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  1. showOffItems: true
  2. useWorldWhitelist: false
  3. confirmTransactions: true
  4. useBuyPrompt: true
  5. worldWhitelist:
  6. - mall
  7. messages:
  8.   shopName: shop
  9.   price: '&4&nPrice:&r'
  10.   sales: ' |  &2&nSales:&r'
  11.   saleInfo: '{0} @ &e{1}&r. {2} available'
  12.   noPrice: '&cThis shop is not open for sale yet! &6If you are the owner, use /setprice
  13.     <price> to open this shop!'
  14.   noStock: '&cThis shop is out of stock!'
  15.   noMoney: '&cTransaction canceled: Insufficient /money. Try again with a smaller
  16.     quantity?'
  17.   noSpace: '&cWarning: &cYou might not have enough inventory space to store this item.'
  18.   noShopSelected: '&eSelect a shop via left-clicking its chest.'
  19.   shopModified: '&cTransaction canceled: Shop was modified. Please try again.'
  20.   transactionCanceled: '&cTransaction canceled.'
  21.   transactionCompleted: You bought {0} {1} for &c{2}
  22.   transactionCompletedWindow: You bought {0} {1} for &c{2}
  23.   applyPrice: '&bOpen the shop to apply your shiny new price.'
  24.   setPriceCanceled: '&c/setprice canceled: opened chest is not a shop. To make this
  25.     chest a shop, rename it in an anvil with the name: shop'
  26.   priceApplied: Price updated to &a{0}
  27.   collectRevenue: Collected &a{0} in sales from this shop
  28.   tooFar: '&cYou''re too far away from this shop'
  29.   noShopThere: '&cThis shop has been moved or destroyed'
  30.   buyPrompt: '&cAspiria ChestShop &3&l»&f&l» &rHow many {0} &rwould you like to buy?'
  31.   TotalCost: for a total cost of &a{0}
  32.   currentBalanceAndCost: You have &a{0} and will have &c{1} after confirming.
  33.   shopCommand: |-
  34.     To create a shop, place a chest named: &oshop&r
  35.     Tip: You can use an anvil to rename a chest.
  36.     Use /setprice to a set a price.
  37.     Use /buy to buy from a shop.
  38.   Confirm: '&2[Confirm]'
  39.   Cancel: '&4[Cancel]'
  40. tips:
  41.   saleInfo: Hover for item details. Click to /buy
  42.   noStock: If you are the owner, take note that shops must only contain the same item
  43.     in its inventory.
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