to jump across the table and beat the snot out of Zach or grab a dictionary.
  128. "A fucking what?" Rusty asked, his voice rife with dubiety.
  129. >Zach looked at the confused faces surrounding him and shrugged his shoulders.
  130. "Yknow, a Brizzie. A Brazilian. Now I’m sure there are some alright Brazilians, hell I’m sure Nina is one of them. But it’s one thing to be friends with them and another thing entirely to be fraternizing with them. You understand where I'm coming from, right Linc?"
  131. >For a good thirteen seconds none of the other boy at the table said a word, each of them trying their hardest to mentally process what Zach just said and come up with the appropriate response.
  132. >Naturally, they all came to the same conclusion at the same time.
  133. "You fucking idiot-
  134. "Goddamn son-
  135. "Ain't got the sense you was born with-
  136. "You're a retard-
  137. "Never in my life-
  138. "You sonnuva-
  139. "Dumbass-
  140. "Moron-
  141. "Actin' like a whelped possum, pink and blind, go find yerself a possum titty-
  142. "Get this idiot outta here-
  143. "Of all the stupid shit-
  144. "Go crawl back under the train tracks-
  145. "You give circus folk a bad name-
  146. "Dipshit-
  147. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. >Lincoln shrugged his backpack over his shoulder and huffed to himself, the lad had worked himself up into a tiff after the lunchroom incident and his mood had soured dramatically.
  149. >Lincoln appreciated his friends, more than not they were there for him and could be counted on when things got hairy, but just now he saw a different side to them and it was one he wasn't at all pleased to discover.
  150. >Also Zach had issues like what the fuck dude.
  151. >Lincoln sighed to himself and kept his eyes forward as he meandered down the sidewalk, muttering as he went.
  152. >That little explosion in the cafeteria did not go over well with the teachers, though it could be said the other kids found it to be spectacular entertainment, Lincoln and his crew were known for being mild-mannered so to see such an episode from them set the good ol' rumor mill a' grinding.
  153. >Needless to say a visit to the principal's office was in order, where the normally studious boys were given a swift detention for swearing and starting a ruckus and stern admonition to see such events didn't repeat themselves in the future.
  154. >Zach is seeing the school councilor.
  155. >Feeling thoroughly reprimanded, not to mention annoyed that Lori didn't bother to stick around an extra ten minutes after school to pick him up with the rest of his sisters, the white-haired youth trudged along the road as he made the long trek back to his house.
  156. >Linc groaned aloud and rapped his knuckles against his head, could this day get any worse?
  157. "Hey Linc, wait up!"
  158. >Could this day get any better.
  159. >Immediately Lincoln felt his spirits lift as he turned around with a wide grin to behold none other than a certain brown-skinned qt approaching with an equally wide grin of her own.
  160. >Young Brownie walked right up to her little lover and greeted him in like fashion with a smooch on the cheek which Lincoln accepted most graciously and returned with much gusto.
  161. >Brownie giggled and wrapped Linc up in a great big hug, nestling his head under her chin due to the slight height difference.
  162. >Most boys might have found the maneuver slightly emasculating, but not so Lincoln; the boy had been raised by a veritable plethora of taller girls and was used to such situations, if anything it made him feel safe and loved and he melted in his girlfriend's arms with a murmur of contentedness.
  163. >Lincoln let his mind and body fade away, losing himself in the pleasure of being held and holding someone he truly cared for, relishing the touch and breath of the only girl that had been on his mind for the past four months, feeling completely and totally at peace and content to let the moment last however long it needed, maybe even forever.
  164. "So... what was all that in the lunchroom back there Linc?"
  165. >Goddammit
  166. >Moment thoroughly ruined Lincoln disentangled himself from his girlfriend's arms and groaned.
  167. >He debated just telling her it was nothing, just boys being boys, but when he looked at her, smile wavering and eyes focused only on him, concern clear and evident on her face and in her tone...
  168. "It was Zach, he said something stupid," Lincoln relented, avoiding eye contact and rubbing the side of his arm as he scuffed his shoes on the sidewalk.
  169. >Brownie hummed and scratched the back of her head.
  170. "Must have been pretty stupid to get a reaction like, heard you got sent to the principal's office."
  171. >Lincoln didn't respond to that and Brownie reached over to grab his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
  172. "C'mon Linc, talk to me here," she implored, seeing Lincoln like this gave her a weird feeling in her stomach.
  173. >Well, seeing Lincoln in general gave her a weird feeling in her stomach, but this wasn't like the other times where it was like being tickled, the proverbial 'butterflies in your tummy' feeling mom kept talking about.
  174. >He looked sad, which made her sad and more than a little angry and she wondered if she'd need to have a little chat with Zach later.
  175. >Lincoln swallowed and nodded his head, turning back to Brownie with a frustrated grimace.
  176. "It wasn't just him, I mean it was mostly him but it started because all the other guys kept saying how I was, I don't know, I guess 'embarrassing myself' or something by always kissing you or whatever and it got me thinking, like, do they even care? Like, they're my buds and all but here they are busting my chops when I'm happy, like really really happy, and it's got me feeling down. I think they're just jealous, but if I saw them with a girlfriend or something I like to think I'd be supportive. But whatever, it's nothing."
  177. >Lincoln huffed a bit and kicked at the ground again, too embarrassed look Brownie in the eyes after his little hissy-fit just now.
  178. >Brownie herself just snorted and with a wry smile snaked an arm around her boy's shoulder and brought him in for a side hug, nuzzling his cheek.
  179. "It's not nothing if it makes you upset. I'm sorry that your friends are giving you grief. Mine are having a field day too but we're always messing with each other anyway. I'm sure your friends will get over it.
  180. >As the kids snuggled Brownie pondered Lincoln's words, that he was getting ribbed wasn't unusual, she chalked that up to a boy thing as even though her friends chided her they did so playfully; Lincoln's friends sounded serious and that just pissed her off.
  181. >It also made her a little sad to be honest, she loved fawning over HER Lincoln and the thought that she was the reason he was being picked on, or worse that he didn't like it and was just going along with it, genuinely worried her.
  182. "Um, Linc," the girl asked, and Lincoln snapped to attention, she sounded a little trepidatious and it set of warning bells in his head. "If you think the, uh, PDA is a bit much I could tone it down, or whatever."
  183. >Lincoln put a stop to that noise with a kiss on her cheek.
  184. "Don't you dare, I don't care what the guys think, I always look forward to seeing you every day."
  185. >Brownie sighed and squeezed her Lincoln tighter, she just loved the way he made her feel, like she was walking on air and nothing else mattered.
  186. >Who cared what a bunch of dorks said or what they thought, if they were happy then it didn't matter.
  187. >Lincoln nodded and smiled a little, leaning into Brownie's hug, enjoying the way one hand held him close and the other played with his cowlick, trailing down his cheek and neck with little tickles, going further down his stomach and resting on his...
  188. "Nina."
  189. "Sorry, sorry," Brownie giggled, taking a few steps back and holding her hands up with a sheepish grin looking all the world like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
  190. "Really, in public?"
  191. "I'm sorry, what can I say? I can't keep my hands off you~"
  192. Lincoln felt a shiver go down his spine and he straightened the collar of his shirt, which suddenly felt a little hot and a little too tight.
  193. >Noticing his predicament Brownie's features twisted into a smirk and she sauntered right up to the shivering youth, grabbed his hand, and danced her little fingers down it, relishing the way he looked away with a blush.
  194. >It was official, Lincoln Loud was just too cute for his own good, the fact that he wasn't even aware of it was like icing on a cake; diabetes inducing.
  195. >Brownie sealed the deal with a kiss on his knuckles and a lascivious wiggle of her eyebrows.
  196. >Lincoln snorted at the display and snatched his arm back, telling her to quit it, not that she could really hear through his giggles which she found herself adding too.
  197. >Some part of Lincoln realized he wasn't being particularly manly right now, but then again he had no idea how to be manly in the first place; and besides, this was fun.
  198. >She was fun.
  199. >The way she made him laugh, the way she made him feel, the way she made his little heart skip a beat when she looked at him with her eyes half-lidded and lips puckered.
  200. 'Might be a bit too early to say love,' Lincoln thought to himself with a wide smile, 'but who knows. This is good either way.'
  201. >As their laughter died down Brownie wiped a pearl of a tear from her eye and gave her boyfriend a knowing grin.
  202. "If your friends are jealous now I'd LOVE to see how they'd react if they knew just how well our first date went."
  203. "N-Nina!" Lincoln cried, his face scarlet as he swiveled his head around, making sure they were alone as the events of their first date played through his head.
  204. >What was meant to be a relaxing night at the movies blossomed into so much more as inhibitions were cast aside and a burgeoning sexual awakening took them both by storm and sent them on a magical journey of self (and mutual) discovery neither would ever forget.
  205. >They dry-humped each other in a grungy, abandoned movie theater and almost got caught being the long and short of it.
  206. >Naturally Lincoln and Brownie saw fit to keep such information to themselves for fear of parental admonishment, though Lincoln was frankly tempted to tell his friends at times.
  207. >They'd probably shit themselves.
  208. >As Lincoln reminisced Brownie took the time to straighten her mind and put on her "game face".
  209. >It was more of a cute pout but whatever.
  210. >Marching right up to her man Brownie revealed that she had already mastered the one of the more feared maneuvers of the ancient arts of feminine persuasion...
  211. >The dreaded "cross my arms and look at you not angrily but certainly not happily while I tap my foot" hold!
  212. >Lincoln quivered under the might onslaught, caught unprepared and without the experience that comes with age to properly repel it, as Brownie snorted and narrowed her eyes.
  213. "Right then, you gonna tell me what Zach said or not."
  214. >Lincoln flinched but dared not to break eye contact, years of living with his sisters had taught him a woman's sight was based on movement and he knew that if he tried to flee or even worse change the subject he'd be rent asunder.
  215. >Linc groaned, better to just come out with it.
  216. "He said something, er, kinda bad."
  217. "About you?"
  218. "Well not exact-
  219. "About me."
  220. >Lincoln's silence said it all and the playful atmosphere took a sudden turn as Brownie cracked her knuckles.
  221. >A QT she might be, but even a QT knew her limits and it just so happened that Brownie's weren't exactly stable at the best of times.
  222. "What'd the little geek say," she hissed, eyes narrowed and teeth bared.
  223. "Errrrr," Lincoln stammered, rubbing the back of his head, "he said some... disparaging things about, well us. As a couple. About how certain, um, people maybe shouldn't be together."
  224. >Brownie's mouth gaped and her eyes widened for a full five seconds before her face went perfectly blank.
  225. >For a full three seconds Lincoln was relieved, he expected a meltdown, that's what normally would've happened.
  226. >Of course he soon realized OOC is serious business and that his girlfriend looked ready to kill a fool.
  227. "I'm gonna kill that fool."
  228. >Well that about sums it up.
  229. >Shit, gotta distract her somehow, time to act Lincoln.
  230. "He also called you a Brizzie!"
  231. >Lincoln why the fuck did you open your mouth goddammit.
  232. >Still, it had the effect of replacing Brownie's mask of tranquil fury with one of complete and utter bewilderment.
  233. "What?"
  234. >Lincoln groaned, this wasn't going to be easy to explain, racial sensitivity was a bit above his pay grade, frankly he didn't think he'd ever need to worry about it.
  235. >I mean, c'mon guys, it's the {CURRENT YEAR}!
  236. "Well, um. Let's just say that Zach has some issues, with, um, certain subtropical ethnic groups of the eastern Peruvian variety, specifically those who may or may not host admittedly only somewhat entertaining Olympian events and with all due honesty have an over-population problem and why am I still talking this isn't helping me-
  237. "Shut up." Brownie groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose for a few seconds before giving Lincoln a withering glare. "What are you talking about?"
  238. "Zach doesn't think Brazilians and Europeans should mix apparently."
  239. >Brownie gave Lincoln a dry look, unsure whether she should be insulted or just befuddled.
  240. "First of all, I'm pretty sure a good half of Brazil consists of European stock, secondly I'm not Brazilian, my dad is Persian and my mom is Indian. They were both born in the U.S. from parents also born here."
  241. >Lincoln and Brownie both just stared at each other both completely unsure how to respond to the situation.
  242. >This stare down lasted a good half a minute before Lincoln cracked with a long, drawn-out 'PFFFFFFFFFTTT' and the two suddenly found themselves bent over with a serious case of the giggles.
  243. >Very serious actually, what do we do Dr. House?
  244. >Nothing, they'll be dead in a week Wilson, inform the parents while I go hobble off and distract everyone with my gross cripple walk.
  245. >Wheezing from laughter, Lincoln straightened up and wiped his eyes before holding his hand out to Brownie.
  246. >The young lass graciously accepted and the two sauntered of down the sidewalk, the mood had once again hit a high note and they reveled in the brevity of youth.
  247. "Zach has issues, he's seeing the school's therapist now."
  248. "He's gonna be seeing the school nurse if I get my hands on him."
  249. "Me too, I wanted to hit him when I thought he was making fun of you but I didn't even know how to react. Like, who says that you know?"
  250. "He's so weird, Sophie swears she saw him eating out of the dumpster behind the school. Whitney also thinks he's actually a middle-aged dwarf who just sneaks into school for the cafeteria food. Not sure I buy that one, but I believe the trash eating."
  251. >Lincoln cackled at that and the two lovebirds walked hand in hand like this for some time, telling jokes and stories just to make the other laugh so they could bask in the music of the other's voice, until they eventually reached their destination and the admittedly intimidating (not to mention notorious) Loud House stood before them.
  252. >The din of chaos so typical of the infamous abode could be heard from a block away, so raucous were the inhabitants in fact that ear plugs were a customary gift shared among neighbors and friends, and though they would complain the denizens of Royal Woods had grown accustomed to the boisterous Louds and their amusing antics.
  253. >Brownie in particular was quite fond of the Loud family, for obvious reasons, and every day she was invited over was a real treat for the little girl as Lincoln’s sisters never failed to provide a good time.
  254. >As the boy and girl approached the front door, however, it became readily apparent that today was not going to be so fun for one of them.
  255. >Lori Loud, the eldest sister of the Loud siblings and resident ‘alpha bitch’ leaned against the railing of the front porch, absentmindedly tip-tapping away on her phone with a small frown on her face as Lincoln and Brownie tentatively approached the door.
  256. >As the kids slowly traipsed around the volatile teen Lincoln thought for a few precious seconds he might just-
  257. “We need to talk Linc,” Lori stated, not even looking up from her phone.
  258. >Her eyes briefly flickered over to Brownie and the sides of her mouth slightly curled up into the barest semblance of a grin.
  259. “You can wait inside for him. Feel free to raid the fridge if you’re hungry.”
  260. >Brownie nodded and looked over to Lincoln who groaned and looked over to her with a small frown.
  261. “Go up and wait for me in my room, this shouldn’t take too long.”
  262. “Just tell her what you told me,” she replied, and gave him a peck on the check before she headed inside.
  263. >Lincoln watched her go with a sigh and turned back to Lori who watched his tired face with a look of slight consternation as she gestured to the railing with a tilt of her head.
  264. >Lincoln took a deep breath and walked over.
  265. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  266. >Brownie walked through the front door of the Loud House a little more downcast than she was expecting.
  267. >Though she had no doubt Lori would ease up on her little brother when Lincoln told her why he got detention she didn’t envy the conversion he would be subjected to.
  268. >Plus he still had to explain himself to his parents...
  269. >Yeah, might want to be outta the house before that happens.
  270. >Walking into the living room Brownie was made immediately aware of the blaring television set, and more pressingly the scuffle erupting around as a quartet of sister both young and old quarreled over the rights to said device.
  271. >Brownie meandered towards the sofa and caught sight of the twins, Lola and Lana, the rocker Luna, and the jock Lynn wrestling for the remote, which at the moment lay on the far side of the sofa.
  272. >Yoink
  273. >Brownie looked over the remote in her hands and back to the t.v
  274. >At the moment some kind of nature documentary about alligators was on, pretty good stuff all things considered but it would seem Lana’s choice of quality programming was not reciprocated by her siblings.
  275. >A piercing 'ouch' drew her attention and Brownie turned to see the fight was getting ugly with Lola’s teeth deep in Luna’s arm despite the older sister’s admonishments and attempts to dislodge her.
  276. >Brownie winced and shook her head, Lincoln had told her that recently the younger blonde had been getting more aggressive but that seemed a bit too much.
  277. >Would she have to worry about her own little sister doing that?
  278. >She better not if the little brat wants all her baby teeth.
  279. >With a ‘hmm’ Brownie nodded, pointed the remote at the t.v, and clicked a few buttons, letting the screen work its magic.
  280. >With a click the titillating scene of an alligator biting a duck’s head off was replaced by some highly over-priced jewelry slowly rotating on a pedestal while a dour old man’s voice played overhead.
  281. “And as you can see right here this stainless silver necklace comes with both a ruby and sapphire gemstone, both expertly cut in a diamond shape and placed side by side, and it can be all yours for the low, low price of $38,000. Now, you can tell here that the design on the silver is primarily inspired by Celtic insular style, and that’s interesting because...
  282. “Oi, what?"
  283. “Where’s the gators!?”
  284. “What’s this crap!”
  285. “Oooooh, pretty!”
  286. >A sharp whistle drew the girl’s attention from the television and they all turned to see Brownie waving the remote at them with a grin.
  287. “Brownie!” the girls shouted and untangled themselves from the knot of limbs they found themselves suddenly caught in.
  288. >Lana was first to manage the Herculean task of disentangling herself from her siblings and she stumbled over to the older girl to give her hug which was enthusiastically returned.
  289. “Hey Lana, how’s it going. Frankie doing okay?”
  290. >Frankie of course being a small salamander Brownie had given to Lana when they first meet, an attempt to garner the younger sister’s affection which worked almost a little too well as the young tomboy was now convinced Brownie was just about the coolest older kid she’d ever met and took every opportunity to try and hang out with her.
  291. >Not that Brownie could really complain too much, Lana was a bundle of fun so long as she wasn’t trying to cover her in mud or shoving bugs in her pants and she very quickly became one of Brownie’s more favored sisters.
  292. >Little Lana looked up, all grin and shining eyes and so excited she was practically vibrating in one place.
  293. “Oh yeah, Frankie’s great. He gets along so well with the others, especially Hops, they’re best buds. I didn’t know you were coming over today, you wanna go play at the park, you wanna go play in the mud, you wanna go play in the basement, you wanna-”
  294. >Brownie snorted a little at the girl’s enthusiasm and wrapped an arm around Lana’s shoulders before proceeding to bestow upon the squealing kid a light noogie through her cap, trying and failing to coolly hide her own grin as she waited for the other sisters to pull themselves off the ground.
  295. >Lola would have the dubious honor of being next, though like in all things her introduction was the polar opposite of her twin’s.
  296. >Where Lana was all grins and excitement Lola approached with a sneer and a flip of her hair.
  297. “Well now, so good to see you again... Brownie was it?”
  298. >Bitch I heard you say my name a few seconds ago don’t play me.
  299. >Lola gave her best pretentious laugh and walked up to Brownie, giving her a small smile and a pat on her leg.
  300. “Now Brownie, I know we’ve had our differences, our first meeting wasn’t exactly stellar, but I want to bury the hatchet, start over.”
  301. >What kind of six-year-old has this vocabulary?
  302. >Also is she serious?
  303. >Lola had always been one of two major thorns in her side, something about her not being good enough for her big brother, typical jealous little sister stuff and normally she wouldn’t be all that concerned.
  304. >But then, most little sisters weren’t outright demonic like Lola.
  305. >Brownie tried her best to give the little heathen a smile but it came out looking more like a grimace.
  306. >Did she believe Lola, hell no, but then again could she afford to be a cunt?
  307. >As much as she didn’t really like Lola it might be best to ask for clemency, if only to avoid the risk of Lola potentially sabotaging her relationship with Lincoln.
  308. >A big brother is a big brother after all, and Linc probably wouldn’t be thrilled if his baby sister came up to him crying about how his girlfriend was mean to her, the little devil.
  309. >Brownie let out a breath and forced her smile to be a little more genuine, letting go of Lana and holding out a hand for Lola to shake.
  310. “Sure Lola, that’d be great. Things were a little rocky but there’s no reason we can’t be friends.”
  311. >Lola put on her sickly-sweet smile and walked past the hand, wrapping her little arms around Brownie’s waist and giving her a hug.
  312. >Brownie found herself smiling in spite of herself and gave her wrapped her left arm around the girl, the right arm folded up behind the back still holding the remote, hugging her back.
  313. >This wasn’t so bad, looks like she misjudged Lola; way to go Brownie, you finally get the perfect boyfriend and you almost muck it all up harassing his cute baby sister-
  314. “Yoink!”
  315. >Lola broke out of the hug and jumped back with a victorious cackle, the remote held tight in her little fist as she danced about.
  316. “Hahaha, it’s mine! All mine! And I take back everything I said, dumb-dumb!”
  317. >Lola turned on her heels and scuttled off, making about three feet before Lana slammed into her back and the two started their usual routine of scratching, biting, punching, and hair pulling as they wrestled for the device which unbeknownst to them now lay forgotten on the ground.
  318. >Brownie groaned and shook her head, glaring at the dust cloud as it peeled off behind the sofa, the shrieks and threats of the two twin combatants ringing out through the living room and giving the pre-teen a headache.
  319. “Are they always like this?”
  320. >The two other sisters laughed at this, while Luna got up and walked over to Brownie Lynn quickly snatched the remote off the ground and plopped down on the sofa changing the channel to a baseball game.
  321. “Oh, you have no idea dude,” Luna replied in her usual laid-back way, slinging an arm around the young girl and pulling her in for a side hug.
  322. “Good to see you again kid, what’s the occasion?”
  323. “Just walking back with Linc,” Brownie replied, leaning into the hug. “He got into a bit of trouble at school so I wanted to cheer him up. One of his friends said something dumb and it got him riled up. He’s out on the porch talking to Lori about it.”
  324. “Oh,” Luna said, the slight shock clear in her voice, Lincoln was usually such a mild-mannered boy and to hear that he had gotten into a fight or anything surprised her. “Did the kid say something about him?”
  325. “Err, not really.”
  326. >Luna watched Brownie lightly flinch at the questioning, her eyes looking off to the side as she held her hands behind her back.
  327. “Said something about you, didn’t he luv?”
  328. >Brownie sighed and scratched the side of her head before looking up to Luna with a little guilt and embarrassment on her face.
  329. “More like how some people don’t, well, belong together.”
  330. >Luna stared at the miserable little girl for all of three seconds before repositioning their hug into a full-frontal embrace.
  331. “I’m so sorry little dude.”
  332. >Brownie nestled into the hug, feeling the corners of eyes mist up a little.
  333. >What the heck was this, she wasn’t this sad earlier, after all it’s not like it was that big a deal, right?
  334. “It’s alright, he was dumb. I’m just sorry Lincoln got in trouble.”
  335. “I’m not. Heck, I’m proud of him, sticking up for you like that. He’s a good little guy for putting that obnoxious little shit in his place. I mean stuff like that just-
  336. >Luna cut herself off with a huff and even went so far as to kiss Brownie on her head before holding her out and looking her in the eyes.
  337. “Don’t ever be ashamed of what you and Linc have. There’s always going to be bleedin’ sods out there and they’re gonna say some right shite, believe me I know, but you just ignore them you hear me. Love is beautiful luv, don’t ever regret it.”
  338. >Brownie wiped her eyes dry and grinned up at the older girl, as the oldest sibling in her own family Brownie didn’t have anyone she could really look up to or emulate so this was honestly the first real sisterly interaction she’d ever have.
  339. >It was a little stifling to be honest.
  340. “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks Lamp.”
  341. >The reaction was immediate and exactly what Brownie was expecting as all the color drained out of Luna’s mortified face and she dropped the little girl.
  342. “W-what? I d-don’t know what you’re... Did Lincoln tell you?”
  343. >Brownie cackled as she got to her feet and brushed her skirt off.
  344. “Nah, Sam’s little sister is my best bud. She told me all about the ‘Sam Clause’. Really Luna, a lamp?!”
  345. >Luna covered up her reddening face with her hands and groaned as Lynn bust a gut on the sofa.
  346. “I’m never going to live this down, am I?” the teen moaned.
  347. >With a cheeky grin Brownie meandered right up to her boyfriend’s sister and gave her a friendly pat on her leg.
  348. “Nope,” she replied, but a few moments later folded her arms around the teenager’s waist in another hug, looking up at her confused face with a sheepish expression. “But thanks Luna, I needed to hear that.”
  349. >Luna scoffed and flicked the younger girl’s noggin.
  350. “That’s Lamp to you luv.”
  351. >All the girls in living room laughed at that (sans Lana and Lola who had wrestled themselves to exhaustion and were now taking a nap behind the sofa) and Luna took a seat on the sofa next to her sporty sister.
  352. >Brownie waited a few seconds for Lynn to take her turn but the aspiring jock simply waved the younger (if ever so slightly taller) girl off, too engrossed in the ball game playing on screen to properly greet her brother’s girlfriend.
  353. >This was all the same to Brownie, Lynn was a bit too aggressive for her taste, she still had bruises from when Lynn trounced her at the soccer match she challenged her too when they first met, the last thing she needed was to be dragged outside and used as target practice.
  354. >With a shrug of her shoulders Brownie spun on her heels and walked into the dining room, stopping just short of the kitchen when she spied Lincoln’s second oldest sister milling about.
  355. >Leni Loud was an angel, a sweet cinnamon roll too pure for this world, one of the few genuinely nice people who would actually do everything in her power to make sure others were just as happy as she was.
  356. >She was also a little on the slow side, thus making her the perfect target for pranks.
  357. >Do she?
  358. ...
  359. >She do.
  360. >With a sly grin Brownie made her way into the kitchen, traipsing her way through the room almost absentmindedly until she was right behind an unaware Leni, distracted as she was with her smoothie crafting she failed to notice the child sneaking up on her.
  361. >Brownie stopped just short of the older girl, pausing only to slowly turn to the side and give a crocodile grin, before she turned back to Leni and took a deep breath.
  362. “HI LENI!”
  363. >With a shriek the ditzy blonde jump in the air and spun around, panting heavily as her eyes shot around the room.
  364. “Guys, help! I think the kitchen is haunted!”
  365. “Down here.”
  366. “Huh?”
  367. >Leni looked down to see the young and now thoroughly unamused girl right in front of here.
  368. >With a sigh of relief Leni practically melted into the counter top, with the crisis averted fear was quickly replaced with excitement and she looked down at the child, wide eyes brimming with mirth and a great big smile on her face.
  369. “Like, hi Brownie. I didn’t hear you come in, are you doing alright?” Leni asked, not at all irritated by the earlier scare, and in all honesty and likelihood probably not remembering it.
  370. >Brownie shrugged, not exactly sad but noticeably down, something Leni immediately picked up on.
  371. >The nuances of language, both verbal and physical, were often lost on Leni, she knew she had difficulty in understanding certain concepts like sarcasm, lying, and hidden truths, but the young woman figured that because she couldn’t change that she wouldn’t worry about it; indeed, she was very good at forgetting.
  372. >But the simple things, being scared or hurt or sad, these were things she picked up on very easily, and she endeavored to root out such feelings and immediately rectify them if she could.
  373. >Ergo, Leni wasted no time comforting the younger girl with a quick hug and her biggest smile, and what do you know but it does the trick.
  374. “Sorry you had a rotten day, you want a smoothie?”
  375. >Brownie chuckled at the offer but returned the grin with her own.
  376. “Nah, that’s fine Leni. I am going to raid the fridge though, you have any idea if it’s running?”
  377. >Confusion and alarm dawned on Leni’s face and she turned to the refrigerator, staring at it for a few seconds before slowly turning back to Brownie, a knowing grin on her face.
  378. “Oh no you don’t, can’t get me with that prank again. I remember last time.”
  379. >Brownie laughed at that and opened the fridge door, peering inside the contraption for a possible snack.
  380. >Let’s see... soda, leftovers, tuna, sauerkraut, oh hell yeah CapriSun!
  381. >Wait, tuna?
  382. >A wicked smirk crawled scrawled its way across her face as Brownie slowly turned back to Leni.
  383. “Hey Leni, would you guys happen to have any canned tuna?”
  384. “Huh?” Leni asked, peering over her shoulder and squinting her eyes. “Like, I’m pretty sure.”
  385. >With a gasp Brownie turned around and stared wide-eyed at the older teen, hands clasped around her mouth and looking generally mortified.
  386. “Leni!”
  387. “W-what?!”
  388. “They’re in the cans Leni.”
  389. “In the cans?”
  390. “The tuna Leni, they’re in the cans.”
  391. “Well yeah, sure they are.”
  392. “They can’t breathe in there Leni!”
  393. “WHAT!”
  394. “We gotta save them!”
  395. “OH MY GOD,” Leni screamed, lunging at the fridge and stuffing herself inside.
  396. >Brownie deftly moved aside with a packet of fruit juice and watched the show, taking a sip with a smile as Leni tossed about the contents of the fridge until she found the canned tuna which she immediately took over to the counter.
  397. >Opting not to waste time looking for a can opener Leni laid the half dozen cans onto the counter and smashed each one with her fist, emptying the contents and molding the tuna chunks into a facsimile of the actual creature.
  398. “Breath, darn you!”  Leni screamed in sheer desperation, and began a poor man’s attempt at resuscitation by repeatedly punching the ‘fish’ and yelling out “Hiya” with every blow.
  399. >Brownie watched the utter train wreck in front of her with a expression of sheer and utter delight, her eyes wide and smile stretched from ear to ear as she just nodded her head.
  400. >She wasn’t the only one enjoying the show, the sisters from the living room had heard the noise and had come to investigate, and now they too were stunned by the performance in front of them.
  401. >The show only lasted for another minute before Leni tenderly picked the mashed-up fish remains and held the greasy mass tight to her bosom, sobs racking her body as she slowly sank to the floor and bawled out how she couldn’t save him.
  402. >Brownie shook her head and whistled at the scene, taking another sip from her juice pouch she turned around and sauntered out of the kitchen leaving the stunned audience behind her as she made for the stairs and ascended to the second floor.
  403. >Reaching the top Brownie found two paths before her.
  404. >All around her were a plethora of rooms, most of them closed but one to her immediate left was opened and apparently empty, but to the right at the end of the hall lay her boyfriend’s where he told her to wait for him.
  405. >She should probably just go and wait in Linc’s room...
  406. >Brownie sighed and started walking towards Lin’s room, and even made it about halfway before turning on a dime and power walking for the open bedroom.
  407. >Peeking her little head inside she glanced about and saw the room was indeed empty, and with a quick glance around the empty hallway to make sure she was alone she tiptoed into the room for a look around.
  408. >It was a fairly decent sized bedroom; a bunk-bed was stacked against the wall and a beanbag sat invitingly in the center of the room, and judging by the instruments and plethora of comedic devices strewn about Brownie didn’t need three guesses to determine who lived here.
  409. >Brownie looked around and let out an impressed whistle, it wasn’t that much bigger than her room and to see it could accommodate two teenage girls was impressive. Then again, the Louds were probably used to sharing space.
  410. >Curiosity sated, Brownie was about to leave when she noticed something strange sitting on the dresser, a dummy by the looks of it.
  411. >It was a freaky little thing, a little dude dressed up in a light blue buttoned jacket, jeans, yellow shoes, and a red bow tie. His face was unsettling, with puffed out red cheeks, large eyes, and a long nose. His orange hair was done up in a pompadour and atop his head sat a yellow barbershop hat.
  412. >Brownie shuddered a little but found herself walking closer to the creepy doll.
  413. “Kind of freaky,” she whispered to herself, reaching out to brush a hand against its polished ‘skin’.
  414. “Well you ain’t no prize yourself kid, and don’t touch me!”
  415. >Witch a shriek Brownie jumped back, though her horror was quickly replaced with irritation when she heard the peals of wild laughter echoing behind her.
  416. “Ha-ha, good one Mr. Coconuts. Oh, that never gets old,” Luan Loud sighed, wiping away a stray tear as she leaned on the doorway to her.
  417. >Brownie snorted and glared at the older girl with arms crossed.
  418. “You just leave your door open so you can prank anyone who walks by?”
  419. “Yep!”
  420. >Of course she does.
  421. >With one last cackle Luan meandered her way into the bedroom, walking right up to Brownie and patting the little girl on the head.
  422. “Got a little curious, huh? Can’t say I blame you, I’m honestly surprised you lasted this long. I mean, you’re dating the little brother of the famous Luan Loud, it’s only natural you’d want to check out the place where the magic happens.”
  423. >Brownie snorted and shook Luan’s hand off her head with a smirk.
  424. “Magic, eh? Didn’t take you for a magician.”
  425. “Ah, but making people laugh is magical in its own way,” Luan gently chided, her eyes downcast and her voice almost somber; then she leaned forward and poked Brownie on the forehead with a chortle, all smiles and sunshine again.
  426. “And it’s not like you have any room to judge, I heard about the kitchen prank with Leni. Shame on you! You know better than to do that without me around to record it. She’s actually holding a funeral service out in the backyard.”
  427. >Brownie winced at that and rubbed the back of her head.
  428. “Didn’t think it’d go that far, I’m sorry. Want me to go apologize?”
  429. “For what?” Luan asked, puzzled. “Making a good joke? She’ll be fine in a day or two. Don’t sweat the small stuff kid, this isn’t a sauna after all. Get it?”
  430. “Not really.”
  431. “Eh, they can’t all be winners,” Luan chirped, rearranging Mr. Coconuts tie before picking him up and walking towards the door.
  432. “Wait,” Brownie called out, suddenly remembering something, “I got a message for ya. Sophie told me that Maggie was on board for the ‘plan’, whatever that means.”
  433. >Luan brightened up at the news, her smile wide and eyes alight with impish intent.
  434. “Good ‘ol Maggs, I can always count on her. Tell Shy-Sophie I said thanks for asking her.”
  435. “Shy told me that you and Maggie are good friends, how’d that happen? I mean you’re always joking around and acting happy, and she’s all doom and gloom.”
  436. >Luan shrugged at that, grin never fading.
  437. “Not much to tell, we used to be friends back when we were little, always were up until the start of Middle School when she fell into a different crowd. We didn’t really see much of each other for a while until me and Linc got hired to clown for her birthday party. She says her mom hired us but I think she just wanted to see me again. Anyway, we started talking again after that and now we're hanging out and she helps me out with pranks sometimes. I’m glad we’re friends again, talking to her made me realize I missed my buddy more than I thought I did.”
  438. >As Luan walked out of the room Brownie smiled to herself, the story itself wasn’t all that spectacular but it was sweet and it made her wonder if she and all her friends would stay together as they grew older.
  439. >She certainly hoped so, Brownie couldn’t imagine a life without them and the very thought they might drift apart was totally alien.
  440. >Same with Lincoln.
  441. >Shaking all the doubts from her head Brownie made a swift exit from Luna and Luan’s room (closing the door behind her) and started walking down the hallway to Lincoln’s room proper.
  442. >As she passed the next doorway though, Brownie suddenly realized that she had been in the Loud House a grand total of twenty or so minutes and not once had she been ambushed or otherwise surprised by the local scream queen herself.
  443. >Deciding to pay a quick visit to Lucy, Brownie walked right up to the door, knocked once for common courtesy, and promptly asserted her authority in someone else’s house by barging in anyways.
  444. “Hey Lucy, you in here? Just wanted to say hey and...
  445. >Brownie’s words died out as Lucy turned around with a gasp, her full red lips puffed out in an ‘oh’ as her blonde hair swayed around her pale face.
  446. >Her usual monochrome attire had been replaced with an offending array of pink, pink, and a little more pink for just that special touch.
  447. >Frankly the whole ensemble looked like something a cheerleader would wear with the usual shirt and mini-skirt, and a miniature pair of high-heels to complete the package.
  448. >Brownie and the Lucy imposter commenced in a stare down, though Lucy’s visage of shock and clear embarrassment couldn’t hold a candle to Brownie’s complete and utter dead-pan.
  449. “I can explain.”
  450. >Brownie took three steps back and slammed the door shut.
  451. >Ain’t gonna touch that shit.
  452. >Shaking her head, Brownie walked past the next set of doors and almost made it to Lincoln’s room when the door closest to his swung open with an “ahem”.
  453. >Brownie turned her head and looked down at the second youngest but proportionately smartest Loud, the world-renowned Lisa Loud, if not the smartest person on the planet then certainly a runner up with her only competition being that short redhead with the fake German accent or that other child genius with the enormous head and cowlick.
  454. >Lisa straightened her glasses and cleared her throat again before inclining her head towards her bedroom.
  455. “Greetings female suitor of my sole male sibling, I was not aware you would be gracing us with your presence today. But, as it turns out, this is a fortuitous meeting and I don’t suppose I could trouble you with a word or two?”
  456. “Er, well actually Lisa-
  457. “Splendid, I knew you’d see it my way.”
  458. >As Lisa turned and toddled her way back into her room Brownie grimaced.
  459. >It wasn’t that she hated Lisa, the kid genius was alright if a little robotic, she just wasn’t overly fond of her after the whole jabbing a needle into her arm on their first meeting thing.
  460. >For a few seconds Brownie didn’t move, her eyes darting between the open doorway to Lisa’s room and the closed one to Lincoln’s, wondering if she should just ignore the younger girl.
  461. >Her hesitance wasn’t lost on Lisa who looked over her shoulder apathetically.
  462. >When the silence lasted for more than half a minute the genius clicked her tongue and turned to fully face Brownie with her hands held out wide and palms upturned.
  463. “Come now, we’re all friends here, yes? I just want to talk, I promise not to jab you with any needles. Unjustifiably of course.”
  464. >Brownie narrowed her eyes as Lisa sniggered at her jab but eventually the preteen just sighed, cast one more wistful glance to the safety of Lincoln’s room, and followed Lisa into her domain.
  465. >The way the door shut behind wasn’t reassuring.
  466. “I really don’t understand your trepidation,” Lisa began, walking over to her desk and mixing the bubbling chemicals in twisted vials, watching as they swirled in a kaleidoscope of colors before setting fire. She turned to face Brownie and her trademark crooked grin slithered its way across her face. “I’ve already apologized for my past actions. You have to understand, however hasty and perhaps invasive my methods were, I was only looking out for my brother’s health and well being.”
  467. ‘Did this bitch just call me diseased?’
  468. “Besides,” Lisa continued, leaning against the table and blowing the flame out before dipping the vial in Brownie’s direction and chugging the contents. “It would behoove us to become more well acquainted. After all, your little sister is my best friend, I’m learning all about that now you see. Fascinating stuff really, interpersonal communication and all that, it’s quite informative. Offers a certain insight into the human psyche: its desires, motivations, what keeps us going in layman’s terms. Yes, so much to learn.”
  469. ‘If you hurt her I’ll end you,’ Brownie thought.
  470. “I’m glad to hear you and Darcy are getting along,” Brownie said.
  471. >Lisa got the message.
  472. >With a wry smile Lisa placed the vial back on the shelf and straightened her glasses.
  473. “Don’t take me for a fool, your concern is well placed. I have a... tendency to get ahead of myself when there’s experiments to conduct. But I’m not a machine (yet) and I do feel concern. I’m not a monster.”
  474. “Lincoln told me about his appendix.”
  475. “It was erupting, or close to it... it would’ve one day I’m sure. Anyway, you and my brother are close, yes?”
  476. “Well, yeah. I’d like to think so,” Brownie replied, sipping what was left of her juice packet.
  477. “Your mating habits certainly indicate this.”
  478. >With a loud “pfff” The contents of Brownie’s mouth suddenly found itself all over Lisa’s face.
  479. >Lisa took off her glasses and wiped them off on her sweater, glaring at the older girl as she did so.
  480. “Charming.”
  481. “I-I don’t know what you’re... we haven’t... HAVE YOU BEEN SPYING ON ME!”
  482. “Hardly, I’ve merely been monitoring Lincoln’s pheromone production for some time now and since you first showed up it’s practically skyrocketed.”
  483. “So, you’ve been spying on Lincoln.”
  484. “Let’s stay on subject. Judging by your reaction there’s some basis to this claim, correct?”
  485. >Silence reigned for well on a minute before Brownie crumpled with a low moan and a downright miserable expression.
  486. “He didn’t do anything, it was all me. If you’re going to tell make sure you tell them that. Lincoln never did anything wrong.”
  487. “Well of course he didn’t, Lincoln would never take advantage of a girl that way. At any rate, I’m not telling anyone anything.”
  488. >Brownie blinked.
  489. “You’re not?”
  490. “Negative. What could I possibly gain from such debacle, and I can’t imagine Lincoln would be overly enthused with me should this secret get out. Nevertheless, it does appear that I have a certain bargaining chip here."
  491. >Brownie snorted and narrowed her eyes, clenching her fists as she glared at Lisa.
  492. “What do you want?”
  493. “Just some information, nothing more I assure you. How long have you and Lincoln been sexually active?”
  494. “Jesus Lisa keep your voice down!” Brownie snapped, glancing back at the closed door with wide eyes.
  495. “Calm yourself, after one explosion too many I’d taken the liberty of soundproofing the walls of my room. By the way, don’t do anything with Lincoln in his room as his walls are the thinnest. Also, don’t tell Luna about the soundproofing, I don’t have the time nor inclination to do her room as well.”
  496. >Brownie stared at the door for a few more seconds, halfheartedly expecting one of Lincoln’s sisters to come barging in and tell her she couldn’t see Lincoln anymore, before slowly turning back to Lisa.
  497. “We haven’t had sex, we’ve only kissed and touched each other. And it happened on our first date.”
  498. “In the theater?”
  499. “Nobody else was in there!”
  500. “Fair enough,” Lisa snorted and shook her head. “I take it he’s been a perfect gentlemen with you?”
  501. “He’s great.”
  502. >Lisa nodded and her eyelids slightly narrowed.
  503. “And you?”
  504. “I wouldn’t hurt him,” Brownie snapped instantly, holding her ground.
  505. “Fantastic,” Lisa said cheerfully, clapping her hands. “Then that’s it, I just wanted to make sure you two were using proper protection.”
  506. “Um, thanks, I guess.”
  507. “And on that note,” Lisa began, turning away from Brownie and focusing once again on the hazardous liquids lined up on her desk, “I’d like to make a request. Don’t give me that look it’s nothing inappropriate, I just want you to ask Darcy if she’d be willing to schedule a play-date. I said don’t give me that look! I’m not going to experiment on her or anything, human contact is necessary for the development of proper social skills, I realize that now.”
  508. >Brownie’s suspicious glare slightly abetted and she nodded.
  509. “I’ll ask her, she’ll be happy to hear from you.”
  510. “Hmmmm,” was all Lisa said, already too engrossed in a vial of hydrogen peroxide to respond.
  511. >Brownie waited for another few seconds but when it became obvious Lisa didn’t have anything else to say she turned and practically bolted for the door, her little fingers grasping the handle-
  512. “Perhaps you and Lincoln should schedule one.”
  513. >Brownie stopped and slowly inched the door closed again, looking over her shoulder at Lisa but never taking her hand off the door handle.
  514. “What do you mean? Like another date?”
  515. “Not exactly. You’ve been coming over here for well on two months. But Lincoln has yet to meet your family in a controlled environment, your parents are still unknown to him and it’s making him nervous.”
  516. >Brownie flinched and turned to fully look at Lisa.
  517. “It is?”
  518. “A little. Typical reaction for a young male when anxious to meet his prospective mate’s parents, I’m sure you were no less nervous yourself when making your first appearance.”
  519. >Brownie nodded absentmindedly, as much as she didn’t want to admit it Lisa had given her food for thought.
  520. >Lincoln and her had been seeing each other for two months now, but he hadn’t really met her family; he knew her brother and sister but her parents were a mystery to him, and it was one she wasn’t particularly in a rush to unveil.
  521. >But if he was wondering about it, did that mean he was nervous, or did he think she was trying to hide something?
  522. >Oh God, did he think she was embarrassed of him?”
  523. “...Alright, I’ll talk to him about it. It’s about time, I guess. Maybe he can come over this weekend or something.”
  524. >Lisa merely nodded, still not even looking at the older girl.
  525. “Yes, have fun with that. Oh! Before I forget, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to donate one of your eggs for-
  526. >Lisa’s request was cut off with the slam of a door as Brownie exited her room with a frown and sigh.
  527. >Just when you think you’re getting to know Lisa she springs some weird Frankenstein shit on you.
  528. >Still though, now she knew something about Lincoln, and that’s what’s important here.
  529. >With her mind wandering and the telltale soreness of a headache coming on Brownie groaned and walked up to the door of Lincoln’s room, gently shutting it behind her with a click.
  530. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  531. “And that’s what happened,” Lincoln finished with a snort.
  532. >For the past half an hour now he and Lori had been sitting on the front porch while Linc told his story for the second time today and he was starting to get irritable from reliving the memory, the indignity of being scolded by his big sister, and the fact that so long as he was out here he wasn’t in there with his girlfriend.
  533. >Lori for her part just listened, as big of a bitch as she could be Lori was an older sister and sometimes that meant shutting up and letting the little kids talk.
  534. >Lincoln was a good kid and when she heard from her mom that the school principle called her and told her Linc got detention she knew something was wrong.
  535. >And now that she had listened to his side of the story...
  536. “I’m sorry that happened,” Lori said with a sigh, taking her hand off her chin and reaching out to rub Lincoln’s cheek.
  537. >Her baby brother looked like he wanted to protest but instead he leaned into the contact.
  538. “It’s whatever,” he mumbled, and it broke Lori’s heart to see just how miserable he looked.
  539. >Linc was always a little sensitive, and usually Lori would join in on teasing him for it, but when he got genuinely upset, when his cute little face got all scrunched up and he looked like was going to cry.
  540. >It made her blood boil.
  541. >What the hell was wrong with those kids, some friends they turned out be.
  542. >Lori had met Lincoln’s friends and they weren’t much to look out, now here they were getting jealous that one of their buddies was cute enough to get a girlfriend and they were going to try and make him feel bad about it?
  543. >Also that Zach kid sounds like he needs therapy, she’d seen him around the house sometimes with Linc and the little mutant always made her skin crawl, looking like some circus reject.
  544. >Lori let out a deep sigh and pulled Linc in for a hug, nestling him between her assets and rubbing his white hair softly.
  545. “Look Lincoln, don’t listen to those guys, especially the freak. If they were your friends they’d support you, they’d be happy for you. I know it hurts, sometimes people don’t like to see others get something they want so they try and hold them back, and it sucks because you thought those people had your back. But I know someone who does have your back, a little girl who’s probably worried about you right now.”
  546. >Lori leaned down and blew some air into Lincoln’s ear making him giggle and he squeezed her back as the two siblings hugged.
  547. “I like her Lori. I don’t want to mess it up.”
  548. “You won’t, but just remember that you’re young. If things don’t work out later it’s because you both still have some growing to do. Just don’t let the little things stop you from living life, and don't be afraid to take a chance every now and then. Also, don’t worry about mom and dad, just tell them what you told me and I know they’ll go easy on you.”
  549. >Lori kissed her little brother’s head and let him go, giving him a slap on the rear as he walked towards the door and laughing at his red face and scowl.
  550. >Lori sat out on the porch for a moment after Lincoln left, letting her mind wander as she soaked in the breeze before she inclined her head back to the window behind her.
  551. “You get all that?”
  552. >Her only response was the slam of the window being opened and a loud snort as Lynn Loud Jr. brushed the curtains aside and crawled out the window.
  553. “Got enough,” she muttered, shouldering her trusty hickory-wood baseball bat as she walked down the front porch steps and out onto the sidewalk.
  554. >Lori watched her march down the street from the corner of her eyes before flipping out her phone to respond to a text from Bobby.
  555. >God, she loved that boy.
  556. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  557. >Lincoln stalked through his house with a groan, trying his best to ignore Lynn crawling through the window with a bat as he walked through the living room and made for the stairs.
  558. >The shrill screech of bagpipes made him jump and he shook his weary head and walked to the kitchen where he could hear the rest of sisters causing a commotion outside.
  559. 'Don’t do it, it’s probably nothing, just ignore it.'
  560. >With a sigh Lincoln found himself following the siren call of the highland bens, walking towards the backdoor and looking out over the porch to a frankly mystifying scene.
  561. >Luna had somehow gotten ahold of a pair of bagpipes and was sounding off a mournful dirge while the twins (Lola using the opportunity to get all gussied up in a funeral gown) stood next to her, their heads bowed in prayer.
  562. >Luan stood off to the side of the whole thing, her creepy puppet in one hand and her trusty video camera in the other as she recorded the whole sordid spectacle.
  563. >Lucy also stood off to the side, a large shovel in her petite hands, but something about her seemed off... was that lipstick?
  564. >In the center of the whole scene was Leni, standing behind a podium which was placed before a small hole with a shoebox placed inside.
  565. >As the song ended Leni wiped a tear from her eye and solemnly nodded her head.
  566. “Thank you, Luna, that was beautiful. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of our dear friend Tuna, tragically taken from us by a fatal accident with the canning industry-
  567. “Oh, for the love of God,” Lincoln muttered, turning around and marching right back into the living room towards the stairs.
  568. >There’s only so much insanity a boy can take in one day.
  569. >Walking up the stairs Lincoln found himself thinking about the talk he had just had with Lori.
  570. >As irritating as he found it during the telling he had to admit he was thankful for his big sister.
  571. >Though he’d never admit it out loud, sometimes he felt like the odd man out, like his voice wasn’t always heard or when things went wrong he was often first to be blamed.
  572. >When Lori sat him down and let him talk, she didn’t interrupt, she didn’t accuse him of anything, she just sat there and listened as he told his story.
  573. >She didn’t make fun of him when he told her how upset he felt when his friends got mad at him for being happy, she didn’t tell him he was wrong for getting mad, she didn’t even reprimand him for the swearing (and he did feel bad about that for what it’s worth).
  574. >Lori wasn’t always his first choice when it came to emotional stuff, but time and again Lincoln was reminded that as the oldest Lori did have a sisterly wisdom about her; as bossy as she was she was a good sister who was there when he needed her, maybe he was a bit too critical of her, after all he was no saint either.
  575. >But then there was that other thing she said, the part about how he shouldn’t worry about his relationship because he was still young.
  576. >Lincoln knew it was in all respects meant to be helpful advice, and he could see the merit in her words, but something about it rubbed him the wrong way.
  577. >Sure, he and Brownie were both still kids and they probably wouldn’t last very long together, but Lincoln hated thinking like that, like it invalidated the time the two spent together and the future moments they would continue to cultivate.
  578. >And in another way Lori’s words made him angry, as if there was an implication that just because he was younger or because it was in his nature he was going to mess it up; he knew it wasn’t fair to be thinking this way but it was there and it hurt all the same, especially when he genuinely did want this to work out for as long as it possibly could.
  579. >Somehow the young boy just knew that something like this was meant to be experienced, and for the first time in his life Lincoln found himself enjoying the spontaneity of something without trying to plan it out.
  580. >Lincoln never really considered himself the romantic type but the more time he spent with Nina the more he was confronting a passionate side of himself he hadn’t known existed, and as new as it was it wasn’t entirely uncomfortable.
  581. >As Lincoln walked down the hallway towards his room he pushed these thoughts from his mind, he’d have all day to think about himself and the future but right now somebody else required his attention.
  582. >With a creak the door gave way and Lincoln entered his miniature domain, casting an aside glance to his bed where a certain young lady was reclining with comic book in hand.
  583. >With a groan Lincoln dropped his backpack to the ground and kicked the door closed before hoping onto the bed beside her.
  584. >Lincoln’s bed was small and there wasn’t much room for them both, but neither of them seemed to mind this; indeed, if anything Brownie and Lincoln found themselves enjoying the contact, taking the moment to snuggle, her head on his chest and his hands wrapped around her.
  585. “Sooooo,” Brownie whispered, tracing a circle around Lincoln’s bellybutton with her forefinger, “How’d it go with Lori?”
  586. “It was alright,” Lincoln murmured back. “She understood. I talked for a bit, she listened, got some things of my chest. Been thinking about stuff.”
  587. >Nina hummed to herself, pondering Linc’s words as she wrapped him up in a hug and pulled him tighter.
  588. “I’ve been thinking too. Well, Lisa got me thinking about it?”
  589. “Oh?” Lincoln asked, a little worried. He loved his little sister, he really did, but whenever Lisa got into people’s heads the result generally wasn’t pleasant, unless you were Lisa of course.
  590. “It’s nothing serious, just... do you want to come over?”
  591. >Lincoln’s face couldn’t have gotten anymore blank.
  592. “I meant to my house.”
  593. “Oh!” Lincoln said, blinking his eyes in surprise as the offer was left floating in the air.
  594. >Brownie breathed out and scooted herself over until she was resting on Lincoln chest with her head tucked under his chin, a slightly awkward position considering her slight height advantage but it made her feel safe and that’s what she needed right now.
  595. “Lisa told me you’ve been wondering when I’m going to bring you over. I don’t want you to think I haven’t because I’m embarrassed of you or anything like that, but I’m gonna be honest with you when I say my parents are weird so I was a little iffy about the whole thing.”
  596. >Lincoln blinked and grinned a little to himself when he saw the way she was hiding under his chin so he couldn’t see her face, and he tightened his hold on his girlfriend.
  597. “I didn’t think that at all,” he lied right through his teeth, “I figured you’d introduce me when you were ready too. I was a little antsy I’ll admit, but that’s just ‘cause I wanted to make a good impression and didn’t know how."
  598. >Brownie snorted and looked him in the eye with a cocked eyebrow and a wry grin.
  599. “You’re a dork,” she said, poking him in the chest and giggling when he went ‘Oof’, “All you need to do is be you, I don’t want it any other way.”
  600. “Oh, a dork am I?” Lincoln said, his grin stretched into a full-blown smile as he reared up and over his girlfriend and jabbed his fingers into her sides.
  601. >Brownie shrieked and twisted under the violent tickle onslaught and the two kids laughed as they wrestled with each other, each of them jabbing and countering and trying the be the one on top.
  602. >Weight and height worked in Brownie’s favor though and she was eventually able to gain the upper hand, pinning the giggling albino under her as her hands grabbed his wrists and kept his arms apart.
  603. >The two of them sat like this for a spell, breathing and chuckling as the jovial mood slowly died down and took a slight turn, their red faces practically glowing as their breaths became husky and their wide eyes narrowed with focus.
  604. “Nina,” Lincoln groaned, and she could hear the need in his voice and it sent shivers up her spine.
  605. >Nina crashed down on Lincoln’s face with a wet smack as her lips collided with his and Lincoln braved the assault with his own counter measures as his hands went roving back to her sides, caressing her body with gentle strokes and pets and the occasional tickle as his hands snaked up her shirt and fingers danced along her bare skin.
  606. >Nina moaned into his mouth but wasn’t about to be outdone so early in the game and redoubled her efforts, her lithe tongue easily penetrating the confines of his mouth and the two wrestled for dominance.
  607. >The boy put up a good fight, but in the end, it was just too much and he went limp in her grasp.
  608. >Pleased with her victory Nina pulled Lincoln up with her in a sitting position, with her in his lap and him in her arms (and more importantly his tongue down her throat).
  609. >This continued in like fashion for some while, Nina and Lincoln roughly and messily making out, sucking on each other’s tongues, tasting the other’s mouth, before separating with a wet pop and practically drooling all over their partner as they took a quick breath and dove back in again.
  610. >There was nothing really sexy about it, no form or technique, just two horny inexperienced kids exploring the pleasurable feelings they gave to one another, drowning in the new sensations, lost in a frenzy of naked skin and hormones, heads swimming from the physical exertion.
  611. >With a groan and dull ache pounding in her skull Nina separated from Lincoln with a wet pop and dragged her tongue from his chin up his face before pressing him close and biting down on his neck, shuddering at the way he yelped and groaned, feeling his soft hands trail down her spine before hooking into the hem of her shirt and pulling it up.
  612. >Yes, that was a good idea, much too hot in here anyway, let’s help him.
  613. >Nina unbuttoned Lincoln’s shirt and managed to tear it off him before he could make much headway with hers and after dancing her little fingers down his scrawny chest for a while (and biting a nipple just so she could hear him squeak) she grabbed her own shirt and tried to tug it up over her shoulders.
  614. >Nina was able to get the shirt over her head but before she could pull it off completely Lincoln stopped her with a husky ‘wait’ and grabbed her body close to his and Nina shuddered as their bare chests touched and their nipples brushed.
  615. >With a throaty growl Lincoln grabbed his girl and seized her by the neck with his mouth, suckling on the flesh and oh so gently nipping at it. Nina squealed and kicked out as he marked her with his teeth and love.
  616. >It was such a strange feeling, with her arms trapped in her shirt and eyes covered she was helpless, completely at his mercy as a very different side of Lincoln came through, a much more aggressive side.
  617. >She liked it.
  618. >Nina started mewing after Lincoln tore himself from her neck, desperate to feel his touch again, and her wish was granted as he started roughly pawing at her budding breasts, rolling the nipples between thumb and forefinger, making her thrash and kick and throw her head around, too lost in it all to scream or even moan.
  619. >Lincoln took his hands from her bosom and replaced the right one with his mouth and he started sucking with much gusto, meanwhile his left hand reached out and grabbed the collar of her shirt and with a few tugs tore the offending garment off her.
  620. >Now free Nina took a few deep breaths and let out a throaty moan, if at any point she cared about being discovered that concern had now been buried under a veritable mountain of raw sexual need.
  621. >Nina looked down with teary eyes and bit her lip when she saw her boyfriend sucking away at her breast, one hand behind her back to hold her limp body up and the other hand kneading away at the other breast.
  622. >Nina threw her head back and sighed as tears ran down her face and the burning need came from between her legs, so hot it could melt steel, just like the first night they were together.
  623. >She was his and he was hers.
  624. >Finally.
  625. >Now and forever-
  626. “LINCOLN LOUD!”
  627. >Both pre-teens let out a scream as they jumped out of bed and landed on the floor, below them they could hear the front door close with a slam and a the ‘thump thump’ of someone stomping around the house.
  628. “YOUNG MAN, WHAT’S THIS I HEAR ABOUT YOU GETTING DETENTION FOR SWEARING AT SCHOOL!” Rita Loud thundered out from the first floor, and the kids shivered as they could feel her roam about the house looking for her son.
  629. >Fighting through the haze of their lovemaking, as well as the physical pain of being so thoroughly and utterly blue-balled/cunt-blocked, Lincoln and Brownie both scrambled around to put on their clothes, bumping into each other and furniture and swearing under their breath about the intrusion.
  630. >With shirts on and Brownie’s backpack slung over her shoulder the kids gave each other one more hug and kiss as Lincoln ushered his erstwhile lover to the window.
  631. >Before she absconded though, Brownie stopped and turned back to Lincoln who quickly glanced back and forth between her and the door.
  632. “C’mon Brownie, mom’s going to be up any minute and I don’t think she’ll be happy to see us like this.”  
  633. “Saturday.”
  634. “What?”
  635. >Brownie reached out and grabbed Lincoln’s hand, tenderly massaging the palm with her thumb.
  636. “Come meet my parents this Saturday.”
  637. >Lincoln stared at her for a few seconds before a wide smile broke out over his face and he pulled her hand to his lips and gave it a quick peck.
  638. “Saturday.”
  639. >Brownie smiled back and with a one-two hop she found herself scrambling over his dresser and out the small window.
  640. >To the uninformed such a move would’ve been distressing to say the least, but this wasn’t Brownie’s first rodeo and after two months of sneaking into Lincoln’s room the girl had developed quite the skill set.
  641. >With some deft maneuvering Brownie grabbed the window frame with her left hand and swung herself over to the gutter spout which she was easily able to slide down, a ballsy operation to be sure but to her the rewards far outweighed the risks.
  642. >When she was about a foot off the ground Brownie leapt from the gutter and started running as soon as her feet touched the ground, slowing down only slightly to wave up at the window over her shoulder before taking off down the street with a spring in her step.
  643. >From up in his room Lincoln watched with bated breath and hand on his chest, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw her wave back up at him.
  644. >He always got so anxious when she did that, there had to be an easier way to sneak her in and out, but Lincoln had a sneaking suspicion that even if there was she’d keep doing it this way, probably to impress him or something.
  645. >That it did impress him was not the point.
  646. >Lincoln heard the heavy thuds of feet stomping up the stairs and groaned.
  647. “Time to face the music,” he muttered to himself, facing the door with an expression of grim resignation and hands behind his back.
  648. >As the steps came closer and closer to the door Lincoln cast a quick glance around his room, he couldn’t help but feel like something was missing but for the life of him couldn't place his finger on it.
  649. >Meanwhile, not too far from the Loud House, Brownie had stopped in her tracks.
  650. >Breathing heavily the dark-skinned lass took a few quick glances around her, and after determining the area to be free from prying eyes she slid off her backpack, opened it up, and started rooting around.
  651. >After a few seconds of rough searching she let out a victorious cry and yanked free her hard-earned prize.
  652. >A pair of bright-red boy’s underpants.
  653. “JACKPOT!”
  654. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  655. >The rest of the week was a blur, a veritable purgatory consisting largely of school and little of anything else.
  656. >The school’s rumor mill had been a-grinding since that fateful incident in the cafeteria and Lincoln was getting sick and tired of being pestered by nosy kids and flirty girls eager to know what happened.
  657. >The worst of the lot were Chandler and his cronies who all decided they had nothing better to do than tease and prod Lincoln, asking him if he thought he was a tough guy or something and if he was going to beat Zach up or shoot the school up or something.
  658. >A little ribbing Linc could handle, but as of late the boy found his patience wearing thin and much to his (and perhaps Chandler’s) surprise he had been telling the boys off for their rampant douchbaggery.
  659. >Would it make things more difficult for Lincoln in the future?
  660. >Probably, but damn it sure felt good.
  661. >And then there was the matter of Lincoln’s friends, or rather lack thereof seeing as how they were all avoiding him like the plague at the moment.
  662. >Come to think of it, he hadn’t actually seen any of them since the incident.
  663. >Well, if they’re going to be like that then who needs them!
  664. >Lincoln didn’t even mind sitting by himself at the cafeteria now!
  665. >Yep, certainly not lonely, not one bit...
  666. >At any rate, the white-haired lad had more pressing concerns to attend to, the concept of parents being first and foremost on his mind.
  667. >Needless to say, Lincoln’s own parents were more than a little disappointed with their son’s conduct in the lunch room, but whatever punishment they had in mind was immediately lightened when they learned the reason for his outburst.
  668. >He also might have embellished the severity of Zach’s comment but that’s neither here nor there.
  669. >Yes, Mama Loud was actually quite proud of her little boy for defending his girlfriend like that, Papa Loud felt there were probably better ways of handling it but he wouldn’t deny his boy did a fine job.
  670. >Still, while Lincoln may have avoided a grounding he wasn’t exactly at liberties to enjoy himself as he would have wished, a lesson had to be learned after all and all, violence is never the answer, learn the golden rule, all that shlock.
  671. >Lincoln didn’t find it especially fair but he wasn’t about to stir the pot, better to suffer a more lenient sentence than bitch about it and get off worse, he’s seen his sisters make that mistake before and he wasn’t too keen on his propositions.
  672. >Besides, getting them to agree to his visiting Brownie’s place this weekend had been hard enough, for one thing it seemed so sudden, and in Rita’s opinion too soon in the relationship, to spring such a decision.
  673. >Lynn Sr. on the other hand had no problem with the decision, he wasn’t exactly sure about Lincoln and Brownie staying alone together just yet (oh, if only he knew) but so long as her parents were there he didn’t see anything wrong with it.
  674. “It might do the boy some good,” he even stated, HOW Lincoln couldn’t even begin to guess (and it certainly didn’t help his frayed nerves) but he was glad to have the old man’s support as it seemed to do just the trick in convincing his mom into accepting the arrangement.
  675. >And as for Brownie’s parents, well to be completely honest Lincoln didn’t even have the foggiest notion of who they were or what they were like.
  676. >The Louds had built up quite the infamous reputation throughout Michigan (or the world in Lisa’s case), everyone knew who they were and Brownie had now had the dubious pleasure of getting to know them all first hand.
  677. >But her family was a different matter altogether.
  678. >Lincoln knew her little sister Darcy, the young energetic and friendly toddler now held the singular pleasure of being Lisa’s favorite test subj- er, friend, her only friend for that matter and Lincoln had met her the few times she came over for play dates with Lisa.
  679. >Lincoln also knew Brownie had a little brother, ironically in their same class, he was a short lad in a yellow shirt with pierced ears by the name of Blake, or Blade as he liked to call himself but nobody took him seriously.
  680. >Oh yes, he knew Blake, a passing acquaintance who just so happened to witness Lincoln’s little spectacle with Ronnie Anne at that Mexican-French restaurant Lori likes for whatever reason.
  681. >Lincoln had barely said two words to the guy his whole life and the two seemed content to let the other alone after the teasing stopped, but Linc wondered how the boy took to learning that Lincoln was now dating his sister.
  682. >Why was Lincoln so sure this was going to get awkward?
  683. >And as for Brownie’s parents, other than them being apparently “eccentric” Lincoln knew next to nothing about them; that her father was a doctor and one of them liked to paint was all he knew from passing information.
  684. >A part of him wondered why she was so hesitant to talk about them, but another reminded him that just because he grew up in a family everyone already knew didn’t mean others were so comfortable about being known so freely.
  685. >And so it would pass that through the week Lincoln would meander through his school day: enduring idiots, eating by himself, sneaking into the janitor’s closet with Brownie, and looking forward to the approaching Saturday with a mix of dread and anticipation.
  686. >Frankly he was getting so sick of it that by the time Saturday rolled around he practically jumped out of bed and said, “Let’s do this shit”; having driven himself to the brink of a nervous breakdown and back into the fold twice already in three days had methodically torn down his reservations and now he figured that there was nothing he could go through that could amount to what he’d do to himself.
  687. >Not exactly hyping himself up there but it’s better than nothing.
  688. >With a grunt of something between aspiration and resignation Lincoln got dressed, ate breakfast, and tried his best to ignore the feminine cyclone of energy that had been manifesting in the house ever since the girls learned of Lincoln’s plans.
  689. “You’re meeting her parents!”
  690. “That’s a big step little dude.”
  691. “Yeah, when’s the wedding?”
  692. “Might I suggest thish thirty-two step plan for proper conduct when meeting a potential spouse’s relations? Firsht impressions are everything elder sibling.”
  693. “You’ll be fine Linky~ Just be yourself and there’s no way they won’t love you.”
  694. “You’re gonna beef it lame-o.”
  695. >Well fuck you too Lynn at least Leni’s supportive.
  696. >Two hours passed like this, though to Lincoln it felt more like two weeks, the constant badgering and pestering of ten sisters wanting to know every single, minute detail three times each, and every single one offering a surfeit of advice and tips ranging from helpful to debased and always contradictory.
  697. >It was overbearing to say the least, well intentioned in most cases sure but also irritating that they thought there were so many ways he could seemingly mess this up, if he hadn’t already fried his own nerves they wouldn’t be helping.
  698. >When the doorbell finally rang he practically leapt for joy and raced to the door, leaving his bickering siblings to sort out who’s advice was optimal without even a second glance.
  699. >It wasn’t until Lincoln literally threw the door open and startled his girlfriend did he realize he might be a bit too excited, it was like a well of nervous energy had been building up in his guts over the past few days and the anticipation was getting to him.
  700. “Oh. Hey Linc,” Brownie chirped, a little caught off guard but pleased nonetheless to see her beau. Something about him seemed a little off today, like he was on edge. ‘Well no wonder, the way you’ve been carrying on he probably thinks your parents are psychos or something,’ she thought to herself, and winced a bit. Yeah, might need to have a talk with him on the way over.
  701. >With a tilt of her head over her shoulder she gestured to the street, a wordless invitation that Lincoln immediately accepted with a quick nod and soft smile.
  702. “Mom, Dad,” he called back into the house, “Brownie’s here, I’m going over to her house now, okay?”
  703. >A chorus of “Alright sweetie,” and “Good luck, sport,” sounded off and Lincoln quickly stepped out and slammed the door shut before his horde of siblings could rouse themselves into a frenzy.
  704. >With an air of buzzing excitement and just a twinge of uncertainty Lincoln and Brownie sauntered down the sidewalk, both opting to stroll instead of hitching a ride from their parents as it gave them some time to be alone and talk.
  705. >At least, that was the plan, but for the last few minutes a word hadn’t been shared between the two love birds; it wasn’t so much an awkward silence as it was a heavy sense of apprehension hanging in the air that left both slightly uncomfortable more with themselves than with each other.
  706. >In such times silence can be just as valid and option as conversation, and instead of worrying the two walked hand-in-hand down the road, enjoying the breeze and the simple comfort of the others company and the reassurance it held.
  707. >It wasn’t a sensation either of them were overly familiar with, this delight they found in simply being around somebody that wasn’t their family wasn’t something they had ever felt before, but then again it wouldn’t be the first new and strange sensation they’d evoked in one another, not by a long shot.
  708. >Brownie squeezed Lincoln’s hand tight and the boy leaned into her side, resting his head on her shoulder he breathed onto her neck and the sensation made her giggle.
  709. >The two stopped and snuggled a bit on the sidewalk, standing side by side with their bodies pressed close and their lips at the others’ necks, whispering sweet nothings and other such homilies for their ears only (much to the amusement of unseen passerby and onlookers who took the moment to reminisce of their own past romantic ventures).
  710. >Oblivious or uncaring of their neighborly audience the two existed only in this shared moment with each other, Brownie grabbed up her little boyfriend and hugged him as tight as she could and he returned the gesture in kind. They remained like this for a short while, before the two exhaled in contentment and continued their journey, now arm in arm.
  711. “Almost there Linc,” Brownie murmured and Lincoln sleepily nodded, face still planted in her neck which he showered in little pecks, trying his hardest not to give her any of the usual marks. Brownie giggled at the affections and ran her fingers through his beautiful, snow-white hair. God, she loved his hair, it was so unique just like him, his defining characteristic so to speak; it was also soft as all get-out and she NEEDED to know what shampoo he used.
  712. “C’mon Linc,” Brownie snorted, blushing bright red and trying to hide her smile as she pushed the boy’s head away despite his mewing protests. “I don’t want to hear it lover boy, you’ll get us both in trouble if I go through that door with my neck all red.”
  713. >That seemed to get Linc’s attention and the boy begrudgingly acquiesced, though not without one last smooch which made the lass squeal in surprise and delight.
  714. “Ah, enough! You’re getting too bold mister,” Brownie laughed, smacking his chest but not even trying to hide her grin. Lincoln laughed right back and tried to give her another but she shrieked and ducked under his head before dancing out of his grasp.
  715. >In a rare moment of bravado Lincoln followed her as an exhilarating game of chase commenced, the pair laughing and screaming their way down the sidewalk as they ran their little legs off. Normally Lincoln would never have seen himself doing something like this, but something about the way this girl made him feel, it was so different than other girls.
  716. >With his sisters there was always that undercurrent inkling of competition, that he needed to prove himself to them or that it was a test somehow, and with girls like Ronnie Anne he always felt almost like a ‘lesser’ in a sense, he enjoyed her friendship for what it was but the constant barrage of petty insults, jabs, pranks, and punches honestly wore him down. He accepted them as a part of who she was but it hurt all the same, and no matter what he told himself he knew now that he was never truly comfortable around his former bully when they were alone.
  717. >But with Brownie it was different, the way she made his little heart flutter and head get dizzy was new and exciting and a little scary if he was honest but that was fine too because it seemed he made her feel the same way, it was special and theirs and it made him happy and comfortable and confident all at the same time.
  718. >Didn’t change the fact that she was way faster than him, maybe he should take Lynn up on her offer to jog to school every morning.
  719. >Lungs burning and legs sore Lincoln trudged his way up wheezing and panting to the stop sign Brownie was leaning against, eyebrows raised and smirk so radiant it could be seen a block away as she watched her unathletic boyfriend meander up to her and learn into her bosom as he tried to catch his breath.
  720. >Brownie chuckled and shook her head before giving the top of Lincoln’s head a little kiss, this boy was just too cute for his own good.
  721. >As Lincoln caught his breath Brownie hummed to herself and pressed her face into his hair.
  722. “Hey, Linc?”
  723. “Can’t hear you, get out of my hair.”
  724. “Uh-uh,” she objected, and cemented her stance by burying her head further in his snowy locks.
  725. >Lincoln snorted and tried to pry his girlfriend’s face out of his hair, now on the defensive side he was forced to suffer as Brownie rake her fingers along his side and his chuckles degenerated into wild cackles and pleas for her to cut it out.
  726. “Why would I stop,” Brownie taunted, sticking her tongue out. “You’re having way too much fun, right?”
  727. “What’s gotten into you!?” Lincoln gasped, pushing the playful girl off him so he could get a breath in edgewise. Brownie watched her hyperventilating boyfriend with a playful smirk and wagged her finger at him.
  728. “You’re one to talk! You’ve been hounding me since we got out of your house. I know I’m irresistible but you need to control yourself.” After letting the boy catch his second wind Brownie walked right up to Lincoln and flicked him on the forehead. “There, you get all that outta your system? No more jitters or moping, alright.”
  729. “Aw what,” Lincoln whined, “you have to be kidding me, there’s no way you could tell I’ve been nervous.”
  730. >Brownie ‘tsked’ and folded her arms, shaking her head slowly while Lincoln frowned as his oh-so-carefully crafted mask of manly confidence shattered.
  731. “I know you Linc, when you get nervous you chew on your bottom lip and you don’t make eye contact. Then you try and act like you don’t care so other people don’t pick up on it or worry about you. It’s cute but irritating.” Brownie opened her eyes and frowned when she saw how despondent Lincoln looked. “But, it’s mostly my fault, I haven’t really told you anything about my folks, eh? They’re not bad people, they’re not even all that weird really, they’re just irritating and I didn’t really want you to meet them I guess.”
  732. “Well, why?”
  733. >Brownie shrugged and looked to the ground as she kicked a stray pebble into the street.
  734. “Because I like you and I didn’t want them to embarrass me in front of you.”
  735. >Lincoln blinked then put his hands on his hips, a none-too-serious scowl on his face.
  736. “That’s it? Nina, I live with ten sisters who drive me crazy every day, the police and the emergency room have US on speed dial and everyone in Michigan knows our names. You have no idea how worried I was when you asked me out because I was so scared my sisters were going to do some crazy thing that would scare you away and I’d be all alone forever or whatever. Point is, as weird as you think they are, they haven’t got anything on my family.”
  737. “Yeah, your family is pretty weird.”
  738. >Brownie snorted as the now indignant boy began sputtering and decided to close the gap with a tender hug before the protective brother gave her an earful.
  739. “Thanks, Linc. I’m sure they’ll like you, and I hope you’ll like them.”
  740. >Lincoln huffed but held her tight against his chest anyway.
  741. “No problem.”
  742. >The hug lasted approximately fifteen seconds before Brownie suddenly decided it was getting awkward and broke it off with a pinch. >Lincoln yelped and jumped backwards, glowering at his cheeky girlfriend and rubbing his sore rear while she smiled and stuck her tongue out at him.
  743. “Good boy, now that we got all that mushy crap out of the way let’s kick it into high gear, we’re burning daylight here!”
  744. >Lincoln wanted to remind her it was only 1:00 in the afternoon (and not to call him ‘Good Boy’ he wasn’t a dog) but she had already turned on her heels and began sauntering down the sidewalk. Lincoln watched the sashaying of her hips for a few seconds before grinning and running after her.
  745. >He wasn’t a dog but he sure had a bone.
  746. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  747. “Well, here we are,” Brownie announced, holding her hands out wide and smiling ear to ear in a painful display, not facing Lincoln but sure as hell monitoring his reaction from the corner of her eye.
  748. >Lincoln walked forward and put his thumb and forefinger up to his mouth as he appraised the property. He had already gotten a brief look at Brownie’s house when his parents dropped her off after their date, but let’s just say the dark concealed the more... colorful aspects of her abode.
  749. >And that wasn’t a euphemism, if there was one word to describe her house colorful was it. Hell, it was probably an understatement, garish might have been more appropriate seeing as how the whole thing looked like someone puked out Bob Ross’ paint kit on a pride parade flag.
  750. >The house itself was fine, nowhere near as imposing as his own the foundation, all laid on a single floor in your standard boxy shape. A row of red-berry bushes ran all along both sides and a small flower garden could be seen to the right of the raised porch. Standard stuff really, if you only looked at that you’d think there was nothing wrong with it.
  751. >No, it was the color scheme of the place that was a bit off-kilter, though perhaps that was giving it too much credit. Scheme, after all, suggested there was a method to the prevalent madness but as far as Lincoln could tell the inspiration for this paint job came straight out of a kaleidoscope-flavored fever dream. A violent clash of purples, greens, reds, and blues (with a little yellow thrown in, don’t tell no one) assaulted his fragile eyes and the more he stared at it the more his vision started to blur.
  752. >Lincoln blinked and shook his head until his eyes stopped swimming. He held his noggin, thumbs furiously massaging his temples, until the dizzy spell faded and slowly turned back to an anxiously waiting Brownie with the widest grin on his face she’d ever seen.
  753. “I love it.”
  754. >Brownie snorted at his sincere declaration and Lincoln turned back to the house with a wide grin and his hands on his hips, appraising the quality workmanship. It was atrocious, nothing about it made any sense, and would probably give somebody a seizure. Lincoln thought it was just about the coolest thing ever and he wished the time him and his sisters painted their own house like this his parents would’ve kept it.
  755. “Glad you like it,” Brownie chuckled, walking forward and shoulder checking Linc as she passed him. She looked over her shoulder and flashed him a small grin. “Make sure you tell my mom that, she put a lot of work into it.”
  756. >Lincoln nodded and filed away that useful fact for later. So, her mom’s the painter then, that’s something at least.
  757. >As the children made their way up the stairs to the front door Brownie hesitated with her hand on the knob. She took in a deep breath and looked back at Linc with strained but hopeful smile.
  758. “They’re nice, and I think really think they’ll like you Linc, but let’s just say my folks have their own way of doing things. It might be really different than what you’re used to, so don’t take what they say to heart.”
  759. >Lincoln’s smile receded a little at the corner but he kept the grin up and gave a curt nod of the head.
  760. >Just what did she mean by that? Sure, every house was different but parents were parents across the board, right? Besides, if his own family hadn’t scared her away yet then he owed it to Brownie and her family to stick this through to the end.
  761. >Without further ado Brownie opened the door and stepped inside, holding the door open for him with a nervous grin that trembled at the corners. Lincoln saw the poor girl was more nervous the he was and gave her a quick peck on the cheek as he followed her past the threshold.
  762. “Tease,” Brownie whispered, but her voice was light and her eyes sparkled as she closed the door behind him. Lincoln chuckled and swayed his hips a little, blushing as Brownie sucked in a breath behind him, shuddering as he felt her fingertips dance along his back before she sank her fingers into his-
  763. “Hun, that you?”
  764. >Lincoln jumped at the loud, feminine voice and coughed into his fist as Brownie shuddered and took her hands off him, groaning ever-so-lightly and licking her lips
  765. >What the hell was he thinking!? Right in the hallway too, that’d be one hell of a first impression.
  766. “Y-yeah Mom, it’s me. I brought Lincoln,” Brownie called out, a slight edge in her voice as she panted.
  767. “Well? Don’t keep him for yerself, get in here! Let me take a look at him.”
  768. >Well now that was interesting. Her voice was different than what he was expecting. Brownie said her mom was Indian but she didn’t have the same kind of accent Lisa’s teacher Ms. Shrinivas had, and it wasn’t a normal Michigan one either. It sounded more like one of those accents from those mob movies his mom doesn’t like him watching. New Jersey? No, New York, Brooklyn maybe?
  769. >Brownie grunted and grabbed Lincoln’s arm, guiding him through the front hallway and towards two doorways adjacent to each other. Further ahead Lincoln could spy more doors, probably bedrooms, while the door to the right lead to the living room where he could see a large sofa and television playing, and the door on the left...
  770. “Well hey there kids. Was wondering when you’d get back.”
  771. >The scent of eggs and bacon and other assorted breakfast foods wafted in from the kitchen making Lincoln wish he had something a little more substantial than cereal this morning. The smell didn’t hold his attention for too long though, as Brownie walked in and greeted her mother Lincoln followed and at last got an eyeful of at least one of his girlfriend’s parents.
  772. >It was a somewhat familiar shape to say the least, much like his own mother Brownie’s seemed to be well-endowed in the rearmost region with a caboose that didn’t quit and hips that don’t lie. But what really caught Lincoln’s attention was her height, the woman was a veritable Amazon, easily over six ft. with shapely legs and from what he could see fairly muscular arms as well.
  773. >Her back was to the children as she washed dishes and she wore the cartoon-approved housewife apron and standard yellow gloves with a pink t-shirt and denim shorts that hugged every possible curve. From what Lincoln could see she seemed pretty much like an older Brownie, and after a second look at that ass Lincoln sincerely hoped that those genes (and jeans) would be passed on.
  774. “Hey mom, how’s it going?”
  775. >The woman’s laugh was as warm as hot chocolate and made Lincoln’s spine tingle in all the right ways. He could already feel his face burning up a little as a goofy grin spread across his face.
  776. “About the same as it was when you’s left. And that was about an hour ago, wasn’t it? Get a little sidetracked~
  777. “SO, HEY, MOM MEET LINCOLN!” Brownie shoved Lincoln forward, nearly throwing the boy off balance. After shooting a quick glare back at the sheepish girl he cleared his throat, put on his best smile, and stuck his hand out for a shake.
  778. “Nice to meet you ma’am, I loved the paint job outside,” he said, short, simple and to the point, and most importantly polite.
  779. >The boy’s earnest greeting was met with a bellyaching cackle to his confusion, as the older woman doubled over with her back still turned.
  780. “Ma’am? Aw shucks kid, I don’t think I’ve ever been called that. You’re a polite li’l thing though, ain’t ya? Tell you what, betta’ just call me Prisha, ‘kay Lincoln.”
  781. “Um, okay. Yes ma- er, okay.”
  782. >The older woman just chortled again at the young boy’s stammering and shook her head, slowly peeling off her yellow-latex gloves.
  783. “Oh, wow Nina. Where’d you pick this one up? He’s a real cutie-patootie, amiright. My girl’s been treating you right, has she? Not too rough on ya?”
  784. >Lincoln blushed and rubbed the back of his head, looking off to the side.
  785. “Nah, she’s great.”
  786. “Uh-oh,” Brownie’s mom gently teased, “I know that tone. She’s got ya smitten, hasn’t she?”
  787. >Lincoln could hear Brownie call out to her mom in an outrage at the ribbing but Lincoln just smiled and nodded his head.
  788. “Heh, I mean, yeah, she kind of hassssssssssss-
  789. >Lincoln voice died on his lips and sputtered out when Brownie’s mom turned around and flashed him an award-winning grin. The woman was the spitting image of beauty, an honest-to-God Aphrodite, or perhaps Athena, with radiant Mochaccino skin and long brown hair that cascaded down her head, brunette tresses that caught the light and shone almost of their own volition, and glimmering from these follicular waves was a single eye that glowed alight with a mischievous wink.
  790. >Lincoln watched her hair dance in the air as she turned, a slow-motion ballet playing across his eyes, and his mind went blank as his jaw went slack.
  791. >When her hair finally fell and rested on her shoulders his blood went cold.
  792. >The scar was an ugly, twisted thing, faded from years gone by but still prominent and ever-so-slightly red, starting at her forehead and running down across her right eye where it finally came to an end on her cheek. Lincoln could see well enough to tell the cornea of the eye was cloudy, and as his eyes focused on the deformity he could also see a vertical line through the pupil. She was blind in that eye.
  793. >The tall (and she was so much taller up close now that he got a good look at her) woman marched right up to the little boy in her kitchen and with a toothy smile grabbed him by the hand and shook it so hard he thought his arm was going to pop out of the socket.
  794. “Good to hear kid! Seems you’s made a good impression on my girl here, she won’t shut up about ya.”
  795. >Lincoln vaguely heard Brownie whine out ‘Mooooom’ behind him but he was too busy nodding his head and trying his best to look anywhere else but-
  796. “Hey kid.” Brownie’s mom whispered, grin still on her face as she pointed to her scar.
  797. >Shit, caught you staring. Abort mission! Repeat, abort mission! Thundercats a-go!
  798. “Betcha’ wonderin’ how I got this here beauty mark, huh?”
  799. >As a matter of fact he was, but Momma Loud didn’t raise a dumb-ass. Holding his hands out in a pleading gesture the boy took two steps back and shook his head with a plaintive, if painful, hackneyed smile, eyes darting around as if an escape from the awkward moment would magically appear.
  800. “Oh, um, well I don’t want to impose, I’m sure you don’t like talking about it-
  801. “Shark attack,” she interrupted, hands on her plentiful hips and a smug grin on her face.
  802. >Lincoln stopped his piteous spectacle and stood stock-still, stars in his eyes and slack-jawed. That was probably the coolest thing he’d heard all day.
  803. “No way,” he whispered, his smile growing bigger and bigger as he practically hopped in place. “Really!”
  804. “Nah, I’m just fuckin’ with ya.” Brownie’s mom snorted, and started cackling again when she saw the boy deflate like a disappointed balloon.
  805. >Lincoln awkwardly coughed into his hand and nervously tittered, trying to avoid eye contact with both Brownie and her mom, though the former seemed to be staring at him with a strange expression. Was she... worried? The swearing was NOT something he was used to, his own parents were strict about it, but it wasn’t that big a deal really, not enough to chase him off anyway.
  806. “O-oh, right. Of course, no-
  807. “Got in a knife fight.”
  808. >A cold shudder crawled up Lincoln’s spine as the woman’s words sunk in and she giggled.
  809. “Yeah, I was a little older than you two squirts, and hey, I might not look so pretty now but I didn’t get it half as bad as the other girl did.” Brownie’s mom giggled again but it didn’t sound near as warm as it did when he first heard it. There was something there, a colder undercurrent that made Lincoln shiver and look at the floor when he saw just how hard her working eye glared, not at him but past him, like she was looking at something far away.
  810. “Oh no, you should’ve seen the mess I made of her.”
  811. "MOM!”
  812. >Lincoln and Prisha both jumped and Nina’s voice and while the older woman looked down at the boy with her old grin and the usual motherly warmness she didn’t seem at all embarrassed over her sudden lapse.
  813. “But hey,” she suddenly shouted, clapping her hands and making him jolt, “enough about that, why don’t you make yerself at home Linc. Plenty of room near the t.v, but if Nina takes ya to her room don’t let her close the door on ya, or yer folks might not get ya back.”
  814. “Okay, great mom, c’mon Linc,” Brownie muttered and grabbed onto Lincoln’s hand, tugging him out of the kitchen. Lincoln immediately noticed something was wrong, her voice alone was downcast but the way she angled her head so he couldn’t see her eyes, how non-committal her hold on him was, none of it was like her.
  815. >Probably the marginally-less-than-stellar first meeting just now, well that just wasn’t going to do.
  816. >However, before Lincoln could offer any reassurances a low but authoritative cough stopped both in their tracks and Lincoln turned and came face-to-face with what he at first assumed to be a robust, if short, bear.
  817. >Upon a second glance Lincoln would find this analysis incorrect, it was much too hairy to be a bear. Swarthy wouldn’t even begin to cover the manly specimen before him, so manly in fact that the man’s height, or rather lack thereof, wasn’t noticed until Lincoln had gawked for a few seconds.
  818. >Yes, in clear contrast to the Amazonian beauty in the kitchen Brownie’s father was only about 5’4”, but despite being vertically challenged his burliness was in no way affected. The man had the look of a heavyweight champ, barrel-chested with long, apish arms that ended in ham-sized calloused hands. In a comedic contradistinction the man’s legs seemed somewhat thin, almost like they shouldn't have been able to support his torso.
  819. >It was his face though that caught the most attention. That he didn’t appear to have one was the key feature here, buried as it was under a truly impressive array of facial hair, a magnificent mustache of twirl-worthy proportions only seen in old Western films. In addition to this was a short beard that covered the rest of the lower face but didn’t go down very far, and the top half was similarly hidden by a nigh-impenetrable pair of eyebrows. Overall the man had a stern look about him, if only because the eyebrows seemed weighed down by their sheer mass.
  820. >As Lincoln gaped he got the distinct impression that he was likewise being analyzed by his girlfriend’s father and he suddenly felt very self-conscious.
  821. “Oh, hey Dad.” Brownie chirped, wringing her hands and gesturing to Lincoln with a tilt of her head. “This is Lincoln, y’know, my boyfriend. Lincoln, this is my dad, say hi.”
  822. “H-hi,” Lincoln squeaked.
  823. >The large man grunted and nodded his head once, eyeing the shaking boy in front of him with what Lincoln could only assume to be the typical disappointment of all dads meeting their daughter’s boyfriends.
  824. “He doesn’t speak caveman Amir, use yer words.” Prisha called out from the kitchen and ‘Amir’ grunted again and flashed an amused glare over to her voice before slowly turning back to Lincoln.
  825. “...So,” he finally started, and Lincoln couldn’t help but wince ever-so-slightly at his deep voice, something that unfortunately didn’t go unnoticed as the man furrowed his brow and shrugged. “Jesus Christ kid I’m not going to hurt you or anything, relax alright.”
  826. >Lincoln nodded his head perhaps a little too quickly, face flushed bright red and muttering out an embarrassed sorry.
  827. >Brownie’s dad sighed into his palm and looked the young boy in the eye.
  828. “Look, you’re nervous, understandable, I’m awesome and that’s intimidating. Also, nobody wants to meet their girlfriend’s dad, I went through it, your dad went through it, it sucks trust me I get it. But look, you seem like a nice kid, a little jittery sure but that’s not a crime. My girl likes you and I trust her judgement, if you were a piece of shit she wouldn’t talk about you as much as she does, pain in my ass. But yeah, keep at it and just be respectful and you and me won’t have any problems. But don’t let her give you the runaround either, if she gets too rough tell her off.”
  829. >When the man finally finished his little spiel he sniffed and shrugged his shoulders, giving both his daughter and a flabbergasted Lincoln a curt nod before he pushed them aside and started making his way down the hall to the front door.
  830. “Wait,” Brownie suddenly called out, stopping her dad with a tug on his shirt.
  831. “Fuckin what now,” the man muttered, turning around and looking down at his daughter.
  832. “Where are you going?”
  833. “Where am I going? I’m going to work, where the hell else would I be going on a Saturday, the African savanna? Like hell I would, too damn hot out there.”
  834. “Work!” Brownie called out, a light whine edging into her voice. “I thought you were going to stay home today and meet Lincoln.”
  835. “Yeah, life’s a bitch,” Amir casually replied, and when he saw the pout his daughter was giving him gave another shrug. “What’s the problem, I met him didn’t I. He’s a kid like I expected, no offense but he doesn’t seem to be bursting with insightful commentary. He’s alright, a little jumpy but the kid’s got ten sisters so that’s to be expected. He’s a little scrawny too but whatever, he’s young. Hey, don’t give me that look shrimp, you think I want to go to work today? I gotta go in and help out a guy with rectal cancer. That’s right, ass tumors. I’m going to be elbow deep in asshole all morning, not how I wanted to spend my Saturday.”
  836. >Brownie turned away from her father in a huff, lips pursed and arms folded as she tried her hardest not to laugh. She was doing better than Lincoln certainly; the boy had been busting a gut since the word ‘ass’ first cropped up.
  837. >Amir sighed and hooked his thumbs into the belt loops of his jeans before meandering over to his young daughter. Brownie stopped her sulking as one of her father’s meat-fists rested on her head and gingerly ruffled her hair.
  838. >Daughter and father shared a moment in this fashion for about five seconds before Amir snorted and pinched her neck, eliciting a sharp squeal.
  839. “You’re being a little shit, quit throwing a temper tantrum in front of your boyfriend.”
  840. >Fatherly wisdom successfully passed (however oddly phrased) he patted her head twice, turned on his heels, and waltzed right out the front door. Brownie snorted and fumed for a few seconds before grabbing Lincoln’s hand and marching right into the living room. Lincoln didn’t bother resisting, not only was she mad he could see the blush on her face, the way her face was all scrunched up. What kind of boyfriend would he be if he started arguing with her right now?
  841. >Also she kinda had his hand in a death grip and he didn’t want to lose it.
  842. >As the two kids made their way into the living room Brownie laxed her grip, giving Lincoln a chance to look around. It was a pretty nice set-up honestly, not as big as the one in his house but the more compact feel of it was comfortable in its own right. Paintings and family pictures hung on the wall and above the fireplace, the red curtains looked pretty, the blue carpet looked soft, the sofa was nice and big, and the flat screen t.v was nothing to sneeze at. Yep, all in all a pretty nice setup they had here.
  843. >As Lincoln ogled, Brownie walked up to the sofa and leaned over the edge where Lincoln heard her rap her knuckles on something hollow.
  844. >Said something quickly went ‘Hey!’ and Lincoln saw a flurry of limbs go flying as Brownie’s younger brother tried to defend himself.
  845. “Hey, yourself, I told you I was back and you didn’t even come out and say hi!”
  846. “Why would I,” Blake snarled, trying to wriggle his way out of his sister’s headlock. “I see Linc every day at school anyway, what’s the point?”
  847. “The point,” Brownie huffed as she hefted her younger brother of the sofa and held the squealing boy aloft over her head. “Is that when I say get yer butt over here, you do it! Right Darcy?”
  848. “Right,” a young girl squeaked, and a miniature version of Brownie hopped over the sofa and ran over to Lincoln hugging his legs. Lincoln laughed and hugged her back, Darcy was Lisa’s first friend and she’d been over to the house twice now. The girl was as sweet as they come and Lincoln honestly thought having her over was treat.
  849. “Hey Darcy, how’s it going?”
  850. “Hi Lincy, I’m good. I painted a picture today!”
  851. “Nice! Y’know, Lisa was talking about you earlier, she was wondering if you’d like to come over again soon.”
  852. >Darcy’s little eyes lit up like stars and her excitement was practically palpable and she started literally vibrating from sheer exhilaration. Lincoln took a few steps back and watched the energetic little girl fire off a dozen questions and declarations a second, none of which he caught or even bothered too as the child sped off into the kitchen and started annoying her mother who took the hyperactivity with marginally less tact.
  853. “What? I can’t hear you, yer talkin’ too fast. The fuck are you sayin’!? Quit it! No! Get off my leg, bad Darcy!”
  854. >As Lincoln listened to the struggle going on in the kitchen he turned his head and watched the debacle right in front of him as his girlfriend used her little brother as a dumbbell, holding him over her head and nearly letting him fall to the floor before suddenly hefting the swearing boy back up.
  855. >Lincoln felt a broad smile spread over his face and soon enough he found himself laughing. He just couldn’t help it, it was all at once strange but entirely familiar: the energy, the movement, the words and the ribbing and the love. It was family and it was great.
  856. >Lincoln’s humor proved infectious as Brownie soon joined him, and their laughter carried through the air and echoed all over the house, soon to be joined by two more voices ringing out from the kitchen as Prisha walked out with Darcy in her arms, the babbling toddler squealing as her mom savagely accosted her with tickles.
  857. “Don’t laugh at me!” Blake cried, thrashing in his sisters grasp until he was finally let go. This moment of celebration lasted about a millisecond before he fell to the ground and lay there groaning in a heap.
  858. “Nobody’s laughing at you bro,” Brownie snorted, bending over and holding a hand out to her brother. The way he glared at her Lincoln thought he might slap it away, but soon the boy was sporting a casual grin and he grabbed her hand.
  859. “No worries, sis,” he grunted, and just when Brownie began hoisting him up he swung around her and caught her neck in the crook of his elbow and put her in a chokehold.
  860. >Brownie didn’t even get a chance to gag before Lincoln sprang into action but just before he could make it over to her another much stronger grip latched onto his shoulders and pulled him back.
  861. >Lincoln looked over his shoulder to find that Prisha was the one holding him back, her one eye shining bright as she watched her two children fight with a wide grin. Darcy as well seemed intent on the match, the toddler had stopped her squirming as her eyes focused on the fight, a smile serenely spread out across her face.
  862. “No need,” the woman whispered.
  863. >Lincoln had no idea what she was on about and it honestly scared him, his family fought all the time but his parents never watched or encouraged it.
  864. >Lincoln tried to squirm free and get back to Brownie to help her when a yelp caught his attention and he turned back just in time to see that not only had she broken free of the hold on her own but that Brownie had reached behind her back, hefted her brother over her head once again, and before Linc’s wide eyes slammed him down onto the floor where Blake lay moaning, not even trying to get up.
  865. >Brownie looked down at her fallen brother, her face split by a savage grin as she bared her teeth, her eyes wide and almost manic. When she looked over at Lincoln he felt a shiver crawl down his back and he flinched.
  866. >The effect was immediate, shock and horror clear on Brownie’s face for a split-second before she turned her head aside, doing everything she could to not look Lincoln in his wide eyes and to not let him see her face.
  867. >Prisha’s grip on Lincoln’s shoulders vanished as the older woman stepped back and snorted.
  868. “Again Blake, yer sister’s just too much fer ya, huh?”
  869. >The boy staggered to his feet with a groan, one hand holding his left side and the other wiping his nose. Lincoln winced when he saw something red coat his wrist.
  870. “Whatever,” he muttered, glaring at nothing in particular as he turned around and brushed past his older sister, hoping over the back of the couch as he vaulted back onto the cushions and resumed his cartoons. “Lucky shot, I’ll get her next time.”
  871. “Atta boy,” Prisha said with a wink and a nod, and turned back to the kitchen, still holding her once again hyper daughter in her arms.
  872. >Lincoln was left reeling, it was all a bit too quick for the young lad. One second everything was fine, they were all laughing and having fun and it was great but the next thing he knew he was watching an episode of gladiator.
  873. >Lincoln was no saint, him and his sisters fought all the time, and usually over stupid shit at that, but this was different from their standard trivial bickering. It was like they do this all the time, the way Blake said next time made Linc think this was a sport or something between them. The Loud kids could get vicious when things got out of hand but it was all spur-of-the-moment and they never really went out of their way to fight, well except for Lynn.
  874. >But what really got him was their mom’s reaction, his parents never condoned fighting, granted they rarely got involved either, but if they did see it they’d tell the kids to knock it off. Brownie’s mom seemed like she was encouraging it.
  875. >As a sort of calm came back to the scene Lincoln rubbed his arm and slowly traipsed his way over to Brownie who was still too busy looking at the floor to apparently notice him. When Lincoln was close enough to reach out to her he started to say her name but stopped short and peered at her.
  876. >He couldn’t hear anything from her, but he could see her shoulders shaking, and it broke his heart. Without wasting a second Lincoln wrapped his arms around and held her tight, and though she struggled for a few seconds eventually Brownie calmed down and leaned into the hug, leaning down slightly and angling her head so she could rub her face into Lincoln’s chest.
  877. >Lincoln frowned, for one thing she was crying and it was getting his shirt wet, but mostly it was because she was upset to begin with and that didn’t sit right with him. Oh no, not one little bit.
  878. “Alright kids,” Prisha called, emerging from the kitchen with a struggling Darcy pinned tight under her right arm. “I’m heading out to the store, Nina yer in charge while I’m gone. Darcy’s comin’ with so keep an eye on yer brother and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
  879. “I don’t wanna!” Darcy cried, trying to claw her way out of her mother’s grasp, a futile struggle as her mom simply tightened her hold and shook the girl a little.
  880. “That’s funny, I don’t recall askin’,” Prisha hollered and without further ado hip-checked the front door open, marched out of the house, and kicked the door behind her.
  881. >For a moment Lincoln stood there, stunned that Brownie’s mother was so seemingly comfortable with the idea of Brownie being alone with him; granted they were eleven, what’s the worst she thought they could do?
  882. >The fool.
  883. >At any rate he was beginning to understand his girlfriend’s concerns, as well as that remark she made at the front door, about alternate parenting methods or some such.
  884. >Gonna be honest, Lincoln wasn’t a fan, but did that change the way he felt about Brownie?
  885. >Lincoln pressed the teary-eyed girl closer to his chest and gave her a quick and silent smooch to the top of her head.
  886. >Not one bit.
  887. “Well,” Blake sighed, getting off the sofa and stretching his arms before walking around the furniture and towards the hall. He spared a quick glance at his sister and boyfriend and Lincoln saw a quick flash of something as his eyes softened just a tad before the mask of casual indifference went back up and he nonchalantly strolled out into the hallway.
  888. “W-wait,” Brownie sniffed, tearing her head away from Linc’s chest and wiping her eyes before glaring at her little brother. “Where are you going? Mom put me in charge, if you leave she’ll have my butt on a plate.”
  889. “I’m going out,” Blake replied, shrugging and throwing his hands out. “I’ll be back before mom gets here. And do you really want me here?”
  890. >As a matter of fact she didn’t, but that was neither here nor there. Brownie chewed her bottom lip and weighed the choices, on the one hand alone time with Lincoln, on the other a potentially angry mom.
  891. >It was a difficult choice, but eventually teenage hormones won out and Brownie waved her little bro off before grabbing Linc’s hand and began to lead him off, her head still hanging low and eyes downcast, down the hall to her room.
  892. “Hey Linc.”
  893. >Both pre-teens stopped and turned back to Blake who pointed at Lincoln and slowly crooked his finger.
  894. >Lincoln blinked and glanced back to Brownie but the girl’s eyes were on her little brother as she tried to glare him down.
  895. >If Blake noticed he gave no sign, and soon enough Brownie snarled and let go of Lincoln’s hand and continued down the hall where she turned into a room on the left.
  896. >Lincoln took a deep breath and walked over towards Blake warily. He had known the shorter boy for a whole semester now and aside from that brief incident with Ronnie Anne the two didn’t interact much and Lincoln never thought much of him. He seemed the usual type, he put on a front like he was all tough so he could impress some of the more popular kids like Chandler, but after that little show earlier Lincoln wondered how much of that bravado was fake after all.
  897. >Lincoln walked up to Blake and the boy just stared up at him, hands folded in front of his chest and eyes focused on Linc with an unreadable expression, like he was partly studying him and maybe trying to intimidate him as well.
  898. “My sister’s not your rebound.”
  899. >Lincoln blinked and staggered a little, almost like the question, no, the accusation physically struck him with a weight unexpected. He stared down at Blake with wide eyes and shook his head to clear his thoughts.
  900. “W-what? What are you-
  901. “That wasn’t a question,” Blake stated, his eyes hardening as he glared at the taller boy and his mouth set into a deep frown. “That was me telling you my sister isn’t your rebound.”
  902. >Lincoln and Blake had a standoff as the white-haired lad’s wide-eyed expression of shock and confusion slowly morphed into a scowl, all furrowed brow and barred teeth.
  903. “No, she isn’t,” Lincoln snarled, standing his ground and meeting Blake’s hostility glare-for-glare.
  904. “Good,” Blake said, suddenly chipper and harmless. He reached out and gave a flabbergasted Lincoln a fist bump to the chest and turned back to the front door. “I’ll be back in like two hours, mom takes a long time at the store and Darcy’s gonna run off and she’ll have to find her. You’ve got the house to yourself Linc,” and he turned around to give Lincoln one last withering glare, “don’t do anything weird.”
  905. ’Fuck you I’ll fuck her on your bed!’
  906. >Okay, no, that was too far, but Lincoln did shoot him a middle finger.
  907. >After the door was closed and he heard Blake walk off the porch.
  908. >Don’t shame him.
  909. >Lincoln snorted and turned around, Blake’s little speech fresh in his head and pissing him off. What the hell was his problem!
  910. >As he walked down the hall he sighed and thought to himself, ‘No, he has a point. He’s her brother, he’s supposed to be protective. Am I rebounding?’ Lincoln thought for a few seconds before scowling and shaking his head. No, not a chance, Ronnie Anne and he were friends but they weren’t romantic, and what he had here with Brownie? It was special and it was theirs.
  911. >Putting these thoughts out of his head Lincoln made his way down the hall and turned to his left and leaned in through an open doorway. Brownie stood in the center of her room, her back turned to the doorway and from what he could tell hands furiously rubbing at her eyes.
  912. >Lincoln frowned, he didn’t like seeing Brownie upset. That sounds like such a simple statement but the feeling behind it was profound. At his core Lincoln was a peace lover, he hated seeing his sisters upset or hurt and he didn’t like seeing his friends the same way either. Seeing Brownie like this, it hurt him, it was like a tightness in his chest that made it hard to breath and brought tears to his own eyes.
  913. >Lincoln quickly made his move and embraced his girlfriend, squeezing her tightly and pressing his face into the crook of her neck, giving the whimpering girl a kiss and nuzzle.
  914. >Brownie’s mumbling caught his attention and Lincoln tried to pick up on it but the teary girl was muttering too low and too quick to understand, words choked out in sobs and she was shaking in his arms as he cradled her and whispered sweet nothings and shushes into her ear. He didn’t tell her to speak up, he didn’t even say anything really, he just let her sob and ramble until she was calm enough to make herself clear.
  915. “It’s all bad,” she eventually choked out, and Lincoln kissed her again. “It was supposed to go good, you’d meet mom and dad and they’d like you and we’d hang out and you’d like them but they’re always cussing and acting like they don’t give a shit and Blake sucks, Darcy’s fine but Blake just sucks and now you ha-hate me!”
  916. >Brownie’s sobs transformed into a full-blown frenzy of emotion and Lincoln held her until the girl’s cries degenerated into a fit of violent coughing. Lincoln patted her back until the hacks stopped and then angled her head down so he could smooch her cheek.
  917. “I don’t hate you.”
  918. “Y-yes you do! You saw me fight and now you hate me!”
  919. “Me and my sisters fight all the time. You think Lynn doesn’t throw me around?”
  920. “But you weren’t supposed to see that! You were supposed to see my parents and you’d think we were normal and-
  921. “Do you think my family’s normal?” Lincoln gently chided, tenderly kissing her cheek.
  922. >Brownie leaned back into Lincoln and whimpered. “You weren’t supposed to see me like that. Me and my bro, we like to fight. We don’t try and hurt each other, but we like to fight. I don’t want you to think I’m some thug that’s just going to go around and hit people. I don’t want you to be scared of me.”
  923. >Lincoln hmmed and thought to himself, ‘was he scared?’
  924. >Not really, he was surprised though, and only because she had never really demonstrated this aggressive side before. Well, that’s not entirely true, she was aggressive in other ways...
  925. >At any rate, sure, he heard rumors that Brownie could be tough, she apparently once held her own against Ronnie Anne and on the soccer field she was a beast, but she’d never been violent with him, so to see her so casually take out her brother, and enjoy it for that matter, shocked him.
  926. >But the more he thought about it, the less Lincoln really cared. The shock wore off, the way Brownie tussled with her brother was not really any worse than what Lynn did to him to practice for her big games or when he found some loose change and the girls wanted a piece. It wasn’t like she had suddenly changed, she was still Brownie and she still cared about him, and an awful lot too seeing how upset she got.
  927. >And her being upset wasn’t something Lincoln was comfortable with, and he let her know by kissing her cheek again and nibbling on her neck; the way she squeaked and jumped in his arms made his heart flutter and brought a smile to his face.
  928. “I’m not afraid of you. You always treat me nice, like I’m worth something and I don’t know how to thank you for it because I can’t even describe how it makes me feel. I was just a little surprised, but it’s all okay. I’m not scared or weirded out, I like your parents, and I really like you.”
  929. >Brownie didn’t verbally respond to that, instead she twisted in Lincoln’s grasp until the two were face to face and she snaked her own arms around him and hugged him back. The two lovebirds stayed like this for a short while until brownie snorted and rubbed her face in Lincoln’s chest.
  930. “Today didn’t go like I wanted,” she muttered, and though her eyes were still red and puffy the tears had dried and Lincoln could make out the merest traces of a ghost of a smile on her face.
  931. “True,” he mused, pursing his lips as if in thought before giving her a wide grin. “But did it go as bad as you were expecting?”
  932. >Brownie chuckled at that and kissed him on the check.
  933. “Better actually,” she chirped and Lincoln wondered what exactly she was expecting.
  934. >Crisis averted for the moment the hug was disengaged and Brownie waved an arm around her room, granting Lincoln full permission to check out her digs.
  935. >It was a nice place really, her room was definitely bigger than his, for starters she could fit more than a bed and dresser in it and still have enough room to walk around. The bed was no bigger than his own, he could see she had her own computer on her desk (lucky!), and the walls were covered in a myriad of posters that ranged from boy bands to homages of her favorite sci-fi and fantasy films.
  936. >Lincoln took a short romp through the room, his eyes soaking up all the details from her nicely growing movie collection to a nice variety of video games ranging from several major consoles.
  937. >Lincoln nodded and let out an impressed whistle; all in all, it was impressive, certainly put his to shame and it was way more interesting than all his sister’s rooms combined.
  938. >He turned back to his girlfriend and gave her a big smile and thumbs up complete with a drawn out "Niiice." Brownie snorted at his display and mussed his hair up with a noogie and Lincoln laughed and joined in the roughhousing, any and all cares forgotten as the two kids blew off steam and unresolved tension with the joy only the young and uninhibited seem to be able to muster.
  939. >It had been a rocky start, and it probably wasn’t what Brownie (or Lincoln for that matter) wanted for an introduction but all in all Lincoln liked to think things went well. They had made a relational leap so to speak, insecurities had been faced on both sides and the two emerged with a better understanding of their significant others.
  940. >Not bad for a couple of preteens, people should be taking notes here.
  941. >And speaking of unresolved tension~
  942. >The wrestling had taken a detour onto Brownie’s bed now and was becoming distinctly more hands-on as the seconds went ticking, a harmless scuffle blossoming into something distinctly prurient as laughs dwindled off and breaths grew heavier.
  943. >All this skin-on-skin contact was beginning to take its toll on the young lad, to put it plainly there was a certain... ahem, restriction in Lincoln’s drawers that demanded immediate attention, the kind he simply didn’t have the time or means to deal with now.
  944. >Not that his discomfort went unnoticed, no, that would be letting the poor boy off easy, we can’t have that.
  945. >As Brownie ran her hands over her boyfriend’s body one hand, one innocent little brush of the finger, alerted her of the quickly growing problem, and just like that the tone of the room shifted ever so subtly as the air got a little heavier and their hands got a little braver, roving over and pinching any exposed skin.
  946. >Lincoln’s breath grew husky and he tried to shift his legs to give boys some breathing room, anything to stop the almost painful sensation of jeans on genitals, but at the moment, pinned as he was under his girlfriend, that was practically impossible.
  947. >Brownie meanwhile was loving this, the way he trembled and shifted under her, his little whimpers and moans as she danced her fingers over his skin, so hot to the touch it burned her.
  948. >He wasn’t the only one burning up, a familiar and oh-so frustrating sensation was building up between her legs, her moistened panties were quickly getting under her skin in all the worst ways and her body ached for release.
  949. >By now the two had moved beyond their little wrestling match, lips locked and tongues swirling they were locked in a tight embrace as their hands reached under clothes and their legs entwined, each provoked by a seemingly instinctual need for to be as close to the other as possible; but there was something blocking them.
  950. >Brownie snarled then ripped Lincoln’s shirt off over his head and tossed onto the floor, rubbing her hands over his scrawny chest before running her tongue along his navel. Lincoln shuddered at the heat and the sheer strangeness of the lick, it left him breathless and wanting more.
  951. >As Brownie pressed her face into Lincoln’s chest, reveling in the heat of his naked skin, Lincoln tugged on the hem of her shirt and with little resistance the offending cloth joined his on the floor; where it was soon joined by to pairs of socks, a training bra, and soon a pair of jeans and a skirt bottom.
  952. >Lincoln and Brownie both lay panting on the bed, tangled up in the covers and in a mess of each other’s limbs as they tried to catch their breaths and clear the fog in their heads.
  953. >Lincoln suddenly got the feeling that things were getting a little out of hand, nothing so prosaic as a gut feeling but certainly not a revelation either. It felt like their first date back in the movie theater.
  954. >Lincoln and Brownie had been together several times since that incident but it never got that far again, the hottest it ever got was some heavy kissing and mutual grinding but never before had Lincoln been in his skivvies around her, or any girl not his sisters for that matter.
  955. >He got the distinct impression he should be embarrassed, and yet he wasn’t. For one she wasn’t exactly well dressed herself, and that tied into his main point because she trusted him so completely that she could be like this around him and that wasn’t lost on him.
  956. >Lincoln had grown up around girls, he had been given “the talk” more times than he cared to recount and each of his older sisters gave him some form of speech about respecting a girl’s body and all that jazz; if they could see him now they’d probably call him a pervert, but he didn’t feel like a pervert.
  957. >He had never felt as close to another person before.
  958. >As much as she trusted him he trusted her too. The thing that grated the most on Lincoln concerning his sister’s spiels was the lack of concern for his own consent, did he too not possess a degree of autonomy.
  959. >So when Brownie got off the bed, when she stood before Lincoln red-faced and scared but mostly excited and told him that she wanted to try out something new with him but only if he said yes it was all he could do not laugh and kiss her.
  960. >Instead he swallowed the drool pooling in his mouth and nodded his head dumbly, and she flashed him a smile and hooked her fingers into his drawers, her eyes never leaving his as she slowly pulled them down inch by agonizing inch until they joined the growing pile on the floor.
  961. >Brownie held Lincoln’s gaze for a full minute, giving a tentative but somehow still reassuring smile, before she licked her lips and her eyes flickered down. It was only for a second, and Lincoln didn’t think her face could get any redder, but the wide grin and nervous laugh she gave was welcome all the same.
  962. >Brownie found she couldn’t look Lincoln in the eyes after that, it was all getting a bit much but she didn’t want to stop yet. The young girl had never really seen a penis before (stupid parental computer settings!) but from what she could see, she was impressed.
  963. >This was mostly inexperience talking, Lincoln was still a growing boy and at eleven years old he was barely 4 inches, but he was standing rock hard at attention and the sight was breathtaking.
  964. >Seeing as how she was too embarrassed to look Linc in the eye at the moment Brownie let her gaze fall back to her new friend, giving him a close look as she absorbed every detail of Lincoln’s most private parts.
  965. >For some reason she felt it suited him. That was a fucking weird thought to have but that’s how it was. The fact that the carpet matched the drapes was also hilarious and she chuckled.
  966. “W-what!? What’s wrong?” Lincoln stammered and Brownie winced at the panic in his voice. Lesson learnt, don’t laugh around a guy’s dick dumbass.
  967. “Nothing,” she said back with a grin. “Nothing’s wrong, just admiring the hardware.”
  968. >Lincoln nodded but didn’t return the smile, his mouth was set in a slight grimace and he looked more embarrassed than anything.
  969. “I mean,” he began, still stammering and eyes off to the side, “I know I’m not like, y’know, big or anything.”
  970. >Brownie listened to him but ultimately just shrugged.
  971. “I mean, it’s not like I’ve got it going on either,” she replied, her eyes once again focused on the Lincoln Log. You really had to admire it, even with all the awkwardness going on in the room he was the only one still raring to go, self-assured with no qualms about anything.
  972. >Brownie resolved to take a page from Little Linc’s book and with a deep breath her face took on a visage on grim determination and she took the final leap.
  973. >She touched the wiener.
  974. >Lincoln reacted about like anyone expected, the sudden coolness of her hand on his nethers, hell just the fact that his girlfriend was touching his dick, made him jump and squeak.
  975. >Brownie smirked at the reaction but otherwise remained focused on the task in hand. The heat was remarkable, she had felt it earlier as she hovered around it but having it in her hands was whole other ball game. The feel of it was something else too, fleshy but sturdy, hard but also malleable, and the way he twitched in her hand both creeped her out and made her want to giggle at the same time.
  976. >As she leaned in to inspect her prize Lincoln winced and she stopped. Glancing up at her partner she waited for him to calm down and give her a nod before she continued with a wink and a grin, softly blowing on his penis and absolutely relishing the way he moaned.
  977. >In fact it sounded so good she had to hear it again. And again. And again.
  978. >As she moved forward her hand rubbed along the shaft and Lincoln winced again. Brownie stopped, smirked, and slowly, tauntingly, agonizingly, she ran her hand along the length of Lincoln’s penis. When he groaned she shivered and tightened her hold, repeating the action and chuckling as her boyfriend buckled in her grasp.
  979. >But as fun as listening to his declarations of love were, something felt off to her. There was an underscore to his music, a light note of something that made her pause and listen.
  980. >A quick glance to Lincoln’s face confirmed her suspicions. The boy was enjoying himself yes, immensely so even, but the way his eyes screwed shut and flinched when her hand moved along his shaft told her that he was also in pain and that wouldn’t do at all.
  981. >It was obviously the friction that was the reason for his discomfort and so Brownie considered her options. As it turns out assistance came from the unlikeliest of sources as she recalled a memory of her own father telling her how to fix the hinge to the backdoor.
  982. “Remember kid, if you ever find yourself stuck like with a door or maybe some fat kid gets lodged in something, what’s the best way to get it un-stuck? That’s right, you lube that shit up!”
  983. >Thanks Dad!
  984. >Brownie leaned over Lincoln and opened her mouth, letting her drool fall over and coat his penis with a layer of saliva. Lincoln’s reaction was immediate and warranted as he threw his head back and moaned her name.
  985. >She quite liked hearing him say her name. Let’s see how many times we can make him do it.
  986. >The spit certainly moved things along she noted as her hand pump along his length, and it was doing something for her too. Lincoln’s member was enticing in an odd way and Brownie could only assume it was because it was Lincoln’s and doing this made him feel good, and she liked it when Lincoln felt good; but there was something else about, something that made her mouth water and her breath go husky.
  987. >Before she even knew what she was doing Brownie leaned down and gave the head of Lincoln’s member a smooch. Lincoln yelped and buckled but Brownie sunk her fingers into his hips and held him still while she showered his shaft in a plethora of pecks, kissing and drooling all over him.
  988. >With a sensuous moan of her own Brownie dragged her tongue up the underside of his dick and marveled at the strange new taste. She didn’t really have a frame for it, it was completely unknown and all she could say was that it had a fleshy, kind of musky aftertaste that was distinctly and uniquely ‘Lincoln’.
  989. “Need more,” she muttered, and Lincoln was about to ask what she meant when a sudden wetness and overwhelming warmth swallowed him up and left him breathless. Lincoln’s eyes bulged and his mouth hung open as he threw his head back, but no sound other than that first strangled gasp came out. His mind went to static and his vision went a little blurry as he trembled and tried to regain breath.
  990. >Brownie was only distantly aware of his plight, though she was glad he was enjoying himself, as her head bobbed along the length of his shaft. The feeling of Lincoln in her mouth was indescribable as her tongue swirled around the girth she held in her mouth. With every lick and suckle Lincoln twitched and it was all she could do to hold him down to keep from thrusting into her throat.
  991. >Granted, such a feat might have gone a little easier if she had both hands on his hip, but currently the right one was a little preoccupied as it cradled his balls, gently rolling and kneading his testicles in what she could only hope was pleasurable for him. She thought about asking him if she was doing a good job but her mouth was a bit full at the moment, and besides Lincoln looked like he was a hard-enough time thinking much less talking; though if she listened close enough she could hear him whisper her name under his breath and it made her chest tighten.
  992. >As Brownie redoubled her efforts, bobbing her head up and down, tasting everything Lincoln had to offer the boy could only respond by instinctively thrusting his hips to match her pace despite her holding him back.
  993. >Lincoln couldn’t stop himself, there was a sudden pressure building up inside him centered in his groin, an ache begging to be released. His hips bucked and the boy gasped, throwing his head up and looking Brownie in the eyes as she stared up at him.
  994. “S-something’s h-happening,” he stammered and screwed his eyes shut, his face contorting into a grimace as the pressure became unbearable. There was a burning building up inside him and he needed a release. “I... don’t stop. Please don’t stop Nina I think...”
  995. >Brownie let go of Lincoln’s penis with a wet pop and her hand started pumping his shaft, up and down and up and down quickly and easily from all the spit it was covered in, her eyes focused on his hardware. She swallowed nervously when she looked at it, it seemed swollen now and it had gone from pink to bright red.
  996. >It looked painful she noted, and the sense of urgency in Lincoln’s voice wasn’t lost on her.
  997. >Brownie looked up at him as he thrusted with her, his eyes were shut tight and he was biting his bottom lip. Something was happening and Brownie remembered their first date and noted that now the roles had been reversed.
  998. “Let it out, Linc,” she whispered.
  999. >Lincoln’s eyes shot open and his mouth gaped as he choked out a strangled gasp. Brownie gasped as well, she could feel Lincoln grow bigger in her hand, she could feel him twitch and spasm, and she could feel the pressure go up along his length. She gave one last pump all the way down to the base and pulled the skin taut as Lincoln jerked one last time.
  1000. >His eruption was violent. With an almost primal scream his lower body convulsed and his legs kicked out as the feeling of sudden heart-stopping relief finally found him and he laid back on Brownie’s bed, panting and crying and laughing as his vision swam with dizziness.
  1001. >For Brownie it was a very different experience, but one no less enlightening. From her perspective it was almost like when you shake a soda bottle and pull the cap off, though perhaps not as messy. Thick, white streams of some odd, creamy substances fired off once, twice, three times, with each stream disgorged being slightly less thick in consistency, off onto the ground as she angled his member away from her face. Brownie watched all this with an open mouth and wide eyes, slowly pumping her hand at the base of his shaft as he convulsed a few more times, still cumming but not quite so spectacularly, until he was spent.
  1002. >Brownie kneeled on the floor and watched, fascinated, as his member slowly deflated, the painful red faded back to pink and the stiffness went away as his wiener shrank. She took her hand off his package and inspected the sticky mess he left on it. It was still warm but was rapidly cooling, thickening in the air and leaving a odd sensation on her hand as it dried out.
  1003. >Curious, she brought her hand up to her nose and gave it a sniff. Musky, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t quite so alluring now that the mood had calmed.
  1004. ‘I wonder,’ she thought to herself, and lowered her hand to her mouth giving it an experimental lick. She sampled the flavor, savoring it for a few seconds, before swallowing with a grimace.
  1005. >Ew, not a fan.
  1006. >As Brownie tried to get the slimy taste out of her mouth she heard Lincoln mumble something and looked over to him. The boy was still lying flat on his back so Brownie got up on her feet and loomed over him, curiously looking down on her boyfriend. He muttered again and she crawled over him, putting her ear to his mouth as she laid on him so she could hear.
  1007. “I love you.”
  1008. >The effect wasn’t necessarily immediate, for a few seconds Brownie couldn’t even breathe, much less respond. Then slowly, gently, a heat started to blossom in her chest, one that spread out across her whole body and up to her blushing face. Said face was also going through a wide variety of emotions, seemingly unable to pick whether to be shocked, amused, happy, or even scared.
  1009. >Seeing as how she couldn’t respond verbally Brownie grabbed Lincoln’s cheeks and mashed his lips against hers and she kissed him deeply. Separating with a pop she covered his face in his smooches until he was laughing and trying to pry her off.
  1010. >The two lovebirds took a breather, Brownie resting on Lincoln’s chest with his arms wrapped tight around her, sitting in silence and enjoying the other’s company.
  1011. >But it wasn’t all comfortable for one of them.
  1012. >Though she tried to hold it in Brownie couldn’t help but squirm on his lap. That Lincoln had gotten off was all well and good but she was still in dire need of some tending and the longer she stayed ith him like this the worse the dampness between her legs got.
  1013. >Though she tried to be covert Lincoln was awake enough to realize what was happening, and his mind settled on a possible solution.
  1014. “Want me to return the favor.”
  1015. “Huh?”
  1016. >Brownie looked up at him and their eyes met. Lincoln was concerned for her, okay he was also still horny but it’s the thought that counts.
  1017. >She bit her bottom lip and her eyelids went half-lidded. It wasn’t like they were crossing any lines they hadn’t already. Besides, she trusted him, completely and utterly.
  1018. >With a shaky breath Brownie propped up on her elbows, gave Lincoln another kiss, and flopped over so that her head was resting on the pillow and her legs were splayed out. She gave Lincoln a wink and air kiss, beckoning him forward with a finger.
  1019. >Lincoln got up on his knees and swallowed his hesitation, his eyes fixed on the prize in front of him. Slowly, he approached his girlfriend, kissing her lips, then her cheeks, then her neck, and he left a trail of butterfly kisses to her budding breasts, down her stomach, and stopped right at the belly button. As he did so his hands roamed, the right rubbing her inner thighs and the left holding her hand, and the way she ‘hmmed’ in appreciation sent a shiver up his spine.
  1020. >As his right hand trailed up her leg to the hem of her panties Lincoln stopped and looked up at her. She seemed to hesitate for a second, then she took a deep breath, nodded her head, and smiled at him as her own hands joined his and they both pulled down her drawers.
  1021. >Lincoln and Brownie both softly gasped as her panties slid down, her from the cool air on her heat and him from the sight.
  1022. >Lincoln had seen a vagina before, you don’t live with ten sisters without the occasional wardrobe malfunction or shower incident. That being said, those were his sisters, and this was his girlfriend, and that alone made the difference as plain as night and day.
  1023. >The way her sweat and fluids glistened on her brown skin, the sheer heat she radiated from between her legs, the plumpness of her labia as she quivered from nerves, excitement, and embarrassment.
  1024. “W-well?” she murmured, gesturing to her pussy. “There it is. Quit staring Loud, you’re embarrassing me.” Lincoln just kneeled there mouth open and eyes focused on his prize.
  1025. >Then he licked his lips and she squeaked as his hands dug into thighs and he dragged her closer.
  1026. >Kissing his way up her legs he stopped just short of her slit, raised his shaking hands, and planted each palm on the outline of her groin. Brownie whimpered as his forefinger brushed against her clit and his right thumb dragged up the length of her lips.
  1027. >Lincoln repeated this maneuver a few more time, absolutely relishing the way she buckled and moaned, loving the sounds she made and furthermore the fact that he could make her feel this way.
  1028. >Not wanting to disappoint, and keeping an eye on her to make sure she was okay with what he was doing, he redoubled his efforts, each time his thumb going a little deeper until finally her lips parted and his thumb halfway entered her.
  1029. >Lincoln got exactly the reaction he was looking for as she spasmed and kicked out, almost knocking him in the head, and shouted out his name. Lincoln laughed a little and pulled his thumb out, substituting it with his right index finger as his thumbs gently played with her labia, exposing her inner folds.
  1030. >Brownie cooed at the attention and leaned back with a smile on her face, reveling in the sensations and pleasure.
  1031. >Lincoln looked up at her and smiled, she made him feel good, now it was his turn to make her feel good.
  1032. >And he seemed to be doing a good job by the looks of it.
  1033. >As Lincoln toyed with his girlfriend’s privates he couldn’t help but stare at her, at the way she looked down there, the way she glistened and almost shone as her wet folds sucked on his finger, so tight and wet and so fucking hot.
  1034. >Lincoln licked his lips and zeroed in on his target.
  1035. >Brownie was leaning back and enjoying her special treatment when her eyes shot open and she arched her back, her mouth wide open in a silent scream as she kicked her legs out. Something wet and unbearably hot just slid its way along her slit and it all but took her breath away.
  1036. >Brownie jerked her head down just in time to see Lincoln give her a saucy little wink before he dragged his tongue along her lips again. Brownie sank into the mattress, body completely limp except for little jolts of pleasure that wracked her body and made her twitch as her loving boyfriend continued his little game.
  1037. >Hooking his hands under her ample assets Lincoln palmed her plump carriage and pulled her into his mouth, massaging her ass as he suckled on her pussy.
  1038. >His technique may not have been the best, he had no idea what he was doing and was mostly just using the same sloppy techniques he employed when he and Brownie made out, but for the inexperienced girl it was more than enough to send her into overdrive as a familiar burning pressure built up inside her like it did in the theater those few months ago.
  1039. >Lincoln meanwhile was in his own little world. The texture, the taste of her, it was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Slick, oily, her musk pungent, but the taste escaped him, it wasn’t sweet and it certainly wasn’t sour, Lincoln’s foggy mind didn’t know how to describe other than uniquely hers.
  1040. >He wanted more.
  1041. >Digging his face into her snatch Lincoln’s tongue dug in as far as it could and he savored not only the taste but the way she shivered, the way her walls trembled around him, the way she thrashed and kicked and moaned his name.
  1042. >Hearing her say his name like that lit a fire in his belly and Lincoln pumped his tongue in and out of her, twisting around as he plunged her depths, his mouth sucking on her folds as his nose brushed against her clit.
  1043. “O-Oh God. Oh, Linc yes!” Brownie screamed, her right hand grabbed Lincoln’s white locks and shoved him further into her, humping and grinding against his face in a desperate attempt to loosen the rising pressure their lust exerted on her. The left hand joined Lincoln in the thick of it, while Lincoln thrust into her deepness her fingers frantically rubbed against her clit. Brownie’s head lolled back onto the pillow as her vision swam, adrift in the pleasure.
  1044. >Lincoln continued his routine, lost to the taste and acting on sheer animalistic instinct and the desire to hear HIS girl scream, to make her scream, HIS name.
  1045. >He snarled and shoved Brownie’s left hand away after it kept smacking into his nose. Lincoln glared at the offending appendage and quickly turned his attention to what it was focused on. Such a curious little thing, a fleshy nub, a bean really; but if it made her feel this good then he wanted it.
  1046. >He needed to be the one that made her feel good.
  1047. >Brownie arched her back and shrieked as Lincoln clamped down on her aching clit, curling her toes and gripping the bedsheets until her knuckles were white as he sucked on the nub.
  1048. >Thank God, the boy had the foresight not to use teeth!
  1049. “J-Jesus f-f-fucking C-Christ Linc!” Brownie rasped out, moaning in ragged breaths as her body went completely limp; aside from her legs that is, which were currently wrapped around Lincoln’s shoulders, holding the boy as close to her as possible.
  1050. >Her mind was going through a similar situation, as her head went white and sound faded away she felt nothing except an annoying, niggling sensation in the back of her mind that reminded her to breath every now and then.
  1051. >Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings however, and Lincoln was a busy boy. As one hand spread Brownie’s flower the other went back to playing with her folds, plunging into her with one finger to the hilt as he probed her depths, rubbing her walls as her pussy sucked on his fingers, like she didn’t want to let go.
  1052. “A-Almost, I’m almost there Lincoln I’m gonna, I’m gonna…
  1053. >Lincoln took his finger out of her snatch, gave her nub one more lick, and extended two fingers.
  1054. >And it’s a hole-in-one!
  1055. >Her climax, while not as explosive as Lincoln’s, was no less spectacular in its own way. It was sudden and powerful and left the poor girl completely and utterly out of her damn mind as a spasm that started somewhere in her stomach traveled to the groin and all the way down her legs to her toes, leaving her completely senseless as her mind went white and a house-shaking scream tore its way from her breast.
  1056. >For Lincoln things were a little more up-close and personal. Brownie’s legs had locked him in place and he found himself unable to escape the approaching tidal wave as Brownie’s spasms shoved his mouth into her pussy just as the floodgates opened.
  1057. >It wasn’t as thick as Lincoln was expecting, a little filmier than water perhaps but otherwise similar in consistency. The taste was also hard to pinpoint, it carried the same pungent musk her folds had and it wasn’t like anything else he had ever tasted.
  1058. >That’s not to say it was unpleasant however, it had a bit of an aftertaste but it wasn’t a deal breaker. It was probably one of those ‘acquired tastes’ his parents liked to talk about, and Lincoln could definitely see himself acquiring this taste.
  1059. >Disengaging from her poor, abused cunny with a wet ‘schlorp’ Lincoln sat up and wiped his mouth off, settling his eyes on the shuddering frame of his girlfriend.
  1060. >Her glistening body lay limp and listless on her bed, her developing chest rose and fell rapidly as she panted like she had just run a marathon. Her eyes were glazed over and her mouth was split into the widest, loopiest grin he’d ever seen; she was also drooling a bit but Lincoln thought it was kinda cute in a gross way.
  1061. >Lincoln giggled at the sight and scooched on next to her, snuggling up under her chin and laying his head on her breast so he could listen to the ‘thump-thump-thump’ of her heartbeat. Brownie lazily slung an arm over him and Lincoln snaked an arm under her to pull her closer. He gave her one last kiss on the cheek and laid his head down, energy spent exhaustion soon caught up to him and his eyes closed.
  1062. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1063. >Brownie groaned and her eyes fluttered open. She was confused at first, not sure where she was or why she felt so sticky, but a quick glance down at the naked body of her boyfriend curled up next to her the memories came jogging back lickety-split.
  1064. >With a salacious grin Brownie held her boyfriend tight and kissed the top of his head, leaning down to his ear to whisper sweet words while he slept.
  1065. “I love you.”
  1066. >Lincoln murmured and one eye slit open. He blinked in confusion before his eyes widened and he propped his head up, sleepily smacking his lips and looking around.
  1067. >Brownie couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of his bed hair all mushed and sticking up to one side and his head wearily turned to her direction.
  1068. >Much like her he seemed sleepy and confused, but soon enough the memories of their illicit deeds came rushing back and he gave her a big ol' goofy grin which she returned with an air kiss and wink.
  1069. >Lincoln hummed to himself and sank back into his girlfriend’s chest and she wrapped her arms around him. The two kids laid there, content to simply exist in each other’s presence, perfectly comfortable in the here and now.
  1070. >Brownie sighed and nuzzled Lincoln’s head, burying her face in his soft, beautiful hair, letting her eyes close and welcoming the coming darkness, safe in the knowledge that she was with the one she loved.
  1071. >This lasted about ten seconds before her eyes snapped open and she sat upright, throwing a groaning and confused Lincoln off her as she shot of the bed and stood on her shaking feet.
  1072. “SHIT!”
  1073. >Her yell woke Lincoln up with a start, the lad snorted and shook his head as he looked at his girlfriend scramble to get her clothes back on.
  1074. “What? What’s wrong, come back to bed,” he whined, missing the warmth and closeness of her body.
  1075. “My mom!”
  1076. “What?”
  1077. “My mom could be here any second Lincoln, she could already be here!”
  1078. >Lincoln blinked and sat there for about three seconds before flinging himself out of the bed and landing on the floor in a heap. He scrambled to his feet and joined Brownie at the cluster of clothes on the ground, tripping over himself as he rushed to put on his clothes.
  1079. >Properly dressed in a matter of seconds the two kids rushed to the front door, Brownie grabbed Lincoln and gave him one more smooch on the off chance her mom was out there and killed her for sexing it up and left the room.
  1080. >Or at least they tried too, seeing as how they left at the same time they got stuck in the doorway for a few seconds and had to shove each other out of the way before they could pop out and land on the ground.
  1081. >Scrambling to their feet the two kids stampeded down the hallway and Brownie flung herself into the living room, holding her breath...
  1082. >Empty!
  1083. >Letting out a sigh of relief Brownie looked over her shoulder and gave Lincoln a reassuring nod, and the boy peeked into the living room as well, giving it a once over before flashing a grin to his girlfriend.
  1084. >Got away scot free.
  1085. >The two kids chuckled and practically waltzed into the room, Brownie vaulted over the sofa and landed on the cushions while Lincoln took the long way around and planted down right next to her.
  1086. >Brownie smirked and grabbed the remote, turning the t.v to her favorite B-movie horror marathon channel. With a chuckle she leaned back and wrapped an arm around Lincoln’s shoulder, ready to properly relax.
  1087. >Seems Lincoln wasn’t though, she couldn’t help but notice the boy squirm and when she looked over he was grimacing.
  1088. “What’s up?”
  1089. “It landed in my underpants.”
  1090. “What did?”
  1091. “My... y’know! It landed in my underpants.”
  1092. >Brownie was confused for a little bit before it finally hit her.
  1093. >And boy, did she fucking laugh.
  1094. “H-hey! Don’t laugh, this is serious! Now my underwear is all crusty, if I try and wash it at home Lori’s gonna give me another speech about growing up and my body and all that weird stuff. Why are you laughing!?”
  1095. >Brownie and Lincoln spent the rest of the afternoon like this, joking and laughing and simply enjoying their time with each other. Blake came back soon enough, and despite some obligatory teasing the boy suspected nothing and joined them for their movie marathon.
  1096. >A full thirty minutes after that Brownie’s mother marched inside holding a pouting Darcy tight under her arm as she stomped right up to the sofa and plopped her down. Apparently, the toddler had indeed run off like Blake predicted, what surprised Lincoln though was that their mom was still all for the playdate idea.
  1097. “Yeah, you and your parents can deal with her for a day, spare me a headache,” she muttered, and Lincoln couldn’t help but chuckle.
  1098. >The rest of the day passed well for him and Brownie. The kids sat on the sofa and they watched cheesy old movies all day, later Brownie’s mom even made a lot of popcorn and joined them. And that wasn’t all, around 4:00 Brownie’s father also came in, the operation on that poor man’s sphincter had been a rousing success and Amir had politely asked for the rest of the day off.
  1099. >And so Lincoln spent the rest of the day with Brownie and her family like this, eating junk food and watching old movies and game shows, yelling and screaming and throwing food at the t.v but mostly just laughing at the stories Brownie’s parents told him about their daughter’s various mishaps through the years.
  1100. >And there she was, sitting right next to him the whole day, holding his hand, leaning on his shoulder, grinning at him whenever he looked at her and blowing little kisses whenever she thought her parents weren’t looking.
  1101. >Lincoln would just blush and smile, perfectly content on happy to be where he was.
  1102. >It had been a rough start, but today was a good day for the two lovebirds. There had been complications and understandings, heart-to-hearts and emotional conversations, tears were shed and vows of love exchanged, and moreover a deeper connection between them fostered.
  1103. >By the time it started getting dark out and Brownie’s parents drove him to his place Lincoln was thoroughly exhausted. It was all he could do to keep his head up straight as he said goodnight to his girlfriend and her parents before he stumbled over up the porch and through the front door, giving one last wave and watching them drive away before he closed the door behind him.
  1104. >As he shut the door Lincoln let out a deep breath through his nose and smiled to himself. Today had been great, no bones about it. But he was tired as a dog and his bed was calling to him.
  1105. >As Lincoln turned around though he was met with twelve grinning faces, all of them eager to hear how is little date went, what her parents like, if they liked him, did he blow it, and all sorts of other trivial things.
  1106. >It was then Lincoln knew he wasn’t getting any sleep that night.
  1107. “Dang it!”
  1108. {THE END}
  1109. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------{HA HA JUST KIDDING EPILOGUE TIME}
  1110. >The cafeteria was buzzing with all its usual energy as kids flitted between tables, searching for their friends and empty seats to join them on.
  1111. >One table though was empty save for one lonely white-haired youth, for Lincoln Loud sat by himself eating a peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich and generally looking sorry for himself.
  1112. >The reason for his glumness lay entirely on the fact that his so-called friends had all abandoned him since their last altercation, for the latter half of last week he didn’t even see any of them and he had no reason to suspect things would change this week.
  1113. >As Lincoln silently ate his lunch with his head down a few shadows fell over the lunch table and he heard the shuffling of feet and the scooching of chairs as three newcomers took their seats.
  1114. >Neither Lincoln nor the others said anything, and Lincoln was still too upset to want to apologize for anything. As far as he was concerned he had nothing to feel bad about and he wasn’t about to say anything until they said sorry.
  1115. “Hey Linc,” Clyde said, and Lincoln felt his heart break a little when he heard how sad his best buddy sounded.
  1116. >Didn’t break his heart enough to say anything though. Out of all the guy’s it was Clyde’s words that hurt the most, Linc never thought his best friend would ever turn against him and his betrayal cut the deepest.
  1117. “Look Linc,” Rusty’s nasally voice cut in after a minute of silence. “Will you just hear us out here man?”
  1118. >Lincoln snapped his head up to tell the boy off but stopped short with a strangled gasp when he observed his friends’ faces.
  1119. >They looked like shit.
  1120. >Liam’s face had ragged cuts on his forehead and his cheeks and he seemed to be missing his left 1st bicuspid, his last baby tooth if Lincoln remembered right. Rusty had two blackeyes, his nose looked like it had been broken, and he had a cut on his left cheek. Not even Clyde was safe, the poor boy had a blackeye and a goose egg on his forehead. All three of them were also covered in bruises and from the way they sat their whole bodies were probably sore with them.
  1121. “Jesus Christ guys,” Lincoln whispered, his eyes wide as he looked his buds over. “What the hell happened to you?”
  1122. >The three boys flinched and suddenly couldn’t meet Lincoln’s gaze, all of them averting their eyes to the corners of the cafeteria as the rubbed their arms and tried to look nonchalant.
  1123. “Got kicked by a donkey.”
  1124. “Fell down the stairs.”
  1125. “My grandma has a mean left hook.”
  1126. >Lincoln blinked and slowly nodded his head.
  1127. “Riiiiiiight,” he drawled, and frowned at them. “Sorry that happened to you guys.”
  1128. >The three boys nodded and an awkward silence overtook the table. The four of them sat there, quietly suffering until Lincoln sighed, grabbed his tray, and stood up. He may not have liked sitting alone, but is was preferable to whatever this was.
  1129. “We’re sorry,” Clyde hoarsely whispered, stopping Lincoln just before he left. Lincoln stood and stared at each of them and the other boys nodded and offered their own apologies.
  1130. “Yeah, it wasn’t cool of us,” Rusty muttered.
  1131. “Yer our pal, should’ve respected you and laid off,” Liam added with a sage nod.
  1132. >Lincoln gaped for a few seconds before he slowly sat down, a wide smile spread over his face and his exuberance proved infectious as his friends returned his sentiments.
  1133. “We’re friends Lincoln, we should have supported you. I should have supported you. If you’re happy then I’m happy buddy, forgive us?” Clyde croaked and stuck out his hand.
  1134. >Lincoln wasted no time in grabbing Clyde’s hand and squeezing it tightly, giving the trio of boys a reassuring grin and a nod.
  1135. “Yeah, we’re cool.”
  1136. >A series of relieved sighs and chuckles rang out through the table and the usual energy the table possessed returned. The losers were back together again... well, almost.
  1137. >There was still one-person Lincoln needed to hear an apology from, and honestly, he wasn’t sure he would even accept it. Zach had issues, he was dumb and weird but he was also funny and so he offered something the group needed; somebody to look at and say, ‘I might be bad but at least I’m not that.’
  1138. >Unfortunately for him it wasn’t going to be that easy.
  1139. >Lincoln felt him before he saw him, the way his friends looked away, the awkward air around the cafeteria as the kids nearest to the table stopped talking to watch and see what might happen, eager for another show.
  1140. >Zach announced his presence to the table by gently placing his try on the table (as opposed to slamming it like always), sitting down without a fuss (instead of trying to jump into the chair sideways and falling onto his ass), and greeting the table with an upbeat, “Salutations,” (instead of the normal autistic screeching).
  1141. >The mood around the table shifted from annoyance to awkwardness as the boys all looked to each other confusion clear on their faces while Zach smiled and ate without a care in the world,
  1142. >As odd as his behavior was it was his appearance the got Lincoln the most. For one his hair wasn’t the usual filthy rats nest it should’ve been, in fact it was well groomed and looked as though it had been washed and combed back. His clothes likewise didn’t smell like they came straight from a dumb and he didn’t reek like a wet dog.  He didn’t slouch, he ate with his utensils, and not once did he talk with his mouth full or go on some tangent about conspiracy theories.
  1143. >Lincoln couldn’t help but stare at his friend, but the more he did the more surreal it seemed, and slowly an odd sensation built up in Lincoln’s gut that made him swallow and his hands tremble.
  1144. >It was fear.
  1145. >Zach must’ve noticed Lincoln staring and after swallowing his food and wiping his face with a napkin he turned to Linc with a solemn expression.
  1146. “Hello Lincoln,” he began, his voice meant to sound regretful but mostly coming across as hollow. “First of all, I just want to say that I’m truly sorry. What I said last week was completely inappropriate, no, it was disgusting, and I can tell you right now that I’ve learned the consequences of my actions. I can assure you that a repeat performance is out of the question, and if by any chance you could forgive me I’d like to start over with you. With all of you.”
  1147. >Lincoln and the other boys smiled but they were strained, painful, twisted things; and a quick glance told them that no one here was comfortable.
  1148. >Lincoln in particular was dumbstruck. The more he looked at his former friend the worse he felt, and the worse Zach looked. His pallid, sickly skin, the way he twitched ever so subtly, the glazed, empty look in his eyes, the metallic tone of his voice.
  1149. “Z-Zach,” he coarsely whispered, taking a moment to swallow the bile rising in his throat before he continued. “What... God Almighty what happened to you Zach? What the hell did they do to you?”
  1150. “They taught me the error of my ways Lincoln,” Zach said, hollow and dead as a newscaster reading from a teleprompter. “I can see that now, I’ve learned my lesson. It’s wrong to hate other groups for arbitrary reasons, diversity is our strength Lincoln you know this better than anyone. Only through equality can there be any semblance of order and the only way to equality is to make sure everybody thinks the same. That’s what the school therapist taught me, you should go to one of her sessions guys, I can promise you that you’d find it most enlightening.”
  1151. >A feeling of absolute terror dawned over Lincoln and as he shot to his feet he looked over at his other friends and saw the same looks of shock, revulsion, and horror on their own faces. Even the kids at the other tables were drawing back, the ones close enough to hear looked ready to throw up but even those further away could feel the thick smog of fear and reacted in kind.
  1152. “Oh God,” Lincoln whispered as he backed away slowly, eyes brimming with tears as he looked at his dead friend. “Oh God, Zach no.”
  1153. {THE END}
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